Monday, December 18, 2017

My Music Monday

Patty Griffin is one of those artists that if you blink, you'll miss.

She flies enough under the radar that it is probable to easily miss her, though you might know some of her work. The Dixie Chicks and / or Natalie Maines has recorded a half-dozen or so of her songs. They are a great conveyor of her music. She performs with Emmylou Harris - in concert (I've seen once) and on record.

She also dated Robert Plant for a number of years.

Griffin is a performer and a songwriter.

I actually discovered her music back around 2000 at one of those playing stations they used to have at Border's. The first song from her disk 1000 Kisses was "Rain".  It just struck me enough that I picked up the cd and purchased it right there and then.

I can't say that Griffin has a certain style. She goes enough from Folk to Americana to out and out rock and roll.

If push came to shove, I'd say I like Griffin way more as a writer than a performer. She certainly has her moments - and they're strong - but that's my thought.

Still, I love "Rain".

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Rocket's Tail

Bucket list item: achieved !

While I didn't pre-broadcast this, 710 and I are (were?) in Florida for the last half of this last week.

As noted many times prior, we are not great planners of vacations. But 710's vacation time doesn't roll over like mine does.  He's on a use-it or lose it method.

So we had to do something. The safe and easy choice was NYC, but we had done that already (and with the amount of snow they got, I'm ok with having not done that). For some reason, we ended up going to Florida.  Orlando specifically.

We are not Disney-o-philes like some people I know. And some of these folks are borderline committable due to their "all things Disney" mentality. For those gay grown men into it - and I mean, one of my friends goes 5-7 times.....per YEAR! - it's just creepy. That he hasn't named his dogs Mickey and Minnie is a downright miracle.

But as soon as we made the decision, and because I'm a nerd, I was on-line looking to see if Space X had any planned launches from the Kennedy Space Center.  They did...........and they didn't.

The message was vague about a mid-December launch, with no date attached. What it hadn't said was that the scheduled date had already passed but the launch was scrubbed. So we hedged our bets and still planned on central Florida.

The day before we left, I read Space X was launching the day we arrived.  About 40 minutes after we would be wheels down.  And KSC is an hour away from the airport. DANG!   

As wheels touched down in MCO, I went on-line to see if it was still on schedule. As it would turn out, that launch would be delayed again....until Friday.  SCORE!

Unlike the Shuttle launches, where you had to have reserved tickets, this launch allowed anyone to go to the viewing grounds who had a ticket to the center - first come; first served.

Due to my excitement and over-planning, we were at the gates by 07:30, though said gates didn't open until 09:00.  We were #s 10 and 11 in line. SCORE!

The wait to get in wasn't horrible, and they let us in 15 minutes early. Then we rushed to get in line for the bus - which didn't start until 09:30.  Then we got out to the viewing site a good 50 minutes before launch.

Traveling to Cape Canaveral, it was very overcats, but still ok to see a launch. As it would turn out - and as you can see - the clouds and the marine layer went away. It was a perfect day to see a rocket go into space.

The crowd was manageable for a few reasons:  I don't know that Space X is that well publicized for throngs to come see. The other is: the launch had been scrubbed 2-3 times, so people might not have been willing to keep coming back.  The stands were not filled.

We had a great view of Launch Pad Complex 40, even though it was 6.3 miles away.

Take off was  on-time and went off without a hitch. The last time Space X launched a Falcon rocket from KSC, it exploded while still on the pad, rattling windows for 30 miles.

Take off, of course, was amazing. But with the Falcon, it's about the first stage booster that comes back to Earth and lands upright back at Kennedy. THAT was amazing to watch and we couldn't have had better seats, as the booster landed in a site between two buildings.....where we had a direct view. Others were not as lucky to see that.

Blobby - being Blobby - did video the launch, but not really the landing. I refused to watch the launch through an iPhone screen, so I hit 'record' and held the phone, but look at the launch with my own eyes. When I went back, I made sure the phone did too, hoping it was capturing everything.  That worked pretty well.

Blobby - being Blobby - fucked up the re-entry video. Parts of that event was more difficult to see until the rockets turned on to direct and slow down the landing.  Blobby thought he had hit 'record' but I'd find out later, didn't.  So when I hit 'stop', I really was hitting 'record', so I ended up with four minutes of my phone recording the inside of my pants pocket.   Bother.

Still, it was an amazing event. While he had been to Kennedy Space Center many times (remember: geek here!) we stayed for a bit after wards. They have a new Atlantis Shuttle building. KSC kept one of the Shuttles for itself and built and entire complex around the shuttle. It was great. We did a simulation for an actual take off..............though an Atlantis one, not a Challenger one.

Later this week, I suspect you'll get video. Our internet connection here is not the best, so I'm not trying large file transfers until we are home....which we will be shortly after you all read this.

Song by: Kate Bush

Saturday, December 16, 2017

We're Going to be Friends

'Tis that time of year. My annual post of animals / pets who own my friends.  I can't say I got everyone to participate, but unlike my dog, I'm not a hound. I ask, but I don't pester. I also didn't give anyone tons of time.

I will admit to "stealing" two or three images. Sue me.

Everyone has such great kids - I'd love to meet, pet and fuss with them all.

Meredity & Norman's  Ripley, Rolo and London (basking in the sun). 

Brett & Nico's Holden & Harley 
(I'm guessing on which one is which, of course. I have no idea, actually.)

a VERY intense looking Otis.
Mike is assuming he might be focused on a biscuit.

Georgie!  How I do love beagles. Richard & Serge do too. 

OMG.  John's Scooter.  
I have never met Scooter and yet still just adore him. 

Christopher's Phoebe. She's so pretty. 

Georty's beagle, Logan.  
I love him crossing the paws.  Petey used to do that all the time. 

Good boy, Barkley belongs to Rebecca, Andrew & Co. He is so sweet. 

Raybeard's Patchie. He's a handsome dude. 
I mean, I'm assuming it's a dude. 

omg omg omg.   what a great picture !!!
Jon and Tommy's Bruno and Lilou. 

Dr. Spo & Someone's sweetie, Harper.  Those ears!!!!

Ted & tongue.   I love Teddie who hangs with my cousin David and his wife. 
Ted is an incredible soul.  ....and very chill. 

....and of course......Shep and Soph. 

Indulge them for the holidays.......and all the non-holidays too.

Song by: the White Stripes

Friday, December 15, 2017

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

Man this is has been a long time coming. Cindy Wilson, vocalist for the B-52's, has her first solo album out, Change.

I don't mean it's been 40 years late, but it's been a year or so since the first song from this disk surfaced. I figured the full disk couldn't be far behind. I was wrong. On many levels.

Wilson ended up releasing two EPs in 2017, and save 2-3 songs, none overlap her full disk. I totally missed these. Marketing and word of mouth has not been great in her favour.

To me, Wilson has always been the heart of the B-52's.  Fred isn't so much a vocalist as a talker, and his leads seem to be more kitsch than anything. I know - I'll take flack. Kate is ok, but it was Cindy's songs and vocals that always made it for me.

The only band disk I don't have of theirs is the one where she took a break from the band.

So I was kind of excited that she was striking out on her own. I didn't expect any of the music to be like the B-52's, and I was not wrong.

Change is a lot more EDM. Or mostly all EDM. The title track is mostly instrumental, but I like it. I'd like it more if I were my younger self when I still did Ecstasy.

The songs with more vocals are nice, but for the most part just seem to be there. I did not seem to connect with the music and where I usually find Wilson's singing voice distinctive, you won't catch that here. That is not a negative, it just continues the theme that Change is different than anything she has done prior.

One song is very different - even in terms of this release: "Brother". It has electronic elements, but it has a full on band, heavy guitar and bass elements. I liked it.

Julee Cruse did a lot of this 20+ years ago. But with Change, I can't seem to say I connect with any of the music, even after several listens. The ethereal pieces are good for background music, but for a 1:1 listening thing, it's not grabbing me.

It's still way way better than Fred Schneider and the Shake Society.   .....but what isn't?

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Those who can't act.................

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 93rd 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

04:45.  Shep prints in new snow. 
(no, you did not read that time incorrectly!)

06:50. Blood Draw with a butterfly syringe.

08:20. Occupational Therapy - the ultrasound machine. 

10:45.  My white board and current staffing needs and potential solutions. 

11:35. Signs. 
They're finally putting up our office signage - 15 months after moving in. 

13:00.  First night. 
Used to be work had a huge menorah. This what it's been reduced to. 
Of course, they have like 3-4 huge trees. 

16:25. Physical Therapy.
Abbreviated session, but so needed. 

17:15.  Disabling a physicians network account. 
It was his last day. 

18:30.  Changing from my work shoes / boots into my outdoors boots. 
In winter, I leave my shoes at work as not to get them salt covered and stained.  
...and I'm wearing patterned socks. 

19:05.  Hanging up my tie in my tie closet. 
Yes. I have a closet just for ties. Don't you?

20:00.  Packing for a trip. 

21:38.  Election Results. 
I shouldn't do this before bed. I have enough trouble sleeping. 

That's all folks.......until next month.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Innocent Child

Well, today is the day of reckoning........kind of.

Who would have thunk that fucking Alabama would truly test how low we as a country might sink in terms of politics.

While I clearly have an issue with BLOTUS, my fear when he was elected that it would open up the gates of his actions becoming acceptable behaviour and he has not proven me wrong.

And while there are many many many reprehensible politicians before and since that election, the Alabama senate race might be the tipping point on making totally unacceptable behaviour acceptable.

When / If that happens, we as a society are doomed.

I mean, look at this and tell me I'm wrong:

This "works" on multiple levels.  Ms. Tipton knows / thinks that Ray Moore is a pedophile, yet struggles whether to not (repeat: NOT) vote for him due to his stance on right to life.

So, Ellen - may I call you Ellen? - it is safe to say you care more about rights of the unborn then children who are alive? Because, I'm 99.78% sure that is what you just stated. See Ellen, I don't want you just insinuate it in your sound byte.......I want....nay, to state it out loud. I want to hear your words. I want YOU to hear your words.

But Alabama voters, you cannot pretend to be outraged by the likes of Al Franken and Anthony Weiner if you push the lever for Roy Moore. You no longer get that right.  I know you think you do - and will still act on it, as you think "Judge" Moore is a man of g-d. He's not.

You will do what you'll do regardless of logic or consequence. You proved that in November 2016. Fuck - in Alabama you've proven that over and over and over. ....which is why I suppose you live in Alabama.

Don't get me wrong. Should you not elect Roy Moore, I hold you in the same regard as before, except you Ellen, as you will always be ultra-despicable to me. No, the folks of Alabama have let this man get this far in this election - and in life. You are all reprehensible too.

Should Roy Moore not be elected, I won't necessarily say I have hope. But maybe, just maybe, there is a glimmer of positive energy that still exists in this country.


Oh.....and this totally nails the entire thing on the head:

Song by: Big Audio Dynamite

Monday, December 11, 2017

My Music Monday

I've been no better at picking music. Perhaps in 2018 I'll go back to theme months.

I will say, this shuffle thing has made me look at some of my music selections. Technically today's music is mine by association. 710 was a much more engaged listener of the Pet Shop Boys than I.

If I'm truly being honest, I've only heard today's song, "Paninaro" once before.....and it was off a satellite radio station somewhere driving through Virginia on one of our trips to the Outer Banks.

Yes, this is the curse that is my memory.

Who knew the song was big enough to garner an official video. But honestly the only videos I ever saw of them were in the gay bars way back when. I certainly stopped going to those by '95 when this was released.

While I'm somewhat sure that not all Pet Shop Boys songs had Neil Tennant as the lead vocalist, this is really the only one of which I know.

And while Tennant sings the song title, all I hear is Krusty the Klown shilling for Canyonero - "the Cadillac of automobiles".

Sunday, December 10, 2017

It's Late

It's pushing 22:00, Dangerously close to publishing time and nothing for which to show.

Truth be told, I've been tired. I usually operate on very little sleep and do ok. I'm up before 05:00 and in bed close to 23:00. I am my parent's child.  710 on the other hand can fall asleep anywhere at anytime. I can fall asleep too, but just don't.

Anyhoo....Friday night I was nodding off around 19:30. I still made it to bed two hours later. ...and then up before 05:00. Still, yesterday I dragged, and ended up almost taking a nap in the morning and a big-time one in the afternoon. I woke up and it was dark out. Sure, it was only a little after 17:00, but still dark.

Oh, and I woke to snow on the ground....and it hadn't been snowing before, so we're on our way to the first true snow of the season. My plan to put snow stakes in yesterday did not happen.

A few other things didn't happen this week:

One was no vlog. I try to do one for each 365 I do of blogging. Out of the 14+ years, I've just completed 9 in a row of a post per day. Yes, it can be draining.  And while I didn't watch it, I had to go back to see when I started that 'goal'. It started in December 2007 and did the first vlog the following year.  As you'll see, it wasn't an overt goal until I was a few months away from realizing what I was nearing.

The other thing I didn't do, was get a cortisone shot for my shoulder.  Physical Therapy is working, to a degree. The follow- up with my ortho guy came down to getting one on Friday or holding off until next year.

Being the savvy medical consumer, I said I had four more PT sessions in the next three weeks. If we feel it is only beneficially helping, then I would get one on Dec 29th.  Why wait until next year when my deductible is already paid for 2017.  I'm no fool.    Well...............not always.

So I had not planned post for you, so this is what you get.

....and it's time for bed. Again.

Song by: Queen

Saturday, December 09, 2017

the Crystal Lake

We had a great, if not chilly walk up near Lake Erie last weekend. Part of the time it warmed up a little, but when there was no breeze, we were good.

Cold or not, Shep loves his weekend travels. I've never seen a dog so excited for anything. Though truth be told, I think if we just went in the car and drove him around, he'd be just fine.

Shep at the lake. In December. And yes, he decided to go in. 

Sophie. Chillaxin'

I love love love picking up Shep from daycare. 

My fave of the week - and maybe one of the best I've ever taken of him. 
If you look closely at his chin, he is going grey.....already.  

Song by: Granddaddy

Friday, December 08, 2017

On the Other Hand

It was a no-win situation, of course - for him, Al Franken. 

But to a degree for the DNC, and his constituents too.

On one hand, how could he or the DNC rally against Roy Moore being potentially elected to the senate when on the other they had an accused in their own midst.

On one hand (there are a lot hands in this post) Franken admitted to potential wrong-doing, and seemed somewhat remorseful, when on the other, Moore continues to defame the women in question.

On one hand, the Dems think they have the moral superiority over the GOP, and often, but not always they are right. On the other hand, they've seen their fair share of infidels (the unfaithful kind, not the religious zealot kind).

On one hand, compared to others being accused of x, y and z, Franken's actions seemed less harmful and were a while back. On the other hand, there is no time limits or degrees of severity.  Well, there are.......but there are not, if you know what I mean.

On one hand, Franken had to go, as he was a distraction and a pawn in the quasi- moral . On the other hand, he should have stayed, and said he was staying as long as a sexual deviant inhabited the White House. Point out the hypocrisy. Make more people have the discussion.

On one hand he has to go. On the other, it could leave the Dems down a seat in the Senate.

One one hand, generally we like Al Franken and kind of want him to prevail. On the other, you can't quite look the other way.

It's a shame it had to happen. It's a shame he had to go. On the other hand, if the light shining on shit like this keeps the heat on BLOTUS' pussy grabbing moments and keeping Roy Moore out of the Senate, then it's all worth it.

Song by: UB40

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Fighting with Fire

....and you thought the 405 couldn't get any worse!

It truly is a horrible, horrible road, and normally I'd call it 'hell on earth', and now it literally is just that....right down to the brimstone.

Can you imagine coming around a bend in the road and seeing this image?

Los Angeles is a fun place to visit (well, sometimes), but a soulless place to live - at least in my HMO.

Still, the two things in L.A. to really see are in danger:  the Getty Museum and the Griffith Park Observatory.

I know it's coming, but has any evangelist say this is g-d's punishment for homos or anything?  I am thinking it would more likely be for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And while none of those women are real - silicone might stand up to a cookie tray liner, but with this intense heat, I'm guessing those boobs are just going to explode and then melt everywhere. I'd say the EPA would have to come in to clean up that toxic mess, but they've been defunded, so that's not going to happen.

I don't know what happens with all that botox and all those hair extensions.

In Ventura a few days ago they were saying the fire was ravaging an acre per 90 seconds. The Los Angeles fire seems to be moving faster.

Evangelists could blame the fags, but if we're talking disasters:  Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, Maria and this fire have all taken place since BLOTUS has taken office. Maybe g-d's trying to send a message to the republicunts.

Song by: Sam Phillips

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Wedding Bell Blues

"The Bible says, 'In the beginning there was male and female,'" said the lawyer for the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for fags a same sex couple.

He offered to make any other baked goods for the men.


So goes the Supreme Court case:  Xtian baker vs two gay guys. It's not quite Brown vs the Board of Education, but there are baked goods, so...............this one might be a bigger impact for me.

So, from the baker's lawyer's perspective, is it the same sex marriage that was offensive or wanting a cake?  I mean, trust me - we all didn't get cake at our wedding - and for some of us, that was the only reason to say "I do" {yet here we are seven years later....and cakeless!}.

Because, knowing the guys were getting gay-hitched, and still saying he'd "make other baked goods for the men" seems like you don't care if they had gay wedding cookies.

I would have said cannollis, but they being cylindrical and cream-filled, might have rendered the baker unconscious.

The baker touts his christian faith as his moral compass.  Christian. As in Christ. Christ who never said boo about man laying down with man. You have to go pre-Jebus to get that inference. So lets not bring out the big JFC (or JHC to some of you).

But here we fucking go again with cherry-picking Bible shit. Fine if you feel the need to be true to this part of the writing, but then you sure as fuck better be true to all of it.

And oy, the arguments: free speech. artistic expression. religious protection.  CYA.  Dude - you're grasping at all hoping one will allow your hatred to continue and be validated.

Remember when back in the '60s it was, America: Love it or Leave It.

Well, hell, if BLOTUS and his followers are so unhappy with the state it's in, I'd say leave, but no one would have them.

Song by: the Fifth Dimension 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Yesterday's News

I don't have a single topic today.  I was this close to breaking my writing streak too.

Let's start with Manafort, shall we?

I don't want to sound all nuclear family and everything, but remember when working with the Russians seemed bad and unseemly? And that every espionage film with double-agents was the scum of the FBI, CIA or the likes?

Those were movies and bad Ludlam novels (which, yes, is redundant) and not real life. Though life is seemingly imitating "art" these days.

But really - how fucking stupid is Paul Manafort?  No - this time it is not rhetorical. On house arrest, out on bail, for colluding with Russia. He surrenders at least three passports, you know - because flight risk - and yet still is in contact with Russia.

Ok, I'll walk back the 'stupid' comment for now. Maybe it's not stupidity exactly. I think anyone involved with this administration thinks they're untouchable and / or the rules do not apply to them at all. It's simply amazing to me.

Here's hoping Mueller actually revokes his bail. I'd like to see a wait in prison until his trial too. And hoping it's not a speedy trial either.


TWO MILLION ACRES of national preserve gone????? 

Are you fucking kidding me BLOTUS?

I dare anyone to try to take away one fairway from his 139 golf courses.  This man is more vile than I ever ever ever could have imagined.


Ok. Aetna and CVS.

This is not the single payor system for which I was hoping we as a country we would get.

Reports will say that CVS is concerned about amazon going into the pharmaceutical business.  This is a company with over 9700 retail stores (though that probably includes Targets). I am not 100% sure they have lots to worry about.  They've got their own BPM, so no worries there.

Mind you - for every script you purchase in a retail setting, you spend an average of $11 at the front of the store. Your Whitman Samplers, your cotton balls, your gigantic xmas stocking.  I don't know that amazon are getting those impulse items while you wait indefinitely to have your Valtrex refilled.

My first thought was, 'what one humongous conflict of interest this seems to be'.

You will have your insurance company picking your doctor for you, where you can get your meds and what formulary they will allow in those med selections and which the doctor can and cannot prescribe.

Granted - that is kind of what happens now. The difference is options. And rates. Once you stop providing options, or limiting them, and it's big business running these decisions, regardless of what CVS says, the customer isn't going to win.

This a $69 BILLION dollar deal. They're not doing it to make a medical home for you, no matter what they say.  The inventors are looking for a positive margin on this deal and they have to make it somehow.....and that's off our backs.

I believe there are better ways to do single-payor.  Technically this isn't a single-payor model, but it acts like an all-in-one.  Still with Minute Clinic and all, Aetna could deny claims of anyone using an Emergency Dept or Urgent Care that isn't CVS run. That's a scary thought.

....and they shouldn't tell me from where I can buy my dark Milky Ways!


The Roy Moore election draws near (one week away)!  Allegedly the candidates are in a dead heat. 

I'm not sure what this says about us as a country, Alabama as a state or the democratic candidate who cannot win against a life-long sex offender.  Or perhaps the three things are so intertwined that they cannot be extricated from the others. 

Either way - we are fucked. Maybe a Moore loss could signal us back from the brink, but I'm not so sure anymore. I think the damage is done here. It will take decades to undo what BLOTUS has spurred in 11 months. 

Think about that. 

A democratic president could take office tomorrow and reverse any / all of BLOTUS' 'executive orders' and we wouldn't be where we were, let alone advance, for a generation or two. 


I know. I'm a ray of sunshine.  Maybe I should have broken that writing streak after all.

Song by:  David Broza

Monday, December 04, 2017

My Music Monday

I know I said I'd try to stop the #10 in iTune rotation, but the week and weekend got away from me. I really didn't prepare or make a chance to do so.

So, technically this is #11, as I landed on an artist who is most likely going to be my Record of the Month artist. I didn't want to double down on one person/group in a month. That seemed overkill.

Now you get the Cars

Way back when, I saw the band just after the release of their debut album. All I truly remember about them was how loud they were. Sure I was massively high and drunk (at the same time!), but I remember little else about their show. I do remember "My Best Friend's Girl" and "Just What I Needed" being played.

I did like their music - eventually. I was more drawn to the songs that Ben Orr sang lead than Ric Okasek. They went from radio artists to video ones with the MTV heyday. I felt the music would sometimes lack over video shots ("Magic" anyone?).  And the more they got famous, the less Orr was talking lead - and seemed like Ocasek all the time.

"Tonight She Comes" wasn't even on a studio album but an extra track on some greatest hits compilation that came out in 1985.  ...and yes, it has Ocasek as lead vocalist, but I can overlook that.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Guilty Party

“Nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than Mr. Flynn,” 

So says Ty Cobb - not the baseball player, but the lawyer who sold his soul {assuming he ever had one, which is doubtful} to represent the most vile person on Earth.

Going by that sentence, Mr. Cobb is correct. And that is the public spin on Michael Flynn's guilty plea in regards to telling fibs to the FBI.

The plea and the charge were for Flynn only. But only a fool - and we can't rule that out - would think that Flynn's cooperation won't implicate others sitting (or squatting - yeah, I'm talking to you Jared!) at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

So Cobb did the public spin, but you gotta believe there are more than a few Hershey squirts going on in private too.

Flynn is an asshole, of course, so the stakes must have been pretty high to plead guilty and cooperate. In the near past, Mueller's team was also allegedly going after Flynn's son. Maybe he copped a plea to have them leave his son alone.

I can't imagine BLOTUS doing such a thing. Should they come for him, I bet he'd easily cough up either of his sons or son-in-law.

The difference is, of course, BLOTUS has the power to pardon. Flynn does not.

And since BLOtUS is so fucking thin skinned and vindictive, while he still pseudo-supports Flynn, I have to believe the man is dead to him. There will be no pardon for Flynn......though I suspect Flynn will do zero time if he cooperates fully.

That said - Flynn is now a felon. His guilty plea solidifies that. And since it is in regards - to an extent - with cooperation and lying about Russia, shouldn't he be dishonorably discharged from the military?  Should he not loose that former General status....along with the pension and benefits that come along with such a title?

You would think a felony and so-far borderline treason would be grounds for such dismissal.

So I know many are cheering for the downfall of Flynn....and I get it. So far to near BLOTUS have plead guilty. Others - and I'm looking at your Manfort - could be on the way.  The papers on Friday all had headlines pointing to that little neb, Kushner.

This is why I'm not cheering:  the pardon factor.

This big fucking slimeball of a president is, for all intents and purposes, going to get away with it. All of it, whatever he's done. And no one he knows or has done wrong will serve a day in prison.

Of course, I could be wrong - but I'm not.

Song by: the National

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Golden Boy

My weekly collection of dog and / or cat photos. If I were to map out the number of views per day of week, Saturdays would be the highest overall.  Sure some posts will garner more views, but on average, Shep Porn / Sophie Smut pulls in the most looks consistently.

Nose & Pads. 
He's a miracle. 

Autumn Dog. 

Everyone wants to say "hi". Even the linemen. 

Ignoring each other, but both wanting the chair. 

Duck #4.  

Two days before its demise. It took him two months to ruin the first one. Now it's one every two weeks.  We will keep buying them as he does seem to love them. 

the Golden Hour. 

A cold fall day at the lake. Just because the mercury drops doesn't mean he doesn't get his weekend out time. ...and we're happy to do it. 

Song by: Natalie Merchant