Friday, September 21, 2018

Shopping with Blecca

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Like the Emoji Movie wasn't sucky enough...............well, I assume (I mean, did anyone see it? anyone at all?) you can make little poo cakes.   Score one for you, the American consumer.

The only time 710 and use the emoji is to see let each other know if Shep went #2.

I don't have any kids - obvi - but I suppose if you were having a birthday party, each kid could have their own individual poo-cake.  It would probably be a huge hit with the 20 7 and under crowd.

Naturally, you'd want to fill them with chocolate pudding.

.....and for the record, Becca provided the image..........and idea.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Down on My Knees

You know, there was somethings you can't post on Facebook, just because of known comments.  Sure, I get there here too, but people who aren't you can see the FB ones and my "friends" won't be kind, caring less who will see what.

So if I were to say, oh, "I hurt my knee", I wouldn't even get Colin Kaepernick comments. No, I'd get ones about that I shouldn't be on my knees so often or for extended periods of time. Or, I'm surprised it's taken this long.

Whether that is true or not - and I'm not saying either way - do I really want my cousins or former co-workers to see such fodder?  Je think not.

....and since I've already stolen your thunder, I won't be seeing much of it in the comments section here. it turns out, while taking Shep on an outing to the lake this last Sunday, Blobby and 710 thought it a good idea to venture down this path to right at the water, where these huge ass rocks and cement platforms are.

The best case scenario is that I went first. Clearly at the edge of said platform, where the water lapped, there was seaweed and I new it would be slick.  I got nowhere near it. I never got the chance.

It turns out the ceee-ment was just as slick. Blobby went down on his ass. Hard.

At that very moment, the only thing truly hurt was my pride. My shorts looked and felt like I should be a Depends spokesperson.  ....the 'before' spokesperson, if I may clarify.   The gentlemen fishing came over to see if I was ok and said no one should ever go down 'there'. 

Yeah.  I know that.................NOW!

I know they were being helpful, but again, that pride thing.

Yes, I felt a twinge in my right knee, but nothing major.  After sitting and regaining my composure and balance, we went back to the park area and walked. All was fine.  Well, except my psyche. I kept replaying in my head if 710 and Shep had led. In my pea-brained head, I kept freaking out over 'what if'.  I still am, actually.

So we finished our walk, went to the pet store (again) and then home. I went upstairs to shower and then just out of 'what if', grabbed a bag of ice and iced my knee. No biggie. Right?


Somewhere in the middle of the night and I went to roll over. I internally cried out in pain. Much like Dr Smith might have. But in my head, as to not wake anyone.  A few hours later, I was to get out of bed to walk Shep. I just wasn't sure I could - maneuver out of bed, let alone go downstairs, outside and around the block.

710 must have been silently listening to my struggle, as he asked if I wanted him to take out Shep. I powered through - but told him if I wasn't home in 20 minutes to come and find me. I'm 93% sure he went right back to sleep.

Icing and neproxin did nothing.

So, long story long, I went back to my key-ute ortho guy on Tuesday. I'm fine. Or will be. No visible swelling, or bruising. I have internal inflammation and will for weeks. As long as I keep moving the pain in minimal. It's when I'm immobile or sleeping that I end up back in major pain (not Mayor Payne - the movie).

The best part of this was - and yes, there is a best part - was I was on the exam table and Dr. Straight McDreamy was manipulating leg, he says to me, he say:  "nice boots.  what kind are they?"  Before I even had a chance to respond, he moves my leg in such a fashion that he can see from the sole that they're Kenneth Cole.

I love that he's like 9% gay. 

Song by: Trisha Yearwood

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Lose Again

Well it started out on wrong note. I didn't even have the right day of the Emmys, so............there's that.

Then I got a false sense entitlement when the Mrs. Masiel thing won the first three of the four awards (poor Tony Shaloub). I thought it would be smooth sailing for the rest of the show.

And the third thing was the absence of Mike. Eventually he showed up, but I have to say our repartee wasn't that great. Sure - he insulted me any number of times, which is par for the course.  And then silence.

I was such great company, he fell asleep. Now I know how Peter feels.

All said - the show sucked. The SNL hosts were just terrible. Just awful. James Franco - Ann Hathaway awful. That awful.  The addition of Maya Rudolph (whom I love) and Fred Armisten (who I despise) did not all.

The only real moment was when some director proposed to his girlfriend. The audience reaction was great. It must be nice to have Benedict Cumberbund clapping for you. Even the almost fiance telling his brothers and sisters that dad knew he had mom's ring was the best part.

Well, that and how ugly Darren Criss' tux was.

I didn't end up staying till the completion of the program. I wasn't that invested, clearly Mike wasn't. I could catch any of the missed categories the next day - and I did.

I don't think Mike cares if I give the particulars when he wins, only when I do, but you never know. We haven't talked prizes, but I'm sure he'll get back to me.

Drama Series - both lost
Comedy Series - both won
Limited Series - both won
Lead Actor in a Drama Series - both lost
Lead Actress in a Drama Series - both lost
Lead Actress in a Limited Series or a Movie - both lost
Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie - Mike
Lead  Actress in a Comedy Series - Blobby
Lead  Actor in a Comedy Series - both lost
Supporting Actor in a Drama Series - both lost
Supporting Actress in a Drama Series - both lost
Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series  - Mike
Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series - both lost
Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie - Mike
Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie - both lost
Reality-Competition Program - Mike
Variety Talk Series - Mike
Variety Sketch Series - Mike
Television Movie - both lost
Structured Reality Program - Blobby
Unstructured Reality Program - both lost
Animated Program - Blobby
Host for a Reality / Reality Competition Program -
Directing for a  Comedy Series - Blobby
Directing for a Drama Series - Mike
Directing for a Limited Series, TV Movie or Dramatic Special - both
Writing for a Comedy Series - Blobby
Writing for a Drama Series - both lost
Writing for a Limited Series, TV Movie or Dramatic Special - both lost
Writing for a Variety Series - Mike

Maybe I'll win again.....................sometime.

Song by: Alison Krauss + Union Station

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

In My Reply

NOTICE:  There is mandatory reader participation at the end of this post. 

Gird your loins folks.  This Thursday, coming directly to your mobile device, is a FEMA test message from your benevolent overlord - BLOTUS.

Yes, that is right the Federal Emergency Management Asshole-lickers will be sending the first end its first 'Presidential Alert' in emergency messaging system test that will allow BLOTUS to send a message to every U.S. cell phone.

There is no opt out feature

This is bad on SO many levels.

What little sub-fraction of privacy you thought you maintained with telecommunications is now officially gone.  Every. Single. Phone.  The U.S. government is using your carrier - the ones you pay money to - to forcibly accept an SMS or phone call to your device.

And now we'll be getting things worse than tweets from that blowhard in the oval office. And really - what's to stop him?  It'll be like living with Kim Jong Un, but without the whimsy.

So, since it is a text - well, I'm assuming - it should allow us to text back, though that would be so very very very foolish on FEMA's part.  Though my thought is, if they can inundate our phones, why shouldn't it be able to work in reverse?

I have a proposition for all of you.  ALL OF YOU.   Here me now......and heed me now.
  • Think of your reply. I encourage you to be as vile as possible.  
  • Text it. 
  • Snap a screen shot. 
  • Email it to me - do not post directly to the blog.  
  • I will make an entry of what I can only guess are your witty witty witty replies. 

As Otter from Animal House would say:  "this is gonna be great!"

UPDATE:  the test has been delayed and rescheduled to October 3rd.  I found out after completing, but having no time to draft something different. You have time to come up with something clever.  Do not disappoint me. 

Song by: Linda Ronstadt

Monday, September 17, 2018

My Music Monday

As I was running errands this weekend, I re-heard "Painted Postcard" from David Broza.

Ironically, the song hails from his third to last English singing album. I say "ironically", because it's the lone song on the album in Hebrew. 

Broza is from Israeli descent but raised for a portion of his life in Spain and the U.S. He releases albums in all those languages - though the bulk of his work is in Hebrew. 

Broza, first and foremost, is a great guitarist, which you'll hear here. The majority of the song is instrumental. While knowing Hebrew might be nice, you don't really need it to appreciate the beauty of the music. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

We Don't Believe What's on TV

Another entertainment showdown with Mike and Blobby.

Honestly, I think we're both on the fence with this one, participation-wise. It's kind of like if we should throw our names in to the Tri-Wizard's cup.   (I'll give Mike a few to Gooooogle that.)

Law of averages tells me I have to win one in the near future. Will it be the Emmys?  Errrrrrr.....I'm thinking not. Television is so not watched the way it was, even three years ago. And I'm not a binger either.  Neither is Mike, unless you're talking about drinking..........or desserts.

Of course, I mean I don't binge watch anything. Mike's former blog might have been titled "Short Attention Span Theater", but honestly, I have no attention span for that kind of tv watching.

Doing a quick-thru of below list, not only have I seen barely any of these shows, I haven't heard of many either.  Throwing darts blind-folded might yield better results.

This is all of my doing, of course. I had not "talked" to Mike (read: texted) in weeks, so I throughout a message to him mentioning the Emmys were coming up........and he bit and said he was game. Not gamey.

Below are my choices, many of which will be what I want to win, not what will.....because I don't know what will.  These selections might also comenwith some comments, as you all might expect.

“The Americans” (FX) “The Crown” (Netflix) “Game of Thrones” (HBO) “The Handmaid’s Tale” (Hulu) “Stranger Things” (Netflix) “This Is Us” (NBC) “Westworld” (HBO) 

I've seen the Crown. That's it. But I "hear" the Handmaid's Tale is "good". But it has Moss, who is creepy now that I found out she's a Scientologist, so............ .   But this isn't about like, it's about win. 

“Atlanta” (FX) “Barry” (HBO) “Black-ish” (ABC) “Curb Your Enthusiasm” (HBO) “GLOW” (Netflix) “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (Amazon) “Silicon Valley” (HBO) “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” (Netflix)

Atlanta, which I've never seen, might be the only true competition here. 

 “The Alienist” (TNT) “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” (FX) “Genius: Picasso” (National Geographic) “Godless” (Netflix) “Patrick Melrose” (Showtime)

Because it has the longest title?

Claire Foy, “The Crown” Tatiana Maslany, “Orphan Black” Elisabeth Moss, “The Handmaid’s Tale” Sandra Oh, “Killing Eve” Keri Russell, “The Americans” Evan Rachel Wood, “Westworld”


Jason Bateman, “Ozark” Sterling K. Brown, “This Is Us” Ed Harris, “Westworld” Matthew Rhys, “The Americans” Milo Ventimiglia, “This Is Us” Jeffrey Wright, “Westworld”

Why not? 

Jessica Biel, “The Sinner” Laura Dern, “The Tale” Michele Dockery, “Godless” Edie Falco, “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers” Regina King, “Seven Seconds” Sarah Paulson, “American Horror Story: Cult”

Not a fan of this entire show(s), but I do love Paulson. 

Antonio Banderas, “Genius: Picasso” Darren Criss, “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” Benedict Cumberbatch, “Patrick Melrose” Jeff Daniels, “The Looming Tower” John Legend, “Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert” Jesse Plemons, “USS Callister: Black Mirror”

Do you really want to bet against "Jebus"? 

Pamela Adlon, “Better Things” Rachel Brosnahan, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Allison Janney, “Mom” Issa Rae, “Insecure” Tracee Ellis Ross, “Black-ish” Lily Tomlin, “Grace and Frankie”

Love Issa Rae.  Love Brosanhan more. 

Anthony Anderson, “Black-ish” Ted Danson, “The Good Place” Larry David, “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Donald Glover, “Atlanta” Bill Hader, “Barry” William H. Macy, “Shameless”

He was great in Community - and he's not David or Danson, which are huge pluses.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, “Game of Thrones” Peter Dinklage, “Game of Thrones” Mandy Patinkin, “Homeland” David Harbour, “Stranger Things” Matt Smith, “The Crown” Joseph Fiennes, “The Handmaid’s Tale”

Never seen the show, but I do like the actor. 

Lena Headey, “Game of Thrones” Millie Bobby Brown, “Stranger Things” Vanessa Kirby, “The Crown” Yvonne Strahovski, “The Handmaid’s Tale” Alexis Bledel, “The Handmaid’s Tale” Ann Dowd, “The Handmaid’s Tale” Thandie Newton, “Westworld”

Princess Margaret was the highlight of the last season of the Crown.

Brian Tyree Henry, “Atlanta” Henry Winkler, “Barry” Louie Anderson, “Baskets” Alec Baldwin, “Saturday Night Live” Kenan Thompson, “Saturday Night Live” Tony Shalhoub, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Tituss Burgess, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

I loved Mrs. Maisel, but I love her father even more. 

Zazie Beetz, “Atlanta” Betty Gilpin, “GLOW” Laurie Metcalf, “Roseanne” Aidy Bryant, “Saturday Night Live” Leslie Jones, “Saturday Night Live” Kate McKinnon, “Saturday Night Live Alex Borstein, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” Megan Mullally, “Will & Grace”

Borstein said "fuck" too often for voters, I'm guessing. 

Jeff Daniels, “Godless” Brandon Victor Dixon, “Jesus Christ Superstar: Live in Concert” Ricky Martin, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” Edgar Ramírez, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” Finn Wittrock, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” Michael Stuhlbarg, “The Looming Tower” John Leguizamo, “Waco”


Adina Porter, “American Horror Story: Cult” Letitia Wright, “Black Museum: Black Mirror” Merritt Wever, “Godless” Sara Bareilles, “Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert” Penélope Cruz, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” Judith Light, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”

I dunno. It's Judith Fucking Light, maybe?

 “The Amazing Race” (CBS) “American Ninja Warrior” (NBC) “Project Runway” (Lifetime) “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (VH1) “Top Chef” (Bravo) “The Voice” (NBC)

Because the dudes are usually half naked........and dudes.  Take that Runway or RuPaul.

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” (Comedy Central) “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee” (TBS) “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” (ABC) “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” (HBO) “The Late Late Show with James Corden” (CBS) “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (CBS) 

Though if Bee won for the 'feckless cunt' comment, I wouldn't be surprised.....or disappointed. 

“At Home With Amy Sedaris” (truTV) “Drunk History” (Comedy Central) “I Love You America with Sarah Silverman” (Hulu) “Portlandia” (IFC) “Saturday Night Live” (NBC) “Tracey Ullman’s Show” (HBO)

I love Amy Sedaris, but her show sucked balls......and not in a good way. I really enjoy Drunk History, but Emmy worthy?  Nahhh.

 “Fahrenheit 451” (HBO) “Flint” (Lifetime) “Paterno” (HBO) “The Tale” (HBO) “USS Callister: Black Mirror” (HBO)

Did any of these really exist? 

“Antiques Roadshow” (PBS) “Fixer Upper” (HGTV) “Lip Sync Battle” (Paramount Network) “Queer Eye” (Netflix) “Shark Tank” (ABC) “Who Do You Think You Are?” (TLC)

Lord. It's gonna be Queer Eye..........which makes no sense without Kyan. 

“Born This Way” (A&E) “Deadliest Catch” (Discovery Channel) “Intervention” (A&E) “Naked And Afraid” (Discovery Channel) “RuPaul’s Drag Race: Untucked” (VH1) “United Shades Of America With W. Kamau Bell” (CNN)

If I could have a "pass", it would be on this one. 

“Baymax Returns (Big Hero 6: The Series)” (Disney XD) “Bob’s Burgers” (Fox) “Rick And Morty” (Adult Swim) “South Park” (Comedy Central) “The Simpsons” (Fox) 

It could happen. 

Ellen DeGeneres, “Ellen’s Game Of Games” Jane Lynch, “Hollywood Game Night” Heidi Klum & Tim Gunn, “Project Runway” RuPaul, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” W. Kamau Bell, “United Shades Of America With W. Kamau Bell” 

Ellen is the Jebus of television lesbians. 

Mark Cendrowski, “The Big Bang Theory” (“The Bow Tie Symmetry”) Donald Glover, “Atlanta” (“FUBU”) Hiro Murai, “Atlanta” (“Teddy Perkins”) Bill Hader, “Barry” (“Chapter One: Make Your Mark”) Jesse Peretz, “GLOW” (“Pilot”) Mike Judge, “Silicon Valley” (“Initial Coin Offering”) Amy Sherman-Palladino, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (“Pilot”)

Maybe to Donald Glover, but Maisel's pilot was great, yet not it's best episode. 

Alan Taylor, “Game Of Thrones” (“Beyond The Wall”) Jeremy Podeswa, “Game Of Thrones” (“The Dragon And The Wolf”) Jason Bateman, “Ozark” (“The Toll”) Daniel Sackheim, “Ozark” (“Tonight We Improvise”) The Duffer Brothers, “Stranger Things” (“Chapter Nine: The Gate”) Stephen Daldry, “The Crown” (“Paterfamilias”) Kari Skogland, “The Handmaid’s Tale” (“After”)

I'm sure it's a cautionary tale of some kind, though the Crown episode chosen was by far the best of the of the season. 

Scott Frank, “Godless” David Leveaux (director) and Alex Rudzinski (Live Television Director), “Jesus Christ Superstar: Live In Concert” Barry Levinson, “Paterno” Edward Berger, “Patrick Melrose” Ryan Murphy, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” (“The Man Who Would Be Vogue”) Craig Zisk, “The Looming Tower” (“9/11”) David Lynch, “Twin Peaks”

People love Jebus. 

Donald Glover, “Atlanta” (“Alligator Man”) Stefani Robinson, “Atlanta” (“Barbershop”) Alec Berg and Bill Hader, “Barry” (“Chapter One: Make Your Mark”) Liz Sarnoff, “Barry” (“Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast And Keep Going”) Alec Berg, “Silicon Valley” (“Fifty-One Percent”) Amy Sherman-Palladino, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (“Pilot”)

There were better episodes than the pilot, but this will do. 

David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, “Game of Thrones” (“The Dragon And The Wolf”) Phoebe Waller-Bridge, “Killing Eve” (“Nice Face”) The Duffer Brothers, “Stranger Things” (“Chapter Nine: The Gate”) Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, “The Americans” (“Start”) Peter Morgan, “The Crown” (“Mystery Man”) Bruce Miller, “The Handmaid’s Tale” (“June”)

See comments three above. 

Kevin McManus and Matthew McManus, “American Vandal” (“Clean Up”) Scott Frank, “Godless” David Nicholls, “Patrick Melrose” Tom Rob Smith, “The Assassination Of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story” (“House By The Lake”) David Lynch and Mark Frost, “Twin Peaks” William Bridges and Charlie Brooker, “USS Callister: Black Mirror”

Did anyone actually watch Twin Peaks?   Yeah........I didn't think so. 

“Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” (TBS) “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” (HBO) “Late Night With Seth Meyers” (NBC) “Saturday Night Live” (NBC) “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” (CBS)

It will prob go to SNL, but it shouldn't. 

Who will victor? No one knows. Math will tell you Mike has the edge. Actuarial science might say my time is due.

I guess you'll know on Tuesday.

Song by: 21 Pilots

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Kissing a Fool

A very long and stressful week at work, so having these two are great for the soul and psyche.

Din Din

Would be Din Din. 

Two parent turkeys - four kids.  One interested pooch.

Make Out Session. 

Shep is usually about cuddling with 710, but he gave me some time too. 

.....and I got very close cuddle time with Soph. 

Last Sunday was super rainy. The only way to get out with Shep was to take him to a pet store, where he checked out possible toy options. 

Song by: George Michael

Friday, September 14, 2018

Out of Time

I passed a milestone today - so to speak.  We had a huge system conversion (well, half of it) on Monday.  The second half comes in a months time.  And the majority of my 2019 budget got submitted yesterday at 15:24.......with 36 minutes to spar.

Mind you, it's only the first real pass of the budget, so I can tweak over the next few weeks, but the stress and pressure of the week was a lot.

As it is, I ran out of time for a proper blog post.

The only reason I hate when that happens is that I've been sitting here for an hour trying to think of something to write and not wanting to, or not focusing enough to, or.....or........or.

As it is, I'm going to be. 

More tomorrow.

Song by:  Rolling Stones

Thursday, September 13, 2018

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 102nd 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

05:05.  Not even Shep's first pee on this walk. 

05:50.  Prepping my lunch. 

06:18.  Garbage day. 

07:04.  Running my fourth report of the day. ....and it's only 7:04. 

10:25.  Meeting. 5 minutes. 

13:10.  Said lunch. 

13:50.  BRB. 

15:00.  Where the fudge is everyone ? 

17:30.  A fairly contentious faculty meeting. 
It turns out, I might not be that well liked.  Well, that would cost them extra. 

19:05.  Finally leaving work. 

19:17.   Don't judge. 

19:30.  Going home viewing downtown approaching sunset. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Rock You Like a Hurricane

It looks like Florence, and not her machine, is gonna make landfall later this week. 

....and it looks like it's going to hit dead center of where we took our summer holiday this last July.

That is the problem with beachfront living, but it might be worth the risk.

I think the place we stayed could withstand a lot. It seemed solidly built, but oddly with no storm shutters. Maybe there was plywood in the pass through on the lowest level.

Being selfish, I hope any damage will be minimal, as we are probably returning next year as well.

The beach is wide and with a nice deep drop off to the ocean that might protect things.......for a while, but not at 140 mph, I'm guessing.

There isn't tons in "downtown", but I'd hate to see anything get damaged. It's all independent everything - not a chain store to be had.

Further inland, my sister-in-law and her daughter & son-in-law are hunkering down for the hit as well. They've stockpiled food and such and are expecting power outages. We'll be in contact as the storm approaches and then hits.

I have to love our government's pre-involvement:

The EPA!  Worried that the storm might hit nine sites that contain toxic chemicals and they'll be dispersed into the land of the living. 

Awwww......that's cute. But isn't that exactly what chemical companies wanted Scott Pruitt & Co paid lobbyists mucho dinero to relax those kind of safeties?  I feel bad for the citizens. I won't feel bad for the thousands of soon to be impending law suits. The storm is an act of g-d, reckless endangerment is not.

Then there is FEMA.  Does the government still fund that?  Wasn't Ted Cruz & "Friends" the ones who voted against an earmark to replenish FEMA funding (pssssst.......the answer is 'yes')?   Did he feel that way last year when Harvey hit Texas??  (psssssst.......the answer is 'no'.)

Save for  JJ Watt, I'm not sure what Texas would have done.  Since there is no Puerto Rican JJ Watt (no, not even Ricky Martin), it looks like if BLOTUS did such an "incredible unsung success" with the territory, well, the folks of North and South Carolina are f-u-c-k-e-d.

But here is where the folks about to get hit will prosper:  the GOP is going to fund everything and promise least until the mid-terms.  It will be the legal way of buying votes.


Song by: the Scorpions

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


All-in-all this has not been the best two weeks for BLOTUS. His administration seems a bit, oh, put upon.

Rumour has it that the White House has again changed cell phone policy. All cellphones must be left in lockers before going into the West Wing, even if it's a WH-issued phone.  Before it was just the personal phones. Now it's anything that can record.

Thanks, Omarosa!

Seriously. It's her fault.  Her and her taping private conversations.

Still...........really, thanks, Omarosa.

She released another tape yesterday. BLOTUS, Sarah Fuckabee Sanders, and other aides laughing in the Oval Office about terrorists after four U.S. servicemen were killed in Niger.

I don't care the scenario or the probable excuse of "lightening the moment". It's vile and vulgar just like those in the room.

I remember when four U.S. folks were killed on Obama's Benghazi. No one laughed. Not in the Oval, or at the 113 investigations they had to that situation.  I haven't heard anyone question this administration over those four deaths - not that BLOTUS met the bodies at Dover. I mean, I don't think there was a golf course close by.

While I think nothing of Omarosa, I'm ok with her releasing this shit so she can sell a few more books. Well, I don't care about the commerce part, but I like the peeling back the curtain on this asshole.

 I will say this - if there is a military man who voted for BLOTUS who hears shit like this and still supports him - well fuck them.  I do not want to hear a word from anyone about "respecting the flag or troops".

Song by: the Guess Who

Monday, September 10, 2018

My Music Monday

"It Dawned on Me" by the band Calla is more than a decade old. It doesn't seem that old, but I'll venture other than possibly Morty, none of my readers probably have ever heard the song.  To be honest, I have no idea how it ever hit my radar.

IF you click on their link, it doesn't look like the site has been updated since 2010, and have links to MySpace and Flickr. I'm guessing it's powered by Netscape or Alta Vista. I didn't check, but their contact email might be .aol.   

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Better than Ever

I love all these social media tributes to Burt Reynolds.  Save for one scene in Silent Movie or the one time I saw Gumball Rally, I'm fairly sure I never saw him in anything ever.

Truth be told, four days ago, I couldn't have told you if he was alive or dead. I always found him skeevy - like Hugh Hefner skeevy.

But back in my younger days, my Sea World day, I worked with a pair of fraternal twins, Joe and John Mansfield. It was almost certain they had to be gay. I think.  To say they were over the top, would be the biggest understatement ever.

It was either a 'twins thing' or they rehearsed a LOT at home. They were always in sync (bye bye bye).  They jumped up on a stage at Geauga Lake once and immediately broke into Donny & Marie singing "A Little Bit Country / Rock and Roll".  They had an entire crowd laughing.

As this was the days before everyone had cable (yes, I know - don't say it), they had somehow had access to some station that had Grease 2, which is really the reason I know the movie. I saw them act out "Cool Rider" before ever seeing Michelle Pfeiffer straddle a ladder and sing it.

And on their laserdisk player (yes, I know!), they had Starting Over, "starring" Reynolds, Jill Clayburg and Candice Bergen.  I never actually saw the movie, just the two minutes that are below.

From my take is that Bergen and Reynolds has been married and she left to find a singing career, only that she's the only one who thinks she can sing. And now she wants him back...............and tries to accomplish it via song.  Naturally.

I know I'm me, so it doesn't surprise me that I know all the words.  The 87 times the Mansfield twins played it didn't help. And I haven't seen the clip in maybe a decade and a half.   ....and still know all the words.

Of course, Joe in particular, loved Candice's move at the 1:05 mark......and he did it to perfection.

I do wonder what ever became of them. I never felt they could survive separate from one another, but too much for many to take together.

Anyhoo.........this clip was the first thing I thought of when I heard Reynolds kicked it.

Song by: Candice Bergen

Saturday, September 08, 2018


It was a lot of politics this week. And work. And Asians.  Now it's pets-time.

Shep and the fawns with which he seemingly has a problem. 

WHAT ???

My intro to Siggie: the razor toothed puppy. 

He's cute AF.  

A woman walked by and asked about him. David says to her, he says, he's kind of like Toto in the Wizard of Oz.  Her response was priceless:  "I don't know what that is"

She's like 30+ and doesn't know the fickin' the Wizard of Oz

Sig is a fuzzy, bite-y little thing - all 4lbs of him. 

His cuteness let's him get away with it. 

Shep's Obama moment

Song by: the Foo Fighters

Friday, September 07, 2018


The lies started early.  Day 2, in fact.

Of course there were blatant fibs during the campaign, but I'm talking post-inaugural ones. Key word: 'inaugural'.

No surprise to anyone, who isn't a toothless, torch-bearing MAGA-er, the inaugural photos were doctored..............and ordered so by Mr. Insecure himself.

Because being president isn't all consuming with its regular job description, BLOTUS himself called the acting head of the National Park Service, and then Sean Spicer.  When they couldn't get more "flattering" photos of the crowds, they did what any normal, sane person would do:  faked it.

They had NPS doctor the photos by cropping out empty spaces, making the areas look more populated than they were.

Believe it or don't - but many-a-time, I can be fairly insecure - be it with my looks, my work smarts, my penis size.........

Noooooo.  I kid on that last one. I'm fine.........down "there".

I cannot for the life of me fathom shallowness and pettiness that can come from going that far to put out something so fake. I mean, it's not a Real Housewives show. That I get.

So BLOTUS requested it. Spicer lied about it. Nobody bought it anyways. I'd almost get it if someone else had ordered it and showed BLOTUS the fake and passed it off as real, but he knew it wasn't.

Is this a case of:  if you tell a lie enough people will believe it?  Including the lair himself?

He's adept to it:  University, Steaks, Vodka, Shitty property.

The real kicker?  The lie meant nothing. But it was a litmus test to see what the public would / could endure. ....and it was only Day 2.  He's kicked it up several notches since then - on a daily basis. He has acclimatized us to his deceit. We have so slowly gotten used to it, while he's ramped up the frequency and severity, I'm not sure we find them as offensive as we once would have.

Song by: the Cure

Thursday, September 06, 2018


O. M. F. G.

The last few days of book blurbs have given me a metaphorical hard-on.

While I'd like 100% of Bob Woodward's book, Fear, to be true (or what said blurbs have been), I'd actually be ok with only 30% being accurate.  Even if less than 1/3 is true, what a fucking shit storm.   ......and I love it.

We might not have to worry about impeachment with BLOTUS. You just gotta figure he's about to have a fucking coronary.

I love that the Minister of Propaganda Press Secretary immediately dismisses the book as "pure fiction fueled by interviews with disgruntled former employees".

Really?  The conversation between Gary Cohen and John Kelly was just those two. Are we calling Cohen a 'disgruntled former employee'? He was a douche, for sure, but I don't think so. Of course, maybe the story didn't come from anyone former.

I mean, you did read the anonymous op-ed piece in the NYT, right?  The call is coming from inside the house.

Could the inside senior staff person be WH counsel McGahan who just gave his resignation, but not yet gone?  Kelly himself (though allegedly he's wanted to quit, but clearly too wussy to do so)?  It can't be Melania......she cannot write this well.  Jared and Ivanka?  No.  They have their pardons in the bag. Jeff Sessions could be pissed enough at the thrashings he's been taking.

Back to Woodward's book though. My g-d.......I love one of his staffers said BLOTUS had the understanding of a 5th or 6th grader.  They wish!

The names his staff use for him are the same ones we use!  "Fucking Moron", might be over-used, but it is just so on the mark.

And BLOTUS complaining about Woodward. Classic. Let's say that Bob didn't tell BLOAT he was actually writing a book. Why. The. Fuck. Would. You. Talk. To. Bob. Woodward?   He's the Ronan Farrow of the Baby Boomers. No good can come of either one showing up on your door.

I almost feel the need to purchase Fear.

I'm thinking of waiting for the audiobook version, as read by Sarah Fuckabee Sanders.

Song by: Sarah McLachlan

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Do It

I"m assuming you all know I think Nike's new ad campaign is da bomb.

Oh yes. I just said that.

I said the majority of what I wanted to say regarding the matter over two years ago (!), except for the fact that I haven't.

The stuff about why not to stand still....well.....stands. But the reasons for kneeling - the protest and the why behind it is even more important than before.

Since - oh, let's say - Charlottesville, you've seen, on average a weekly basis, videos of people of colour being harassed and / or arrested by cops for opening their own store, working on their own car, keying into their own house, etc.

You've seen video of people of colour having the cops called on them for using coupons, barbecuing, selling water, using a study hall where they go to college, using a pool where they live, etc.

You get the idea.

Black people are being reported for being black.

That is why Colin & Co kneels.

It's not about the troops. It's not about the flag. Ironically, the troops and flag should be protecting the put-upon population. But you can't tell that to stupid fucks.

So, yes, what Nike is doing is risky, but important.  If these folks who are boycotting the company because they support Kaepernick are so upset that they're cutting up and burning their Nike gear, where was their outrage at the abuse of child labor?

Oh that's right.  They only care about in-utero.  What was I thinking?

Still, I like Nike's message:  Believe in Something. Even if it Means Sacrificing Everything.

Say what you will about Nike (though I think I've only owned one shirt by them), while the 49ers dropped Kaepernick and he was virtually black-balled by the NFL, Nike never dropped him as a spokesperson. Sure, they didn't use him - until now - but they didn't abandon him either.

I don't know the number of pro this campaign vs anti.  I'm guessing Nike does, or they wouldn't have done it. I hope the pro wins. I hope it is a precursor for November 2018.  I mean, I'm voting, but I'm still not buying anything Nike.

Song by: Nellie Furtado

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Let's Go Crazy

Sunday evening, we took in the newest version of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Just swap out 'Greek' for 'Chinese'.

Yes, it seems that Crazy Rich Asians is the big summer hit.  Take that, Solo.

While I do want to see the new Nazi hunter movie with Oscar Isaac, he'll have to wait a week or two.

Crazy is fine for light fare. I don't know if get lots of critical praise (though Rotten Tomatoes says 93%), but I'd be there hasn't been a movie in 2018 that was #1 for three straight weeks.  Take that, Solo.

While the film has some very over the top moments, it has some heart too, mostly due to Constance Wu's performance.  There were other enjoyable performances as well - mostly the comic foils that are the gay/ stylist Asian and the female character's BFF.

Not surprisingly, I took issue with some of the story.

Yes, everyone in the movie is Asian. Some more Americanized than others. The main dude, Nick, looks more like he'd be a member of the Sharks, as he looks more Puerto Rican than Asian....and has a British accent.

I can understand not telling your girlfriend you're extremely wealthy - at first. But travel halfway across the globe to meet your boyfriend's family / go to a wedding and you don't prepare her for it? Or at family party and wedding, and you don't escort your girlfriend to either event and let her get herself there on her own?   Bullshit.

Or your "friends" gut a fish in/on her bed and write horrible things in her room about her and the bf basically shrugs and say says, "eh.....whatta gonna do?"

Run.  Flee.  As fast as you can.

In the end, I never felt that the major conflict of the movie was ever truly resolved.

Of course, this isn't a movie where one is supposed to think, let alone over think. But I am who I am.  All in all it was fine. It might be a blockbuster in terms of cash, but it is not going into the annals of one of the top 1000 best films of all time.  Take that, Solo.   Wait.  I'm not sure that works here.

Oh, and somewhere, you gotta believe that Lucy Liu, Jackie Chan, Margaret Cho, Ken Wantanabe and the maid/geisha who worked for Mr. Eddie's Father, have to feel the sting of being the only Hollywood Asians not in this movie.

2018 Movie Count / Goal:  13 of 12

Song by:  Prince & the Revolution

Monday, September 03, 2018

My Music Monday

These last few weeks, I've been all about Leonard Cohen's "You Want it Darker", from his final album of the same name.

From previous posts, you probably know I'm not a fan of Cohen's vocals. His writing is usually on point, but he's not what I'd call an easiest vocalist.  In this song, he talks. Just talks.

"You Want it Darker", is a tip of his hat to the end of his life. Cohen had to know the end  to his life was near, so his statement, "I'm ready, my lord" has a more profound meaning.

The album version is fine and good, but there is a "live" version out there, that I really like. It's still talking, but now there's a choir and cantor.

The attached version is the best I could find.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

the Policy of Truth

As you have no doubt read earlier, I'm not a huge fan of John McCain. Yet, I ended up watching the funeral, mostly because 710 had it on. And you never know - the pall bearers might trip and the body might pop out of the casket.

Man - the service was way too long with way too many speakers or folks who had 13 second bible quotes to read, but took a minute and 43 seconds to walk up there and the same amount of time for the dismount.

The audience was a collective who's who of DC - past and present.  The usual suspects - three of the five ex-presidents, at least three ex-vice presidents. A butt load of senators - former and current - including Dole, Snow, Warren, Kasich, Lieberman, and McCain's "best friend in the Senate", Miss Lindsey Graham.  Oh, and Warren Beatty - naturally!

Poor Linds only got one of those 13 second bible versus. He seemingly had what looked like a name tag pinned on his suit that probably said Night Manager - HoJos: Lindsey.

I don't feel for Ms. Graham. He now parrots everything BLOTUS says. When the 2016 campaign was going on, he was quite vocal about many things, being anti-BLOTUS. Except he never quite went to bat for McCain (his "friend") when BLOTUS mocked him.  Fair weather, it seems.

I don't want to tell anyone how to grieve, know I'm gonna.

Glioblastoma is fatal about 99.7% of the time. During the two year diagnosis / treatment time, how does a family not come to grips with this early on and work through the process?  They seem well educated and have the means to medical care that would give them the 4-1-1.  Even an internet search would provide that (thanks Al Gore!).

But you had Megan (?) up there teeter-tottering on being fierce or out and out blubbering. I was waiting for at least one of her fake eyelashes to come off.  I know I'm being petty. I just think her words (or whomever wrote them), were lost a bit with tears.

"We gather here to mourn the passing of American greatness, the real thing, not cheap rhetoric from men who will never come near the sacrifice he gave so willingly, nor the opportunistic appropriation of those who live lives of comfort and privilege while he suffered and served," 

And she made the comment on "America has always been great".  But why-oh-why were the hundreds of tv cameras not focused on Jared and Ivanka at that very moment???

I would have paid big $$$ to see their stupefied reaction.    .....and it was Saturday, so why wasn't Jared in Temple?  And better yet, why was he there at all?  Or his skanky wife?

Kissinger spoke (I know, right?). He mentioned how McCain barely ever talked about his POW days. No shit. He didn't have to. Everyone did it for him. Lord knows every single person did yesterday. You'd think he did nothing else in his life.  I loved how someone mentioned how it didn't define him - by defining him by the very fact.

Shrub talked too. It's amazing. Compared to the current president, in my walnut sized brain, I kind of thought he might not be so bad. But he is. The second I had to hear that voice, I cringed. And yes, by comparison, of course he seems "ok" - but then you think of all the horrible horrible things he did in office - and seeing Cheney in that front row made it all too real.  I listened to him speak and yet never heard to a word.

Then it was Obama's turn. He's everything Shrub and BLOTUS are not when it comes to oration. There are times when Obama plays it too cool, but it was a funeral, so I'm hoping others heard his words.  They were great if not at a very even cadence:

“So much of our politics, our public life, our public discourse can seem small and mean and petty, trafficking in bombast and insult and phony controversies and manufactured outrage. It’s a politics that pretends to be brave and tough but in fact is born in fear."


I'd say: "hear that BLOTUS?", but he didn't. He was on a golf course (shock!!!)  at one of his own properties (shock!!!).   I'm sure he'll hear it / about it and twat something at 03:25.

I almost typed - "he won't go after McCain's daughter.....the day of / after her dad's services", but the man has no tact, discretion, decency, so.........yeah, her take down is coming too.

Blobby hasn't listened to the commentary afterwards. I'm not sure I need to. Chuck Todd, the chinless wonder,  and his prattling during the event was more than enough.

Song by: Depeche Mode

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Battle of the Dragon

Another Saturday.  Another Caturday.  And Dogday.

He's actually standing atop my chest, surveying the world, while I rest in the park.

Sophie doesn't always make preparing dinner easy. 

On a daily basis, Shep get so excited when I come home, that he brings his dragon down from his pied-à-terre.  It's seen better days, but I found an exact replacement on amazon, so I have two in my cart..........just i case. 

Pretty Kitty. 

My lord he's a dork.  But he's our dork. 

Song by: Stevie Nicks

Friday, August 31, 2018

Shout it Out Loud

Sure, Don McGhan "resigned" this week, but there was a better resignation. More to the point, there was a better resignation letter.

Of course, BLOTUS has said McGhan quit..........but then said something about his "decision" about McGahan.  So BLOTUS made a decision for McGahan to quit???


The top government official who oversaw the one TRILLION student loan market quit.  It's not just that he quit - it was the letter. It's a shame more folks didn't see this buried news item.

Besides Seth Frotman saying that the White House has "open hostility toward protecting the nation’s millions of student loan borrowers", he went on to say, “The damage you have done to the Bureau betrays these families and sacrifices the financial futures of millions of Americans in communities across the country.”

It isn't 100% clear if he was talking to BLOTUS or about BLOTUS via his budget director.  Either or.

The damage done to millions of Americans in communities across the country isn't just about Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He's like King Midas - he ruins everything he touches. It's not all about you, Seth.  Geeeze.

Frotman alleges that the bureau buried the publication of data showing banks are ripping off college students with “legally dubious” debit card fees.

While unfortunate that Frotman isn't high ranking enough to get the press his thoughts deserve, I do hope that others who find themselves on the outs with this administration speak out publicly.

....and here's hoping McGahan spilled his guts to Mueller and his team.

Song by:  Kiss

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Caring is Creepy

It has finally happened.

A mass shooting and almost no one cared.

Maybe it's because it happened on a Sunday, and folks were busy doing weekend things.  Maybe because it wasn't at a school.  Maybe it was because for eons "they've" said that video games causes violence and makes people kill people.

Or maybe, it's because it happens so often, no one truly cares anymore.

For g-d's sake, I didn't even hear anyone give phony "thoughts & prayers"™.    So you know it's bad.

And it was a Madden Football Video game tournament. It wasn't a shoot-em-up, Grand Theft Auto thingy.  The chances are, if anyone was gonna die at a Madden competition, it would have been from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.   .....or a DVT from sitting on their asses playing video games all day.

What do you do with white-on-white crime?  Politicians aren't engaged in that.  NRA ain't touchin' it.  Media didn't really overdo it like they do every other story. 

This is the numbing down of America.

Song by:  the Shins

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

the Emperor's New Clothes

Truth be told, I love how petty BLOTUS can be.

His crossing of the arms and refusing to answer questions about John McCain like the petulant child he is.

I mean, I don't know why people wanted BLOTUS to sing McCain's praises. Had he, it would have been phony and everyone asking him those questions would have said as much - so to BLOTUS' credit, why get caught in that?

But where he fails is in recognizing his years of service to the country. You don't have to say good or bad - just be factual. BLOTUS can't do that. Mostly because he can't even think of being so diplomatic, but that 'factual' thing will trip him up every. single. time.

The entire flag goes, flag goes down routine was a killer.  You just expected someone with a slide whistle standing outside doing the up and down sound effects to go along with it.

Allegedly there was some poll about Dems and GOPers liking McCain - and the Dems seemed to like him more - a lot more.  I only saw 'results', not the data source, so I immediately discounted the entire thing. But considering some senator I've never heard of before, or will again, though McCain should have been nice to BLOTUS.

I don't condone the BLOTUS-hate.  But McCain?  He was no gem.

The quote was about, and directed to, his wife.  In front of the press.  After she "joked" that he needed a little more hair on top of his head.

Yeah - that seemed like a proportionate response, no?

Then there is this misogynistic bon mot x 2.

FYI.  Chelsea was 18.  Ready to, or just had, graduate high school. So way to be a bully, John.  Oh and way to disparage women and transgendered folk.

I finally realize why McCain brushed off BLOTUS' crude comments about him and never fought back.  He couldn't.  He is just as dismissive, rude and disgusting as BLOTUS.

The emperor had no clothes, so to speak.

Song by: Sinéad O'Connor

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


As much as I enjoyed the Manafort - Cohen shit show last week, how delicious are the immunity deals going on with the head douche of the National Enquirer and (t)Rump Organization CFO?

The latter is especially worthy of note.

This is a man who has allegedly been privy to every single financial transaction in said organization (please, don't make me come that close to spelling out you-know-whose-name again).

To me - and I'm really just talking as a Law & Order expert, of course - immunity kind of more than implies knowing and doing something bad, but you're getting off scot free because that knowledge is worse for someone else.

So the inference would be that someone in law enforcement had enough on CFO Allen Weisselberg that spooked him enough to make a deal.  The true beauty of it is, of course, that aforementioned organization is not just BLOTUS' problem, but his ugly fucking kids too.    Oh oh oh - and he also handled all the household expenses for the family! SCORE!

Oh, it would be a shame to see them go to prison, which would most likely be on state charges. And if I'm not mistaken, state sentences are not pardonable by a president.  Oh no. So sad! 

The Enquirer could be interested, but his web if lies he publishes could raise reasonable doubt for just about anyone. But this isn't about what he's published, it's about what he has not. The stories he paid for (or someone did) only to kill them.

One is already out there.  BLOTUS had an affair and child out of wedlock.   </eyerollemoji></end eyerollemoji>.  Wouldn't the bigger surprise be if he only had one?  Still ir was 2015 if this happened. How much more humiliation can Melanoma take?

Are not the Enquirer's stories are usually about cheating, bastards and how celebrities are just like us?    Forgive me the cynacism, but is BLOTUS putting his dick in some chick's hole ever going to change anyone's mind about him?  The evangelical base has already supported him through Pussy Grabgate, Imprison Kidsgate  and Stormygate.  A few more dozen affairs will do nothing to sway that crowd.

No, our best hope lies with Weissleberg.  Maybe - just maybe - he's had enough of BLOTUS' anti-Semitism and will spill all the beans. Of course, that doesn't make up for the 38 years of being with this corrupt clan and his willingness to take on their degradation of the Jews.

Maybe a tide has turned. Maybe people will start flipping on these folks.  Now maybe we can find Kushner's achilles heel.

Song by: G-dsmack

Monday, August 27, 2018

My Music Monday

I was just scrolling through my music liberry - no even that randomly - looking for something to put up here for this week.

Raul Malo is one of those guys I just love. He's got a great voice, and he's a good songwriter, and the ones he doesn't write, well he's a good interpreter.

Malo's first solo album, after the temporary demise of the Mavericks, would be Today back in 2002.  It was a good solo disk, but it could have been great.

Today contains one of the best songs Malo has ever done solo or with his group.  I totally dig "I See You".   The horns.  The percussion.  The voice.

Yes, it's one of those songs, if left alone in a car (or anywhere) while it's playing, you might hear me belting it out.  And I probably hit 'repeat' as well.

This is who I am.