Saturday, February 02, 2019


It was a long cold cold cold week. Very very little time out with the Little Man.  He spent most of his week at daycare. He's snoring as I type now. He is o-u-t.

I'm not far behind him.

I know we are his, but he's such a handsome dude. 

It's winter.  It's cold. Someone is going to spend her night on top of me, or between my legs. 
Man - change the gender in that sentence and it sounds like my 20s. 

Very very cold.  Yet it wasn't anything near what it would be in another day after this pic was taken. 

She knows how be comfortable. 

Polar Vortex Pick-Up. 

I sent the picture to my mother. She texted back asking why I was wearing a wig!  

Song by: the B-52's


Raybeard said...

It's a wonder your mum didn't ask why Sophie's on your head, though I dare say there are warmer areas of you that she would rather snuggle up to - Sophie, I mean, not your mother!
I hope your promised 'melting' arrives on cue, or maybe it's too optimistic to expect a genuine thaw. Anyway, a lessening of the general suffering would, I know, be most welcome.
We've got one more night of bitter temps to come (which in relative terms you might class as 'tropical'!) and then a bit-by-bit rising of the graph for perhaps two weeks which may, just MAY, be a harbinger of Spring - but let's not count our cheep-cheeps just yet.

anne marie in philly said...

LOVE your mom's comment! it has not been a fun week for any of us in the deep cold, although sophie looks quite contented on the couch. season starts in 2 weeks!!! hope springs anew!

Bob said...

Sophie has the right idea for the cold day.

Took me a minute about the wig because I kinda wondered the same thing.