Friday, May 31, 2013


As odd as it might sound, I've never had a fish taco.  I like fish.  I like tacos. Yet the two words used together were just a turn-off to me.

I remember when 710 came back from a work trip in San Diego 15+ years ago raving about them. I couldn't be swayed. Somethings just sound wrong, even if they taste great.

A local place makes them, not they've ever been ordered by me and I did stumble upon a few summer recipes that I will admit, made me intrigued.

Since the husband likes them, and I'm alllllll about pleasing him, what is a boy to do?

I went with Catfish Tacos with Chipotle Slaw.  Though I substituted Talapia for Catfish.  Again, somethings just don't sound good - like fish with whiskers.  Talapia held up just fine.

Except for the chipotles, cabbage and fish, I think I had everything else on hand in the house, so shopping was a breeze.  Prep time isn't horrible, but it dirties a few dishes, but not a lot, and what there is was easily cleaned as you go.

1 teaspoon minced chipotle pepper in adobo sauce
¼ cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon honey
2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 cup very thinly sliced white cabbage
1 cup very thinly sliced red cabbage
1 green onion, white and tender green parts, thinly sliced
1 large egg
2 teaspoons hot sauce
1 cup panko bread crumbs, plus more if needed
¼ cup all-purpose flour
8-10 ounces catfish talapia fillets
½ cup vegetable oil
Four or five 10-inch flour tortillas

The above picture is missing the salt and egg.  Oops.

While I was at my fish monger, I was trying to convert pounds into ounces and the monger looks at me and goes, "It doesn't look like you have to worry about portion control".

Was he trying to be nice?  Hit on me?  Either way, it wasn't for control ("now I gotta lot!), it was to go with a recipe.

....and then I headed over to pick-up Chocolate and Peanut Butter ice cream.   Portion control, my ass!

Making the Slaw
In a large bowl, combine the chipotle, mayonnaise, honey, lime juice, ¼ teaspoon salt and a few grinds of pepper; stir well to mix. Add both cabbages and the green onion, and toss and stir to combine and coat the vegetables well with the chipotle mayonnaise. Set aside.

Prepare the Coating
In a medium to large, shallow bowl, whisk together the egg with a splash of water, a pinch of salt and the hot sauce. Pour the panko and flour onto two separate large plates. Pat the fillets dry and sprinkle all over with salt and pepper.

Coat the Fish
Dredge the fish in the flour and knock off the excess. Dip the fish into the egg to coat it completely, then coat it thoroughly with the panko. Place the fillets on a platter as they are breaded.

Fry the Fish
Heat a 12-inch skillet over medium-high heat and add the vegetable oil. When the oil shimmers and is very hot, slip the breaded fish into the pan and brown it on one side, about 3 minutes. Turn and brown the other side, another 3 minutes. Transfer the fish to paper towels to drain.

(Full disclosure, we have never fried anything in more than a tablespoon or two of oil.  This was a lot for us. I felt like we were one of Paula Deen's gay sons)

Cook the Slaw
Pour off the oil in the pan (pouring it into a metal can in the sink works well) and return the pan to the heat. Dump the slaw mixture into the pan and toss for about 1 minute to warm it up. Don't cook it so long that it completely wilts. You want it to have a little crunch. Return the slaw to the bowl so that it doesn't overcook.

This sounded weird to us - warm slaw.  But it worked beautifully with the dish.

Warm the tortillas wrapped in microwavable plastic wrap until soft and pliable, 20-30 seconds. Lay the fish down in the center of the tortillas and top it with the slaw. Wrap in the sides and bottom and eat these fish tacos with your hands. Use lots of napkins.

The 10" tortillas were fine, but large. Too large, in fact.  Slicing them in half and cutting the fish worked better. I tried it both ways, so I know.

Believe it or not, this recipe only serves two. Allegedly.  I got about .9lbs of talapia and we had leftovers - not a lot, but maybe enough for one serving - so it might serve two really hungry guys...or three normal ones.

If there is a problem it's this:  you end up with way too much left over cabbage - both red and green - and you use only one chipotle.  So unless you have something else to make with them in the next few days, it can seem wasteful.

I'll make home made coleslaw with the cabbage and maybe I will incorporate another chili into it.  Who knows.

But the textures and tastes of the dish were great.  710 felt more heat than I did. While preparing, I could have used more hot sauce or chipotle (or both).  It had great flavoring, but don't let the "heat" thing scare you off.

Try it, you'll like it.  We'll keep this one going, as we liked it so much. It's a little to informal for most guest events, but for closer friends who don't mind getting a little messy (really, not that much), it's a good dish.

Song by:  Throwing Muses

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Oh - one other thing we did on Memorial Day weekend:  watched the absolute middling Behind the Candelabra on HBO.

Directed by Steven Soderbergh (sex, lies and videotape, Oceans 11-47), it is a throw everything at the wall to see what sticks kind of "movie".

Actually, it was allegedly supposed to be a theatrical release, but Soderbergh said no one would touch it because it was "too gay".

Oh, it has over-the-top homoness, but let's be honest, it has a very very very limited audience who'd shell out $12 to see it - and I'm not one of them.  Not for $12, that's for sure.  And the subject matter wasn't that interesting either.

Liberace was a little before my time.  Sure I'd see him when my mother watched Merv Griffin ("oooh....we'll be right back), but his music and fashion style was not mine.  Even all the times I was in Vegas, I resisted going to his museum.

It doesn't help that I find Michael Douglas creepy without the lisp, sequins and rings.  Adding man-on-man action wasn't helping at all.  Nor was an iffy script.

I get that the script was based on Scott Thorson's book, but there was no real depth to what Liberace was hiding and how.  It was a fluff piece.  Not a fluffer.

Matt Damon was ok.  Dan Akroyd was, well Dan least favourite Ghostbuster.

The best part for me was Rob Lowe.

OMG - he was pure genius as Liberace's plastic surgeon.  You kind of recognize the voice moments before you figure out who he is.  His performance is disturbing, hilarious, and yes, genius.

As for the rest of the story, I found myself caring less and less about the main characters as the show dragged on.

I found Candelabra to be lightweight / throwaway television.  A show barely worthy of HBO and certainly not theater caliber.

Sure the show is "gay", but not sure it's "too gay",  Again, I wouldn't see it being a draw for the general public. I don't think anyone really cares.  I would think that Liberace's core audience has long stopped going to the movies.

Allegedly, this was to be Soderberg's directorial finale.  He might want to consider going out on a higher note.

Song by:  Ian McCulloch

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What to Keep and What to Throw Away

How was everyone's holiday weekend?  I forgot to axe.

The weather was very un-May like.  Very cool, never breaking 60.  ...and that didn't include wind.

We had two outings - one family; one neighbor related.  Both fun.

The family one was a gathering to celebrate my niece's college graduation.  It was low key, but the most interesting thing was being asked to bring Petey with us.

This sister is the one who asked us to take Petey 11 months ago.  I think it was weird for all involved.

Petey had only been in that physical house for a month, but was seemingly familiar with where he could and could not go - at least according to their rules.  I didn't care where he went.  But he stuck to the kitchen, mostly because that is where food prep was.

Most interesting was how he got along with his (ex) brother.  He and Boomer played like they had never been apart.  Boomer is a little more territorial about stuff than Petey and let's face it, this was now Boomer's house.  But things went well with them.

Clearly my sister and her family missed Petey and were all over him with love. But us leaving was tough - for them.  I think my sister was on the verge of tears. But she knew he was going home with us and to a good home, and they are welcome to visit him anytime they'd like.

The next evening was at our friends & neighbors.  Just the four of us having salad, ribs, corn and apple pie.

Afterwards we played Bocce Ball.

I think I may have played one other time in my life.  We split up into teams - and we were not paired with our own husbands, which was fine.  Tom and I were way ahead and totally lost the lead - and the game.  It was fun and I tired not to be too competitive, which can be tough for me.

Overall, it was a low key weekend but one that will hopefully kick off summer-time weather soon.  As it is, nothing but rain in the forecast for next few days.

Song by:  Mary Chapin Carpenter

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Chicks and Dicks

It has come to my attention that it is possible - just possible - that my cousin might keep me around for his own gain.

It's been a year since I started doing yoga with him twice a week, and now I know why.  He brought me into his yoga crew possibly just so they can talk to me about him when he's not there.

Not in a bad way.  It is just when he's not at class they're all, "where's David?  what's he doing?  when will be back?" 

Sheesh.  Apparently I'm his human Palm Pilot.

I almost - almost! - told them he was in Brooklyn to attend the Smallest Penis Contest.

I figured it would be payback for him telling them that months ago I hurt my hand due to excessive masturbation.  Though actually, I think some other sex act with a hand was probably used, but those yoga folks are delicate ones and would never repeat it to me.

David also did send me the link to the contest, so it's possible he is up there for that.   ...and if he's participating, that is so so sad. I must have gotten those genes from my mother's side of the family.

(un)Fortunately, I'd lose that contest.

But I'm lazy.  As I draft this the evening before, I'm 90% sure I'm skipping my 06:00 yoga class.  I'm just not in the mood.   ....but that might change if I'm up at 04:30.  All remains to be seen.

...unlike the winner of that contest.  I don't own a magnifying glass - though there is an app for that.

Song by:  Junior Senior

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Music Monday

Believe it or not, the Smithereens have been around for over 30 years.

Fudge, I'm getting old.

I got their debut album back in 1986, based mostly on two song:  "Behind the Wall of Sleep" and "Blood and Roses", but I ended up really liking the band.

Their third album 11, spawned a decent hit with "A Girl Like You" - which was allegedly written for, and rejected by, the film Say Anything.  Actually, that might rank up as their best overall album.

But the Smithereens were never huge on hits and the radio wasn't all over them, so they had little exposure.

Later in their career they did full over albums of Meet the Beatles and Tommy.  But then they started back on their own material.

But my selection, "Only a Memory", comes from their second album Green Thoughts.

It's Memorial Day and while I have a few songs with 'memory' in the title, this is my favourite.  I like the guitar work and Pat DiNizo's vocals.  I like the song.  It's been in my rotation since 1988 and I don't see that changing.

Have a great holiday.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Man Could Get Arrested

We are breaking down and getting Netflix - at least for a few weeks.

Why you axe?

Umm....because of Arrested Development.

I get that the show isn't for everyone, but arguably it is/was the funniest show on television.

It's not for the short attention span folks (I'm not talking about Mike....for once!), the jokes are quick - sometimes verbal, sometimes visual and sometimes a little under the breath - and the story lines actually tie together - haphazardly, for sure (and on purpose) so one must pay attention.

Here is a pseudo-complicated way to catch-up.

I started to write about my most favourite character, but there isn't one.  The entire cast is exemplary and even the guests (Henry Winkler, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Lipton, Liza Minelli, hell, even Judge Reinholt) do a great job.

As you can see in the title image, David Cross' Tobias wanted to be in the Blue Man Group. Or maybe you couldn't get that from said image.

Tobias had a duel career as an analyst and a therapist, or the world's first Analrapist.

Of course who doesn't love Bob Loblaw and his law blog (say it all loud)?

And I love both both Lucille I, Lucille II and of course, the loose seal that bites off Buster's hand.  And then there is Buster, GOB and Kitty ("say goodbye to these!").   Seriously Jessica Walters is fucking hilarious. '

I was going to mention some off the charts funny lines, but like the characters, there are way too many to even pinpoint.

Anyhoo, Season 4 comes out seven years after Season 3 ended.  Netflix is releasing all new episodes at the same time - which is a newer and interesting business model.  But the new episodes can only be gotten via Netflix (which we don't have).   Seasons 1-3 are on DVD and can be seeing in the IFC channel or Hulu.

I don't know how they'll incorporate the new shows, but I'm curious to find out.

They will be released at 03:00 today, EDT.

Squee!!!   I'm so excited.

Song by:  the Pet Shop Boys

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rooftops and Invitations

The roof of our sun room is a flat one.

I'm 99% sure the sun room was an add-on to the house, especially when you see the concrete stairs that go down into it. The two sets of French doors were no doubt the openings to what was once a patio.  But now it's a sun room.

Annually, or bi, the roof becomes flooded.  Yes, there are two drains, but they become clogged since crap from the 80' oak tree deposits on said roof.  And there has been rain the last few days - and lots of it.  The roof became flooded.

With more rain on the way, I felt the need to go out and unclog the drains. Somewhere in the back of my head, I just assumed with more rain we'd get a leak or collapsed roof.  I have no idea if this would happen in reality.  The roof seems sturdy and whatever covers it seems to hold up.  

But out the bedroom window I went (ouchy on the crotch! - as it's not a normal step out and down), yet still easier than using a ladder to get up to the roof.  I also brought with me a shovel.

710 would normally use a broom to get rid of the debris, but that is usually not sitting in 4" of water.

There was a similar flooding on the other side of the roof too. 

The debris was whatever comes off oak trees in the Spring. It tumbles around our driveway like...well...tumble weeds  - at least when it's dry.  When it's wet, it sits, goes nowhere and clogs drains.

I honestly think I got rid of 40 pounds of sobbing tree poop (for lack of a better term).  I'd fill up shovel after shovel full and then fling it from one story up, over onto the hill.

Of course, I'd have to go to each of those drains, where I put filters in a few years ago, to unclog what was still catching. But I watched the water go down and get lower, while I froze my ass off up there.  Yes, it's almost June, but it was 40 degrees....and me sticking my hand in cold water and colder slop to clean out.

I'd just ping-pong between the two drains to keep them going until we finally got to this level.

The sun never came out, but the wind finally dried off the roof after a bit.

Now I need to go to Homo Depot for new filters.  The other ones, while slowly working, are pretty clogged with crap that might never easily come out.

...and I didn't fall off or through the roof.  So bonus points for me.

In retrospect, probably not a wise thing to do when you're home alone and the nearest neighbor (if they're home) is hundreds of yards away, though Sophie was sitting in a window watching every move I made.  She wouldn't let anything happen to me, as she can't open the cat food tin by herself.

Song by:  Dashboard Confessional

Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking for a Sign

So once again, Michelle Bachmann has invoked g-d when it comes to her and politics.

This time is that g-d will repeal Obamacare.  As if g-d, doesn't have bigger issues on his plate then oh, you know, helping the ill get medical treatment.

She might want to read her bible more carefully when Jesus talks of helping others....something she isn't willing to do.

Of course, she has brought up g-d before, as he spoke directly to her telling her to run for President.  You think she would have asked him if she'd win.  It seems g-d put her down the wrong path with that endeavour, so why wouldn't he with healthcare?

Fool her once, shame on her.  Fool her twice.......?

Naturally, many others, politicos or not, use g-d as a crutch when trying to make their point. Gay marriage being a big one.

So it is curious to me why they haven't gotten the hint of what they think g-d wants.

Yes, they're going off a book that is 2000-6000 years old and written by men, not by g-d himself.  Men are not infallible.

"They" will tell you themselves that the part about slavery is now outdated, but still remains in the book itself.  They scoff at not planting two different crops side by side or stoning a man for working on the Sabbath.  But the part about men laying with men is still etched in stone.

With all the changes in laws allowing same-sex marriage, why isn't it possible that g-d has answered, but it's just not the answer the likes of NOM, Bachmann and others want to hear?

I've been thinking about a West Wing clip (yes, another one) that on a bigger level speaks to this kind of thought.   You can watch the great Karl Malden, then we'll continue.

There is a shorter clip that gets to the point (at the 1:46 mark) but you can't embed the clip. So play the clip or just fast forward to the 1:46 point.

Yes, the situations are different, but the underlying premise is the same.

Is it possible the religious and political folks who fight so hard against same-sex marriage are just missing the signs?  Or Obamacare for that matter.  36 times it has been brought up in the House for repeal and 36 times it has failed.  And the Supreme Court upheld it.

Maybe that's g-d's sign, Michelle.

How are "they" so sure what g-d wants?  I'm always perplexed by the argument of the bible.  It's a book, just a book.

When caught in a bad circumstance, most politicians or religious folks will say their words or actions were taken out of context, if not alleging they were quoted incorrectly or never said / happened at all.  So how is it that anything in a book that is thousands of years old doesn't get the same privilege?

Hell, we can't even agree on what the framers of Constitution meant with the 2nd Amendment, but someone is sure of exactly what was known back in the day of pillars of salt, human sacrifice and burning bushes?

But no one - NO ONE - will call Bachmann and likes out on this, not even to ask what g-d's voice sounds like when he talks directly to her. Are people not even curious about that aspect?

Song by:  Beck

Thursday, May 23, 2013

App of the Month

I'd say this is a useless app, but then 97.4% of the ones on the market are.  So who am I to judge?

I'm Blobby, that's who.

I thought I could use Cartoon Camera FX Plus for fun images for blog posts, but the more I play around with it, the less likely it seems that it will actually play out.

There are a few of these apps out there - that turn actual photos into ones with elements of cartoons - and from sampling a few, this seems to be the best.  At least for the freebies.  You know I ain't payin' for that shit.

One, which I already forgot the name, let you try it THREE TIMES, before they tried to force you to upgrade, at cost.  No way Jose.

It doesn't hurt that the app image is a beagle.  Or a beagle with a ice pack on his head.  I can't quite figure it out.

You know I'm not fond of pictures of me, but for samples, I tried using me, but it didn't work.  Not just because I was f'ugly, but some of the elements worked better for non-humans. Or non-Blobbys.  I didn't test it on other humans.

The FX part is you can make photos (or direct camera shots into the app) into Cartoon, Alien (it just turns you blue), Rice Paper (turns sepia toned), Deep Black (black and white), Sketch and Dreamy.

For my examples here, I'm only doing Cartoon, Sketch and Dreamy.  If you play around you can also put a Sketch photo through the Dreamy FX to get weirder images. I tried it, but not showing it here.  Sorry.

I'm giving two examples, one with the house, one with Petey......because everyone likes a dog.

 The Original 

The Toon Shading

 The Dreamy

 The Sketch

The Sketch does well on details like the windows and the cabinet.

The Original

Toon Shading.  

I think this one came out ok. 


It looks a little Seurat-y, if you ask me.  Not that you are. 


Again, this is where live animals and people don't seem to sketch as well as inanimate objects. That being said, lighting of the original picture has a lot to do with how some of these FX come out. 

So, it was something to play with and it was free.  I mean, it was a time suck to finally do it and get eight images, but other than that, there was no money exchanged. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wild is the Wind

It's not the popular opinion, but I'm torn on how to feel about events in Oklahoma.

Yes, the twister was tragic and almost unimaginable.

Yes, "almost".

This story has been played out time and time again over any number of central states over decades.  And only a few years ago in this exact same town.

It confounds me when people talking to the media are quoted as saying "how did this happen?".  Oh honey, you moved to Tornado Alley - that is how it happened.  People always say "lightening never strikes twice", which is proven to be untrue. If the environment was right for it to happen once, chance are, it will happen again.

I know they're talking out of shock and no other words come to them, but none of these circumstances should be news to folks who live there.

If you've ever been to Oklahoma, almost every single telephone pole has 10-20 horns on them, facing all directions, to warn folks of just such an event.

NPR's Talk of the Nation was somewhat enlightening yesterday.  People from the area say they have shelters but rarely use them  because they go out to see the storm, because more often than not, it will hit somewhere else in the county.  "Our guests have used our shelter more than we have...."

I'm sorry, but this is Natural Selection at its finest - only these folks didn't bite it.  Other did.  Kids.

Why aren't there better shelters at the schools?  When you have a gathering of any amount of folks, why is there not some kind of built in protection?  Yeah - I hear crap about the water table being too high for them to dig, but then you had better find Solution B.

Of course, you can't have a natural disaster with out politicizing it anymore.  Katrina made sure of that. Sandy too. And it is the latter that is on everyone's mind.

Allegedly, OK Senator, Tom Coburn will refuse federal aid (does he actually have that authority?) for disaster relief unless there are matching budget cuts  He did the same thing for Sandy relief and voted against funding.  Easy enough to do when you don't actually have to answer to the folks in that state.

But now this is his home state.  If funding doesn't pass - this could make for an interesting scenario....except for the fact that it won't.

Any number of political talk shows will say, unless this story hit right at election time, none of the voters will care:  for Okies (or whatever they're called), the issues are still abortion, gays, immigration and Obamacare.  Yes, they'll be outraged now, when they don't get what they want, when they want it, but for all intents and purposes, the Senator will probably get a pass.

The governor,  however, has asked Obama for assistance.  He is not running for re-election (allegedly) so his skin in the game, other than helping his residents, seems legitimate and sincere.

I'm not completely uncaring, you know.  I'll go on record, I do feel bad for the folks who have family, friends, pets and farm animals perish. It must be horrible to lose everything - homes, possessions, etc. I do feel for them, but still I have this nagging undertow of choosing to live in a known disaster zone and choosing your elected officials who aren't with you - not really.

For all those who are against "big" government, I'd like to see each of those families turn down offered assistance - though they won't.  Reports will say that those states who are most against it are the biggest users of such FEMA funding.  Shocking.......not.

What they also don't realize, or care, is that the recovery of the Dust Bowl, centered right where they live, was funded by - you guessed it - "big" government.

If only they feds had kept their paws out of that one, Oklahoma would still be uninhabitable and this tornado would have affected no one.

Stupid government. It's all their fault.

Song by: George Michael

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Take a Walk

In the never ending quest to keep Petey entertained, I took the man to Acacia Reservation.

Until less than a year ago, Acacia used to be a country club.  For years, members were wondering if they could save it or sell it - and if the latter, would it be retained as a country club.

Of course, the idea was to sell it for retail development, because if we need anything in this life, it's more stores to shop for nothing in.  Beachwood and Lyndhurst has more than enough of that.

But the powers that be sold (or gave?) it to the metro parks and it is now, as Quasimodo might say "a sanctuary!"

Currently, it is still very much golf course looking. The rough is rougher, but the fairways are still short, as are the greens. But you can see that the plan is to grow it all in to be more wild.

Petey was kind of in his element, though he's never been in a place like this.  The grass we went in (I tried to stay off cart paths) was belly-high.  To be clear - his belly, not mine.  It's like he was on a fox hunt.

But Pete has a walking problem - he doesn't know when too much is too much.  He'll keep plugging away on his jaunt and when it's time to come home, he won't move.  It's not that he can't, but he won't. Perhaps part is that he can't.  He is an aging man.

What he doesn't do on these walks is drink.  I carry his LL Bean collapsible bowl with me along with a bottle of water.  I pour, I set it down, he looks at me like "what the fuck, dude?"  He's panting like a maniac, but he'd rather be stubborn than take his dad's help.  Just like a son!

This walk was different.  The outside temps were pushing 90. We tried to stay in the shade, but there were 1,209,773 new smells to be smelled and 43,001 new trees to pee on.  Eventually we'd sit under a tree (that he didn't urinate on) - forced rest stops for him - and he was hot enough that two of those times, he drank.

It wasn't enough water (my opinion), but it was a start. It got us through the rest of the walk and back to the car.

I find it important to take Petey on car rides that don't end with the kennel or vet. I think he liked it, but there weren't a lot of folks out and about - and we didn't run into another dog, though he did see geese and of course, squirrels.

The adventure completely knocked him out for hours after we got home (where he drank his entire bowl of water).  He was in his bed and out like a light within three minutes.  Tops.

We'll try Acacia again, and maybe get David and Ted to join us, along with Petey's other dad. Maybe we'll walk the back nine that time.

Song by: Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Music Monday

I've changed the image for the My Music Monday post. That gramophone .jpg wasn't working for me.

I'm going back to 2003 for Pat Benatar's last release, Go.  I know, can you believe she hasn't had any new material out for a decade?

I'm not sure if she can't get anything made, can't afford to do it herself or just to busy opening for REO Speedwagon or Cheap Trick on the rib festival circuit ('s sad, but true, that last part).

The music business isn't what it once was, even to former big sellers like Pat.  Her last two releases have been on independent labels since no major will sign her - isn't that sad?

I liked Pat's music (well, for the most part), but could have done without her MTV - Spandex look that was a requirement back in the day.  Oh those black tights and wide red belt....who doesn't remember that?

Ms. Benatar has always had a strong voice even if you might not like her material.  It was the '80s and you had to kind of rely on some sort of talent, not that auto-tune crap that can make anyone a "singer" (i.e. Britney or Key-dollar sign-ha, etc).

I loved her second to last disk, Innomorata, and I want to like Go more, but I don't.  It wasn't as innovative but I do like the title track.  And yeah, I like the album cover too.

There is no video for the song - well, not an official one.  Some fan-based one actually puts together some of the worst early '80s video cliches into once clip and makes a truly horrid video, but one that was totally plausible of being a real one back then.  In good conscious, I couldn't include it here.

So all you get is the player.

I'm open to hearing new Pat, but I'm not holding my breath on that.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Boys Keep Swinging

We've finally arrived at Spring.  Or Summer.

Last weekend it was cold and hailing. The comforter went back on the bed and long sleeves were required.

On a side note, maybe it's the lack of sleeves I'm wearing, but my arm no longer has that lingering pain. The wind doesn't hurt it, so that's a good sign. What's funny (not "ha-ha" funny) is that one notices pain, but rarely notices something no longer hurting.

It was only yesterday afternoon that it dawned on me that the arm no longer hurt.  I mean,  once I get into a dress or sweat shirt we'll see, but I'm hopeful.

Anyhoo....back to Spring.  We were up in the mid-80s yesterday and the upper 70s a few days before that, so we're bordering Summer weather.  I'll take it.  Petey even was out for hours yesterday, not wanting to come in.

Due to the weather, I opted to do something different and went to a driving range to hit a bucket of balls.  Golf balls.

I had not swung a club since 2010.   ..actually, that is not entirely true.  Two weeks ago, I was at my parent's house and went to their back yard to hit a dozen or so balls.  They back up to a driving range and my dad certainly can't use his clubs that are still in the garage.

But for $8, I got a medium sized bucket and knocked through them with a 3, 5 and 7 iron, just to see where I was.

Not much has changed.  I still have rotten shots and then I will hit it 200 yards.  Rarely an in between. My swing is still too fast and I always look up from the ball too soon.  I'm still seven years old in this regard.

On the plus side, PT must have helped, along with me not doing any weight lifting over my head / shoulders.  I had no pain swinging or hitting. In theory, that should have really hurt my left shoulder.

I might go back just for fun and something different. It's not really getting me to want to go play 9 or 18 holes.  I could, with the right people and enough beer.

Oh oh oh.....and on the real plus side, you might remember from that last golf outing, the good thing of only going to the driving range is that the time decrease in the sun is by about four hours - so I don't get burnt like I did last time. 

Song by: David Bowie

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Handome Devil

It is Saturday, which is quickly becoming Petey Porn Day.  Not only does that work for me, my viewing public doesn't seem to mind much at all.

How could they?  He's a cuite handsome pooch.

Right or wrong, Pete has been spending time on the grown-up chair, usually with one of us.  He likes jumping into it and lying next to us as we read or watch tv.  

I was sitting there the other day, Sophie at my feet when Mr. Pete jumped and plopped down right next to her.  Clearly she was not phased, nor was he.  I like the peace and harmony of the children.

...and then there's this.  Sometimes he lies flat, and other times, his chin is propped on the arm of the chair.  Hey, whatever makes him comfortable - that's my job to make it happen.  But he's all nose in so many ways, that he shows as all nose is that much cuter.

Song by:  the Smiths

Friday, May 17, 2013


Oh, I got nothing going on that isn't basically yoga related.  I've been a yoga monster lately - and nothing really to show for it.

I guess my Balancing Half-Moon is better, but that is about it.  I do find it amazing that every single instructor will tell you how to do Downward Facing Dog a different way.

My hands aren't in the right place, I'm too high, too low, not extended enough, not close enough, not deep enough.

It's like a round of golf with my father. I could do exactly what he says and I"m still doing it wrong. No winning.

About a half mile from us they are filming a new movie with Kevin Costner.  I don't think it is the Postman II.

Believe it or not, it is a movie about the Cleveland Browns. No joke.  Though I'm not sure if it is supposed to be a comedy or not.  I'm guessing not, because I'm not sure Mr. Costner is the "ha-ha" type.  I am doubtful that this will be like Major League.

But Cleveland has been having some movie activity as of late.  A good part of the Avengers was filmed here two years ago, as was that bomb, Alex Cross.  Captain America is going to do three weeks of filming starting next week.

I did walk by the filming of the Costner flick, but there wasn't much to see that wasn't Teamsters and trucks.  They were doing actual filming in a house, but it wasn't enough for me to stick around to see who I could see.  I don't know anyone.

That's it.  That's all I got.

Song by: John Jennings

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Music Review

I know I already did my Record of the Month post for May, but I didn't do one for April. It's true - go back and check.  Normally if I skipped, I'd just skip and not try to make it up.

Consider this an unofficial RotM.   I am.  I've had this written for weeks and just have to get it off the books.

First off, it's an Ep.  Secondly, it's not a very good one.  Really not a good one.

Yes, I've taken a lifetime of flack for being a Fleetwood Mac fan, but as the years go on, it's harder to defend them with minimal and marginal recordings.  I get that they tour for dough - and that the majority of ticket holders want to see a greatest hits act - and trust me, they're getting it.  But it's all been done before and no need to venture into that arena again.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about their four song Ep.  What had a ten year absence brought (after a 16 year one before that)?   Well, not much - that's for sure.

To be fair, I did not purchase.  NPR streamed the entire four tracks and you could play them as often (or as little) as you'd like.  It beats the iTunes 90 second thing (which is where this disk is ONLY available).

First off, any Fleetwood Mac album since 1987 has been a result of Lindsey Buckingham's solo work being taken and morphed into a Fleetwood Mac album - and it always shows.  'Extended Play' is no different.

Three of the four are Buckingham tunes - and iffy ones at that.  The one Stevie Nicks song is from 1973 - which isn't a shock. Almost all her material for the last 25 years has been pulled songs she wrote in the '70s.  If they weren't good enough to record then.......guess what?

Let's start with her "Without You".  Cat Stevens should sue for plagiarism.  The music and arrangement has "Peace Train" written all over it.

The criticism of Nicks' voice back in the '70s was somewhat unwarranted, but like a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled, she lived up to it long ago.  Professor Sybill Trelawney would be proud.

Nicks' voice has been shot since the late '80's and for the life of me, the people who trip over themselves to sing (ha!) her praises is beyond me. The woman can no longer sing more than three notes and it is painful to listen to - mostly due to nostalgia.

Her vocal limits work when songs and vocals are arranged correctly. But I can think of two instances in 20 years - two! - where that has worked. It didn't hurt that the harmony vocals helped save those two songs.  For this outing, the harmonies are barely there....and they're all hers.

Buckingham's "Sad Angel" is just half right. It's sad.  It might have worked as a solo song, but not as a band one.  And speaking of solo stuff, his "It Takes Time" is just that.  Seriously, if you're going to do a group record, then a song with just you and a piano isn't the one to present in this venue. Save it for your solo work.  Oh - and it is as boring as all get out.

The only song that pseudo-works is the horribly titled "Miss Fantasy".  Buckingham writes notes he can't possibly hit - and doesn't - but doesn't jigger the vocal arrangement.  It is here that Nick's muted harmony on the chorus actually (almost) saves the song.

What is sadder than the actual release is the band's assertion that this is some of their best work.  Yikes.

I get that they're all 64 years old (or older), but has their hearing gone too?

I'm not sure whether to blame Buckingham or co-producer Mitchell Froom.  Froom was a wiz with Crowded House, Forest for the Trees and Suzanne Vega.  But he bombs out here.  Or maybe this is the best he could do with which he had to work.

Either way - skip it.  Save yourself $3.98. I did. Thanks NPR - that annual contribution is really paying off.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Yes, I know I normally do a "funny" post when it comes to shopping, but not this time.  Well, this might be humourous, but I have come not to bury Angie's Classic Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn, but to praise it.

My mother had it at her house last Sunday.  If you've been to Costco, you understand the folks who hawk their products to the unsuspecting and hungry public.  My mother was one of these.

Now, I'm not even sure she likes popcorn, let alone flavoured kind.  But she put a bowl of it out for "the kids" before dinner.

Turns out, for me, that was a BIG mistake.

In recent memory, I cannot think of a similar food addiction I might have faced - let alone an instant one.  I ate pretty much the entire bowl on my own.  And half a second one, before my brother-in-law showed up and barged in on my territory (though he wasn't as enamoured of it as I).

It's the wrong (and right) comparison to say it's like chocolate covered pretzels.  The sweet.  The salty.  It's just one of those types of things I assume women crave during PMS.

I knew it was a mistake before we left to allow my mother to fill up a gallon sized ziplock bag full of it for me.  I ate the entire bag (save 17 pieces left as to not look piggy) at lunch the next day.  Not for lunch, but at lunch.

710 came home and said, "this is what you left me??"  I had to joke and say, "I was saving that for me, for later."

It was quite sad.

However, it was not as sad as going to Costco yesterday when I really didn't need anything from there, but figured since I was there, I'd pick some up.

Two bags.  I put the third one back, because I'm nothing if not the model of restraint.

Actually, I am.  12 hours later and I haven't even opened a bag.  But you're talking to a guy who bought  a case of Girl Scout Cookies in March and I've only opened three boxes.  My problem, besides eating everything at once, is once I know I open something, it's gone - possibly forever.  So I just sit on it.

The joke is, I know next time I'm over at my parent's house my mother will have secured me a bag without my asking.  I don't want to be rude, so of course I'll take it home.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Freedom Overspill

I don't begrudge Rhode Island, Delaware and Minnesota these last few weeks.  More power to them.

After Delaware succeeded in their passage of same sex marriage, 710 and I had a brief discussion over the morning paper.

The dominoes are falling, but mainly in the east. Washington, Iowa and as of yesterday, Minnesota are the only states west of Pennsylvania who allow guy-on-guy action, at the altar that is.  I mean, unless you're a priest, but that's usually behind the altar..........I'm guessing.

But our conversation touched on how long it would be for Ohio to come into this discussion. I mean, truly come into it.

Goooooogle 'same sex marriage ohio' and all you get are Rob Portman references.  Trust me, that is not going to do it for the Buckeye state.  I'm not even sure I want him attached to it, truth be told.  I know people will take their victories where they can, but the man oozes slime to me, and like Roy Cohn or Ken Mehlman, I'd rather any of them have any association with gay life.

My fear is Ohio to gay marriage will be the Alabama of desegregation.  We'll go kicking and screaming, stopping short of the National Guard allowing two guys (or gals) walking down the aisle together.  ....and the only reason we'd stop short at the Guard is that Kent State is still all too real for us.

There are a number of reasons that the Freedom to Marry folks aren't going to get as far as they think. One is that the organization itself put out a press release the day after Delaware saying "let Ohio be the 12th state to welcome same sex marriage".

Ummm.....we have a state-wide ban that hasn't even been up for repeal. let alone a measure to allow same sex marriage.  Those are two different initiatives.  And they had to know that Minnesota was closer to being 12.  Hell, so is New Jersey, Nevada and Illinois.

At the earliest, we can't get repeal of the ban (not actually approving same sex marriage) until November 2013....though I have yet to see anyone with a petition to get it on the ballot.

FtM can't even set realistic expectations with the petition signers, let alone themselves. Don't try to sell me a bill of goods.

We also have a very republican controlled state congress.

Oh - and we have a governor who says he will veto any legislation trying to pass such a measure. There are erroneous reports that he is for same sex unions.  He is not.  Right after Portman came out for same sex marriage, John Kasich seemingly agreed, then then the next day took it all back.

Maybe Kasich will "evolve".  Probably not.  He is the kind to believe in evolution of any sort.  And if he wins another term, we might not see the approval of same sex marriages until 2019.  That is assuming congress can pass the measure to even make it to the governor's desk.

The U.S. Supreme Court might move things along for us faster, even if Kasich retains office, but again,  there are those images of German Shepards, fire hoses and armed guards violently holding back anything a federal law might say.

Ohio is on the wrong side of right and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  Certainly not as fast as Freedom to Marry suggests.

No, I don't begrudge the other states. I welcome them and applaud what they're doing.  Even if Ohio passed it, 710 and I are already married.  There'd be no second ceremony, just being able to snag his social security if he should take the big dirt nap before I did.

I kid....I kid.  You know the plan:  I go first.

Song by: Steve Winwood

Monday, May 13, 2013

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 39th 12 of 12

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12
th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, a number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Janet Hughes is now hosting the link that puts many 12 of 12'ers together (sometimes she keeps current, sometimes not).  The number of people linking don't seem to be as robust as they once were, but that stands to reason.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.  

Yes, this month falls on a Monday, but 12 of 12 overrules My Music Monday.  You can all take a breather from my music. 

06:55.  Retained water on a roof.  Gotta go clear out those drains.

08:40.  Not Petey's most photogenic, but he's just waking up.  Yes, in his bed with his 2nd bed beyond that.  Or what I call his "pied-à-terre".  He has a third bed that is put away. A fourth in my office.  And a fifth for outside.  S-P-O-I-L-E-D!

10:00.  Hail.  In mid-May. It would go on to hail on and off for hours. It was 39 degrees. In mid-

10:35.  New Apple store being constructed.  Our current east-side location has one of, if not THE, smallest Apples stores in existence.  New problem is the place where it's going never has a free parking space as it is.  This won't be helping much.

10:37.  Funky flower pot outside of yoga.

10:50.  Anjanai, Judi and Debbie (of the yoga posse) looking at Judi's veg garden before yoga.

12:30.  The house in which my father grew up.  Not to be confused with the house he was born in which I showed back in February of 2011. I pass this house almost every Sunday after yoga. I haven't been in it since 1986.

12:50.  Heart-shaped cupcakes to take out to my mom's for her special day. She won't ever eat one, but the kids will like them. 710 made them while I was at yoga. He's a great son-in-law.

14:30. Petey: the cliche.

14:32.  Thousands of helicopters downed from the earlier storms.

15:30.  Shower time.  You only think you see something. Yes taken with April's App of the Month.

16:40.  I hate to admit it, but it was a last minute trip to Lowe's to get something for my mother for Mother's Day. She wanted nothing, but a plant couldn't hurt, right?

Your Baker's Dozen.

20:45.  I had to put the comforter back on the bed. The temps are in the upper '30s. In mid-May.