Monday, July 23, 2007


I am (or was) a huge Simpsons fan. I think anyone who was a fond of them from the beginning would be hard pressed to say the show quality has waned in the last few years. Sure, there are funny moments, but not hilarious shows.
I no longer try to catch it when original episodes are aired. Hell, I don't even DVR them. If I happen to catch them, so be it. I much rather stumble upon the older ones during the early weekday evenings, but I'm not usually home by that time.

That being said - I am still REALLY looking forward to the Simpson's Movie....which comes out this Friday. I'll be there during it's opening weekend. Most likely even taking my 14 and 16 yo nephew and niece....whom for the last few years, I've been providing DVD sets for birthdays and holidays. They are forever grateful.....their mother.....not so much. That's why I'm an uncle and not a parent. Well.....ONE of the reasons.

I don't go for fast food tie-ins for these big summer movies, well, because I normally like to avoid those places unless there is a dire need for food or bathroom (the latter usually necessitated by the former). Burger King is the sponsor here. I guess Krusty Burger was unavailable.

I will give BK this - they have had some weird-marketing things over the last being the Subservient Chicken (creepy). This one is a little more fun, though frustrating. It takes longer than one might think and is not what I would call horribly accurate. My readers might disagree.

You can Simpsonize yourself. I'll save you some time: if you do it the picture has to be colour and pretty much a full on close up. I know the directions say that, but who is gonna believe that creepy King? The program must have errored out on me a half dozen times, yet, since I clearly have nothing else going on in my life, I attempted to keep trying.

I'd say I achieved success.....but I'm not so sure.


rebecca said...

RORRR -- that's not bad!

rebecca said...


rebecca said...

Jaysus, boy, if I hadn't seen that you eventually got it to work, I would have given up by now! Don't ask me how many hours I've now spent trying to get the Simpsonator to work...