Thursday, September 21, 2023

They're Not Laughing at Me Anymore

What a blatant pack of lies!

This is absolutely outrageous. Simply implausible.

Russel Brand is not a comedian!

He might be a lot of things - including a serial sexual assaulter, but "funny", he is not. 

Mind you, nothing is funny about sexual assault, and there absolutely is nothing funny about Brand, so by Pythagoras' theory, Brand must be a sexual assaulter. 

It's math, people!

Back in the early part of the last decade (I'm spitballing here), I was trapped on a plane that showed Arthur. 

No no.  Not the Liza Minelli vehicle. The Jennifer (I get stuck with only shitty roles) Garner and Russel Brand as the eponymous character remake. Sir Helen Mirren (yes, I said that), played Hobson. She is the only one for whom I felt bad. 

To clarify: the movie was on, I didn't really watch it, as i didn't put in headphones, but it was difficult to completely tune it out or not see it out of the corner of you eye.  Even with no sound  and my superb internal witty screenwriting skills, this stunk worse than the fish the flight attendants were serving. 

I'm no fan of Katy Perry, so in a ways I was fine they latched onto each other. It saves so many other people that way. 

I'm certainly saying the women in question deserved the treatment or situations they were in, but it's Russel Fucking Brand - why were you there in the first place?  I mean.......ewwwwww.  You have eyes, right?  He's like a Weird Al reject. 

Still comedians of the world should take offense that he's lumped in with them. Come to think of it, so should guys on the sex offender list. 

Song by: Elvis Costello

Wednesday, September 20, 2023


I don't know how many of you actually went beyond the Blogger warning they put up on my blog post. For those who did, I appreciate it.  For those who didn't, I totally get it. 

I'm not here to scream 'censorship' or anything. It would help to know which 'community guideline' I violated. 

One has to believe, I have used all those words in other blog posts. Granted, not in the same one or the same order, but...........

Was it the 'seaward'?  And I didn't spell it out or say it. I said, the 'seaward'.......but with 'c'. 

Was it the 't' word? 

The job of hands? 

Was it just saying "Lauren Boebert"?   I mean, THAT I get. Protecting innocents at all costs from having to deal with her on any level. 

I'm honestly baffled. I've written a lot of worse stuff, but about less worse "women". 

I suppose Harry Belafonte's estate filed a grievance, so that I'd understand. 

One of the comments yesterday said the guy in the video has also issued an apology. 

Lord. I haven't read it, but what could the apology be for, exactly?   That he got serviced at a mediocre musical touring company of a mediocre Broadway play?  Was it for 'exposing' himself to children, parents, thespians and cameras? 

Or - maybe, just maybe - that you went out with Lauren Boebert? 

Dude, there are not enough "I'm sorry's" for that. The only thing worse than going out with her is your absolute lack of judgement, self-esteem, character, moral compass and / or class. 

Considering who you "dated", that is saying something. The bar wasn't just low, it wasn't even off the ground and you still went under it. That chick is incredibly bad and somehow you are worse. 

Song by: Foo Fighters

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Monday, September 18, 2023

My Music Monday

Back to new music. 

Noah Kahan's song, "I Dial Drunk" has been popping up for me a lot. It is quite a semi-non-traditional song.

First off, Post Malone - whom I know of, but could not tell you one thing about, other than he has tattoos all over his face (and I'm assuming elsewhere) - contributes to the song.  

Since I can't tell you about him, I don't know exactly his role in this. Nor am I invested enough to find out. 

The song, in a way, is two different songs. The verses and chorus don't even seem like they do, or should, go together. 

The banjo - yes, you read that correctly - gives the song, especially the chorus, a good ole boy feel. I find myself turning up the volume for the song, as I find it catchy. 

Nothing about the song makes me think I want an album of it, but I've been wrong before. 

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Say it isn't True

Screeching Halt!

I mentioned yesterday my week ended with a bird shitting on me. Yet it wasn't my worst moment. 

My cough still haunts me.....and apparently everyone at work yesterday. While doing a lot of conversion work for our new system, my hacking in front of 400 folks wasn't well taken. 

I'll give them that. I'm not infectious or contagious, I just sound like a dying man. 

And on Tuesday evening, my foot started to feel sore. By Wednesday, after a three mile run, it was way worse. 

I immediately went to: stress fracture or shin splints. I jinxed myself the other day when I said I've never had the latter. And honestly, I don't know exactly what they're supposed to feel like. 

I still don't. The pain is too low for shin splints. 

It's allegedly neither of my self-diagnosis, but good old tendinitis. Old being the operative word. 

The PA-C, Jackson Brown, who saw me, said I shouldn't run for at least two weeks.  I heard "one".  I'm sure I'll listen to my body and all, but in the meantime, I'm naproxin-ing the shit out of it. 

It turned out that I couldn't this weekend anyway, due to I get to work ALL weekend. Maybe it's the pain killer, maybe it's the fact I sat for 10 hours yesterday with little to no exercise at all - but my foot, while not great, already feels better. 

I get with age and activity, I'm an injury risk waiting to happen, but I'm still bummed. 

Song by: Jackson Browne

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Cool Kids

The week is over. Praise Yahweh*.   

Let's just say it ended with a bird shitting on me while walking with Shep and 710. Possibly the perfect metaphor to the week. 

Time slipped away, so we have pics of course, I'm just not sure they're all they could be. I'm sure they're fine. 

His time at the ballet will come - and he'll be amazing!

I am in awe of defiant squirrels. 

Doggo enjoying his outdoors. 

How much is that kitten in the window?

You just know they're the clique. 


* I kid, of course. 

Song by: Echosmith

Friday, September 15, 2023

Cut and Run

The man who got me kicked of Twitter is not seeking re-election. 

First off, I should probably thank Mitt (the twice failed candidate for president) for forcing me off before Elon took over and I would have quit anyways  

For a recap: Mitt said Congress shouldn't vote on RBG's replacement immediately and then voted to do just the opposite. He's the male Susan Collins, except her dick is bigger. Anyhoo........I didn't threaten him or anything - it wasn't even a BLOTUS tweet. All I said was, I hope he and his family endured pain and suffering the rest of their lives. That's it. 

BLOTUS actually targeted people and even an insurrection couldn't immediately get him banned from taht fucking platform. His lies on COVID (via Tweets) literally killed people. I just wished a lifetime of pain for the Romneys. 

While, in theory, and in comparison, Romney looks like a decent stand up guy, look to by whom he's standing. Charles Manson would look good next to some of Mitt's colleagues. 

Mitt has two problems, of which I can tell. Lance Armstrong or Caitlyn Jenner.  For the RBG thing and a few half-assed verbal swipes at BLOTUS he's the one-balled Armstrong. More often than not, he's the ball-less Jenner. 

Romney has been secretly haven't someone author his biography. He tells this guy (?) things he should have been saying for years.......and aloud. But he's too much of a Polly Prissypants to do such a thing. 

But let's take one example. And honestly, it's all you'll need. 

Does he reveal this to anyone, on say, January 6th or 7th?  Does he go to anyone else with this info? 

He does not. 

He lets mid-terms come and go without a whisper of this. He allows his colleagues to rape the country - literally - and admonish them in a writer.   Two and one-half years later. 


.....and Fuck You Very Much. 

Romney isn't a leader. In his own way, he's worse than McConnell. Moscow Mitch is outwardly evil, so you kind of know what you're getting. Romney's stupid Mormon face and his sometimes empathetic patter almost make you believe he's human. 

He is not. 

So he's doing what all weak men in his position will do.  Cut and run. 

Instead of changing the system from his evil-doer "friends", he's just leaving and trashing them on the way out. 

It's a weak move. No one in DC will care what he has to say, mostly due to the way he's saying it. Had he stood up on the floor of the Senate and said the same thing, in front of his colleagues, in front of cameras, I'd have had a few ounces of respect for him. 

Now I just want him and his family to have a lifetime of misery and pain. 

Maybe I'll join Threads and tell him as much. 

Song by: Ultravox

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Cough Syrup

My blog reading has gone to the dogs. I apologize to all my blog friends. Just have not kept up - and certainly haven't taken the effort to comment. 

I blame my schedule. And my overall mental health. 

My schedule is my schedule. You see how early I get up, but I reserve that pre-gym time for sitting in the dark and probably play my NYT word games.  Work has been nuts, and it hasn't made me happy. And you know my little free time has been reserved for running.  Then I'm in bed usually by 21:15. 

It's all I can do to get dinner on the table and draft a blog entry myself. 

I know this will change a bit as we move into the deeper Fall. I won't run in the dark that much. My work computer conversion will be over in a month or so. I hope to find some semblance of balance. 

My actual health hasn't been super great. Two plus weeks later and I'm still sick. 

No Covid, though I find it hard to believe I didn't - no matter what those three tests said.

It was back to the doctor yesterday. Well - to the doctor. "Back" would imply I went before. I hadn't. Still - it's down to my cough. My very very ever-present cough that would scare any pulmonologist. The doc said I have no infection in my lungs or sinuses. Lungs are clear. No nasal drip. O2 saturation is perfect. 

Luckily, she did walk in during a coughing fit, so she got to see it in action.     

Short story (too late!), I'm on steroids for the next five days and a cough suppressant that comes in a pill. 

Oddly, for the most part, I've kept running throughout all this. While my lungs might not be great, guess when I don't have coughing fits?  Maybe there is a lesson in there somewhere. 

But now I'm hepped up on prednisone and trying to figure out how sleep is going to go. Can't be worse than up half the night coughing my brains out. 

Song by: Young the Giant

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

12 of 12

 So I'm doing my 161st 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. 

04:33.  Rearview camera capture. 
I had been up since 02:15 to the sound of at least 23 gun shots. Shep had his first walk by 04:00. 
Not a great start to the day. 

04:58.  Gym time. 

05:43.  Building up that knee strength. 
Months later and I'm still doing my PT every other day. 

06:32.  Work arrival. 

06:34. Mail drop. 
Had to send a condolence card to my sister-in-law. 

09:51.  Grey day. Office view. 

12:04.  On way to get lunch. 

12:33. Lunch:  shwarma, hot sauce and a banana. 

13:21.  Pre-training training.  I shit you not. 

18:02.  Late daycare pick up. 
.....and I heard all about it. 

18:21. Rx. 
Daddy needed a new inhaler.

19:54.  Air Fryer Salmon. 
It's like the bend-and-snap:  works every time!

There you go.

Tuesday, September 12, 2023


Elon Musk and his dirty looking ex, Grimes (!) had a third kid, possibly after they already parted ways. I assume they probably deserve each other, if only not to inflict themselves on others. 

Musk himself revealed this tidbit and like piranha, the media fed the frenzy...........only to completely drop the story that Musk himself turned off / blocked his satellites, Starlink, to help Russian forces attack the Ukraine. 

And if that doesn't fucking frighten you - it should. I don't give a fuck if you're for either country, but you're not paying attention either. 

One man - ONE MAN - has the ability to control (or help control) a war. One man with seemingly no vested interest in the outcome, clearly has a vested interest in the outcome. 

As if it isn't bad enough entire governments do this, but not "private citizens" that are not even really Blackwater (allegedly). 

War is a money-maker. Ask the folks at Northrop Grumman or Raytheon - who make somewhere in the $25-35 BILLION range per year. Musk is in "it" for the $$$, but I'm not sure what the "it" is. 

Since the media are weaker than shit, we'll never find out. His porking an unbathed electronica "singer" is more news than he helped Russia plan and kill folks in the Ukraine. 

It's bad enough that Starlink's space garbage if fucking up the night time sky, but now it's just become a telecommunications hub for the military - and not ours. And possibly ours.  Or whomever is the highest bidder? 

Song by: Guster

Monday, September 11, 2023

My Music Monday

I don't really have a music theme this week. 

However, I do keep coming back to a post I did earlier this week called "Words".  

There are lots of songs I could have used, one being a Bee Gee's song that has been covered by any and everyone from Elvis Presley to Shawn Colvin. 

I did go with the Monkees, and it is a song I forgot how much I liked. What I didn't know is that there are two versions - though both extremely similar to the other. 

The "band" at first were just voices and actors for the series. As all were actual musicians, they did flex some of their creative muscle as the show became popular, and they were able to play their own instruments and in some instances write their own material. 

In the original version of the song, they only did vocals, and Michael Nesmith was even left off of those. In the second version, they played the music and all four had some vocal part. 

For either version, I like the arrangements - both musical and lyrically, especially Peter Tork's secondary vocal. 

Sunday, September 10, 2023


Je am dead tired.  Je am. 

Yesterday, my Apple Watch and health app took a beating:  40,000+ steps, beat my movement goal by 387%. And did the same with my exercise goal by 943%. I wanted to see it hit 1000%, but I no longer had that energy. 

I also ran the most I ever have. The first 9 miles were a breeze, at least for me. Trust me, most were still beating me. The next 5 were ok. The last 2.5 killed me. Clearly, not literally. 

Mind you, are group was only about 18 and at least 10 of them opted for the shorter 8 mile run. I went with 18.  I only came in before three others............but the important thing was that I came in......and upright.

The shorter run group had left by this time, so I made sure to stay until the other three returned and congratulated them on their accomplishment.........because it indeed was. One of them got into a car that had a 26.2 sticker,, so she was experienced, but for myself and the other two, this was farthest we had ever gone. 

I eventually got in my car, and while I had water and some Nuun hydration tablets, I needed caffeine. So off the Starbucks I went for black tea, iced. 

While waiting, I just sat there watching the seismic activity going on below my skin. It was fascinating and a little disturbing all at the same time. 

I was dead tired after all that activity, but was unable to nap and had been drinking water like crazy all day with very little pee. 

I predict a night of full sleep. At some point. 

Song by: LCD Soundsystem

Saturday, September 09, 2023


Yesterday, I promised you pet pics.  I'm here to not disappoint - but let's face it, every Saturday you're getting something like this. 

Simon cannot just leave well enough alone. 

Think Shep doesn't like his tail played with, just wait till you horn in on his potential supply of food. 

Driving Ms. Bailey

Both animals hung with me when I was sick last weekend. 
Shep for me. Simon for Shep. 

Song by: Squeeze

Friday, September 08, 2023

Out of Time

It's one of those days:  no post 

I had a few things of which I was considering, but I didn't really want to blog about BLOTUS and his band of thieves. 

Or That 70's Rapist. 

So, as I pondered what to do, I just ran out of time. 

At best my posts are half-assed. I'd feel bad giving half of that half. 

You're off the hook for today. 

Tomorrow:  animals!

Song by: Rolling Stones

Thursday, September 07, 2023


When in DC, we went to what I kept calling the Word Museum. 

My friends kept asking if we were doing the Excel Museum after that. I laughed, but honestly, it took me like three more days and another telling of that joke to get it. 

It was the Airplane "flying this plane is something different altogether" joke all over again.  

But the place is actually called Planet Word

It's a great place if you're a pedophile, since everyone there is on a grade school field trip. 

Even when you included the chaperons and the docents, we were the oldest ones there. 

The building, a renovated schoolhouse, is amazingly well done. The contents have a lot of potential, but for the population they have, it is probably just right. They play with words and different parts of language and speech, and not just from the U.S. 

This wall was interactive, where you could call out a word and they'd tell you about its origins. 

Here, you got to go to other countries and learn about their language. We went to Iceland, where there are only 350k folks there, and their language is insular and protective. They do not use any words from outside of Iceland - they'd make one up, if needed. 

But I got learn how names come about and what I'd be called in that country:  my first name, as is. My last name would be my father's first name + son (as I am his son). 

I thought the elevator alone was worth it. 

It was interesting, I just felt it was missing something. But then I'm not on a 1st grade field trip. 

Go ahead:  guess. 

Song by: the Monkees

Wednesday, September 06, 2023


I got new shoes. 


A month ago I got a new pair. I think I mentioned the soles started falling apart with only 95 miles on them. So, yesterday, I took 'em back. 

While I can be a complainer, I'm trying not to be with this store - which also hosts and coordinates my running group. And they've been super helpful in getting the right footwear. 

I can't even blame the for the faulty shoes - they didn't make them. 

Maybe they're still in return mode, though they were bought like 37 days ago. Or maybe because I'm part of "the group". They said they'd mark them as defective and just to get a new pair. 

As much as I liked them, I didn't want them to be the replacement. They left a bad taste in my mouth and I'd always wonder when they might fall apart - like in a race. So we tried a few new ones. 

I was really ready to go back to my old, but New Balance is rejiggering them, so they aren't carrying them until the new version is out. I REALLY like a pair of Brooks I tried on, but then they brought out these. 

I'm not an Acisis, but these were a cross between my old pair and the ones I just returned. And they'll let me try them till end of the month and return them if I don't like them. What's to lose? 

They're nothing great to look at, but who cares?  I could have asked if they came in other colours, but honestly, I do not care. I run in them. I don't see them as fashion. 

I did take them on run. THAT was a mistake. 

Compromised lungs from my sickness.  92º with close to the same humidity. 

Our run choices were 5 or 6 miles.  I opted for 4.  Three others in the group opted with my amended route as well. Normally on Tuesdays there are 20-22 of us. Yesterday?  8.  And three "coaches". 

One of the worst runs I've ever had - and that's saying something, though I haven't said that for a while. I struggled. To be fair - everyone did. 

Afterwards, we got popsicles.  Yay.  Then I found out they were sugar free, so......Boo.  It was a nice gesture and they were ok. That marks the second time in a half-month I've had a popsicle. I'll amend: the second time in a decade I've had one - they just happened to be within a two week time periods. The ones Meredity had were way way better. And all fruit.......I think. 

But new shoes. My toes are achey. I'll try these shoes and break them to see, but I'm not keeping shoes that don't help me. 

Song by: Leonard Cohen

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Blue Skies

Sick or not - and I am - I had to get out of bed, or off the couch, or out of the back yard chair. 

Before lunch, 710 and I took Shep to a new park. We've passed it - kind of - often in the quarter of a century (!!) we've lived here, but never ventured in.  I'm glad we did. 

Most of it is blah, to be honest, but we found a great trail that took us to an overlook, which was nice. If I were into trail running - which I'm not, nor ever want to be - this would be a great place. 

Still we had time on our hands, so we do what we do most Labour Day weekends - head down to a free park to watch the Cleveland Air Show. 

Let's be honest. We only go at the times there are the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds. This year, it was the latter. 

I won't begin to understand why these teams exist. My guess it's for armed forces recruitment. They trick some saps into thinking maybe they'll be one of six pilots who fly these things, when in reality they're peeling potatoes or raping and killing civilians in foreign lands. 

Still, those lucky six who make it, are entertaining. 

Well.......for a while. There was zero shade and it was ung-dly hot. 

Supersonic fighter jets play tricks the the senses. You can rarely tell from where the sound is coming and by the time you do - if you do - the jet is already gone. And lord, if they approach from behind, chances are you don't hear them at all. 

We brought chairs and never sat in them. How could you really. They weren't swivel and you needed 360 to really try to take it all in. 

Shep was with us, but again, the heat. He tolerates the noise fine, but we left maybe 10-15 minutes early for all our sakes. 

It was great getting out, but I was happy to be back in the cool, so I could rest. 

Song by: Ella Fitzgerald

Monday, September 04, 2023

My Music Monday

I have not clever Labour Day related music post. I'm sure I've used those up with songs by the Smiths or the Tragically Hip. Maybe even the G-dfathers. 

Nope, this is just a normal MMM post. Nothing special. 

I mean that in every way. 

The Killers have a new song out. I like the band, but their last two disks have been trying my patience. I'm all for new directions and stuff, but while you don't need to stay in your lane, at least know where it is. 

Last year (?) or earlier this (?) they came out with a one-off "boy", which I grew to like. Must have been last. I think I included it on my year end of 2022. It harkened back to familiar territory. 

So does the new song, "Your Side of Town". 

Stuart Price, who produced the songs on many of their albums, also helms this. I'd like to think the band has enough talent to stand on their own with their music, but Price brings in auto-tune. And a lot of it. Too much of it. "boy" had some of that too, but not to this degree. 

Price is known for working with Madonna, and has used this on her as well, but not to the extent she'd use for her horrible Madame X disk.  

The song seems strong, but the auto-tune, to me, is distracting. I'm guessing it would have been stronger without. 

Price and the band do pull in some of the Killers' strengths - one being the homage they seem to have for early to mid '80s music. I hear Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys (both which Price has produced). 

It works.  Kind of. 

Sunday, September 03, 2023


I still feel like death warmed up. 

I mean, I'm assuming I will when you read this. I feel this way when I draft it. 

Friday night, I eventually moved to the downstairs couch to "sleep". Shep kept me company, which was adorable. But he actually slept. I tossed. I turned. I tried not to drown in my own snot. .

As predicted, a 13 mile run did not happen. I tried to nap in the a.m., but it had the same results as the night before. 

We took Shep out, as we are wont to do, yesterday for lunch and a park walk, but he wasn't feeling it and neither was I.  As we went for food though, I had (and still have) a strange metallic taste in my mouth. It's not good. No matter how much I drink, it does not dissipate.  Bother. 

What had me a little worried was on the way home. 710 smelled skunk. Me? I smelled nothing. 

Now, at best, I have a bad bad bad sense of smell, but skunk is one of those things that permeates my olfactory senses. He tried to play it off like it was a quick whiff, but that's not usually true of skunk. Pot, maybe. Didn't smell that either. 

I meant to go home and smell our basil, since I can always smell that, but I finally ran out of steam and fell asleep for a few hours on the back patio. While prepping dinner, I did attempt to smell the basil.  Nothing. 


710 smelled it and said it had aroma, so double fuck. Upstairs to our Rx cupboard and pulled out one of Pappy Joe's free Covid testing kits. 

In my best Chandler Bing delivery - could there be more directions?  

Srsly, I've had fewer ones for me to assemble the IKEA Slfiengiieighyr. 

As you can see, the test is Negativo.   BTW, why do instructions only come in English and Spanish? I get the box couldn't contain more 8x11 fold-ups, but still..........

710 concludes, I can't smell or taste anything because of my nose. 

There will be no running or gym for me tomorrow. We will reconsider Monday on Monday. 

I'm glad I'm "only" exposing the household to a cold and not to Covid. I don't want to be "that guy". 

Oh, to all expecting a Jimmy Buffet post..........keep waiting. But I suggest not holding your breath. 

Song by: Stan Getz

Saturday, September 02, 2023

Table for Two

My non-covid has turned into a full blow bad-assed cold. 

I. Am. Miserable. 

I don't think there will be running for me today. It is my belief that must be able to breathe to run. ....and that is my intro to our pet post. 

Order up!

Shep as he greets me at the gate when I get home. 
You'd think he'd been left alone for days.  Or even minutes. 

Across from me at b'fast. 

Sydney is on the left. Not sure who the nice dude on the right is. 

Is Shep following the Goodyear blimp, or is it following him?

Wait 3 months when that is hot, little man. 
Simon is gtting SO big, so fast 

Song by: Milky Chance

Friday, September 01, 2023

Sea of Love

Weeks back, on the way to see Barbie, I was driving to the theater. Good thing the speed limit was 25 mph and it was heavy traffic, since I was going even slower than the posted limit. 

I got to see the license plate to your left. 

Not only did I see it, I had time to pull out my phone and take a pic of it for later. 

Later, is now. 

If you haven't seen Arrested Development, this is my semi-decade pitch to find it on a streaming service and watch it. You have to really pay attnention, as it's quite tightly written and you're not going to get a laugh track to get you to see the joke that inevitably hit its mark. 

Very little set up on this though:  the Seaward was a boat Gob Bluth bought but the family cannot afford.  It's a long set up for what could have been a toss away line, but it hits the mark so excellently. 

That's all I'll say. 

Song by: Rosanne Cash ft Bruce Springsteen

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Tango T'ill They're Sore

Well, I don't have Covid. 

Yes, I probably overreacted, but maybe not. I just don't get sick much.

With Covid and mask wearing, I'd avoided my annual cold for three years. I think having my septum fixed helped that too. And oddly, working in healthcare and going to the office daily for the most part of Covid, I've never gotten it. 

Still, yesterday, mid-morning, I got a wicked sore throat. I'd say seemingly out of nowhere, but Shep was more then restless and I was up at 01:20 with him and never truly went back to sleep. I actually "slept" on the sofa with him.  In reality, I was operating on 3.5 hours of sleep. 

However, while away, I got notifications that one after the other of my staff had Covid. 

Yes, it is rearing its ugly head again. 

So: sore throat + don't get sick much + resurgence = Blobby heading down to self-swab at the ED to see if he is or isn't. 

He isn't. 

It's not hypochondria. Maybe a little. It's more about not wanting to sick. Or sicker. 

Tomorrow, (or Today) I will plan to work from home. I almost never do. But why go in with an ailment? Everyone else works hybrid - I just haven't. My old norm will be weird tomorrow. Maybe Friday too. 

I skirted this again. Amazing we are coming up on four years of Covid and somehow I've been good. 

What are the odds? 

Song by: Tom Waits

Wednesday, August 30, 2023


The über calculated move by Mark Meadows has me frickin' worried. 

He actually testified in a pre-trial hearing two days ago, attempting to convince a judge that, as BLOTUS’ right-hand man at the White House, his various attempts to block his 2020 election loss to Joe Biden were part of his official government duties.

Wait.  What?

I really really really need to see that job description. 

The audacity in that statement is one thing, but it's the potential outcome that is the worry. 

Meadows could get this trial taken out of Georgia, and out of the state system, and thrown into Federal court. 

Beside the obvious delays that would cause the trial, depending on the 2024 election, the "winner" might pardon everything and drop everything for everyone. 

It's an unfortunate reality. A very probable one. Not possible. Probable. 

The voting public is fucked up. The GOP is double fucked up. None in that pack of losers the other night on CNN (well, I heard, I didn't actually watch that shit show) polls like BLOTUS, or raises money like him. And they are all scared as shit about him. They can't berate him, because they'll lose those votes - which are more than they're ever going to get. 

Every single candidate said they'd support him if he was candidate of choice and was charged (or convicted?) of a felony. What fucking pussy-assed men these are. 

So, unless something miraculous happens, BLOTUS is going to be the GOP's 2024 pick. And if trials are delayed enough, he could be in office and shut it down. 

Meadows was willing to fall on a testimony sword to get this moved to Federal court. I'm hoping the judge ends it with a big fat 'no'. 

I'm no fan of Hillary, but she was right to call them "deplorables".  

Nail on the head. 

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