Wednesday, July 30, 2008


When in OBX, one must make a trip the Wright Brothers Memorial? Right? I mean - I guess.

What can you lose for $4/person? It's hard to spend the entire day on the beach. I have a fragile burny scalp that needs a break now and again. And I get bored easily.

To be honest - the memorial ain't all that. The "museum" is weak. The monument is unimpressive.....and you gotta trek to the top of the hill to see it. Granted, it was a great work out for my legs and butt, but.... And man do they regurgetate the 17 actual facts they have about the day and the flights. (yes, yes, I got it!!! The plane weighed 605 lbs!!!!)

The hill is higher and steeper than it looks.

Three of the first flight markers where they landed. The fourth is about another 300 yrds away

One of three replicas of the plane used to be first in flight

We are not windsock people, but if we were, this would be the one. Who wouldn't want huge pink udders flying about to make the neighbors cringe?

Song by: Crash Vegas

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RJ March said...

I don't know-- did you guys do this on purpose or on a dare?