Monday, July 30, 2007

One for the Road

Today is a travel day for me. I'm out the door at 5:30a - so there's not a ton of thought into this one.

This last week was good - if only for the fact that I got to see three good friends. Four if you include Mark - but I only know him peripherally. I like him though. Oh - and Morty's paint job, garage and patio look faboo!

I got to see Morty, Tom and Becca. How fun is that? Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them all at one time, but spread out over the week. It is a fun combo when everyone is together (but then we would have needed Jon and Ditto too), it is just hard to arrange.

Poor Mort was under the weather and I felt bad that he felt he had to entertain me. I left him and Mark to worry about Mark's potential new garage. But I did get to meet Skeeter, who is just such a good puppy and such a soft tongue. Yes, I went and ruined all his obedience training by letting him jump on me and lick me.

Then it was off for a drink and dinner with Tom. I had not seen Tom in maybe year. It is horrible that we have gone that long in doing that. But it was nice catching up with him.

And then yesterday, Becky and the brood stopped by for a catch-up and pizza. The girls are so damned cute and well behaved. Those au pairs really did their job! I swear the highlight of the evening (besides Nophie peeing in the dining room) was saved for last, when we were told that LDFRN wants to introduce Denton and myself to a gay male nurse she knows....because he and his partner are new to the area and don't know anyone. "Oh....and are they swingers, because I think Marc (I'll just assume he spells it with a 'c') and his partner are."

Don't worry is not necessarily's just LDFRN being LDFRN.

I'll be posting from the road.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Simpsons Movie

Blobby's Review: Eh.

I held no high expectations for this film, as the last few seasons have been marginal. Why would I think it would turn around because it was going to be on the big screen?

Gene Shalit said, "You'll laugh till your knees hurt and you can't breathe". I'm guessing the same could be said about Mr. Shalit on a decent flight of stairs too.

NPR was probably more accurate with: 'Bigger, Longer, Underwhelming'.

There were clearly funny moments, funny lines and site gags, but it just didn't gel with me. The entire cast of Springfield gets in on the act.....each for about 2.7 seconds. At least Ralph makes the most of his screen time - though you knew he would.

We took my niece and nephew and they seemed to really enjoy it. I just thought it was ok.

Anyway you look at it - the Simpsons Movie is leaps and bounds over the shit-pile that is going to be Alvin and the Chipmunks. ....and you only think I'm kidding!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

When Cultures Collide

Yesterday I went down the Rock N Roll Hall O’Fame. Yes, you’ve read here before that I don’t care for the organization or execution of the Hall, but technically I didn’t go in and I certainly didn’t pay.

The CBS Morning Show (or whatever it is called) did their broadcast from there – but trust me, that was not the draw. The Friday morning concert was Patti Smith !!!! No – not Patty Smythe from Scandal (she is the Warrior – and victory is hers!). Nothing against Ms. Smith, but she’s not a huge name draw that GMA or Today Show gets. But I’m much happier with Patti than say, some crapfest like Brooks & Dunn.

I love(d) Patti Smith. Her first three albums were great and something unexpected for the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. These are the disks that really did get her inducted into the Hall this year.

I almost did not attend the show since I woke up to thunder, lightening and heavy rain. But by the time I pulled into the work parking garage, the skies had cleared and were big swaths of blue….along with some Simpsons like clouds. ‘Screw it’ I thought, and walked the three blocks to the Rock Hall.

At first I thought it might have been canceled due to weather, but as I got very close, I noticed they were set up, but not many people were there. I’m guessing less than 200. Sad.

It is safe to say that most people there showed for the cooking segment or to try to get on TV with their crappy stupid homemade signs. Sad Sad. People at work knew I was doing this and not one person knew she was – NOT ONE! I am not that old, but man – they made me feel ancient. Granted, she only had one “hit” and it was almost 30 years ago, but still…. Someone said, “oh, I think she sings commercial jingles”. I was all like, “I highly doubt that!” Sad Sad Sad.

Perhaps there was a ‘concert’ after the CBS show – but I don’t know…I do have a job. I couldn’t stick around. I stayed from about 7:30a to 8:45a and she only sang three songs – but you know how those concert series work.

There was a heck of a lot of just standing around, as if you’ve seen these things, the band usually only plays two songs…and sometimes will play others to take the show in and out of commercial break. Which songs were what, I have no idea as I didn’t see the actual show (duh!).

Patti did the Doors’ “Soul Kitchen” off her new disk of cover material, as well as the Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”. She was in great voice and really seemed to enjoy herself. She didn’t even seem to mind doing “Because the Night” – which you just know has to become laborious after 29 years of performing it – and it’s not even her material.
Yeah – I would have liked to hear ‘Frederick’ or ‘Dancing Barefoot’ , “Rock N Roll Nigger” (as if CBS would allow that!) or even her covers of “Gloria” or “So You Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star”.

In those 200 folks down there was my nephew, Matt. I didn’t see him, but I got back to my office and my sister left me a message he was there. I was surprised he knew how Patti Smith was – she replied he didn’t, but likes attending these type of events. Maybe he’ll get turned on to some other music – though he’s pretty good at that.

What struck me is how the different and the same we have become. There was Patti, doing what she’s been doing for the last three decades. Then there I was in my button down (I had jeans on – because it was ‘casual Friday’), working from my BlackBerry and taking pictures with my cellphone.

That I even have to use the term ‘casual Friday’ sort of made my skin crawl.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lament on the Outerbelt

Why must you be so troublesome, I-270?

Built umpteen years ago (or possibly 32), you've been in perpetual reconstruction ever since. Nary a day has gone by that I have ever been on you that lanes, ramps and entire sections of road have not been closed. The orange barrel your only friend.

Your on and off ramps are mocking to the best of drivers and deadly to the worst. Is having 75 feet to merge onto the highway while the same stretch to get into the corresponding off ramp funny?

I have been on your surface but single digit times over double digit years and yet only for moments do I forget why that is (save moving from your city limits a dozen years ago). You are a cruel by-pass that takes longer to use than going through the center of town. You take me to places I would not normally venture nor ever really want to go. You have cruel signs that read North, South, East and West. You keep a multitude of minivans in perpetual hell. They spin in their own orbit from Westerville to Hilliard to Grovetucky to Worthington where they seemingly have no way to break the inertia.

It is no wonder no one can break your spell. Your signage is beyond comprehension and no one who does not drive you daily could ever find which exit to get off at and how to break through the barriers to get there.

Jon used to 'joke' about never driving beyond the outerbelt. My theory is: It is not the life beyond that cement band that had him frightened - it was being sucked into you soulless vortex that scared the bejesus out of him.

He had no idea how much like heaven Delaware could be compared to you.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Image Day

If this were on a toasted cheese sammich of a tortilla, I could easily sell it on eBay for billions and billions of dollars.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Should I even be surprised that the Nut-tastics and the Snausages are located right next to each other in the grocery store?

In reality, shouldn't Nut-tastics be right under the Snausages? If I were still a stock-boy in a supermarket, that's how I would have arranged it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

These may or may not be newly released disks. They might not even be a good disk - just what is been in heavy rotation in my car (as usually the iPod is playing anywhere else).

The first four Crowded House albums are very good to excellent affairs. So I was thrilled when I heard they were attempting a new disk - 14 years after their last one. Ok...the last part of that line had me more than a little worried.

As much as I like Neil Finn, his solo disks have been spotty. That and it really wasn't going to be Crowded House, as Paul Hester hanged himself three years ago.

Had I wrote this review three weeks ago, I would have completely panned it. But since I'm too lazy to even take it out of my car CD player, I've had lots of time to give it lots of listens. It is growing on me. Possibly it has grown as much as it is ever going to.

There is some good stuff, there is some fair stuff and quite honestly, there is some bad stuff. They open strong with "Nobody Wants To" and "Don't Stop Now". But then they plummet with "She Called Up". It starts promising enough and when they get to a bad chorus of "la la la la la" it makes the Carpenters' "Sing" sound like a frickin masterpiece. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), they rebound immediately with "Say it Again".

After that it is kind of hit and miss. I like "Even a Child" and Heaven That I'm Making". I really like "Walked Her Way Down" (best song on the disk). But if you count-up those pros, there are six good songs, but there are 14 on the disk. Do the math.

The ones not mentioned are fair to sub par, including his take on "Silent House", which he co-wrote with the Dixie Chicks, who released it a year ago...and did a much better job of it. And "Pour Le Monde" is ok, though if you listen to it, I swear it could be a rejected song from John Lennon's Double Fantasy.

The disk is still better than most stuff out there, but I'd never say it was on the same level as a true Crowded House disk. The great thing about iTunes: you don't have to purchase the entire disk.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I am (or was) a huge Simpsons fan. I think anyone who was a fond of them from the beginning would be hard pressed to say the show quality has waned in the last few years. Sure, there are funny moments, but not hilarious shows.
I no longer try to catch it when original episodes are aired. Hell, I don't even DVR them. If I happen to catch them, so be it. I much rather stumble upon the older ones during the early weekday evenings, but I'm not usually home by that time.

That being said - I am still REALLY looking forward to the Simpson's Movie....which comes out this Friday. I'll be there during it's opening weekend. Most likely even taking my 14 and 16 yo nephew and niece....whom for the last few years, I've been providing DVD sets for birthdays and holidays. They are forever grateful.....their mother.....not so much. That's why I'm an uncle and not a parent. Well.....ONE of the reasons.

I don't go for fast food tie-ins for these big summer movies, well, because I normally like to avoid those places unless there is a dire need for food or bathroom (the latter usually necessitated by the former). Burger King is the sponsor here. I guess Krusty Burger was unavailable.

I will give BK this - they have had some weird-marketing things over the last being the Subservient Chicken (creepy). This one is a little more fun, though frustrating. It takes longer than one might think and is not what I would call horribly accurate. My readers might disagree.

You can Simpsonize yourself. I'll save you some time: if you do it the picture has to be colour and pretty much a full on close up. I know the directions say that, but who is gonna believe that creepy King? The program must have errored out on me a half dozen times, yet, since I clearly have nothing else going on in my life, I attempted to keep trying.

I'd say I achieved success.....but I'm not so sure.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter

'Tis ('twas?) the weekend.

A movie and the book. And in a way, the end.

We went to go see HP & The Order of the Phoenix and I thought they did pretty well with it...given time contraints and all.

The girl they got to play Luna was great. Helena Bonham Carter was not as prominent as she could have been - but whatta gonna do? And of course, Ginny Weasley is showing much promise at a witch.

Is it just me who thinks that the woman who played Delores Umbridge struck an uncanny resemblence to Marion Ross, as she played Loreli Gilmore's grandmother?

The last book was so easily available, we saw no reason to pre-order this one. The Half-Blood Prince could be picked up in almost any gas station or grocery store. Oddly enough that one and the new one were not available at Borders....ours anyway. Sold Out. But I prefer our slightly more independent bookstore anyway - even if the discounts were not nearly as great. And they have great balloon art (as you can see). We only got one copy. I will re-read the last one, while Denton gets first shot at the final book.

I joked that my plan was to go in at midnight, grab a book, flip to the last page and read it aloud........then beat a path to the door. But I'm not that cruel.............honest.

However, I did walk into Joseph Beth and picked up the book, turned to Denton and said, loudly "did you know this was coming out? I had NO idea!" Some people looked at me like I was the biggest moron on earth...and some with complete bemusement.

Such is the story of my life.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Site of the Month

I can't say it is a WOW site - but Rebecca says it is 'soothing mindless fun' and it is. There is nothing overly cool about it especially, but it kind of becomes hypnotic and/or mesmerizing.

...or maybe I'm just so busy at work lately, that it is kind of soothing mindless fun just to play with for a few minutes.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Whacking Day

For the life of me, I do not understand why anyone would actually want to be president. I'm sure they all do the Miss America question/answer thing of "I just want to make the world a better place" bullshit line......but in reality, it has to be 110% ego.

Being POTUS has to be the ultimate dick-extender to these guys (Hillary included).

There has to be a better way, a better system - but for now, it is the only one we have got. Sigh.

But the thought that Ohio will determine the election again makes me border on physical illness. I don't think I can take this again, to have putz after putz of a candidate do what are the equivalent of a drive-by in our state. Then there will be the swift-boat ads to accompany that shit. If Tivo wants to make a killing, they should really advertise on how to skip the televised election crap and just record everything and fast forward through it later. Most people don't vote (let alone with any knowledge base).

"They" say that it is rare if a president every carries the election without carrying Ohio. And not that fundraising should have a say in the vote, we all know it does - so let's take a look at what we've got here currently.

Ohio has raised about 9.5% of all candidate funds at this point, but here's the breakdown:

$ 701,662 for Romney
Ok, this kind of scares me. Mitt ranks #1 in fund raising by about, what - 30%? Mind you $562k has been in the Cincinnati area alone - which is known for its conservative take on things (Robert Mapplethorpe anyone?). Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), he barely makes a blip outside of this area.

$491,014 for Obama
Nothing shocking here. Big in Cleveland and Columbus. Not so much in Cinci.

$435,173 Clinton
More surprising. I thought she'd be ahead of Barak. The big shock is she is number 2 in the Cinci area with $191k.

$328,374 Edwards
He's still running? He's so under my radar, I had no idea he'd come in fourth.

$287,000 Giuliani
It is nice to know that not everyone is buying into his bullshit. Though apparently 50% of his funds comes from Columbus alone. So he's hitting some demographic there.

Then there is everyone else in the low $100k mark and below.

$15,376 Kucinich
Yes, Cleveland candidate has raised a measly $15k. It's not surprising he is in or near least place. It is on how little he has actually pulled in.

I've said it is too early for this shit. It is bad enough the primaries are 6 mos away. I'm not giving to anyone right now. It's a waste of my money when media will knock more than half out probably before the first primary vote is cast.

The line that keeps coming back to me is from an earlier Simpson's episode: "Gentlemen....start your whacking!"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For g-d's sake. Gift me!

I love Bizzaro. And most of you people should be thanking me on a daily basis.
Somewhere in there I wanted to fun down something from Pee Wee Herman's Christmas Special - but it's early and I can only think of the line "Cash? Always a practical gift!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

YouTube Tuesday

...and just because I have not prepared a post. I stand guilty. Or sit.....since I'm sitting.

This was sent to me by a few different folks and I admit it is funny. The girl at the copier is my favourite.

Monday, July 16, 2007

WWII Memorial and Thoughts

During my last trip to DC, I found some unexpected free time.

Everyone keeps axing what have I seen on my trips. Usually it is the inside of an office, hotel or Metro station. I try to look at the sites as I pass them by - but no real time to do anything touristy.....not that I haven't been to DC many a-time before.

So, instead of Metro-ing back to the hotel, my boss and I opted to walk back and take a detour to the WWII Memorial. It is one of the few things that I had not seen. That site broke ground the weekend of Becky & Andrew's wedding way back in 2000. I don't know exactly when it finished, but it was about time to take a look.

Situated directly between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, the site was fairly controversial when first proposed and even during construction. People thought it would really break the flow between the two sites, and disrupt the look of the Reflecting Pool.

I bought into all of those thoughts too, but I'm thinking mostly because Bob Dole, who chaired the entire thing, bugged the living hell out of me. Tom Hanks too. But you know what - it kind of fits where it is.....though it seems a little close to the Reflecting Pool.

As we were walking around this fine day, I commented on how each memorial has a very different feel. When asked what I meant by that, I noted that people at the WWII site were talking and laughing while just walking around and enjoying the day. You definitely do not get that at the Vietnam Memorial.

That site is truly one the quietest public spots I have ever encountered. I have been there with dozens and dozens of folks and if you hear anything at all, it is a sob.

The WWII is a wide open space with white granite, marble and cement. It has pools and fountains (almost Bellagio like). There is no tree coverage. It has two incredible and unobstructed views of Lincoln and Washington....the structures, not the men.

The Vietnam Memorial is off to the side in a tree-lined area that can be heavily shaded and seems a bit closed off even though still out on the Mall. The wall is solid black and though I'm no psychology major, it truly sets the tone. Part of the walk where the Wall resides seems to be a direct line to the Washington Monument and it is fairly striking picture. It sits very close to the Lincoln Memorial, but sometimes you don't even know it is there.

As we talked about the differences, David mentioned, how he thought WWII became about the people who returned and how Vietnam became about the people who did not. The country made heroes out of the people who returned from WWII, while Vietnam vets felt abandoned.

I also thought that there was a 40 year difference between the end of each war and WWII was more romanticized in movies - save some more modern fare like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. Vietnam always got movies like Platoon, Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket.

Still, the Vietnam Memorial has names. They are there for everyone to see and touch. It personalizes the conflict in ways that none of the other memorial do. I think Maya Lin did an incredible job. And while I think the design was vilified during it's conception, I never really hear anyone say a bad word about it. No one has a word to say at all - which is why it is so somber there. I think it sits close to the Reflecting Pool for many a good reason.

In the end - we were considered victors in WWII and maybe the memorial reflects that in subtle ways. We were not as fortunate in Vietnam - and maybe that memorial reflects as much in blatant ways.

Many years from now - what will the Iraq War Memorial look like and be housed? At this rate, it will be many years from now. Many many. There is no exit strategy. Even Baker - Hamilton would require non-combative force there for years....if Shrub even acknowledged its existence. But right now, seem years away from non-combative activity.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

All W has to do is look out his front windows to see a city filled with marble and granite remnants of what not to do. But it must be hard to see all that with blinders on, so the cycle continues.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Uncle Tom (sans cabin)

Before I boarded my plane back to Cleveburgh on Friday, I got an email from my mother saying that her 88 yo brother was in the hospital with TIAs. I'm sure she was worried that he would succumb to the same dementia that his wife did a decade earlier.

But Tom ranks as my favourite uncle and ok....technically I only had three! (a fourth died a few days after I was born) and his hospital wasn't too far from the airport, so when we landed, I decided to make my way over, even though he was being housed in Neuro ICU....which seemed a little excessive to me.

In no time I was at the hospital, but the old volunteer biddies, who were probably 20 years older than Tom himself, said, "oh....sorry....immediate family only". They finally let me in when I explained he's a widower with no children. I'm about as immediate as he has besides his brother and sister.

ICU was desolate. I'm thinking they only had three patients there and none very ICU-like. If you've ever been to an ICU, you know what I'm talkin' about. No one was even intubated. Maybe in this smaller hospital setting ICU means something different.

Tom was very awake and alert - and very happy to see me. I kind of watched for signs of faltering memory and at first I wasn't seeing it. When I did, I tried to attribute it to either, just being 88 and having seen the world and keeping things straight, versus not remembering.

Almost immediately, he asked about Denton - though when I was getting ready to leave he said when he got out we should have lunch and to bring 'Kevin' along. Eek (or is it eke....I always mix that one up). He also was mentioning one of my cousins and her younger brother....and he struggled for the name. When I helped him out and said, "Ryan", he than that. Well, Ryan is the youngest one. There was no younger one.

Earlier in the conversation as he was trying to explain his memory issues, he asked me 'who won this year's Super Bowl?'. Ummmmmm......I dunno. He goes, "exactly!". I saw his point that no one remembers everything. But overall, he was very cognizant.

Tom also asked about my father, but not my mother. Maybe he's tired of her though. But he went on to say that before my parents were married (pushing 51 years now) that he used to do an imitation of my father. I laughed and told him "I'd pay to see that!". Though he couldn't physically do it, he somewhat acted it out. And without getting into it, it was hilarious. I relayed this later to my mother - who had no idea her brothers used to make fun of her intended. But isn't that what brothers do?

But I think that is typical of some memory loss.....people can pull back things from 5o years ago without remembering what is currently going on around them.

Asking how he was getting home when he was released, he said Clete was going to pick him up. I responded, "so you're making your 90 year old brother pick you up? Can't you just have your almost 79 year old sister do it?"

My mother and her brothers are funny lot. I'm sure it has a lot to do with their mother, and the times in which they were raised, but they've always been very close. As a family unit, my sisters and I are not built that way. It's not a bad thing - it just is.

There are not great conclusions or observations to this post. I seem to have a sporadic theme of how we are all getting older. My mother mentioned she always thought her brothers would be there forever - and I kind of think that too....of parents, sisters, friends and partners. I know this is unrealistic.

I've already discussed with Denton: I want to be the first to go. Though you might think I might fear broken heart syndrome, it really comes down to that I'd have to be the one to clean the cat boxes.

Oh relax! I'm kidding! kind of......

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Perry O. Dontist II

So today was the day. That is, if you remember my posting from 4-6 weeks back about how I needed grafts of my gums done to cover exposed nerves and roots on two teeth.

At 8a I was in the chair awaiting the procedure. And I waited.

Finally they came in and shot me up with novocaine. They numb the areas near the teeth fairly well and the pinch isn't too too bad. The same cannot be said for the roof of the mouth.

Since they take the actual graft for the teeth off the roof, that has to be numb also. However, unlike the gums, they don't pre-numb the area with a q-tip before sticking the needle in.....and in and in....deeper and deeper. Crimeny! Then just left me alone with my iPod for about 30 minutes.

Honestly, thank g-d for Mr. iPod. He gets me through Metro rides, airplane rides and waits at the airport itself, to say nothing of working out and cutting the grass. That he helps with oral surgical procedures and keeping my mind off that shit, is a huge bonus and he's totally paid off with whatever purchase price it would have cost.

Anyhoo....the procedure took maybe 90 minutes, including all the sitting around and waiting. It was a little disorienting since I couldn't really tell what they were doing to me. Again, novocaine is a wonderful thing. I wasn't sure where their hands were and if or what they were cutting. I could tell when they were sewing me up (and I immediately thought of Dith and Becky knitting) because I could feel the long strings of suture moving over my chin and getting stuck in my goatee. Then I started thinking - if that is going through my goatee and being stitched into my gums - how sanitary can that possibly be? But I was in no position to say anything.....literally.

The drill is soft foods for 5-7 days!!!!!!! Are they fuckin' kidding me? The upshot is, at least I will drop 5lbs. I also have to keep ice on it on each side (naturally the teeth are both sides of my mouth!) at least 20 minutes per hour for 24 hours. So we will not be seeing Harry Potter today.

But I cannot brush of floss back there for two weeks! That is gonna be odd, though excessive and aggressive brushing is one of the things that exaserbated this problem in the first place. Oh the irony.

The big plus is - I have a great chance of getting two black eyes from this! Can you believe this? I had no idea. I am going to look so fucking butch, it's gonna be great! Or I'm gonna look like the fag who got beaten up on the playground. Basically, I'm gonna be Jimbo Jones or Martin Prince....depending on how I carry myself.

And I get Vicodan. Betty Ford, here I come!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

All Keyed Up

Yesterday was a l-o-n-g day. Out of bed at 5a (though I think I was awake at 3:45) and out the door (late) to catch my early morning flight to DC.

Yes, I was going to Richmond, but it only costs $200 to fly to DC and two hour drive to Richmond. To fly directly to Richmond, just add $1100 to that ticket.

But I got my regional medical director to go with me, so he drove and we had about 4+ hours of strategic planning we could take care of. Not a bad deal. And soooo much more economical in his Prius.

So, I am back in DC and was dropped off at my hotel. A nice hotel, I might add. Nicer than the frickin' Red Roof Inn I stayed the last two times.

Check-in went smoothly and I got a room on the 4th floor. I lugged my shit up in the sweltering heat and the key does not work. Both don't work. Why do they give you two keys when it is just one person checking in? I'm just axing.

I take all my crap back down and they issue me new keys. And they have a facilities guy up there to meet me. I guess they must think I'm a moron and don't know how to use an electronic lock. It'd been a long day - I was thinking that maybe I was missing something very basic that I've done hundreds of times before.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss) the guy stays with me and watches. Why ruckiry, you ask? Um....because they new key worked, but it seems someone else was occupying the room....and they were in there when I keyed in.

Can you fucking imagine??? They weren't nekkid or anything, but still! I freaked and it was me keying into the room. It'd have been about 61 times worse had it been someone keying into my room. And the chances of me being nekkid were about 120 times greater.

The front desk was extremely apologetic to me. They moved me to the top floor and room that has a couch, two chairs, a dining room table with seating for four, a huge whirlpool tub.

Naturally, I knocked before using my key.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sorry Kids

It's a travel day for me. I'm off to DC - Richmond - DC.

I'm sure I'll post from the road. Maybe something fun, new or different will happen to me. Perhaps.

But for today - I got nothing except a 7am flight, then a 2.5 hr drive. Lucky moi.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Image Day

Yes, it is that slacker blog posting day when I have nothing other than an image. Other bloggers will try to tell you it was just a great photo capture and they had to share it with you. They're lying.

They either have nothing to say that day (guilty) or no time to say it (still guilty).

That being said - it was a great photo image I just had to share with you! (HA! I kill me!) And you can click image to make bigger if you so desire.

Actually this is remains from the Foulton St. bridge which the city blew up a few months ago. Yes...a few months ago...and the wreckage remains. If you think they didn't do a very good job you should have seen the original implosion.....only half the bridge collapsed. Contractors! You can't get them to do anything right!!!

The other issue is that the bridge runs right over the zoo. So while this part looks like the job was unfinished with TNT that part was on purpose. They wanted to minimize the damage to the zoo and the animals.

This part of the bridge will be taken down a bit more manually. Eventually.

Monday, July 09, 2007

The TRUE Fan

Honestly, I think this post is for no one but Morty, Tom G and possibly George. Perhaps Kris. Not so much for Jon. It definitely shows how the first four folks are lacking in their team spirit.

This is one of my per-diem physician's basements.

He had someone come and paint it like this. Notice the strategic placing of the flat-screen. Notice the carpeting, which then had to have yard lines painted on it.

I do believe, my favourite details are Lincoln and Morrill Towers. When in grade school, my father would take me to OSU games, I always imagined these were built like maximum security prisons.

In my fraternity....I know, I comments please (and it's not a frat, because you wouldn't call your country a cunt) one of my 'brothers' was Palmer Schooley (you must say it with that faux upper crust inflection) and allegedly his father, John, worked as the architect on 'the towers'. Oh how we stood so close to non-greatness.

The towers were abysmal. Four to a room. Four rooms to a suite. Lord knows how many suites to a floor, but I think there were eight. But the best thing was - I never lived there. I purposely requested an all-male dorm, not for the sex potential, but just so they wouldn't place me in the towers.

Eventually they became the sweetest dorms on campus. Two to a room...first with cable tv, etc. But they way I understand it, they are back to sardineville.

When I worked in OSU Orientation, our summer offices were based in Morrill - and even for those months it was just icky - especially the commons. the video. Take a look at what campus is like. It is just a shame they couldn't get Drake Union in there somewhere.

And Morty - you better break out the paint!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Impeach Dick

I think most folks here know I'm a huge supporter of the Impeach Bush campaign. It's never going to happen, but it would be nice if congress made his life even half as miserable as they made Clinton's.

That being said, IF anyone were to impeach Shrub, it would mean someone even more diabolical would be president. Well, he IS co-president (along w/Karl Rove), but just not with the title: Dick Cheney.

So the only sensible solution would be to impeach Cheney first. Dennis Kucinich and now Robert Greenwald are at least putting a truly liberal face on the democratic process (notice I didn't say 'democrats').

...again, with 18 mos to go, nothing is going to happen. But a boy can dream.

I think it comes down to: no one wants Mary Cheney pissed at anyone. ....wait....maybe that's not it.....

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Wanted: Dead or Alive

ewwww....I think that's my second BonJovi type reference in a month or so. I soooo apologize for that.

I am not clear on if the amount is net or gross.

$5025.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth
To be honest I don't know what it's supposed to mean in the first place or why it even exists. But it was an easy, thoughtless post.

Yes you guys deserve better......but I am not feeling creative this morning. So solly.

Friday, July 06, 2007

It's For Children

...and apparently, people in Washington Courthouse.

Let me tell you, it wasn't easy taking this picture going 70mph down I-71.

I thought about playing with the settings and lightening up the contrast and everything, but then figured....'eh...what the hell'.

On the drive back from Wilmington (which is kind of like hell), the other side of the signs (there were more than one) had the 10 Commandments on them. I wondered how much the farmer got paid to let those signs go up. Or were there his signs? Or is he just a g-d fearing man who let them do it because he thought it is what Jeebus would have wanted.

On a similar, but different thought - Tom Green naturally popped into my head yesterday. Part of his shtick is to tell people he just flew in from Washington. Immediately someone would ask, 'state or DC?'....his response would always be 'Courthouse'.

eh.......I guess you had to be there.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Ok, you're probably wondering why there is a picture of Willy Wonka in the post. (Or more accurately of Johnny Depp playing Willy Wonka.)

It was time to renew my driver's license. Off I go to the BMV and lo and behold, it isn't there anymore. I shouldn't really have been surprised as I know the entire strip where it was located is s-l-o-w-l-y being renovated and businesses are being forced out........oh and I haven't needed to be there for the last four years, so who knows how long it as has actually been gone.

Well it couldn't have been gone too long as there was a sign on the door with the relocated address....which was crossed out because they transposed all the numbers. Ahhhh....state least they're consistent.

I head over to the new site and it is FREAKY. Brand spanking new place....and it is set up the exact same way as the old one. New counter, but every old crappy chair was brought over - along with every old crappy employee and their old crappy attitudes.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), the line was manageable....and I had all my bases covered: old license, new registration, updated insurance, social security card, credit card, cash (in case they don't do credit - and they don't) and a new buzzed haircut for my pitcher (yes, that is spelled wrong on purpose!).

The woman behind the counter couldn't have been less impressed. She was more concerned about talking with a woman in another line she used to go to high school with. I could have been Mohamed Atta and she never would have noticed. She was too preoccupied and returned my old license to me (tsk tsk) and never had me do the eye exam (for shame!).

When she would axe me a question, it was in the middle of her friend conversation so I wasn't really sure the question pertained to me, as she never attempted eye contact or acknowledged that I was ever really there. It didn't help that she had a Now & Later (they still make these?) in her mouth. She'd be terribly annoyed when she had to repeat the question to me.

But as I am apt to do, I flash on particular cultural image and did so here and it was from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when Willy/Johnny blurts at Mike TeeVee: "MUMBLER! Honestly, I cannot understand a word you're saying!" Inside I was chuckling to myself.

Unlike my last license, the new picture doesn't make me look like I'm an inmate at Supermax, but the Mumbler got me: when asked if my height, hair color and weight were 'x, y and z', I replied 'yes'. The mumbler won this round - she added on 10lbs to my weight and I never understood a word she said.

Well played Ms. State Worker. Well played!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

G-d Fucking Damnit (pt II)

Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Howard Dean all emailed ME today asking for something in regards to Scooter. As usual - only Howard asked for money. The other two wanted a petition signed.

But here within lies the problem with the DNC and the Dems - they can't seem to get it together and coordinate this shit. So instead of one mass effort - which may or may not even make an impact - everyone has their own separate petition for their own self-serving purpose. Cause nothing looks more damning or well orchestrated than 21 different petitions with 5000 signatures each. (sarcasm folks...100% pure sarcasm!)

And then there's Howard! Seriously, I'm all for contributing to the right candidate/cause - but to give money because Shrub commuted Scoot's sentence? What are they going to do with the funds? Pay off legal experts who say that W can't do that? Are they going to go back in time to make sure Shrub doesn't win the 2004 election?

If you read this blog back in 2004 - you know I loved Dr. Gov. Dean. I was a huge supporter when no one else thought he had a chance. And he has done some ok things as head of the DNC - but 'ok' isn't going to cut it for '08. It should be the DNC spearheading this shit and giving Chuck, Harry and the likes some true direction and directives.

Get it together guys!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

G-d Fucking Damnit

I came home from a fun night of drinking (more on that in another post) to find that Scooter is off the fuckin' hook!

Call it 'commuting the sentence' if you want - it is one step away from him being pardoned. But to accept a pardon, one has to assume/admit guilt. How much you want to bet they get around that one too?

Bush didn't even wait for the entire appeal process to be finished. They still had the option of the Supreme Court. Honestly, I thought John Roberts was going to let him off - but Shrub couldn't have anyone tarnish his teflon administration.

How is it that NOTHING sticks to this guy and his friends?? NOTHING!

I often wonder if W is so fucking smug or just 100% delusional. When his ghost writer finally tackles his autobiography (see, how I made it the 'auto' part with someone else writing it?), if he'd ever come clean on his duplicitous behaviour. ...but I think he's convinced himself that everything he does is above board and honourable.

I also wager that Scooter gets a nice huge paying job with a lobbying firm or from one of Shrub's biggest donors (and aren't they usually one in the same?).

If a republican candidate wants to separate himself from the pack (in a good way), he should deride W's decision. Honestly, with Bush's numbers in the toilet, does he even have a base anymore to pander to? Someone in his party going up against him might actually make headway. Fred Thompson thinks it is the right thing to do and that Bush should have done it earlier. Asswipe.

So any words from Bush three or four years ago about any wrongdoing in his administration would not go unpunished is just a bunch of bullshit (shocked you are, I know).

Once again, W killed my buzz.

Monday, July 02, 2007


We went to go see Once this last weekend.

It was a nice, very understated independent movie. I think it's safe to say that half the movie is spoken and half sung. Not a musical per se, a movie that is partly about music and the songs sort of tell what could be the fill-in back story.

The acting is better than ok though nothing extrodinary, but just sends off a really good chemsitry and vibe. But the musical performances are good, with the songs written and performed by the two leads....whose character names are never mentioned.

Most of the movie seems to be filmed with a handheld camera with little to no artificial lighting which really adds to the mood and feel. Usually today's independent films are just really slick movies with an independent distributor - really not independent at all.

It's been a long time since I've seen a movie that reminded me of a Drexel like movie of the mid to late '80s (christ, I just went to their site and they're even playing Die Hardest Once Again IV...or whatever it's called and Transformers). It was nice to see that kind of film back in the theatres.

Granted, we don't go out to movies a lot anymore, but it is safe to say that this has been the best one we've seen in 2007.

I really liked the music. It is the kind of stuff I'd buy....very Damien Rice like. Which makes sense since the movie is set in Ireland and is mostly acoustic with harmonies provided by a female.

The website linked above also streams the music from the film. ...and while I like it and others may not, I think you have to see the film to put it into context. Just my $0.02.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

"I pass the test....... I will diminish, and go into the West."

Call it buying into the hype. Call it curiosity. Call it wanton lust.

I had to see the iPhone. Not wanted to. HAD to. I'm such an Appleophile, I felt the need to check them out. I was hoping that's all it would be. I know I've said I wouldn't get a first generation and was irked a bit at the price for only 4 or 8 gig. But as the release date came closer and the press started really going ape-shit, I started doubting myself. I know me and that "seeing" isn't always enough to satisfy my curiosity. I brought Denton with me as the voice of reason. HA!

The Apple store was P-acked. Seriously, there is always someone in there, but not to this degree. And there was barely anything in there that didn't shill for the product: posters, flat screens, and all macbooks had iPhone screen savers. As if it needed anymore market saturation. They had two or three dozen on display for demonstration purposes. Oddly enough, we had no trouble playing with them. People milled, but not a lot were doing the hands-on thing.

I do have to say this - it is fuckin' slick! Good size. Feels good. Easy to handle. Easy to navigate. And just some real neat navigation features - both traditional and very non-trad. The screen resolution was incredible. I watched part of an episode of Lost and the picture was great. Using the touch keypad was challenging, but I'm sure with time, patience (if I had any) and practice it would be ok.

As Denton continued to play, I wandered around to check out availability....but without having to ask. If I can avoid those Apple store worker-snobs, I'm more the better. For all the hype, the camping out, the crowds - there were still a few dozen visible behind the register, both 4 and 8 gig - and this was day two. I bet there were more in the back too.

For good measure, I brought up my blog on the browser (damn, I should have turned it and have the phone automatically landscape it) and snapped a pic with my now crappy cell phone (click image to enlarge) which I'll have to live with for almost another year......unless I just pay the fee to get out of the contract.

I fully admit to wanting one. But as Galadriel did with the one true ring (yes, I am a major geek), I held it and was able to return it. Lothlorien and Middle Earth are safe.........for now.