Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not Ready to Make Nice

In an earlier post I mentioned about how the new Dixie Chicks song that makes no small reference to Natalie Maines' comment about how she was embarrassed that Bush was from their home state of Texas. More to the point - the aftermath of said comment. While not killing their career, it certainly drove down their fan-base and sales.

I finally heard the song and just as I hoped, it does indeed not suck donkey-dick. While country radio could indeed play it - mainstream radio could as well. But I'd be surprised if they will. Most major outlets are owned by Clear Channel which supported Shrub to no end. can listen to the song on the the Chicks' website. You can also play the video (which is actually pretty good - though hard to see on the 2"x2" screen. I saw it on LOGO and thought it was well done....for a video. As Morty will tell you, video lost it's thrill after Aldo Nova!

Song by:  the Dixie Chicks

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