Thursday, July 31, 2008

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

The post title was almost "Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" - but I thought maybe Morty would be the only person to get it. And while I'm all for being somewhat obscure, that might have been a stretch.

I'm sure if you axe him nicely, he'll tell you what is what with that.

Yesterday (was it only a day ago?) we drove down to Cape Hatteras and looked at the lighthouse they moved five or six years back. Erosion was threatening it and they opted to move it back about a half mile from shore. No doubt in another 50 years they will need to decide the expense is worth moving it again.

The drive was boring as all get out, but the park was nice enough. And hot enough. They close down the inside of the structure if it gets too hot. It was about 93 degrees in there, but they don't shut it down until it hits 103.

...and can you believe it? No elevator!!!!!!

Here you go - seeing it from a distance (break into Ms. Midler anytime now!)

Here it is closer up. Notice, no shade to hide in while you're waiting to ascend.

268 steps up. 268 steps down. Cold water was required for the heat inside. Below is just a shot of where the candles and kerosene would go - they didn't let us up there. It actually is still lit daily...but now with bulbs and stuff.

....and now, a little eye candy at the lighthouse. I haven't taken my camera to the beach, so there I can only take mental snapshots. Here, I just threw caution to the wind. Just a hot daddy from WV.

Song by: the Smiths

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When in OBX, one must make a trip the Wright Brothers Memorial? Right? I mean - I guess.

What can you lose for $4/person? It's hard to spend the entire day on the beach. I have a fragile burny scalp that needs a break now and again. And I get bored easily.

To be honest - the memorial ain't all that. The "museum" is weak. The monument is unimpressive.....and you gotta trek to the top of the hill to see it. Granted, it was a great work out for my legs and butt, but.... And man do they regurgetate the 17 actual facts they have about the day and the flights. (yes, yes, I got it!!! The plane weighed 605 lbs!!!!)

The hill is higher and steeper than it looks.

Three of the first flight markers where they landed. The fourth is about another 300 yrds away

One of three replicas of the plane used to be first in flight

We are not windsock people, but if we were, this would be the one. Who wouldn't want huge pink udders flying about to make the neighbors cringe?

Song by: Crash Vegas

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ocean of Noise

We made it.

It wasn't an awful trip or anything. Long, yes.....but I don't mind the car at all. At least when I can control the music and traffic flow. I didn't get to do either this trip.

The traffic was fine until about a half-hour below Richmond. Then it was s-l-0-w. Around Norfolk, we honestly never made it out of the single digits in terms of miles per hour. It was painful. Probably more for Denton, because I was griping up a storm.

As for the music - well, it's safe to say we have different musical tastes. Denton has come around a lot in the 2 decades we've been together to like much of my music. I can't say I've been as accommodating. You know, my eyebrows more than raise when Teena Marie comes on. And when it's Blackbox and he says jokes, "what's vacation without a little Martha Wash...?" , naturally my response is something like, "ummm....heaven?".

At it turns out, we are not in Kill Devil Hills, but in Nags Head. Not that there is much difference. It's only a mile maker away. It's sun. It's surf. It's shore.

But the place is a dump! This is not at all what the brochure looked like:

Kidding. Kidding. This is actually it. Just like it was pictured. 27 rooms of close to oceanside relaxation. We only have one of the room.

What it is not is gay. It might be gay friendly, as the website described, but we are the only two queers here. I think. There is this one couple (triple?). They seem to be mother, dad and son. But the father/son combo seems like an ad for German NAMBLA. They are a little too close....if you know what I mean.

As g-d is my witness, I walked into the pool area and saw them kissing. But not the way a father and son would or should smooch. I was a little creeped out.

We've been here two days. I don't have LOTS of colour, as I'm wearing SPF 30 and 55. But with a missed spot here and there, I do have a nice burn.

Song by: Arcade Fire

Monday, July 28, 2008


I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

These may or may not be newly released disks. They might not even be a good disk - just what is been in heavy rotation in my car (as usually the iPod is playing anywhere else).

I've never been a big fan of Japanese music. Shonen Knife? Nah - they've never done it for me. And of course a number of my friends like Pizzicato Five, and they were fun in a kitchy kind of way - I mean, "Go Go Dancer" was ok, but it grew tiresome sooner than later.

But I was listening to NPR's The World a few weeks ago and they did a spotlight story on Love Psychedelico. I thought they were kind of new, but they've been performing for the last decade. Who knew?

I really like their sound. They are hip. They are happening. And they don't sound stereotypically Japanese. It's a little rock - and a lot of pop....and it works.

There is a lot of import music of theirs out there if you're interested. iTunes only has their latest, This is Love Psychedelico. It might just be their major U.S. debut that is compiled from their other releases.

Unless it is small segment on a 30 minute public radio station, I doubt you'll hear them on the radio, so I say go find em and check them out. I don't think you'll be sorry.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


We leave for vacation today. I had a post in my head allllllll planned out, but I couldn't find the video clip to go with. It was to be a Kids in the Hall skit with Fran and Gordon, who were about to go on a trip.

Fran keeps turning off the oven burners (#1 is off. #2 is off. #3 is off...) over and over to make sure the house doesn't burn down. Then their son comes home drunk. At one point in my life, I would have been the son. Unfortunately now, I've turned into Fran.

But while looking through YouTube, I found another completely unrelated clip. ...and one I've laughed at over and over, over the years.

It goes on a bit long, but you have to stay at least for the entire song. To this day, my friends and I use part of it in our conversation. I know - you're shocked!

There are still some very very funny lines in the skit that are not the song, so enjoy it.

I am sure I'll post while away. I'm not sure how often, but I'll get to it.

Song by: Debbie Reynolds

Friday, July 25, 2008

Traveling Again

Four days in DC. In summer. On days like this, I always flash on a Simpson's episode (don't I always?) of Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington.

"The city of Washington was built on a stagnant swamp some 200 years ago
and very little has changed; it stank then and it stinks now.

In the show they were talking about corruption. I was talking about the 98 degree heat and the 97% humidity. My suits were sopped. My shirts (dress and t) had to hang for days to dry out, not that I was planning on wearing them again during the same trip.

Knowing the city in summer, I did pick a hotel that has an outdoor pool. Not that I really want anyone seeing me in swim trunks, but better they be strangers than folks I know. The swims I had really lowered my body core temperature on two of those days.

Wednesday, after the rosary/opera event I posted yesterday, the skies opened up. I was on my way to dinner.....all by my lonesome (sigh) and then the rains came. It was biblical.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I was a block away from JRs, so I ducked in there, as I had no umbrella with me. There is a certain reader or two who might cringe when I mention this bar - as they will automatically go back in time to a certain November 2000 night when there was some gaseous moments and follow-up comments from the surrounding clientele.

The story and though of it always makes me smile. That night I was in tears. Partially from the noxious odors, but mainly from the unsuspecting bar goers. The hysterics went on so long, we finally had to leave the bar.

In a saloon where there can be a lot of standing and modeling, there is not usually folks cramping from laughter. No one there is supposed to have that much fun. We were. (and for the record, the offender was not me!)

But the other evening I chatted up this handsome little number while I waited for the rain to stop (which it never did) - or did he chat up me? This was post-happy hour situation. Some work folks, but hardly a crowded bar. I was just tossing back Rolling Rocks and waiting for a let up.

This guy was cute and smart and funny. I felt like I was cheating. But it was just talk. There were some cultural references that we discussed (David Cassidy and the Partridge Family), to where I got the comments, "who?" and "what?". I finally had to ask how old he was. The answer was 27.

As Gark said to me the following day, "it's official - you're a daddy!". Oy. Last year he told me I was a "bear". I'm still not sure I'm believing that one. I'm not sure I can.

The rain didn't let up - so I walked out into the street and caught a cab back to the hotel - never did end up having dinner. Unless you want to call beer, "dinner". And why not? I have soooo many times before. What's one more meal?

As for the physical travel - four notices:
  • Robert Novak did not hit me with his car. I would have made a much bigger stink.
  • Cabs no longer put on the air, as it depletes the gas they have to buy at $4.59/gallon (which is what it is in DC). Not pretty.
  • It's very difficult to play Bejeweled when the plane has turbulence.
  • I'm not sure if it was more unnerving for me or anyone on AirTrans that the guy across the aisle from me was reading the maintenance manual for AirTrans. We were on Continental. What did he know that he wasn't going on the other airline?

Song by: Dar Williams

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Like a Prayer

I know it's been a few days with no posting. Work things, ya know. More on that later, I guess.

I was back in DC and while it's a happening town, with all the political protests and some gathering for special causes and interests, oddly enough you just don't see things what I would consider out of the ordinary. Mind you - maybe I'm not the benchmark for what is normal, but even I know a freak show when I see it.

Like this.

Oddly enough I didn't have my camera camera on me, so I had to settle to use my crappy cellphone one. I should have just walked up to them and snapped away, but I didn't. I mean it's not like they were going to chase me down - they were media whores.

Let me set up what they were doing. Praying. With megaphones.

Yes, some group or other was conducting an entire novina to protest the showing of Jerry Springer - the Opera at Studio in the gayest part of DC.

And while yes, it is a gay-hood, there are mega numbers of straight people there. And since it is DC, very multi-ethnic as well. With that big of a cross-section, I saw no one who didn't stop and just shake their head like these boys (I do believe they were all male. Priests, perhaps? Seminary students? Pedophiles? All of the Above?).

Except for the two dozen or so participants, everyone else thought they were nuts.

I don't know anything about the show, except it combines two of my least favourite things: Opera (sorry Jon M, sorry Ade) and Jerry Springer. Wouldn't attending this be like going to hell? If you can read their very expensive protest signs (really - where do they come up with funding to make these?), apparently the show makes reference to the virgin mary and her body. Again - I don't care enough to care.

But it was fun to watch. Probably more so than the opera.

Song by: John Wesley Harding (ha! I bet you thought I'd say Madonna)

Monday, July 21, 2008


We are finally going on vacation.

Yes, we've taken 2-3 day trips to Vegas (work), DC (work), NYC (Madonna - which was kind of like work). However, an honest to g-d full-ish week vacation has not been had since October 2005!!!

As always, we come late to planning anything. Whereas Morty will plan his vacations for a year - like a good fag would - we will take a few hours, sometimes only week or two before we actually leave for our destination. ....just like this time.

I think a week or so ago we had narrowed it down to the Outer Banks or Quebec. Yes, I know they are two very different places - neither of which we have been to. Well, that's not true. Denton has been to OBX with his family, but that's been about three decades ago. Me? I've been to the Charlotte airport....once.

But as I've mentioned, work has gotten the best of me these last few weeks and where I would have loved Quebec, it seemed like it would be a place to tour and do things. It seemed like a lot of activity. It seemed like work.

We opted for OBX so we could get a chance to decompress. Do nothing, as it were. Beach. Read. Sleep. Pool. Drink. Eat. Possibly not in that order.

The place (pictured above), is gay or gay friendly. I don't have to have it be overrun by all queers, but it is nice to be with some of your cohort. There is b'fast daily and and more importantly, a 2.5 hour cocktail time.

As sad as it sounds, we went out and bought new swim trunks over the weekend. That's not the sad part. That would be, it was because we haven't bought (or had to) new ones for over 10 years. We picked up some shirts and shorts too.

Now if Cristobal would just move out to sea, we'd be golden.

I'm in DC almost all week for work. I get back and we leave the next day. Even though the first week is work, it will be two glorious weeks away from the one day.

If all works out, we get to see Jon, Tommy and their two doggies (who hopefully won't lunge for my face!) on the way back home!!

Song by: Big Pig

Sunday, July 20, 2008

older chests

Friday night we went out to dinner. The meal was so-so, but I had had a shitty week and just wanted to get out and have some tequila. ....oh.....and food.

But on the way home, a Blondie song popped into my head, since I looked down and saw that "I'm on E....I'm on E.....". We stopped at BP so I could do a $53 fill-up.

I can't even take credit for being aware of my surroundings. As I mindlessly watched the numbers on the pump ever increase, Denton pointed me towards a sign in the attached AM/PM Mart. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I had my cellphone camera with me.

It'd been a long day. My 18 hours probably would have been up anyway. I let them keep it.

Song by: Damien Rice

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cat People (Putting Out Fire with Gasoline)

Maybe I'm not a dog person. I always think I am. I want to be.

We had to hit Petco today - as we were in need of litter and fud. Naturally, Denton was with me. It was Saturday and we had to do our EDL things. That's 'Everyday Living' things. You know - shopping, laundry, stuff.

Normally our Petco doesn't have the cages of cats and dogs for sale, but the Humane Society was there doing adoptions. There were some great brother/sister cat combos and then one cat that had to be 20-25 pounds. So nice. So gentle. So HUGE.

But outside there was a dog. A puppy. A larger puppy, but a puppy nonetheless. Mostly golden retriever, but it looked like he/she had some shepherd in him/her. The pup was on a leash and was with someone from the Society. But as I was about to walk in the store, the dog walked over to me.

I got down and petted him/her. They seemed to like it, and even licked my hand. But then things turned ugly. I heard a noise, but wasn't sure. But it was there......a growl. One that got louder. And then the pup lunged, growling, snarling - teeth all bared.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I had quick reflexes and jumped back a bit. Just out of range of a mad dog on the end of a leash. To paraphrase Buddy Cole, "that could have been nassssty".

All this happened in about 45 seconds. When I turned around, Denton was gone. He missed the entire thing. He was inside already looking for cat treats.

On the way home, I finally told him what transpired. Somehow I got chastised for being "too trusting". ....for both dogs and people.

People? Really? It's like he's never even met me!

Song by: David Bowie

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Record of the Month - Classic

Normally, I have a Record of the Month post. But I have 400+ CDs and roughly 27 blog posts per month. I gotta fill this space with something! So now, in addition to the RotM, you get a RotM Classic. Most likely a disk that is at least 5 years old. I buy enough music that is 'new' to continue my original subject of RotM.

RJ had posted something a while back and briefly mentioned listening to Jennifer WarnesFamous Blue Raincoat. Though I don’t remember exactly what his post was about, the disk mention itself was completely tertiary to the actual post.

But what it did was plant in the back of my mind how that should be, at some point, one of my Record of the Month posts. Now it is my first “classic” post.

Warnes released the disk back in 1986. I remember doing my weekly sift through bins at Schoolkid’s Records on N. High St when the clerks put it on. I could sort of place the voice, but in reality the only thing I knew her from was a few movie soundtrack songs and her other hit “Right Time of the Night”.

None of those things ever would have made me buy one of her disks. But I immediately went up and asked about this one. They told me and pointed me to the one and only copy they had in stock – let’s face it, this was never going to be a big seller.

Unofficially titles: Jenny Sings Lenny, Warnes covers nine songs from Leonard Cohen. I know this always ticks people off, but I don’t like Cohen as a singer. As a writer, he is great – but I don’t see him being the consummate artist that so many do.

I would say the material suits Warnes to a T, but I don’t really know most of her repertoire to confirm that. She certainly embraces it and runs with the style and does quite well at it. The recording itself is clear and crisp – as for a long time I had read in many audio magazines that store would use her “Bird on a Wire” to demonstrate their sound systems.

I’d like to point out the highlights of the disk, but I’m not sure there is a bad song on the disk. I am a huge fan of “First We Take Manhattan”, “Song of Bernadette” and the title track, but in actuality, the entire disk is extremely strong. She wisely opted not to record the oft covered “Suzanne”. I’m not even sure “Hallelujah” was around when this was recorded, but it’s probably a good thing that wasn’t touched either. Jeff Buckley did one of the better versions of that that exist.

For a compact disk that was recorded and released so soon after the medium came into the market, it is and was technically well done when many of those recordings are now in desperate need of remastering.

There is a 20th anniversary edition that was release in 2007 – with an extra track or two, but I haven’t gotten it. At least yet.

This is one disk I would hardly recommend. It's not standard fare, but I think it is something I think most would enjoy.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I got nothing. Zilch. Zippo.

I've been Mr. Kranky Pants lately. I don't think I've shown it here, but it is true. It is mostly work-related. Stuff I am not quite willing to talk about yet. Not here. Not yet.

Suffice to say, today I will be meeting my new boss for the first time. My 3rd one in 18 months. Mind you - I haven't switched jobs. That's all I have to say about that.

That being said - we need vacation. A real one. Not one where he is working in Vegas or me in DC. No - we need to get away for a week. A full week. If we can pull this off, it will be the first time in three years that we've done it.

We have it narrowed down to: Quebec or possibly North Carolina (be afraid Jon!). I like the idea of the beach, but that whole hurricane thing has thwarted more than one vacation - be it Rehoboth or the Keys. Unfortunately, this is the way we plan vacations. Spur of the moment but usually they work out - if we follow through.

All I know is that I need to decompress. Soon. Very very soon.

I guess I didn't have nothing!

Song by: Depeche Mode

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ride the Ride

On a pseudo-whim, we went to Cedar Point on Sunday. It is kind of the reason for my pseudo-post yesterday. I was just too lazy to write anything about anything.

CP is the roller coaster capital of the world. All those tv documentary stories on amusement parks say so. It must be true.

One of my many nieces is in town, so it was Denton's idea to get a group of the in-town kids to go too. It was our treat. Kind of. When we arrived, we found a number of corporate employee appreciation days going on. Some guy gave us three free passes he couldn't use. His company only had to pay $22 instead of the normal $43 (!!!!) admission price. Denton was smart and went to the ticket counter and said he needed four more - and they sold them to him at the $22 price!!! SCORE!

For all this talk of people doing 'staycations' (g-d, I hate that word!), the park was packed. No one stayed home! The major rides (Millennium Force, Maverick and Raptor) had 90 minute+ waits. That was hard to justify when you had four kids under 11 years old with you....and two of them weren't even tall enough to get on the adult rides.

So for the most part we kept to the kiddie park. It was fun for the kids, laborious for me. My 9 year old niece went with me on a number of the coasters. She is absolutely fearless. We did the Gemini, Corkscrew and Blue Streak (which is almost as old as I am!! .....and just as rickety).

I've been on all the coasters except Maverick and was looking forward to it, but I think we'll go back sometime with no kids.

There are a few rides I just won't do. Like this one

Nothing says 'vomit' like 70 or so of your not-so-close friends swinging back and forth and spinning. No good can come from this. I don't do spinny rides.

Or the Top Thrill Dragster. 2+ hours for a 48 second ride. Besides the up and over thing just doesn't seem fun to me.

Back in those days, they played Chicago, the Carpenters and America over the PA system. They still do. Clearly the royalty laws still favour middle of the road FM delights.

I remember when my parents would take us to the Point each summer. I wasn't the only kid with Dippity-Do'd hair. Lots of kids today have product today - but all in the form of faux hawks. It's like they all stepped out of their double-wide, got their tattoo and were allowed admission to the park. And they're five.

Was that too judgment-y?

Song by: the Bangles

Monday, July 14, 2008

Milk Train

I don't know why I was so amused by these guys last week. I was down in the middle of nowhere Ohio and just saw them there. 40 or so acres to roam and they all congregate in a 30 square foot area.

As I drove a little further, I flashed upon a Far Side cartoon (well, one of many) that had to do with cars on the side of the road.

Song by: Jefferson Airplane

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Living in a Box

Chef Bob and Nurse Matt are grandparents for a 2nd time. Or is it the 5th time?

One of their dogs, Jake, had her second litter of puppies less than two weeks ago. The first litter had two puppies. This one had three. Don't get hung up on the mom's name. Clearly she has gender issues, brought on upon her by her dads.

The puppies are cute - as you might imagine. Golden Labs. Right now they kind of are a cross of Sharpeis and hamsters/gerbils. When I visited a few days ago, their eyes weren't even open.

Jake had two boys and one girl - now known as Peter, Paul & Mary. Temporarily, I hope. I'm all for a good folk trio, but this might be a bit much.

Bob is trying to talk me into getting one. Of course, I want one. The girl. I'm all about the girls. Denton says if I can find a way to make it work with our schedules, I can get her. He knows deep down that I can't get it to work - so he doesn't have to be the bad guy by saying 'no'.

Meredity is worried that I'm not a good dog parent because I don't believe in obedience. That's a lie. I just like dogs to be dogs. If that means jumping and licking and rolling around with them, then yes, I'm not a good parent. (though the dogs LOVE me for it!)

In reality, a golden lab is probably too big for our first dog. And I'm really ok with a mutt from the shelter. But we still have to work on our schedule thing.

Here are pics of the pups, who are indeed, living in a box. They were crawling on their bellies more than they were walking. And they have the cutest noises coming out of them.

you can see Jake here, tending to her children

this is Mary. isn't she adorable??

Song by: Living in a Box

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dinner at Eight

...that's what we had yesterday at Cafe Tandoor.

It wasn't just the two of us either, but with 16 other gay men. It is all part of our quest to be more social. I'd say this qualified.

The Cain Park Arts Festival started yesterday evening. We usually end up attending and always go home empty-handed. Yesterday was no different, though we did see some pieces we liked. The two artists were pretty local and we got their info to see their studio stuff as opposed to whatever they could or decided to haul to display. Our house is woefully in need of real art and not just prints of other stuff.

We did run into our first Cleveland landlord, Howard (I'll forgo his last name, so you don't all Gooooogle him). Honest to g-d, if Denton didn't say his name, I'm not sure I would have recognized him at all. He still has a wickedly handsome face, but now has a mane of hair that is greying and not in a handsome way. His new girlfriend, Andrea, (I'm sorry - anDRAY-ah) was with him. Remind me to post stories later about Howard as a neighbor and a landlord.

Anyway, the plan was for all the gays to meet at the festival at 6p and have dinner at 8p. We could only find some of the men, since we didn't know about one-third of them. So yes, we expanded our gay circle by another ring.

Dinner proved to be a bit difficult, as it was a long table - so conversations could not flow easily and some people didn't get a chance to interact at all. I would say only about half the guys knew everyone, and the other half knew almost no one - so we weren't alone in the same proverbial boat. But a good time seemingly was had by all.

We'd like to try that again sometime, but we don't most of the guys to arrange it ourselves. We'll see how it goes.

Song by: Rufus Wainwright (btw...the image at top is from the movie of the same name as the song and title post)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Site of the Month

Yes - it's that time of month. When I've worked a full week and gone two solid weeks of blogging and didn't really pace myself, so I have nothing really to post.

But there is a reason I sub-titled this thing 'Stuff & Nonsense'.

Yes, this beats the Star Wars geeky Wookiepedia which I think I featured about a year ago. ...perhaps less.

Dickipedia isn't about the actual penis at all - so you can all breathe a sigh of relief.....or grumble in private, depending on your view of what you hoped/thought it was. It is a suitable for work site.

The list of Dicks is a a good one. Not are all written as funny as they could be: see Jimmy Fallon - though the last line is good. But for every Fallon or Kobe, there is an Ann Coulter or George Lucas.

It's an ok time killer - and no less (or more) funny than David Sedaris' last book. Unfortunately.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Seriously? Organic Cotton Candy?

Since when has Candy Floss (what a great nom du porn) gone free range? Is there anything even remotely natural in it? I guess sugar.

Red Dye #2 probably isn't....or whatever food colouring they have in there.

I'm assuming it is disgusting in any form. Mother Nature isn't making it any better.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I Just Wanna Live

I can't help feel I've posted something like this before, but damn if I'm gonna look through almost 1200 posts to see. I do have a life - as hard as that might be to fathom.

Someone at work provided me this Health Risk Assessment. I cannot confirm or deny its accuracy, but folks in my field think it is a pretty good indicator of you and your "lifestyle".

Yeah - that there up above is me after taking the test. I shaved almost 10 years off my life - virtually. Unfortunately, I'm scheduled to live almost another 40.

There are usual questions on alcohol, smoking and eating, but some others like parent's age, history of coronary artery disease and stature (stocky or stocky and bald) are included. For the record, I put down "average". They don't seem to cover some other things you think they might - but they're the experts.........I guess.

How accurate this is can only be as good as how honest you are at answering the questions. I think I did ok.

14700 days left to live. Shoot me now!

Song by: Good Charlotte

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Not only does Cleveland has a world renowned orchestra, but it also has an equal counterpart in the art department.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the premier places to pictures and stuff. It has also been undergoing a major renovation and will continue for another four years.

But a section was opened this last week - 19 galleries to be specific. We walked down and looked around. It was the first time we walked in the front. Normally (as in Always) we come in through the North Gallery, which is a newer ickier building.

So I hate to say it, I've never seen Rodin's "The Thinker". I mean - I have seen it, but not in Cleveland. When we were in San Jose back in the day, there was a Rodin exhibit at Stanford (or was it an entire garden?). There was also a "copy" of it at the Toledo Museum of Art.

It got me thinking (ha! get it?) - how many of these things are out there? According to Wikipedia, there are something like 28 of them worldwide. It hardly seems special that we have one. Or that anyone has one.

Ours has the distinction of being damaged - like many Clevelanders. It was damaged back in 1970 by vandals. They never repaired it. Someone in the Netherlands also vandalized their version.

It's still pretty impressive even for a cast. The original is in Paris.

Inside were some impressive things - Egyptian art, German stuff - and lots and lots of French frilly stuff that doesn't hold my interest. I did like the swords and bodies of armour though.

Loved the cod-piece on this guy. But he was the only one of the bunch who was protected, you know.... "down there".

Who'd a thunk?

Song by: Aretha Franklin

Monday, July 07, 2008

Computer Blue

We topped off (or at least finished-off) the holiday weekend with a showing of Wall-E, Pixar's lastest release.

I think it's official, we've seen every Pixar movie on opening week. I can only say, I haven't cared for one of them (Finding Nemo) and downright didn't like one (Monsters Inc. ...or as I call it, Monster's Ball, Inc.).

It think it is also safe to say that Pixar is the only studio that can make you like a rat (Ratatouille) and feel really bad for a cockroach (Wall-E).

I won't blow too much about the flick. But in a bold move, there is little dialogue in the first place and none in the first 30 minutes. And it is the first time in the studio history that they use human talent that doesn't come in the manner of voice.

Denton loved the movie because for the first two-thirds, it was almost poetic and very out of character for any big screen animation movie. He was a bit disappointed it had to eventually do the standard route of all summer movies.

I thought Wall-E himself (itself?) was great. I think Eve phoned it in.

...and yeah, Wall-E reminds me something of that robot from Short Circuit, but that was more of an Ally Sheedy vehicle, though the robot had more range. ...she was so much better in Maid to Order, don't you think?

The movie does have a message. A not so subtle one, but one unfortunately that mostly likely went over the head of the lady across the aisle from me with her biggie-sized drink, which she spilled all over the floor near the end of the movie. Yes, this entire last sentence ties directly in with the movie message.

As always, one of the best things about a Pixar movie: the Pixar short before the movie. It was possibly the best one I have seen. Not as technically ground-breaking as some, but very cute and very very funny.

Oh - and outside the theater was the Batmobile. Not the Adam West one (which I thought was soooooooooo cool when I was a kid), but the Christian Bale one. Unfortunately, there was no Mr. Bale posing outside of the vehicle. ....a damned shame. (as always, click on images to make enbiggen them - it's a perfectly cromulent word!)

The Dark Knight opens in two weeks (?). It should be good. I like Heath Ledger and all, but seriously - Bale is hot. ....and don't even get me started on Michael 'send me the script, I'll do it) Caine!

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

All g-d's Children

I had heard one of the more interesting political / religious stories (seriously - when don't they overlap anymore?) this last weekend via NPR's On the Media.

The guest was a woman who had written a book on Evangelicals and their true relationship with the GOP, the so-called major players of the religious/political movement (Falwell, Dobson, etc) and the influence of those leaders - or more accurately - their lack of it.

Christine Wicker, the author of this book, was a former evangelical herself , but not with an axe to grind, and is also a journalist. She fully admits to how the right-wing religious folk completely used the media to forward an agenda and statistics that were not accurate - including the one of their being a 'liberal media'.

But I also love the fact that she breaks down the myth that 1 in 4 americans are evangelical of some kind - and she does it through a variety of methods. The best number she can estimate is 7%. Not 25. ...and that most don't even know who James Dobson is. Bonus points!

Anyway - for us non-jebus worshiping voters, it provides a small glimmer of hope.

You can listen to the entire segment here (or below) - as the transcript is not available in text format until sometime on Monday.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pocket of a Clown

I went out a few nights ago with an old co-worker for a few rounds. Well, she's not an old co-worker. She is older than I am, but I wouldn't call her "old". Let's just say she is a former co-worker.

We meet every few months and usually head to a wine bar and knock back a few sniff, sip and swallow. Yes, I'm still talking about vino!

I wish I had gotten the name of the bottle we had, but I didn't. It was a great red - a blend. We talked a little about the old place of employ (well, mine - she still works there). We talked about Denton and my ring.......which meant I had not seen her since we got those last October.

We chatted about travel, her kids, my cats and various other things.

...and lord knows how we got on the subject, but we touched on clowns. Oh wait, I remember. It was about my trip to Vegas....then it went into Cirque du Soleil....which led to the real circus...which led to clowns....and how nobody truly likes them (speak now or forever hold your peace if you do).

My anti-clown feelings were solidified with Poltergeist. ...and time and time again, I've heard that was a tipping point for many grease-painted, red-nosed, wig-wearing, horn-tooting haters.

Then Kathy said - 'try going a week without a clown reference coming up'. Kath said at least once every week something about a clown comes up - and it has for years. I told her I would keep an eye out for this trend.

Not 48 hrs later - I get this!

Poor Bozo!

I already sent Kathy and email damning her to hell for putting me on this path. I'll keep you all posted on if this goes on weekly. I expect you will all to do the same to me.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

Dear Jesse

To be honest, I already thought he was dead. Maybe I was thinking of Strom. Not like there is a huge difference anyway. Maybe Jess doesn't have illegitimate black babies like Strom did.


Perhaps I was too hasty in my last post about not being patriotic. I can live with this kind independence.

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Freedom 90

I wasn't even going to post today. Well, that's not true. I had a post up and ready to publish and I then figured it's a holiday and people might not be reading and might miss it. g-d, I'm full of myself sometimes.

I loathe the 4th. I'm not a crowd person. And just try to see a fireworks display without a few hundred thousand people.

What I'm really not though - is patriotic. Gasp - all of you. Go ahead.

I'd rather stick needles in my eye than have to be subjected to Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" - where the following line is 'where at least I know I'm free'.

....because the line is utter bullshit, but people eat it up and come back for seconds and thirds.

This isn't a gay rights thing - though I could easily make it out to be, just for a post sake. No, this is a 'how we have a huge sense of entitlement with nothing really to back it up besides a lot of posturing' thing.

If you haven't seen the HBO series John Adams, it's worthy of viewing (and already out on DVD). But as much as I hate W (and I do), shit he has pulled has been going on since the formation of our government. It is or seems a little more profound now, but who really knows.

I loathe the phrase/bumperstickers: "Freedom isn't Free". No doubt coined by Bechtel, Haliburton or Blackwater.

I more subscribe to the "No One is Free When Others are Oppressed" theme. We can say we're all about liberation and nation-building, but it's usually at the cost of oppressing others - including our own.

Happy 4th. Bah-humbug!

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Passionate Kisses

How long do you go without kissing your significant other? How often do you do it in the first place?

This is possibly the longest period of time I've gone without smooching with Denton.

It's not relationship trouble, or even travel schedules. No, it is still this cold sore - hopefully the end of it. I mean - why expose him to that? Isn't it bad enough he has/had to look at it? Catching it from a lip lock hardly seems fair for either of us.

Normally, I would say we kiss before one of us leaves for the office and at least once getting home - or before going to bed - or both. But at this point, it has been about 10 days with out any macking.

I think I'm at a point in the next day or so I'm thinking we can put lip to lip. I'm almost back to normal.


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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Home

Last week, I took a short cut through the street we used to live. Our first house. I hadn’t been down there in maybe a year or so, even though it is only four miles away from where we currently reside.

We loved that house. We knew the minute we walked in it was what we wanted. We put a bid in on it that day and it was accepted. Nerves and excitement don’t even begin to describe signing the papers for that….and the check too.

We lived there for over seven years and moved out three years and one month ago (but who is counting?). We sold it to an incoming Resident at one of the big hospitals in the area (and actually had bought it from a set of Residents at a big area hospital). So it stands to reason that in three years, this person’s residency would be up.

Yet, I was surprised when driving down the street to notice that "our house" was for sale. It looked the same, save the privet I planted between us and the neighbors, so I could block their crappy drive and garage. The privet were mere sticks when I planted them and I had cultivated them into a hedge about 6’ tall. They are now at least 9’ tall. I think they are beyond trimming, unless Lurch moves in.

The few times I have driven down the street, I was amazed that the new owners had every window shut, every blind drawn. I know residents work weird hours, but to close off every source of natural light was just so odd to me.

Immediately when I made it back to our ‘new’ home, I went on-line and looked at what they were selling it for. They are asking $17,000 LESS than what we did. They are asking $10,000 less than they paid us for it.

I don’t know if it is the market or something they’ve done to the house to make it depreciate in value. Or maybe they are motivated sellers, before their Fellowship starts in another city. Perhaps a combination of things. As we drove down the street, Denton mentioned how the ‘hood looked a little sad and rundown – and he was right. So that might be a contributing factor.

Denton also mentioned, that this was probably the first time in the house’s life (88 years) that the value has gone down. Poor little house.

So Sunday, they had an open house. I was determined to go in it and look at the current state of the house and what they had done to our baby. But they say you can't go home again, and maybe Medusa was wrong. As the time came, and we pulled up in front of the house, there was a massive downpour. Or as my mother would say, “it is teeming outside!”

I was thinking it, but Denton said it: “seems like a sign we shouldn’t be going in” – and I think he and the powers that be were right. We stayed put for about five minutes with no let-up in the rain as it pounded the roof of my car to deafening levels.

We decided it was better to keep the memory of what we had, versus what it had become. We didn’t go in.

Five minutes after driving away – the rain stopped.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Some Unholy War

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. ....or so the saying goes.

In 2001, Congress gave Shrub and Dick more power than they ever ever ever should have had to go conduct a war (two actually) with little to no oversight and then have the balls to complain about it later - after a few trillion dollars have been spent.

Yet here are seven years later and none the wiser. Possibly less.

The New Yorker is set to report that the two aforementioned assholes are planning to attack Iran before Shrub leaves office in January 2009. I'm not nearly as shocked by that, I mean...tick tick tick....but I am a little put-off that key members of Congress have already signed off on their plan, with funds of $400 Million to help destabilize Iran and move forward with this plan. ...and since it is a democratic led Congress, this doesn't bode well for any of us.

Nancy Pelosi, who has been a failure at Speaker of the House and Harry Ried, Senate Majority Leader are two in the mix. They've completely sold us out - and not 'us', democrats, but 'us' - Americans.

It is no wonder they actually have approval ratings lower than W. LOWER.

So, not only has Bush fucked us for Iraq and Afghanistan - he's going to bone us for another 10 years with something he's not even going to have deal with as he exits DC.

I'm not sure if he is trying to fuck McCain or Obama to take the heat off his own presidency - or maybe he doesn't care. I can't see why he would - he hasn't for the last 7.5 years. Part of me thinks W leaked the story so that the GOP would win back Congress.

Will this NY'er exposure thwart the plan? Probably not - but it will be harder to sell after the fact.

g-d, we are fucked!!!!

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