Sunday, April 30, 2006


Last night we saw Kathy Griffin - live and in person. We've been fans of her cable specials and her 'reality' show, My Life on the D-List. We are not big reality show people. I've never seen an episode of Survivor, the Apprentice, Big Brother etc. Sure, I've seen some Real World - but who can't watch Puck like the on-coming train wreck barreling down the tracks?

The original plan was to go to Columbus and see her - but she was performing there on a Thursday and the issue of taking off work and traveling just seemed complicated. Not undoable. Well....yes....undoable b/c unbenounced to us, the show was already sold out. As my friend Diane would say, "the point was mute".

After perusing Griffin's site, I noticed she was coming to Cleveland two days after Columbus. Again, I fucked around deciding whether to go, blah blah blah - but we finally got tickets - two rows from the top in the balcony. Tom Green & Jack decided to go w/us. Really not a bad seat in the house. You could see and hear and it pretty much satisfied Jack's fear of not being called-out by a stand-up comedian. I never saw that as a worry as Griffin pretty much preys on the celebs. We don't quite fall into that category.

She was great. If you see her progression of stand-up specials she has really developed into a pro. Her first HBO special was almost painful to watch. She had no structure on how to end a bit. The material was still funny - but she's evolved quite a bit in how she performs and carries herself. Her Bravo specials are even funnier - even w/the bleeps. Clearly those shows cut a lot of her routine. Not just the 'bad words', but the length. Her TV specials are an hour w/commercials and she did a solid two hours w/us. ...btw...she has a new Bravo special on May 9th: Strong Black Woman

You automatically think no one is safe w/her - Oprah, Cruise, Celine, Secrest (sp?) all get skewered. But something you don't see on these shows is the political folks taking it. It would probably alienate the networks, but she went after Cheney and both George and Laura Bush. (I had no idea Laura killed someone when she was 18 after running a stop sign.)

The show was quite fun and she has no illusions on how her profession views her. But in a very limited role you should really check her out in the Madonna parody: Medusa: Dare to be Truthful.

Downtown was all a-bussle (is that a word?) which is rare for Cleveland. An evening Indians game (usually weekend are day games), shooting Spidermen 3 (ok, 2nd production team - no Tobey, no Kristin, no Doc Oc - just stunt doubles and a really crappy job of trying making Euclid Ave look like NYC. go figure), Kathy Griffin.....oh and Cleveland Leather Awareness Weekend (or lots of guys in faux uniforms and chaps - and the site is probably NSFW). The Cavs had the night off in the playoffs.

Afterwards was just some drinks w/the boys. Michael Carmichael (yes, it's his name) joined us after the Indians' loss. But Blobby can no long drink like he used to. Four drinks and I was ready for bed. Not that I could get a full night of sleep. Why should alcohol assist in me getting more than 5hrs of sleep?

Saturday, April 29, 2006


I feel like I have nothing to blog. I suppose I don't have to write every single day and maybe only should when I have an interesting item. But then, isn't it all relative?

I have been trying to ride daily and though been doing (in my estimation) well, I haven't been 100% successful. I had been until this week (yes, I know it's only week 3). But the boss is back from his conference, the weather turned sour (probably not a great excuse) and then Denton's bday.

The last two days I have gotten out. Maybe it's just coincidence, but the rides were hard. Not excessively long treks, but man did my legs really feel it. And I could not cut a break. No matter which direction I was headed, it was straight into the wind.

But I feel good doing it - and afterward. I haven't weighed myself, but it's really not about my weight. According to the charts, I am at the correct weight for my height. It might not be all in the right places, but I'm where I should be. This plan is to tone up what I do have - and to work on my cardio. Get my triglycerides and HDL where they are supposed to be (down and up respectively).

I have not broken the 20 mile ride yet this year. I'm shooting for tomorrow. I got close today, but je was tarred.

Friday, April 28, 2006


WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush on Thursday said he wants to raise fuel-efficiency standards on automobiles, as members of both parties jockeyed for political position on the issue of rising gas prices. Bush called on Congress to give him the authority to set the standards for passenger cars sold in the United States as a means of reducing the nation's demand for gasoline.

"I encourage them to give me that authority," Bush told reporters during a visit to a service station in Biloxi, Mississippi. "It's an authority I used for light trucks, and I intend to use it wisely if Congress will give me that authority.

I'm sorry - but after giving Shrub 'the authority' in regards to Afghanistan and Iraq, hasn't Congress learned the lesson not to give up all (or any) power to this chump? I'm sure whatever decisions he'd make would only benefit his oil friends.

My favorite part is that he 'intends to use it wisely'. There are so many things wrong w/that phrase on so many levels, it is actually funny!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I swear, politics and politicians just get queerer and queererer. I'm forgoing my own state's political crap to focus on West Virginia. Why WV, you say? Two reasons. One is Robert Byrd is being challenged by what I consider a nut-job. The other reason is this 'nut job' sent a campaign letter to (now follow me here) a former tenant who lived in the garage apartment of the people who previously own our house.

Mind you this tenant hasn't lived there for at least 3yrs and no way to forward the letter. Sure, I may have broken federal law by opening someone else's mail, if you're going to nitpick - but to be fair, the envelope was not sealed. The other mail this past tenant gets are knife catalogues. Not your Wusthof knives - but the Crocodile Dundee kind of knives (disclaimer: I've seen clips, people.....never the movies!).

Ok - so this guy, Hiram Lewis has a four page (count 'em - FOUR) campaign letter. Nothing like beating a dead horse w/your bullet pointed information. Mind you Lewis has made an art out of editing Byrd's comments to make him look unpatriotic. The people who market movies could learn a thing or two on how to spin stuff from this guy. ("I haven't seen a movie like this in years!!!"....when the review probably went on to say "and I hope to never see one like it ever again!").

I don't even know how to convey how off the wall this guys seems. Believe it or not, I'm not engaged enough to scan and post it , but I think I can bullet point some of it myself.

  • He doesn't like any politician (especially Byrd) who hasn't supported or even questioned the department of defense, the military in general or W.
  • snippets of the letter have the words: Hitler, fancy taxpayer funded offices (one of which he wants), undermine's troops, Bush has done an amazing job, WV loves Bush, blah blah blah
Then there are the GOP strong-holds, which you know are coming:

  • Life is sacred (read: repeal Roe v Wade)
  • Marriage is between one man and one woman (does this mean divorce should be illegal? or just remarrying after you divorce?)
  • NRA (he endorses them 100%!)
I love how he ties himself so closely to Shrub, who just two days ago in a CNN poll fell even further to only a 30% approval rating. Way to know your base there, Hiram!

With nothing better to do w/my time (clearly) I also Goooooogled him. There is a hysterical editorial from Huntington News. It's not just me who thinks he's a bit off-center.

...and yes, that is Hiram, sitting in Saddam's 'throne'. It was included in the mailing. HE is a hero!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Bush Picks Fox Spokesman as Press Secretary.

...three posts in a day. Somebody stop me!

At what point does a news network become the literal mouthpiece of a presidential administration? Whatever it was - that juncture has been passed. Both Fox and W & co. have been shameless about their lovefest for each other. Now, they've seemingly gone to Massachusetts and tied the knot.

Say what you want about Fox, they've developed a Karl Rove-ish art to deflecting any reasoning or logic to anti-W (or even somewhat critical) policies and initiatives. They do it blatantly and are unrepentant.

If we thought Ari (and not so much Scott) were masters at turning the table(s) on White House correspondents, I don't think we've seen anything yet.


Morty was kind enough to provide this historic moment to me. ...and it certainly made me laugh.

HAPPY 46th (no, not anniversary!)

There is a Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins song lyric I've recently heard that I just heart: "you are what you love....and not what loves you back".

If that's true, I'm pretty lucky: I'm a guy who loves a man w/2 cats.
If the second part of the lyric still holds the same conclusion.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


This last weekend, I watched Sean Wilentz on Hardball w/Chris Matthews discussing his Rolling Stone article on Bush 'possibly' (HA!) being the worst.president.ever. This is something we already knew!

Is this a shock to my readers? Je think not. Is it a shock to most half-educated american? Je think not. Is it a shock to the deep deep red states? Of course it is. First off, they don't know who Buchanan, Johnson, Harding or Hoover were anyway. Second, as Morty pointed out months ago, W could kill newborns with his own hands and still have their support.

Though the article is good - I somehow can't get over that it is from Rolling Stone. I'm being a snob. I expect an article like this (albeit a better written) in the Atlantic. This is Rolling Stone. I mean, there is not one mention of the Dave Matthews Band!

That being said, I love articles that include numbers and stats. Throw in the history and I'm hooked! Read the entire article. But for those who skim or think that this is a fluctuation due to a bad news cycle, I point out this from the piece:

Twelve percent of the historians polled -- nearly as many as those who rated Bush a success -- flatly called Bush the worst president in American history. And these figures were gathered before the debacles over Hurricane Katrina, Bush's role in the Valerie Plame leak affair and the deterioration of the situation in Iraq. Were the historians polled today, that figure would certainly be higher.

Though one could argue that the last sentence is suspect at best - it does stand to reason. And note - there is nothing about 'illegal wiretapping' there either.

That being said on Shrub - there are other GOPers in the toilet too. Santorum.

...and yes, I know the graphic included here is not Rolling Stone. I just like the mock-up of the Time cover.

Monday, April 24, 2006


Maybe my title header is only funny if you've seen Anchorman.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


If I have to go to the grocery store, then you should share in the burden.

I do try to make it more fun by finding weird products that I can mock.

....and poor poor Dick Van Patten. I guess those residuals from Eight is Enough just didn't pan out. It makes one wonder how little Nicholas can support his drug habit.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

C.I.A. Fires Senior Officer Over Leaks

Published: April 22, 2006
WASHINGTON, April 21 Â? The Central Intelligence Agency has dismissed a senior career officer for disclosing classified information to reporters, including material for Pulitzer Prize-winning articles in The Washington Post about the agency's secret overseas prisons for terror suspects, intelligence officials said Friday.

Oh the irony!!! If it weren't so sad, it'd be laughable. But personally the woman should be getting some freedom medal.

Shrub should take a look at how the C.I.A. handled it and well.......I himself. You know for all the crap about the 'liberal media' - where are all the outraged stories, not so much that Bush declassified info on Plame to have Dick and Scooter get it out there - but to pretend like he knew nothing of it....until found out?? The fact that he put up the farce of 'if found out, he'll deal w/any leak'. Good l-rd!
"A-E-I-O-U (and sometimes Y)"

This morning (ok, middle of the night!), I awoke from a dream that had music in it. This is not the same thing, like when I leave my little blog blurbs of songs in my head when I wake up. This was a full-on dream.

What's stranger than waking up to the song "Maria" from West Side Story? When it's sung by Sarah Vowell , who is sitting behind a plexiglas partition like she was a ticket taker at the mega-plex. And it's not that she sung it well - I mean, she's Sarah Vowell. And it wasn't the partial song - but the entire song.

For those who are not familiar w/Sarah, she is a contributor to This American Life, an author, occasional Op-Ed writer for the New York Times and did the voice of Violet in The Incredibles.

I won't even bother going into the rest of the dream where Denton and I had a 3 yo daughter, a cat and something about going to McDonald's for breakfast in the pouring rain.

Friday, April 21, 2006


CNN has a story posted regarding the worst song ever. In my opinion - the story itself is poorly written - but I supposed that's not the point. There are tons of 'best of' song/album lists ("Hey Jude"???? Gimme a break!) but not just not enough 'worst of'.

In 1989(?), Jon and I drove to Florida and each of us had to make a tape of the worst songs that we owned. The deal was - we could not fast forward through any of them! (Somewhere, I still have that tape!). It was funny and painful at the same time.

Then a few years ago, Rebecca and Art Silverman attempted to do a worst repsonse list to a 'best of' piece on All Songs Considered for All Things Considered a few years ago that never got aired. Becky had asked some people for their submissions - and I think it's time to re-examine the songs that would rather send us to the dentist for a root canal than to endure the 3 minutes 30 seconds of radio airtime.

As a number of people can tell you, for decades my #1 choice was Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street". That soul-piercing saxophone could (and still can) make me take plunge over a cliff. But as luck (?) would have it - newer, worser music has come along, or been rediscovered. The eerie thing is - how do these songs slip into our sub-conscious? I mean - I've always hated these songs. It was a not a slow decline into, 'wow, this song has really become annoying'. Yet I know every fucking word to each of my worst list (or most of the songs). How does this happen?????

Granted I do not listen to radio that much anymore (unless it's NPR) - so most of my choices are not current.

Though you can email CNN your submissions at, I'd love, need to see what everyone has to say (so list them here people!!!!). I don't think you have to put only one down. G-d knows I'm not! Unlike CNN's stipulations, these do not necessarily have to be 'hits'.

You can't (or shouldn't) put down blanket statements 'anything Whitney Houston / Celine Dion' because
  1. It's just being lazy
  2. It just stands to reason
Here are mine in no particular order - except the first one (and I know I'm missing a bunch):
Kokomo - Beach Boys
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
Cook of the House - Wings
I've Never Been to Me - Charlene
War - Culture Club
Rock Me Amadeus - Falco
Come On Eileen - Dixie's Midnight Runners
Run-Around - Blue Travelers
Let it Be - Beatles (there! I said it. someone had to!)

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Sure, I saw the 'quote' in the papers of W being 'the decider'. In my mind, I immediately went into every parody you ever hear of Shrub. "I'm a decider, that's what I do, I decide" kind of shit. All w/the voice of Will Farrel doing Shrub. Quite disturbing place to be - my mind is.

I can't say I ever visit the Huffingtonpost site - but this is kind of funny. It's playable at work. There is audio. Listen. ....or at least read the printed lyrics.

Kris R-H gets all the credit for pointing this out to me.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just when you thought it couldn't get any gayer than Liza w/a Z, amazon goes and gets all stereotypical on us and pairs it up with what the New York Times is no longer calling 'the gay cowboy movie,' but a movie about 'bisexual ranch hands'.

What? They couldn't have paired it up forget it. I can't wrack my brain to come up w/anything queerer than this combo of DVDs.

disclaimer: honestly, I did not go to amazon to purchase anything Liza. I SWEAR TO G-D!!! After seeing 'raves' about this in papers/magazines, we saw it on Showtime (thank you free weekend of premium channels!). No one ever bothers to mention that she lip synchs through most of it. Nor do any of the amazon reviews (which is what I really went to go check) - and yet oddly enough most, if not all the reviews are written by 'men'.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I could not be happier that Rebecca has snagged a top literary agent for her novel The Wrong Girl!!!! (actually, to be more accurate, and a better coup for Becca, is that the agent snagged her!!)

It is a very good book.....and of course, I do not just say that because a character may or may not be based on ME! Or partially on me. Or at the very least, the eyebrows of one of the characters (yes, you heard me right!).

I need to negotiate casting approval. I think that's only fair. Is Yul Brenner still alive??

Monday, April 17, 2006

(worst. Queen. song. ever.)

Though it has been planned for a few weeks, and has nothing to do w/my 'Mark Finneran' posting a week or so ago - I swear...honest! - I got my new bike on Saturday. (hmmm...maybe I should have titled the post Fat Bottomed Girls)

My Trek 700 was 12 yrs old, and while it was good to me, I wasn't very good to it. The first few years I rode the hell out of it. Columbus has some great bike paths that can get you to Grovetucky or Worthington - and after work, I'd go one way or the other. Columbus also was (is?) a town where after 5:30p, downtown just kind of rolled-up and died. One could ride right down main streets w/barely coming in contact, let alone site, of an automobile. It was the perfect way to relax after work (I mean, besides happy hour!). I got in not only some great exercise, but I got to work on strengthening my bionic leg.

After moving to Cleveland, the bike (ok - *I*) had fewer, yet sometimes harder rides....then eventually as work hours increased, and the bike and my body just became neglected and slid into a state of disrepair.

Cleveland Hts was not Columbus. While claiming to be eco-friendly (we are a Nuclear Free Zone, after all) the chances of being run off the road were great. Too great. That meant breaking out the bike carrier, attaching it, transporting the bikes to get to a better riding environment. It all seemed counter-intuitive.

But our new house has a better launching point for riding. Yes, there are some busy thoroughfares, but manageable. We can ride through the Shaker Lakes areas, etc. There is still the option of the bike carrier and heading down to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park - where one can ride the towpaths along the Ohio & Erie Canal. Fun to make it down to Akron, and if one gets tired or lazy, just throw your bike on the train and head back to where you started.

Anyhoo...I ordered my bike a week ago and it arrived at the store mid-week, I just couldn't pick it up until Saturday (again w/the work hours!). It is a hybrid - from Raleigh. To be honest, I didn't know Raleigh still made bicycles. The last one I saw, was my ten speed back when I was maybe 12. And though Trek had been good to me, I saw nothing they had that fit my purposes. Specialized had a great Crossroads bike, and was comparably priced - but the store was closing out the line. I didn't want a bike down the line they didn't carry or care about. Website design shouldn't really be a reason to buy a bike, but I'll give Specialized this - they have a cool-ass site.

So, I think we were home for about 20 minutes after getting the bike before we were out riding. I even wore a helmet. I loathe wearing helmets. I know it's the right thing to do to wear them. Working for a neurosurgery practice I should know better....but I felt confined. Having said that, they are a tad more comfortable than they were a decade ago - and I was smart enough to get a white-ish/silver-ish one, instead of black....which just told the sun, 'BAKE ME".

I have a lot of work to do to get back into shape for them-thar legs. We probably only rode a few miles, but it felt good. I'm looking forward to longer hours of sunlight - so I can at least get in a short ride each night.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Ok, je don't celebrate this "holiday"........but Tom Green (and his bunny theme as of late) was nice enough to provide me the photo. It made me laugh.

P.S. my favorite Easter memory was after a LONG day/night of drinking but alert enough to make an outgoing answering machine message before going to bed (or is that 'passing out'?):

"Unlike Jesus, I have yet to please leave a message." to say, my mother was not pleased when she called later that morning.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

"...cause I'm the Tax Man....yeah yeah..I'm the Tax Man...oh yeah"

Tis the season and all. Today is the day for all of youz guyz to make sure your taxes are postmarked, in the mail and on the way to Haliburton Uncle Sam.

This year we opted not to use TurboTax - which has been good to us all these past years. Since we moved, we had two different city taxes to pay, along w/federal and state. Then there is our current property, which resides in two different cities. Damn two parcels of land!

So we hired it out. And it made all the difference. She found stuff (in our favour) that I don't think TurboTax ever could. At first I balked at the fee - which was presented before we handed over our information. A fee that would have to be paid whether she got us a refund or whether we owed. ...and except for Cleveland Hts taxes (you never get a refund in Cleveland Hts), she got us refunds everywhere else. Je was very pleased.

Friday, April 14, 2006


How is this not going to be how I end up?

ok ok ok......or how I am this very second?

Thursday, April 13, 2006


This picture isn't nearly as funny as the attached calendar.pps

Personally, I'm partial to August. November is good - but note that it is a commercial airline and not the Air National Guard.

(Dith's been dying for another shot at Blobby's Blog immortality....and this is it! She provided the PowerPoint - though it's safe to say she didn't create it herself.)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Yesterday I ran into someone from high school. Is it a big deal? In a way...kind of - for at least three reasons:

  • I have almost successfully avoided anyone from high school for 25 years
  • I remembered who he was on-site
  • He noticed/acknowledged me first. I never ever think that anyone ever remembers who I am (yeah, I got self-esteem problems, what of it?)
"Tom", (we'll call him that, ok?) was on his way to my neighboring clinical department, which just happens to be Infectious Disease. We exchanged pleasantries, deciding not to catch up there in the lobby, but I said if he wanted, to stop by my office after his appointment. I'll be honest, I never thought he would. But one-half hour later there he was.
Tom went to Ohio State, same time I was there, so hence the 'almost' in my avoidance of all things Walsh Jesuit. (Though I did run into someone else at a funeral a few years back, but I digress...) We had very few one person whom we knew outside of high school in common. We didn't travel in the same circles by any stretch of the imagination.
...unless you have a vivid imagination.
From a class we had together junior year, I got a vibe from Tom. Mind you, back in the day, Walsh was an all-boys school...hormones were in flux, so the vibes ran rampant. During this class, Tom and I were paired w/two other guys on some project. At this time Tom felt the need to confide in me. Confide might be too strong of a word. Boast? That might be better.
While our project partners did the actual work, Tom would tell me stories or allude to his truisms. Two of his tales have stuck w/me since:
  1. His trips to NYC and some 'movies' that he made there. Movies that he was sure I'd never see. Hmmmmmmm. (It's true, I never saw E.T., so it's possible he's in that!)
  2. Then there was how at 16 or 17 years old he had gone to the hall of records finding records of an expired infant who died 21 years before, but who had gotten a social security number. Tom applied for many things under this kid's identity. Tom became 'Drew'.
This was in the day before most anyone had heard of identity theft. I'll admit, the more he went into detail, the more I was intrigued. Seemingly untethered freedom - which of course was a fallacy. Everything has consequences.
I ran into "Tom" at OSU, and though he wasn't unfriendly, when around other people he kept his distance....and I know why. I'd overhear them call him "Drew". In certain ways, he did what we all wish, at some time, we could do. He escaped. He became someone else.
Clearly, I lost touch. Not that I'd ever see him at a reunion. Not that I've ever been to a reunion. Again, I've avoided these folks for a quarter of a century - do you think I'd actually pay to catch-up w/their lives??? (Actually for my 20th, I had a plan to go w/Rebecca and Andrew. Becca was 9mos pregnant and we were going to go as a threesome. I'm not sure Andrew was ever let in on this plan.)
So, now here Tom is in my office, on his last possible course of treatment to save his life. Being brought back from the brink three other times - he was amazingly in good spirits. His lover of 12 years leaving him two months prior - he was amazingly in good spirits. His house burning down to the ground a year ago - still.....great spirits.
We talked about a few high school people we knew OF - but didn't know anymore. The folks we were close to/friends with - until diploma was in hand and how dispensable they were. And though it wasn't said - how dispensable we were. No regrets.
I gave him my card - told him to call me anytime.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yes, Goodyear has a new blimp - and he/she has no name. It is soooo very sad when unwanted blimps are brought into this world. Will no one take the responsibility to give it a proper identification? That is where you come in....

Be the one to NAME THE BLIMP!!. Oh - and if you win - it's yours for the day!!! ("Istanbul....and step on it!!!")

Please refrain from using Kirsty Alley - as it's already taken (and she doesn't fly - though she is full of hot air).

I think it's only fair that any name you submit is also entered into my comments section.

Monday, April 10, 2006


(song of the day that is playing in my head when I woke up: Lie to Me by Chris Isaak)

This bear's pillow is too soft
This bear's pillow is too thick
This bear's pillow can't be made of down
This bear can't find a pillow that is jussssssssssssst right

Where is frickin' Goldilocks when you need her? Blobby is in search for the best. pillow. ever! The last few months (or year) have been odd. I cannot find a pillow that satisfies my need for head-rest.

Sometime after our move, my pillows just didn't cut it for me. Not only have I tried all that we have (guest rooms included) - then there were the purchases! oy!! They have the standard (tried it - my head sinks to the mattress), firm (tried it - head sinks to the mattress), extra firm (using it now, but still have to use my hands under the pillow to keep my head at a good angle).

I've tried those memory foam ones too. They're ok, but my neck ends up hurting and can experience numbness during the entire day. The thicker the pillow, the more my head tilts up when sleeping. It's beginning to be a real pain - no pun intended (or perhaps fully intended).

...and then there are those that are supposebly (yes, I know it's misspelled!) for people who sleep on their back, side or stomach. C'mon - how different can these be? Apparently different enough to make me annoyed - and not different enough to let me sleep.

I'm certainly not getting a solid 8 (hush Morty!). I'm lucky if I'm asleep for 5 - and even that's not in a row.

We have so many pillows now, I'm guessing at this point we can easily accommodate the von Trapps and their off-spring and still have enough pillows left over.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


...male figure skating wasn't quite queer enough, someone somehow found a way to make it that much more gay. (this is work safe, though adjust the was loud on my laptop)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not Ready to Make Nice

In an earlier post I mentioned about how the new Dixie Chicks song that makes no small reference to Natalie Maines' comment about how she was embarrassed that Bush was from their home state of Texas. More to the point - the aftermath of said comment. While not killing their career, it certainly drove down their fan-base and sales.

I finally heard the song and just as I hoped, it does indeed not suck donkey-dick. While country radio could indeed play it - mainstream radio could as well. But I'd be surprised if they will. Most major outlets are owned by Clear Channel which supported Shrub to no end. can listen to the song on the the Chicks' website. You can also play the video (which is actually pretty good - though hard to see on the 2"x2" screen. I saw it on LOGO and thought it was well done....for a video. As Morty will tell you, video lost it's thrill after Aldo Nova!

Song by:  the Dixie Chicks

Friday, April 07, 2006

I'm thinking I should move the 'Impeach Bush' banner and put this up at the top of my blog until the end of the war. Thoughts? Comments?

Thursday, April 06, 2006


I'm not sure I'll even put these in my SOM archive section - since I'm guessing TBS will eventually cease and desist linking to them (and I'm sure my blog will be around forever!).

Anyhoo.....for all 27 of you who have not seen Lord of the Rings, TBS is showing the first two later this month. Normally I'd say they'd play the movies 'ad nauseum', but I can watch LOTR over and over.

But the site links are for their advertisement(s) of the Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. I'm putting them in what I believe to be the funniest order!

Secret Lovers

White Horse
Wizard of Orc

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SHOPPING w/BLOBBY (further tales)

ahhh.....nothing makes makes one more bloated and gassy than beans (or so I've heard - since I can't stand the things).

Nothing represents bloated gas-bags more than the U.S. Senate.

This is like a frickin' marriage made in heaven.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Back in the '80s (g-d....did I just say that?) I was working @ OSU Hospitals. During the monthly rotations of med students, I happened upon one named Mark Finneran. A nice chap. Friendly and approachable. You'd think med students would need to be nice to find their way - but they get that chip on their shoulder fairly early on (I mean, not you Andrew!). Mark was nice. He was a big football kind of guy and no surprise he went into orthopedic surgery. I mean - don't they all?

So Mark comes around the corner and sits down to chart. I'm minding my own business and hear this 'rrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppp'. I turn around and the poor guy is beet red. I go, "did you just........?". He nods. He'd been caught. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss) no one else was around and he could scamper off to his call-room to put on scrubs. Problem solved!

Why do I mention this? Well today I'm in a series of meeting w/anesthesiology and finally decide to get lunch. I stop to talk to two of my medical assistants and go to leave. I hear them stop one of my nurses - I keep going. Well, turns out somewhere during the day, I pulled a Mark Finneran....except I didn't hear it. Or feel it. Shouldn't there have been some kind of breeze??

Ellen, the nurse, tracks me down to tell me b/c the others didn't know how to tell me. THANKS! By the time Ellen gets to me, I'm in the lobby of a very crowded hospital! Thanks again!

These are the times I'm glad I keep a few suits in my office. I swapped out - and could do nothing but laugh about it.

At least I wasn't going commando or anything!!!!!

(NOTE: Morty left me an email comment that makes me think I wasn't clear enough. I split my pants. Not SHIT my pants! Geeesh!)

Monday, April 03, 2006


It's been 1189 days since Shrub had a huge-ass banner declaring we were victors in Iraq. If you don't count insurgent attacks. If you don't count no true self-policing of Iraq. If you don't count that Condi is over there now imploring factions for a stable governing body. Oh - and if you don't count the 2000+ U.S. soldier deaths since we've 'accomplished' this mission.

To all of those who still back the president on this endeavor:

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Last night on the way to dinner w/friends, I crossed through an intersection where I happened upon some flashing lights. It was so bright that it scared the shit out of me to be honest. My first assumption that was that an emergency vehicle was coming my way. No such luck.

Turns out it was one of the new traffic cameras that Cleveland has installed. Some are for running red lights while others are designated for speeders. Each ticket runs between $100-200. I have no idea if flash was for me - as there was a car in front of me and behind me. I do know I didn't go through a red light. I'm pretty sure it flashed before I even hit the intersection. I'm not as sure I wasn't over the speed limit, but considering the road, I'd be surprised if I was. Yes, I'm the guy who has never gotten a moving violation. Maybe a few parking tickets - and one or two accidents (which weren't my fault nor was I cited!!).

I'd be surprised if/when I actually get a ticket (of course, I always assume it's a 'when') as I cannot imagine how it is determined which one of the three cars on a 4 lane road ( and I guess the picture could have been for a car coming the other direction, which I didn't notice) was the culprit.

I think it's fightable (is that a word??) in court. ....and don't think I won't!!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I'm loving the site TRUTH OUT. I have no idea who is running the site (and clearly too lazy to look it up) - but it's great. It is not the end-all/be-all site. I guess it's somewhere between Common Dreams and Daily Kos. But I don't go to just one site. If I only got my info from one site, I'd be no better than the schmuks who watch Fox. (oh c'mon - you didn't actually expect me to link to that.)

I'd link to some interesting articles but they update somewhat frequently and there are too many anyway - but it's probably a good daily read. IF you have time, then maybe delve into their archives. But there are a few dozen articles daily covering the usual suspects in topical issues - but not necessarily straight-up politics.

Blob says check it out