Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I'm a Loser


That is how many categories Mike and I differed on.  Usually it is like 4-6, leaving the margin of error to be very small for a win or loss.

(...and for the record, Blobby did not "open a door" to being called ugly. I was baited and trapped. And yes, the 'ugly' comment might have been taken slightly out of context, but it was a fine fine line.)

I did miss Mike not being home for the broadcast. Well, he did eventually make it home, but he was pulled a few different ways....with Otis and luggage and all.

The last few award shows - whichever they've been - we've live-chatted during. It's made for great fun {of course, I'm only speaking for myself}.  Personally, since he was out in Southern California, I'm not sure why he just didn't pull a few of this strings and get an invite to the shindig.

I guess he's waiting to use that card to get something really really nice..........like a sit down with legendary Oscar winner: Adrian Brody.

Now, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway might say I had won, but the makers of La La Land thought the same thing, so.......

One never knows where this could go...or how it could turn out.  .....though I think we all know the reality of it......I'm La La Land in this situation.

It started out very strong for me. I was up by two. Then by one. Then tied. Then......well......not.

It seems that seeing 24 movies in a year doesn't pay off in these situations. Do you wanna know how many Mike has seen this year?  Do ya?  Do ya???


One fucking movie.  ....and I don't mean pornography. But I don't don't mean that either. Because I just don't know. I was using the word as an adjective, not a verb.

Truth be told, as much as I wanted to stick with the show, especially since Mike finally caught up on Tivo (isn't it cute he still has Tivo......and actually records award shows?). We could have had a funny exchange......except for the fact that it was after 22:30 and they were only at the 11th award, out of 24.

Mike might have given up on beauty sleep a long time ago, but I still at least try to make the valiant effort.

So I had to get up yesterday a.m. and make my way through the other 13 awards via the news. And since it's all "fake news" who even knows if those are the correct winners they published.

A few years ago, Mike "joked" that it would all come down to the 'adapted screen play' and sure enough it kind of did.  That is where he clinched it.

The breakdown goes (and I have to publish it, so Mike does not think I'm cheating):

BEST PICTURE - we both lost

BEST DIRECTOR - we both won

BEST ACTOR - Blobby wins

BEST ACTRESS - we both won






BEST FILM EDITING - we both lost



BEST COSTUME DESIGN -  we both lose



BEST ORIGINAL SONG - we both won


BEST SOUND MIXING - We both lose







4-3.  It's like a crappy hockey score. Or possibly any Cleveland Browns game.

Now I am on the hook for some kind of treat to send his way.  Maybe a gift card to Krispy Kreme? No - he probably already has a lifetime rewards membership card there - right?

Of course, I could just get treats for Otis. That way I'd fulfill my obligation of a baked treat sent to his address.......and it helps Mike keep that tankini bod.

Whatever I send, I'm 100% sure he'll be gracious about the entire thing.  (where's that eyeroll emoji when you need it?)

Song by: the Beatles

Monday, February 27, 2017

My Music Monday


Haircut 100 has a website. I just assumed they had all been working a chip shop before Al Gore ever invented the Internet.

That said, they got .net and not a .com.

Mind you, under 'shows', the last update was 2009.....so......there's that.

As we close out the article of clothing theme, I bring you "Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)".

While I don't think it was as big of a hit as their "Love Plus One", I believe my featured song is better.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Down to the Wire

It's best to remember, it's about who or what will win, not what who or what you want to win.

That's the key to this game. To winning the game, that is.

Unfortunately, I let my preferences get in the way - and I pay the price by sending cookies to Boston.

By now, the USPS must think that I'm some kind of mule......and Weight Watchers must think Mike is just M.I.A.

Yes, I'm starting with a weight joke. But in a text two days ago, he basically called me ugly.  We have a very complicated relationship.  Clearly.

Actually, Mike sent a message to remind me of the 6th Annual Academy Award Guessing Game®. In truth, I had not forgotten, but I didn't realize the date had crept up, thinking I still had at least a week, if not two.

As it goes, I'm spit balling here. I have no idea. Part of me thinks I'd be happy if I chose wrong and La La Land went home winless......in every category.  And if I lose, Mike's BMI goes up......so it's kind of a win-win when you think about it. At least for me.

So here are my selections......

BEST PICTURE Arrival Fences Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water Hidden Figures La La Land Lion Manchester by the Sea Moonlight

Crowd pleaser. Though I think there were at least two better choices of the nominees. 

BEST DIRECTOR Denis Villeneuve, Arrival Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge Damien Chazelle, La La Land Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester by the Sea Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

I though Kenneth Lonergan had a better vision and story. It's not meant to be this year. 

BEST ACTOR Casey Affleck, Manchester by the Sea Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge Ryan Gosling, La La Land Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic Denzel Washington, Fences

I'm going out on a limb here. Affleck deserves it. Gosling's performance, while good, is ultimately the lightest of the bunch here. And Denzel already has at least one Oscar. If Mike doesn't vote the same way on this one, it could be the category that loses / wins the entire thing. 

BEST ACTRESS Isabelle Huppert, Elle Ruth Negga, Loving Natalie Portman, Jackie Emma Stone, La La Land Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins

I haven't seen Hubbert's performance, but I might like it if she won. Portman was not that good. Hell, Stone was not that great, but she's the favourite. 

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Mahershala Ali, Moonlight Jeff Bridges, Hell or High Water Lucas Hedges, Manchester by the Sea Dev Patel, Lion Michael Shannon, Nocturnal Animals

Hollywood might try to over-correct their whiteness last year, which could give Ali the edge. I think it should be Hedges, but it's not about what I think. {sigh}  It never is {/sigh}   (that is an html joke)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Viola Davis, Fences Naomie Harris, Moonlight Nicole Kidman, Lion Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures Michelle Williams, Manchester by the Sea

Didn't see Moonlight, so Harris (whomever she may be) could take it. I'm guessing it's Davis. 

BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Hell or High Water La La Land The Lobster Manchester by the Sea 20th Century Women

I so want it the Lobster to win something. But I think Lonergan should get it. La La Land might not be adapted, but "original" it isn't. 

BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Arrival Fences Hidden Figures Lion Moonlight

Because it's August Wilson. 

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Arrival La La Land Lion Moonlight Silence

It has lots of primary colours and lots of people mumble-singing on a freeway. Academy voters are easily distracted and swayed by shit like that. 

BEST FILM EDITING Arrival Hacksaw Ridge Hell or High Water La La Land Moonlight

I have no clue When in doubt vote with the masses. 

BEST VISUAL EFFECTS Deepwater Horizon Doctor Strange The Jungle Book Kubo and the Two Strings Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

BEST PRODUCTION DESIGN Arrival Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Hail, Caesar! La La Land Passengers

I'm sure some voters will think making Los Angeles look pretty is good production design. I thought the Cohen brothers did a great job with 50's look of Hollywood. 

BEST COSTUME DESIGN Allied Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Florence Foster Jenkins Jackie La La Land

Did you see Meryl's headdress

BEST MAKEUP & HAIRSTYLING A Man Called Ove Star Trek Beyond Suicide Squad

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE Jackie La La Land Lion Moonlight Passengers

Nobody saw Passengers to know if it even had a score. It will be La La Land, because it's "a musical". 

BEST ORIGINAL SONG “Audition (The Fools Who Dream),” La La Land “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” Trolls “City of Stars,” La La Land “The Empty Chair,” Jim: The James Foley Story “How Far I’ll Go,” Moana

This could be the other deciding factor in a Mike or Blobby win (or loss). I'm thinking "City of Stars", but I'm trying not to rule out the Lin Manuel Miranda thing. This could be his EGOT (though he'll get that when they inevitably make Hamilton into a movie). 

BEST SOUND EDITING Arrival Deepwater Horizon Hacksaw Ridge La La Land Sully

I don't know. Why not Arrival

BEST SOUND MIXING Arrival Hacksaw Ridge La La Land Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

The opening number for La La Land was so badly mixed, I thought it was the theater sound-system. But I've heard from a number of people they thought the same thing. 

BEST ANIMATED FEATURE Kubo and the Two Strings Moana My Life as a Zucchini The Red Turtle Zootopia

Kubo was still the best movie I saw in 2016. 

BEST ANIMATED SHORT FEATURE “Blind Vaysha” “Borrowed Time” “Pear Cider and Cigarettes” “Pearl” “Piper”

It's Pixar.....and it's cute. 

BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE Fire at Sea  I Am Not Your Negro  Life Animated  O.J.: Made in America 13th

It's 1995 again. So it's all about O.J. 

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT Extremis 4.1 Miles  Joe’s Violin  Watani: My Homeland  The White Helmets

Because it was the first one on the list. 

BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM  Ennemis Interieurs La femme et Le TGV  Silent Nights  Sing Timecode

See right above. 

BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM  Land of Mine  A Man Called Ove  The Salesman Tanna  Toni Erdmann

Because the only clips I saw were Elle (not even nominated) and Toni Erdmann, which got decent reviews, but looked atrocious

Maybe I'll be sending baked goods to a friend.....maybe he'll be sending them to me.  You'll get the final word on Tuesday.

Song by: Crash Vegas

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Real Good Looking Boy

Shep and Sophie Porn.....or smut.

It's Saturday, the best blog day of the week. Of course, I'm a little biased.

Shep meets a Frenchie. 
They'd be a cute couple. 

Sun-drenched Sophie

Shep crashes in the dressing room. His new favourite carpet. 

Shep makes the best of his office captivity. Looking for squirrels the lazy way. 

Same chair. Same whap. Different day. 

Handsome man on his walk. He LOVES this wall. 
Behind him is Squirrel Central. 

Song by: the Who

Friday, February 24, 2017

App of the Month

5 Calls. 5 minutes. 5 days.

Why not make my App of the Month* political?

"They" have made government even more difficult than it already had been. Maybe we need a simple phone app to make it more difficult for them.

As the description say, 'Turn your passive resistance into active resistance".

You download the app (duh), enter your zip code, and then there is a list of 8-10 items and you choose what is important to you - five of them, so you don't make the title of the app a liar.

As you click on one - it brings up the issue and a list of people to contact who would be involved. For one it might be the Senate, or your House representative.

It's a call. Chances are you will get an answering machine, but you leave your message anyways. You keep hearing about the congress members who have been avoiding the fuck out of town halls, so don't let them not hear your voice.

Clicking on the representative dials the phone - you don't have to look it up. Just leave your message. But be calm, cool and collect. They're never going to react to insane behaviour......no matter how bat shit crazy they clearly are.

In the first sentence I say "5 days".  Because the idea is to do it during business days. And if the issues list doesn't update, take another swipe at the ones you've done before. Make your mark. Make your voice heard.

*App of the "Month" is not to be taken literally. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

Cover albums are a risky gamble. I've said it before in other reviews. g-d help me, I know I'll say it again in the future. And while I love Alison Krauss, her talent doesn't make her any less susceptible to "covers failure".

Windy City is her new album (sans Union Station - though three of the four members make an appearance).

Krauss' voice is perfect - even though the album took three years to make, due to throat ailments. The arrangements are good, as is the instrumentation / orchestration.

So then why is most of this album boring as fuck?

Krauss mixes lesser known (or not known at all) songs with a few better known ones. That's a plus. I always feel if you do songs that are too popular, you're setting yourself up to fail by comparison. And don't get me wrong - here and there she does too.

The disk starts strong with "Losing You" - it's well done from start to finish. "It's Goodbye and So-Long to You" would have been better as a k.d. lang Shadowland song, than here, minus the New Orleans vibe that it ends up being. It seems a lot longer than 3:11.

I am a big fan of Krauss' take on "I Never Cared for You". I was never a fan of Willie Nelson's version, but this one truly works....and works well. And I am digging "Alone Am I".  Simple and clean.  The problem is, that it follows a few songs that are just mundane and by that point, boredom is setting in.

As it goes with the more popularly known songs, is anyone going to sing "Gentle on My Mind" better than Glenn Campbell?  It get it's a different arrangement and execution, but it doesn't work.

And honestly, does anyone in the world needs another cover of "You Don't Know Me"?

The surprise isn't that Krauss covers it, it's that she took so long to do so. Every other established Nashville artist checks that song off their list early on in their career - almost like it's a mandate. No offense to Krauss, but she brings nothing new to it - and how could she when the song has been recorded 4,491 times?

Krauss gets points for trying something somewhat new (even if it's old), but in the big picture it doesn't gel with me. There are selections here and there, but as a unit, it is not all that cohesive.

And not that I'm looking for Windy City to be extended, but when Krauss' last solo disk is 17 years old, and her last Union Station disk is six years old - you kind of expect more than 34 minutes.

Alison Krauss has created high standards with her past works - and that can be hard to live up to. While she tries valiantly, ultimately, the song choices don't get her there. Not this time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I Think I Love You

Apparently, it's not just a song.

David Cassidy might not really know if he does love you.

Too soon??

The poor dude has dementia. Or......that's what he's calling his fall from sobriety (and from a stage).

Yes, I get it's all very tasteless......but so am I.  I'm sure you all had to pick up on that by now, no?

On a semi-related note.......

My first album was the Partridge Family's debut.

Well - let me clarify. My father brought me home two records on the same day - the aforementioned tv band (actually, the series had not yet debuted) and an album by Gilbert O'Sullivan - because what 1st grader doesn't need an disk that has a song about suicide?

The bigger mystery to me was: how did my dad even know about either of these things? Certainly not from my mother. I was the fourth child.......she couldn't be bothered to pick up on queues. And hell, even I didn't know who Gilbert O'Sullivan was.

Maybe they meant to get me the Mikado.

Even as a wee gay lad I never saw the appeal of Cassidy. Being a super wee gay lad, I liked Laurie Partridge way better.  What was that about?  They say kids can be sexually confused, I guess I was.

That first Partridge disk was also an eye-opener?  They didn't write or play a thing?  I mean, except for Shirley & Keith. Oh, Blobby was devastated.  On the other hand, it got me into a life-long habit ot devouring liner notes.  .....that is until digital music took that away from me.

I'd say I've gotten off-course, but I'm not sure I have. I'm not sure there was a course with which to begin.

Oh oh oh....there is this.

The pubes aside: should I be worried that we have never seen Patti Smith and David Cassidy in the same place at the same time?

Song by: the Partridge Family

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

the Attack of the Giant Ants

So, I took to Facebook - kind of - two days ago after seeing this.

I say "kind of" because I didn't post it myself. I commented on a 'friend' who posted it.

First - I'll start off by commenting on John Roberts (?), who basically asked SCROTUS if it is fake news if they quote him on things he makes up....basically, his total misinformation about the Electoral College numbers he got.

They are not the biggest of Republicans or Democrats. Both Bushes, and both Obama elections were larger in electoral votes. SCROTUS' response was priceless.....and frightening.

"well, I don't know, I was given that information. I was given — I actually, I've seen that information around."

I don't know, but I'm going to stand up in front of the press corp and quote it as fact. He'll just repeat anything someone tells him?

Is he the Ron Burgundy of presidents?

With the Sweden "terrorist attack" - the trend continues.

The man has multiple national security agencies working for him - and he gets his intel from Fox "news"?   ....which btw.......I don't hear SCROTUS calling them 'fake news' when clearly they totally reported a fake story that DJT repeated.

But oddly enough, in my FB comment, I didn't rant or rail.

So far no one has taken the bait to respond.

And it's not bait. I. am. baffled.

I get that some news organizations lean one way or the other in terms of how they deliver the news - Fox included. But the out and out misrepresentation of a non-existent event just wows me. And that the president of the fucking united states takes it as gospel because he saw it on tv is terrifying to me.

I know there are a few SCROTUS-loving folks who claim not to read my blog, but do. And if you can comply with the aforementioned "rules" of engagement, I'd love to hear your take. Maybe you side with how he gets his information, or maybe your don't  - either way, speak up.

On a side note: I do find it odd that SCROTUS doesn't use the SCROTUS twitter account, only his personal one.  Is it ego? Is it that he can't say things on a government account that he can on his own? Does he not truly think of himself as commander in chief?

Song by:  Blondie

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Music Monday

C'mon - if you're gonna do a theme with articles of clothing, footwear has to be part of it, no?  And I refuse to do Nancy Sinatra. Yes, I own that song, but I refuse to be a cliché.

Sure, I had my choices of songs, but opted to go with 1993's "Walking in My Shoes" by Depeche Mode  ....because I'm gay.

What gay man - of a certain age - didn't love Depeche Mode back in this era?

DM has a new disk coming out in a few months. I have to say, some '80s acts really keep plugging away - and successfully. I mean, after you heard "People are People" 35 years ago, did you really thing they'd still be putting out new music?

Yeah - I didn't think so. But then, neither did I.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Site of the Month

So, apparently Sean Spicer doesn't know, or can't be bothered to learn name of the press corp?

I really don't know. The most I've seen of the man is when he's being played by a woman.  ....and you know that has just go to tee him (and the entire administration off).

So, when I say I don't know him, I can't be bothered (i.e. stand) to listen to him or his briefings.

I'm assuming he can't be bothered (i.e. stand) to learn the name of the press corp - if this month's Site of the Month is remotely accurate.

I present to you, the Sean Spicer-ized My Name.

....and apparently I'm

...so let it be written, so let it be told.

What's yours?

Saturday, February 18, 2017


Tis Saturday.  Shep Day.

Sometimes Sophie Day - but not today.

Shep and his new dragon toy. I love that he loves toys. And he plays with them all. 

Shep's neighbor: Shane. 
Shane cracked a toe nail, and they couldn't save it so until he heals, he has to wear a baggie on his paw....the poor guy. 

Bad pic, but cute buds met on a walk. 

Bo - the Mastiff, was ever so sweet. Linus, the Corgi was cute too. I don't want a dog as big as Bo, but he was quite the charmer. 

A dog and his boy. 

Given a little more time, I think he'll be walking upright very very soon. 

Song by: Patty Griffin

Friday, February 17, 2017



So I learned something new yesterday on the rationale for the goo that is used during ultrasounds.

Apparently, the waves just bounce off the skin if there isn't that gel. The gel helps the waves go to there they are going.

Still, it's slimy and a little icky.

I know this because I went to my first physical occupational therapy session yesterday.  They scheduled me for OT when the order really said PT.  I think it's the same person, actually, but the order needs to be physically changed or technically it's insurance fraud.

We went through some heat therapy. We did the exercises. I was told to put the band back on - even though the doctor said to take it off. And she (yes, a she - not a cute guy), did a tissue massage. What she was looking for were pressure / pain points. She found many.

The heat wrap actually started to burn part of my arm. She had to rewrap it. The ultrasound thing was weird the last two minutes of the eight minute treatment - it started to feel like little pin pricks - though every so slightly.

I know part of it is to stimulate blood flow, but I really don't know what it's supposed to do in the long run.

I did find out I allegedly have a bone spur right at the area of my affected elbow.

Oh yes, I say "allegedly" as she didn't feel it, as much as read it from an ultrasound (a radiological ultrasound, not a treatment one) report. The only problem is, I haven't had an ultrasound. She countered, that I had one on the 10th. I did have a doctor's appointment then, but no test other than regular x-rays.

So I guess I have to scour my bill when it comes to make sure I don't pay for that exam. But then there's a bigger issue:  who has the bone spur who doesn't know it?

I will do a few more weeks of PT/OT and reassess then.

Hopefully it will get better.

Song by: Mary J. Blige

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life for Rent

I am finally getting around having my car fixed from the crash-bang-boom that happened two months ago.

I was lazy and didn't jump right on it. The car was all very driveable, so why rush it?

I don't think it helped that I only somewhat like my car. It was great for a test drive, but the more I live with it, the more I think "meh".  ....and it's not great in snow.

The collision place had to provide the rental. It is 4-5 days, so what do I really care? It's taking me to work and back........and that's it. You're talking to a guy who with work travel, has rented hundreds of cars. There is no thrill. And as it turns out, they all use the same rancid-smelling cleaning solution between each customer.

As they wrapped up the paperwork, the guy goes, "you have your choice of a Santa Fe....a Mini Cooper or a....."  

Mini Cooper please!, I said, I sad.

I don't know why all the excitement from me, other than it was one of the few cars I haven't driven and kind of always wanted to.

Winnie - I named it Winnie, as in Winnie Cooper - has some pep. But I'm not a fan overall. It's loud, the sound system isn't intuitive and it smells. So much so, that in 30 degree temps, I drive with the window down.

That said: it's new and different. It has power and tons of headroom. Oddly enough, I don't have that in the Benz.

Song by: Dido

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Nazi Driver

Blah Blah Blah Michael Flynn.

Blah blah blah.....treason.

Yeah - it's great and all that that douchebag met his fate 23 days into the job. But do any of us think anything is going to happen to him?  Do any of us think that this will put a chink into SCTOTUS' armour?

Yes - I said 'chink'.....but I meant it as a 'crack' and not an unidentifiable Asian - like Dump might say / think / do .

I'm more surprised Flynn "resigned". I thought SCROTUS would go to the mat for any of his picks.....no matter how ludicrous the person or situation. I just assumed he'd fight to the death for the wrong thing.  Colour me surprised.

My current issue is with Stephen (and you know he probably pronounces its 'stef-in') Miller.

For all the naysayers of SCROTUS not being Hitler-ish, you just need Miller's quote from last Sunday's Meet the Press to show you it's not so 'ish'

I'm not quick to forget that others in the administration - regarding his 'not a ban' ban - that the courts should listen to the one person that matters - the president. Clearly their 6th grade civics class with its lesson on separation of powers didn't take. Or maybe they were sick that day.

Of course, I think they're just ignoring that whole Judicial, Executive and Legislative thing on purpose to see how far they can go. And because they are evil evil monsters. And they don't think anyone will stop them - and scarily, very few people are.

Maybe between things like that last Meet the Press and perhaps Flynn being investigated will shed new light for the Dump supporters on what kind of man they might have really elected.

Song by: Soundgarden

Tuesday, February 14, 2017



Who doesn't love a good one?

While yes, the card that Becky sent to the group is funny on the most basic level - I think I'm more amused that Vlad and SCROTUS are dressed like Deiter or from the band Sparks{oh yes, they have a website}.

Of course, Vlad/SCROTUS valentine is just a similar image of Cruz/Dump last July.

Vlad is looking a little pasty; and Dump is looking far too pink - when he's really orange.

Neither here nor there - but it should be continually pointed out that these two are BFFs - Best Fascists Forever !!

....and as make-out pals goes - Putin could do a lot better.

We have zero plans for the "holiday". Well, that's not quite true. We've discussed getting carry-in from a decent place. It doesn't have to be fancy for us. It will just be nice that neither of us has to cook.  ....or clean.

Of course, someone will have to order and pick-up.   .....and it most likely won't be me. I'm the guy who rushes home to take the doggie on his evening hike.

Since I'm drafting this the evening before, there is only a 27% chance any of this will happen - other than the dog walk (that is a 100% certainty).  So I better start thinking of things to cook.

Song by: Fiona Apple

Monday, February 13, 2017

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 83rd 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know of. 

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

And it's a dual post day - as it's Monday, so I also have a My Music Monday entry as well. 

05:37.  Yes, the clock is 4 minutes fast. 

I'd like to say this was my first time awake, but I know I was up at 01:30 and around 03:15. 

05:54.  First walk of the day. 

Rainy and foggy (though neither really show up well here) - Exorcist style

07:32.  Eyes go in. 

08:20.  Mat set down for yoga. 

10:30. Post yoga tea: complete

11:15. Doggie provisions. 

That boy goes through the puppy chow. He only has six more months before he graduates to dog fud. 

11:33.  Drive-thru. 

I'm not proud, but Wendy's was lunch. I've never encountered such a crappy staff before - which has got to be saying something. 

13:50.  Trying to nap. 

LEGO movie on in the background and one dog who insisted on pets and scratches. ...and someone did not get his nap. 

14:44.  Walk around the lake.   Twice. 

A little muddy, but Shep needed the exercise - and it was his first time there. The lake spilled over last week with heavy rains and all the snow melting. 

16:20.  Post walk. Post bath. 

Like most dogs, Shep tries to rub the clean smell away. He was tearing around room by room. 

17:00.  Laundry. 

Barely a Sunday can pass without at least a load of laundry. Yesterday it was three. 

17:45.  Lubing the heels post shower.

Gotta (try to) keep 'em soft. 

.....and your Baker's Dozen.......

21:30.  Dishes. 

I was going to be lazy and leave them until morning, but the idea of that got the best of me, and I cleaned the kitchen - though 710 did the pans. 

So next month, the 12th also falls on a Sunday.  I'm not quite sure how different the next set will be. But stay tuned.......

My Music Monday

Articles of Clothing is the theme o'the month.

Since you rarely get to hear Gang of Four, why not let my blog be a forum for their work?

"I Love a Man in a Uniform" sounds like it should be a song by the Weather Girls, no?  But it's not.

To be clear, this Gang of Four are not Chinese Communist leaders later tried for treason. ....though I'm assuming that is where the band lifted its name.

I love(d) the line: "to have ambition was my ambition"  or "I had to regain my self-respect, so I got into camoflage".   They both just make me smile.

I won't quite say it is a throwaway song, but it won't go down as a classic by many standards. That said, I immediately downloaded it in the heyday of Napster. ....and in my iTunes liberry it still resides.

Today is a two-fer in terms of posts. Don't forget to look for my 12 of 12.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

These Arms of Mine

Two years and one month later, I'm back at the orthopedic surgeon about my elbow.  My right one this time.

Last time, it was the left one.

Last time it was physical therapy exercises, meds and a band to go around the area - just below my elbow.

Since I knew all these things, I tried to self-treat. The problem is, none of the previous things worked....even in the slightest.

So, off to the doctor I went......well, after I called a counterpart in orthopedic surgery, asking for a reference for a doc who isn't a surgeon. I always assume they'll want to go straight for the cutting, when that is what I want to be a last resort.

The front desk staff was nice - though the paperwork, which my own staff gives to patients - I find highly doubtful anyone reads.  So much so, that on the top question on the second page, I almost wrote: "about 20%"

I was kind of a dick of the following question on the last time I had my arm x-ray'd....and I wrote "about 5 minutes ago".

I can't say I was horribly impressed by the doc. He was nice enough and seemed to know what he was talking about, but had little to no bedside manner. And he annoyed me when he called my malady: "golfer's elbow". Nor did he find it amusing when I asked when it changed from "tennis elbow".

But he said, if the brace isn't working by now, it's not going to. And this time, my pain is directly on the elbow, not slight below like last time. All the tendons come together on the elbow and I can't wear the brace directly on....so.......out it goes, I guess.

He didn't offer stronger prescription meds. He just offered physical therapy. One with electro-stimulation and some heated massage. So, I'll look into that on Monday.

On the chance that PT doesn't work - and really, why would it? - the next stage would be cortisone injections. And if that doesn't work, there is another kind of injection series to get, to which I got the pamphlet.

I don't know I want to get back to giggles.  I don't even know if I was ever there in the first place. Actually I do know that I was not.

There are other steps after that too - steroid injections and then, yes, surgery. But those are down the road. Until then, I'll wince when I put down a plate and I'll tear-up when I try to lift a gallon of milk.

Most gym things are out of the question. I doubt even with treatment that lifting or curling will be in my future - long or short term. Yoga is a struggle too......but I'm trying.

So maybe PT will be exciting. Maybe I'll get a cute therapist.

Song by: Marti Jones & Don Dixon

Saturday, February 11, 2017


In a busy week of SCROTUS, work, and falling down, there is always the need for pet therapy. An good thing for you - and me - that we have it today.

Break time. 

Kooper and Shep take a rest between play. Shep seems to love eating snow. 

King of the mountain.....or at least of the house. 


He's not horribly food driven (like Petey was), but he is curious. 

Sophie's indignity: having to share space. 


We had dinner at my sister's house. Boomer was hanging about hoping Shep didn't run over him. 

New Toy. 

Bobbi our neighbor presented Shep with a new dragon. He walked all the way home with it. He is a spoiled little man. 

Fun at the middle school. 

Kooper and Shep having a good chase in the snow. 

Song by: XTC