Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ad of the Month

The below ad keeps popping up in my Facebook feed.  I don't know why.

For those of you who think FB and the likes are watching you, if true, they're doing a horrible job of it.  They'd have to see from my posts, that I have no need for hair dye.

Though, to be fair, as the ad implies, I suppose one doesn't have to be colouring the hair on your noggin only.  I'm not dying my chest, treasure trail or knuckle hair either. least not yet.

In that FB feed, the ad is broken up into two parts. Here, it is only one long one.....if you consider two minutes "long". If you do, I feel sorry for your people's sex life.

The main guy is cute. He has a good wink and I like how he hides his nipples with the dye foam.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

She Works Hard for the Money hard for it honey.

I mean, really W.T. F. does a man with $6.5 BILLION have the need to go to a store-front hooker palace.massage parlour.

For g-d's sake:  order IN!

Yes, I know I'm late to this, but you know - Oscars, Shep Porn, yada yada yada.

Save for the human trafficking factor, I think it's the commonality of a store front that offends me the most.  Let's face it, if it just a Shiatsu and a store-front, Robert Kraft could have walked into any of the 3,401 Massage Envys that are at any local mall.

There's a few things with this story that just get to me:

1.  I guess the 1% are just like us.  I mean, if I had to pay for a hand-job, or whatever else he got in that place.

Money makes no difference in urges or lack of discretion. He might be smart in business, but lacks common sense. Of course, he also probably thinks he is above the law and rules do not him.

2. Human Trafficking.

I could give two shits about a lousy hand-job, to any socio-economic class. Not really.

However, when it's done at the cost of basic enslavement for the sexual pleasure of others, there is something wrong there.

Kraft's buddy, BLOTUS, wants that g-ddamn fucking reduce human trafficking.

Oooooh-weeeeee......who's gonna tell that gas bag he'll now need a wall from China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Bhutan, Eritrea, and any of the other countries.

But yes, the place Bob Kraft got his happy ending - albeit, interrupted (I think) - was / is involved in human trafficking.  Period.  And anymore, when you're paying for sex, you just kind of have to figure this to be the case.  And because you propagate this behaviour, Bob, you're part of the problem.

Of course, you and BLOTUS don't think this to be the case - grabbing pussies when and where you can.

And the slap in the face irony of the NFL's fucking Human Trafficking Awareness commercial they produced AND played........AT the SuperBowl where Kraft's team was playing is completely lost on Kraft, the NFL and the like.

The NFL won't do a thing to Kraft - even if they could. Dog killers get a pass.  Spousal abuse gets a pass. Theft - pass. Attempted murder - pass. 

If Bob Kraft gets down on one knee - where he usually pays his women to be - during the National Anthem, then the league will act.   ....eventually.

Song by: Donna Summer

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

We are the Champions

Mike and I started off the 8th Annual Academy Award Guessing Game® banter early.

He texted me 07:01.

Sorry - STARTED texting me at 07:01.

Mind you, I was a willing participant in the exchange, so it went on for a while - or seemingly did.

He was in the car with his husband and since the dog was asleep, I have a feeling he was just bored with Peter after a long weekend away, so I got the attention.

Mike pointed out a flaw in my selection post, of which I was kind of aware. In two areas I changed my mind before I ever posted, but duplicates were still highlighted. And while I made said changes, the edits did not take - nor would they after several tries. But to him, this has already cast a pall over the validity of the Guessing Game.

Mind you - if HE wins, there would be no issue.  Naturally.

Our selections were separated by seven categories - which might be a record number.  It is usually four. This, in theory, leaves us a bigger margin by which to win............or lose. The margin ended up remaining razor thin - unlike Mike.

Oh - I kid him. He's not the opposite of razor thin. He's "just right".  Like Goldilock's third choices.....well, when he had locks.   Ooops.  There, I go again.

While we are both winners in our own way - in terms of this contest, I AM the champion.

Not we.


While there is no 'I' in 'team', there is an "I" in "I". in I won! one.

That seven spread, of which I spoke, meant nothing. It came down to best Score - fifth from the last category, and even then, the best Mike could have done was tied. Ironically, we both lost that category.

Mike gave me a hard time (I know, right?) about bailing before the end, but as the victor, I could kind of do whatever I frickin' wanted.  So come the spoils.  So yes, I missed the Glenn Close upset. Even in my forecast, I said Coleman should get it, but I didn't base my choices on sentiment, like I so often do.  I don't think it helped her case that Close came dressed AS an Oscar.

And riddle me this - is ANYONE more annoying or self-important in Hollywood (and that's saying something) than Samuel L Jackson?  And yes Bob, I'm including Gwinnie in that group.

And poor Maya Rudolph.  Helen Keller comes back to life just to be her stylist for a day.

As I told Mike - Maria von Trapp couldn't have repurposed those drapes into something wearable either.

Don't start me on Gaga. I don't get the fascination with that song, but I did find it interesting that she wore ear monitors to keep her on pitch, while Cooper did not. I think that says more about him than her.

And Midler. Her voice is fine - as she is 70+ now. But the dreadful saccharine song of zero substance was just well..........dreadful. I would have loved to see Gillian Welch win, but we all knew that wasn't going to happen.

But back to going to bed early. The Oscars were both boring and better than before. I loved no host and no stupid schlock bits that drag the show out.  ...and the horrible horrible "jokes".  Yet, the show was kind of boring too.  I'll take boring over dragged out.

As for my win: we agreed on a firm handshake and joining us for dinner next time we're in town - which could possibly be next month.  As he had to pay for nothing but his time, Mike readily agreed.


But for the auditors and Dewey, Cheatham & Howe - the breakdown is here:

Supporting Actress - both won
Documentary Full Length - both lost
Make Up/Hair - both won
Costumes - Mike
Production Design - both won
Cinematography - both won
Sound Editing - Blob
Sound Mixing - both won
Foreign Film - both won
Film Editing - Blob
Supporting Actor - both won
Animated Feature - both won
Animated Short - both won
Documentary Short - Mike 
Visual Effects - Blob
Live Action Short - both lost
Original Screenplay - both lost
Adapted Screenplay - both won
Score - both lost
Song - both won
Actor - both won
Actress - both lost
Director - both won
Picture - both lost

Song by: Queen

Monday, February 25, 2019

My Music Monday

It seems I have a "baffling taste in music" - so says reader / commenter, Deedles.

I'm not calling her out or anything (honest!) - and she is certainly not the first person to say such a thing - though her verbiage might be the nicest version of the thoughts many might have regarding my music.

Brettcanjun was a lot less subtle.

I'm not her to defend my selections.  I'm not even sure I can explain them. I like what I like.  To me, "baffling" is speed metal, but hey, if you like it play it...........through headphones.

I totally get I'm somewhat across the board, but not all over it. Yes, in the same 15 minute car ride it is possible you'll hear Sister Sledge, Dwight Yoakam and a-ha.

I like new music, but not in great amounts. I think there is a lot of schlock out there. My opinion of course.

I don't know if Tim Finn baffles or not. He is the founder and leader of Split Enz, the band his brother, Neil, would join near the end of the band's existence and who would provide its biggest hit.

Tim would join Neil's band, Crowded House, for one album/tour, but mostly does his own thing, or team up with his brother for the occasional album.......well two in like two and a half decades.

While the video below is Tim with Crowded House, the song, "Show a Little Mercy" is a solo outing. There's just no other video out there of this song.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Me or Him

I'm tellin' ya, if I worked twice as hard (or even half as hard) at making selections for the 8th Annual Academy Award Guessing Game® as I did on making an image to go along with this post, I'd have a lot better chance at winning.

...that said, you can see how "well" the image turned out, can only imagine how well my choices are going to go.*

This is harder than it seems (that's what she said!).  Seeing a bunch of the movies that are nominated should make things easier, no?. I think it complicates matters. But here we are at the day before, and I'm still grappling over my selections - over thinking everything.

I don't feel as confident as I should after my huge Golden Globes win - for which I have yet to see my prize.    ........I'm just sayin'.  I'm sure Mike is just waiting for the right time, with just the right token of my superiority.

But while we wait for that to arrive..........on with the predictions.

BEST PICTURE "Black Panther" "BlacKkKlansman" "Bohemian Rhapsody" "The Favourite" "Green Book" "Roma" "A Star Is Born" "Vice"

I saw five and it's not giving me a leg-up. Roma could be it, but it might be best Foreign Language film. I am thinking it won't be both. 

ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE Amy Adams, "Vice" Marina de Tavira, "Roma" Regina King, "If Beale Street Could Talk" Emma Stone, "The Favourite" Rachel Weisz, "The Favourite"

A. I want King to win, just because I like her.  B. Stone and Weisz each have a statue and I think they'll cancel each other out. C. Adams was ok, but the movie isn't going to win anything big that might not be Bale. D. the chick from Roma wasn't stand-out'ish enough / at all. 

ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE Mahershala Ali, "Green Book" Adam Driver, "BlackKKlansman" Sam Elliott, "A Star Is Born" Richard E. Grant, "Can You Ever Forgive Me" Sam Rockwell, "Vice"

I like Ali. I didn't see this movie. I'm not sure he needs another one so soon after his last win. I think it should go to Grant - and Driver, if not Grant.  But word on the street is: it's Ali. 

FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM "Capernaum" "Cold War" "Never Look Away" "Roma" "Shoplifters"

I'm truly hedging my bets here. It could just as easily be Cold War or Shoplifters.

DOCUMENTARY (SHORT) "Black Sheep" "End Game" "Lifeboat" "A Night at the Garden" "Period. End of Sentence."

A movie about Nazi sympathizers in the '30s should resonate in this current time of fascism. 

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE "Free Solo" "Hale County This Morning, This Evening" "Minding the Gap" "Of Fathers and Sons" "RBG"

It's a liberal crowd. I think Free Solo might be better, but this is for the win. It doesn't matter what I like.

ORIGINAL SONG "All The Stars" - "Black Panther" "I'll Fight" - "RBG" "Shallow" - "A Star Is Born "The Place Where Lost Things Go" - "Mary Poppins Returns" "When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings" - "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"

Gag-Gag will get her Oscar, but not in acting. 

ANIMATED FEATURE FILM "Incredibles 2" "Isle of Dogs" "Mirai" "Ralph Breaks the Internet" "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"

I so want it to be Isle of Dogs.  I am getting SO tired of anything action hero and Marvel related, but it will be Spidey.  

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" "BlacKkKlansman" "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" "If Beale Street Could Talk" "A Star Is Born"

ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY "First Reformed" "Green Book" "Roma" "The Favourite" "Vice"

Roma had a subtle story and little dialogue. Vice was good, but an unpleasant topic. the Favourite was the most original.

ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE Christian Bale, "Vice" Bradley Cooper, "A Star Is Born" Willem Dafoe, "At Eternity's Gate" Rami Malek, "Bohemian Rhapsody" Viggo Mortensen, "Green Book"

I'm not saying I'd agree with the win, just that he will. I thought Bale was amazing. And the Academy loves bio pics shit (how else do you explain Jamie Foxx having an Oscar?).

ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE Yalitza Aparicio, "Roma" Glenn Close, "The Wife" Lady Gaga, "A Star Is Born" Olivia Colman, "The Favourite" Melissa McCarthy, "Can You Ever Forgive Me?"

Sorry Gag-gag, it's not happening.  This is coming down to Coleman (whom I think should get it) and Close (who I think will get it) after decades and decades of snubs. She's the Susan Lucci of movie awards. 

I am the Susan Lucci of award contests. 

DIRECTOR Spike Lee, "BlacKkKlansman" Pawel Pawlikowski, "Cold War" Yorgos Lanthimos, "The Favourite" Alfonso Cuarón, "Roma" Adam McKay, "Vice"

While I oddly think it should go to Lee, it's going to Cuarón.

PRODUCTION DESIGN "Black Panther" "The Favourite" "First Man" "Mary Poppins Returns" "Roma"

I might be the only person on earth not to have seen this movie. I believe they'll give it something. 

CINEMATOGRAPHY "Cold War" "The Favourite" "Never Look Away" "Roma" "A Star Is Born"

COSTUME DESIGN "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" "Black Panther" "The Favourite" "Mary Poppins Returns" "Mary Queen of Scots"

They were elaborate and still a little off kilter here and there. I'm probably getting it wrong for Black Panther, but it's a chance I'm willing to take.

SOUND EDITING "A Quiet Place" "Black Panther" "Bohemian Rhapsody" "First Man" "Roma"

Are there ever separate wins for Editing or Mixing in sound?

SOUND MIXING "Black Panther" "Bohemian Rhapsody" "First Man" "Roma" "A Star Is Born"

See above. 

ANIMATED SHORT FILM "Animal Behaviour" "Bao" "Late Afternoon" "One Small Step" "Weekends"

Truth be told, it's the only one I've seen. Each Pixar movie has a short at the beginning. It can be argued, those are usually better than the full length feature. "Bao" is no different. 

LIVE ACTION SHORT FILM "Detainment" "Fauve" "Marguerite" "Mother" "Skin"

ORIGINAL SCORE "Black Panther" "BlacKkKlansman" "If Beale Street Could Talk" "Isle of Dogs" "Mary Poppins Returns"

Sure, Poppins is a "musical", but Lee's film has a 70s funk vibe goin' on. 

VISUAL EFFECTS "Avengers: Infinity War" "Christopher Robin" "First Man" "Ready Player One" "Solo: A Star Wars Story"

I have no idea. Solo kind of bombed, so I say give it to a movie in which Ryan Gosling appeared but won't win anything for La La Land

FILM EDITING "BlacKkKlansman" "Bohemian Rhapsody" "Green Book" "The Favourite" "Vice"

If for nothing else than the Live Aid sequence. 

MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING "Border" "Mary Queen of Scots" "Vice"

If you haven't seen Bale's transformation into Cheney - you should. The guys responsible for this were incredible.

I haven't seen Mike's picks yet.  I dare say he waits to see mine to cheat off me and makes a tweak or two. It could be easier if he still wrote his blog and we agreed to upload our posts at the same time. But how could he win that way?

Exactly.  He can't.

*I really need to purchase and learn Ye Olde PhotoShoppe

Song by:  Roger Waters

Saturday, February 23, 2019


Well It's that day of the week that drives you feline and canine lovers to my blog............and then you're gone again.

I TOTALLY get it.

If I looked like that, I'd have readers in droves. let's get on with it.

Shep up at Shaker Lakes.  Just the two of us.  710 was home wit a bad code.

Sophie: the cat who refuses to look at the cam-a-rah. 

Shep's Day Care.  
So. Many. Cute. Dogs. 

Shep and one of his many many ducks. 

Heat seeking cat .

My personal fave for the week. 
Snoozin' Shep.

I don't know where 710 will sleep, but I'm sure he'll figure it out. 

Song by:  the Band

Friday, February 22, 2019

Blank Slate

I hadn't realized I already used up my 'free day' this month.  But I did.  On the first.

Sure the muses are nowhere to be seen, and I have no intention of sending out a search party for them.

I don't actually have scheduled or a set amount of no post days, but I try to limit them nonetheless.

Save Peter Tork dying, I have not caught up on any news - which is another 'free day' I have.  One more day of sanity without hearing anything DC related. 

....the town, not the comics.

Good end of work week to all of you.  See you tomorrow.

Song by: the National

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Federal Motor Voter

Why is it the GOP who screams the loudest about voter fraud, when they always seem to be the ones at the center of it?

Is it the more guilty just try to throw folks off track from their own dirty deeds?

Occam's Razor and all.

I think the most surprising thing about North Carolina's current scandal of illegal ballot tampering, is that it is not getting more (any?) attention.

I guess the word 'illegal' is redundant here.  I can't think of any legal ballot tampering.

What I think I love most about this - a son of a Republicunt congressional candidate warned his father about hiring a person who had a bad track record when it came to working on the up and up.  Dad hired anyways.

The son? An assistant U.S. attorney.    The son? Testifying against his father.


Oh oh oh - and dad / candidate / potential felon ?  He's an evangelical minister !!!!

A religious republican hypocrite?  I'd say they were just a myth if they weren't such a cliché and so prevalent within their own political party.

I know a guy like this can justify his deceit in terms of religion and the need to win, I just don't know how. 

The guy's tears as his son testified moved me not at all.  As an early Jon Lovitz character might say: "ACTING!"

But please, by all means, tell me again how having a national holiday for elections tips the scales away from GOP. 

Song by: the Alarm

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I would say most weekday evenings, we turn on the tv in the evening to watch Jeopardy.

Alec Trebek kind of annoys me, when he insists on over pronouncing certain words, or when he puts on accents.

Or when he comments, chewing up precious time he takes away from the contestants.  Dude - you're an emcee.

Still, I'll take him over the half-wit, Sajak.  .....and I'm being generous with the 'half'.

I don't get Jeopardy on some levels. Sometimes they let answers slide, when they clearly shouldn't and sometimes they ding. Show some consistency people.

And I always treat Final Jeopardy the same way - by picking my wager (all or nothing) based on category (psssst, Broadway Musicals -all!   Mythological characters - nothing!) and selecting my answer question before the commercial break - which is before they actually read the question answer.

If the category is 'Poetry', chances are, Elizabeth Barrett Browning is my selection well before the Gold Bond Powder commercial is even queued up.  Last night the category actually was Broadway Musicals, but my selection of Finian's Rainbow missed the mark.

Oddly though, you'd be surprised how often my shoot-from-the-hip answers are actually correct. 

I mean, sure it's 0.03% accurate, but that's better than I'd do hearing the actual clue.

Song by: Greg Khin

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Roger Stone has deleted this tweet of the judge who is overseeing his case.

I snagged it and am posting it here so it lives on forever (or until I stop paying for my domain name).

He's a dick and he knows it. Though I'm thinking, everyone knows it.  I'm guessing the judge knows it.

Stone "apologized" (oh yes, quotes) to the judge for on-line threatening her, though he swears that is not what he was doing.  (it was TOTALLY what he was doing.)

Not the gun site to the left of her head.

Not unlike his butt-buddy friend, BLOTUS, the idea of using threats or implying others should harm those who oppose (or make fun of) them is not new.

Actually, Sarah Palin used the gun target years ago - and while it was a threat, what a change 5-7 years makes. I have no doubt someone will take up the cause and harm (or try to) this judge or Alec Baldwin.

If you didn't see, BLOTUS got his widdle feweeings hurt at a SNL skit - and the word 'retribution' showed up in his tweet.

I mean, you know there is some MAGA-buttfuck who would be more than happy to stalk and take a shot at Baldwin......and just because of that tweet.

BLOTUS also thinks NBC should have their license revoked due to their mockery.

My lord - what a thin-skinned pussy. 

I mean, he's such a pussy I can't believe he hasn't grabbed himself.

Honestly, I hope Stone has an additional charge coming his way:  threatening an officer of the court. A FEDERAL judge.  Whether he's convicted of his other charges, this one might actually stick.

Song by: Joe Jackson

Monday, February 18, 2019

My Music Monday

Had I thought of it, I could have done a month of Academy Award winning songs - as we are a week away from Mike v Blob annual event.

I'm feeling confident, though I have no basis for that at all.

As it stands, I did not think the theme through and now it's too late. Please remind me in 11 months, will ya?

So I played iTunes Roulette and we're getting George Michael.

Maybe about 17-20 years ago, he did an album of standards. Or older songs. The Police's "Roxanne" isn't a standard, nor should be crafted into one.

For all of Michael's faults, his voice wasn't one of them. The idea of him doing a disk with an orchestra wasn't out of the realm of possibility.  Theory and Reality are two different things.

The problem became with some of this song choices and most of the actual arrangements (see: "Roxanne").   Only one song on the disk kind of came off well, and it's "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime".

This would have been a song from my parent's era. It's a Depression Era tale.

I'm sure I've heard the song done in the era for which it was intended, but not enough to know how Michael's compares. I think it stands on its own.   .....for folks who like this kind of thing....

Sunday, February 17, 2019


The only Emergency I want to see has Randolph Mantooth and Robert Fuller in it.

This declaration from BLOTUS is a joke - to so many.

I get I fall on the liberal side of things in many ways. But to me, this isn't a liberal thing - it's a logical one.  I totally understand that with this administration, logic, facts and reasoning have zero to do in the determination to "build that wall".

Ironically, BLOTUS is looking foolish so he can not appear to be foolish for not getting said wall.

Media and legal experts expect a potential SCOTUS will end up ruling on the legality of this crisis during the 2020 election cycle.  That could just as easily work against "us" as it could for.

But the actual scary outcome of this whole thing?   Ann Coulter's tweets.

Not the tweets exactly, but that I'm AGREEING with her!     FUCK.

....and my fave, though it really has nothing to do with this above instances.........

I can't even argue with that one.

But I saw the below, and it's just a little more succinct than what you hear in the spin that is coming from the White House or even the lamestream media. 

Yes, all the big new orgs have been incredibly lame. NBC, last night interviewed someone at the Texas border - a GOP town "official" - who insisted they need a wall there.  This was after the same reporter (with the last name Gutiérrez) reported that apprehensions in this area were at a 20 year low. Nowhere did he bring this to the official's attention to get justification for the barrier, other than his political party.

You're "reporting" sound bytes, not news. While I cannot stand listening to anything BLOTUS or his cronies might say is A reason I have limited my news intake, it's not the only reason. If the mainstream media is only going to chatter about the talking points put in front of them, why even bother - the other side has won.

For all the shit CNN is given, I will give them this - they prod. Not enough and not always at the right things, but half the shit on their website I'm sure it to poke the bear. The others just try to keep the peace in hopes they don't have access cut off from them.

Song by: the Tragically Hip 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Get Closer

I know some of you are big on the cats, so we are Sophie heavy today.

Coy - Sophie is not. 

Surveying the frozen tundra that is Lake Erie. 

Getting raspberries from the cat!

....and she's always near the heat whenever possible. 

My fave or the week. 

Song by:  Linda Ronstadt

Friday, February 15, 2019

I Could Write a Book

I got nothing.

I mean, I do - but I'm not writing about BLOTUS and his fucking national emergency. It's not like we didn't see that coming.

The only takeaway is Pelosi's pseudo-threat:  a Dem, when (and IF) in the oval office can use the same tactic for gun violence.

Still not a Nan-fan, but she has bigger balls than Paul Ryan did.  Well, so does Shep, and his are cut off.

The prob with Pelosi's "threat" is that it could backfire. It might temporarily scare the sitting GOP, but it might incentivize these turds of voters to go back in 2020 for BLOTUS.  Sure, they're seemingly PO'd about their lack of tax refunds - they're more afraid their AK-47s will go away.

Well crap. I just wrote about something that I said I wouldn't. 

Song by: Frank Sinatra

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 107th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

04:50   Rain on trees. 
It would rain all day long. No let up. At all. 
....and yes JP - 04:50.  a.m. 

06:40.  First report of the day. 

08:00.  Clementines. 
It's that time of the year. 

08:57.  First conference call of the day. 
I was the host / moderator. 

09:55.   Bowels of the building. 
But at least I don't have to go outside for........

10:05 next meeting. 

11:55.  As seen on way back from my 10:30 meeting. 

12:30.  Lunch.  Salad. 

13:10. Security. 
I just had to pick up a new key. 

17:47.  Heading Home. Finally. 

18:10.  A talking to. 
....and I'm getting it goo. 

19:25.  Dinner. 
The less said about it, the better. 

That was the day. It's good thing I remembered to even do it.  I was almost done with the a.m. walk before I remembered the day.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fields are Full of Your Kind

.....and so it begins.

The 2020 democratic field is large....and getting larger.

I'm not sure about this image. Is the Rock and Mark Zuckerberg contemplating a run for office?

I'd take one, but not the other. 

And Mark Kuban?  WTF.

Granted, not all of these are "official" in terms of running. Some are exploring the idea, some have already announced. All are better than the current resident at 1600 - and yes, I mean Baron.  I don't know the kid, but you gotta figure he's more prepared than his sperm donor dad.

I'm curious to see how the democratic field all plays out. I think you're going to see Biden, Bernie and Liz drop out faster than one would assume. Maybe not right away, but I don't think they're campaigns are going to cut it for the long run.

Sander is currently 77.  Biden, 76.  Warren, a woman!

I kid, I kid.  She's 69.

At this point with these three (esp the men), it's about the running mate, as a four year term is iffy and an eight year one, improbable. Besides the fact that they're older white guys - and well, I think DC has seen enough of that.  Kind of.

While we don't need 'the standard' I'd be ok with four years of 'normal'.

I see on social media people already bashing Bernie for running. JFC - let. it. go. 

You can blame the Sanders supporters for not voting Hillary, but I don't believe that to be totally true. Wasserman-Shultz disenfranchised a lot of the democratic party, when the DNC selected Clinton as the candidate regardless of what the voters might have thought. We were railroaded a candidate, come hell or high water.

AND, Hillary still won the popular vote and lost the election, so don't give me this shit that voting Bernie made Trump the winner.

Also some of these social-media rights (get it, get it??) have already picked out their candidate before much has come of them.  Oh - I remember Howard Dean and my love for him.  How'd that turn out for me (and him) after the third primary?

I'd say, "it's early", but it's not anymore. They're right on time. New Hampshire is a year away. Let's see how the next few months play out.  Some of these folks will just fall away. Some will come on board. Some will show their absolute stupidity.  Some will show they're nothing more than talk (Warren - I'm lookin' at you on this).

When all else fails, I can always write-in: the Rock.

Song by: Crowded House

Monday, February 11, 2019

My Music Monday

Poor Lindsey Buckingham

First kicked out of Fleetwood Mac last year, sued the band and settled that lawsuit - and probably walked away with some decent coin.

Now he's had emergent open heart surgery - which would have cut that tour short had he been a part of it - and possible sustained vocal cord injury which is, I'm guessing, due to the intubation.

Assuming it's not complete loss of speaking voice, I'm guessing even a hampered vocal cords would render a greater vocal range than Stevie Nicks' current three note ability.

I figured I'd give him a feature today - as I assume he's a long-time reader (ha!).  "Doing What I Can" comes from what is inarguably his best solo disk, his 1992's Out of the Cradle. It's not a perfect disk by any means, just his best one. I'm not sure what that says about some of his others.   (psssssst.  I totally know what it says about the others!)

Do I remember 1992 radio?  I do not. Not specifically. I know Buckingham wasn't really making an appearance on the airwaves, but some of his stuff could have - including "Doing What I Can".

It couldn't be worse than Jesus Jones.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Out of Time

As we have transitioned my mother into independent living, we have other things to tidy up.

Right around the holidays, I kind of panicked and wondered if anyone had tossed the food out of my mother's cupboards after she had gone into the hospital in September - never to return.

My sister confirmed she had taken care of the fridge, but nothing else. So, 710, Shep and myself went over and started with the pantry.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), the medicine shelf had been cleaned out. That was always like Russian Roulette.  My dad would combine things - tylenol and motrin in the same container. Who knows what you were getting, what lot number or expiration dates.  It was all about conserving space - though they always had plenty.  (Don't even ask about programs he deleted from computers because they took up 'space'.)

The food sitch wasn't much better, as we would soon find out.

We made three 'piles'.  The donate to a food bank.  To keep - for my mother or us. To toss.

The latter was due to things already being opened, unwanted by anyone ever or items that had been expired.

Now, I'm not saying my mother was attempting to poison us at every single Sunday dinner, but I'm not not saying that either. 

My LORD, the expired things in her cabinet. And not by weeks or months. That she used !!!  Granted, the pic is the extreme - and who was really using Nesquick anyways?  I'm sure it was bought with the grandkids in mind, some of whom are already out of college, the rest about to enter it. But I did have to laugh at the 2003!

It took us way longer to clean out the pantry, one cupboard and the freezer then anticipated. We'd have kept going but her big-ass trash bin was full.......and now weighted like 200 lbs. Thank g-d it was on wheels.

The Cleveland Food Bank got a three nice big boxes of fud donated to them. I hope the stuff went to good use.

We still have like the spice cupboard to go. But that won't take long.

What we are ready to do now is get the house ready to put on the market.  That's another post altogether (c'mon Airplane know what to do!)

Song by: the Rolling Stones

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Close to You

Good news Sophie lovers - she has the majority of today's pics.  No worries Shep folks, he's here too!

Colourful, comfy cat and carpet

I guess he's comfortable.  Why would he be in that position if not? 

Pretty Kitty. 

....and playful. 

She's going after the drawstring on my sweats. 

....and in the last week, Shep has turned into a cuddler.....with me.  
He's always been for 710, just not me.  I'm soaking in every second.

Song by: the Carpenters