Friday, May 31, 2024

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!  

We are pushing 30 years since I first saw the Mavericks. They opened for Mary Chapin Carpenter down at the Riffe Center (I think) in Columbus. 

For those who haven't seen or heard them, honestly, no other voice truly compares to their lead singer, Raul Malo. Roy Orbison would be the closest comparison, but with out the Hispanic flair. And a much fuller vocal. 

The Mavericks have done Country, Latin, Tex- Mex, 100% Mex, Country-Pop. They've had a few medium hits on the country charts. They are talented and should have greater exposure.  My opinion, of course. Country music, as it stands today, has little use for talents like the Mavericks. They're not singing about beers, bars and pick-ups. Their masculinity and patriotism don't need to be waved in front of you to get airplay. They're better than that. 

Moon & Stars continues with their talented output. This is a band who uses no studio trickery, though I don't remember them using too many outside artists in their recordings. There are four "guests" this outing. I don't know any of them, though none are bad. 

The songwriting and production on this disk is a broad range, and it works. They don't stick to A style or tempo. Ballads or Mariachi and anything in between. There's even a a sax on "Here You Come Again" (not the Dolly Parton song) which doesn't grate on me. ....and that's a tough chore. 

The band evokes the Everly Brother on two songs - mostly on "a Guitar and a Bottle of Wine", but decently done on "And We Danced". Both are great. Love the former. 

Ditto with "Without a Word".  All lower keys involved - all instruments, lead and backing vocals (the latter which I fucking love). 

As for the collaborations, "Live Close By (Visit Often)" was written decades ago and recorded by KT Oslin. But since it was a Malo composition, maybe it just works better in his hands. Of course, maybe a female singing a song about no strings sex was too progressive for the 1980s. 

The closing song, "Turn Yourself Around" is very Beatle-esque. Kind of a cross between "Strawberry Fields" and any of the unfinished Lennon songs the rest of the band put together posthumously.  Yet, it works. 

Maybe the Mavericks can put out a bad disk, but I haven't heard one. Granted, I don't really own their Spanish speaking disks, as I don't speak the language, but I'm guessing they're probably very good too.

NOTE:  for those who might not have noticed, there was a second post yesterday. If you're interested in seeing that, feel free to scroll down.   .......or not. 

Thursday, May 30, 2024



Guess who gets the rare 2nd post of the day post?

That's right:  YOU!

I already had something prepped and scheduled for posting tomorrow.....and this can't take place of pet day. And it can't wait until Sunday. 

I started getting texts earlier in the afternoon about a verdict. I was not mentally prepared for one so soon. Not even 10 hours of deliberation. 

On the plus side, it was far too quick for a hung jury - which was possibly the worst case scenario. And actually too quick for an acquittal too. I mean, it was doubtful BLOTUS was getting an acquittal on all charges, so to sort through 34 would have taken longer.  

Still, I didn't want to presume. Or hope. 

All fucking 34 counts:  GUILTY. 

VonShitinPantz' reaction was predictable. He only had two words:  disgraceful and rigged.  He said over and over while his Depends was filling up. I'm assuming. He's addled. 

His one female lawyer put her head on the table when the verdict was read.  My take?  She just realized she wasn't getting paid. 

I feel bad for the judge and jurors. They are targets. As are their families. And collateral damage to whomever works with or near them. Just remember - the FBI, Secret Service or DC police never found who planted two pipe bombs at the Capitol on January 6th. 

Palestine might be a safer place for them at this point. 

While appeals will be forthcoming, sentencing is scheduled for three days before the GOP National Convention. Or as I'm calling it: the beginning of the end. 

Thousands of cult members - armed - and their GOP representatives all in one place. What could possibly go wrong? BTW. GOP members who have already pledged their support since the guilty verdicts. 


I would not want to be a resident, or police officer, in Milwaukee during this time. 

Yes, I'm glad he was delivered another guilty verdict brought at the hands of a female. But I won't lie - I'm wringing my hands. Retribution is at hand. It's not going to go well. 

But - yay.  Justice!

Song by: Marianne Faithful

Green Behind the Ears

Not in a writing mood.  So, a cute video will do, no?

Song by: Travis

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ad of the Month

Yeah, it's 10 years old, but I never saw it before the other day. 

It is SO very very very wrong, that I absolutely adore it. I cannot imagine it ever got shown on tv. Had to be just an internet ad. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

How Do You Sleep?

I'd say I'm not a horrible person, but I probably am. 

At least 23 people died in Texas, Oklahoma and Kentucky due to severe weather over this last weekend. 

I didn't cheer their deaths or anything, but I also do not really seem to care. And honestly, my indifference is tied to the states in which these happened. 

Tornados are violent and random. They are amazing in their own way - as long as your not in their path. They don't seek out their victims, but for a large section of the country they are repeated events due to environmental circumstance. Their frequency and severity might have been upped due to climate change. 

And those places where they occur tend to be backwater, backwards, Republican-based areas where people are sheep or raise them. Yes, I'm generalizing. Stereotyping saves an awful lot of time. 

If the 23 were BLOTUS supporters, then I really really don't care. 

Sorry. I don't. 

People who support him, even just to vote for the Right, if nothing else are guilty of supporting hate, racial bias, sexual bias, misogyny, antisemitism and the seven deadly sins.......which oddly they hate in anyone who is a democrat. 

I feel for the children and animals. Just not the adults. 

These are the same states that ask for Federal help for their disasters but are for not giving it to others. I should say - the state "leaders", at both the state and federal levels. They are hypocrites and if their constituents have to suffer because of them - guess what?  I'm ok with it. 

Save for my dreams, hallucinations and insomnia, I sleep just fine. 

Song by: John Lennon

Monday, May 27, 2024

My Music Monday

Sometimes, you just want to hear a fun-sounding pop song. 

Sure - you can put it out under the guise of 'alt-rock', but you got a light guitar, fast moving, but upbeat lyrics / vocals / harmonies, it's pop.  Pop-adjacent at the very most. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with good pop music (talk about....). 

the Wallows have a new-ish song out, "Call After Me", which I'm enjoying. 

I'd have put it on my marathon playlist, but I ran out of time - pun fully intended. 

Sunday, May 26, 2024


I will never ever ever figure out (not that I'm trying) why George Conway married that sow, wow, I forgot her first name. I can picture the whore, but not the name.  And I'm not gonna look it up.

Why they stayed married all throughout VonShitzhisPantz's administration is a greater mystery, especially since George talked shit 24/7 about BLOTUS. 

So, it's only with slight hyperbole when I say George Conway might be the greatest man to ever live.  Sorry Ghandi, or Salk. Or Stamos. 

Conway has paid for the below billboard to be put out near Marla-Thomas-Lago. 

Technically, not defamatory. He could be talking about any election. Or anyone named Joe. Or any would-be psycho. 

Song by: Puddle of Mudd

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Love the Way You Lie

Dogs and cat. This what Saturday blogging is about. 

Simon makes it VERY inconvenient to get down (or up) stairs. 

Shep with flora, below the Garfield memorial. 

Bailey: Spa Day

This cat loves the stairs and below the railing. 
He is very aware of the comings and goings of humans and canine. 

Shep in some water, in some park on a very hot day.  
I'm sure it's very cool on his belly. 


Song by: Eminem

Friday, May 24, 2024


Nothing profound today. 

I could go with hypocrite Nimarata Randhawa Haley. She surprised absolutely no one by saying she'd vote for VonShitzinPantz. 

The living breathing twat of course said she'd never drop out of the race - days, if not hours, before she did indeed drop out of the race. Her vitriol towards BLOTUS during the doomed from the start campaign declared him equally as bad as Pappy Joe. 

But, so she can hopefully get a job somewhere that has GOP in the background, she puckered up her immigrant lips to his Depends covered asshole and drank the fecal matter willingly.  ......and smiled doing it, I might add. 

I am constantly amazed at the GOP and BLOTUS. He called Cruz's wife a dog and Ted practically had to thank him for the remark. And still voted for him. The tripping over themselves for this douche is just so unfathomable. 

Honestly, I don't know how Jim Jones did it, or how BLOTUS is doing it now. I don't say that tongue-in-cheek or in jest. I mean, it's if fucking amazing and scary at the same time. 

But on a lighter note - and I don't know how I missed this from over a year ago, but this is my new favourite thing. 

Song by: blink-182

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Vote for Me

On the way out of the grocery store, I was approached by an individual who asked if I was a registered voter (yes), and would I sign a petition to get independent candidate(s) on the Ohio Presidential ballot (no). 

It was a quick and resounding, but nice-ish 'no'. 

To be fair to the guy, he was doing what he thought was right and he didn't beg, nor did he ask why. He simply moved onto the next person exiting the store. 

In his defense too, he had probably heard all the answers, and even if not, he had a goal, which whether it has my approval, is admirable. 

Now maybe - just maybe - it was a candidate other than Wormtail RFK Jr.. It seems unlikely, but one never knows, nor was that information given at the time of request. I suppose I could have asked, but then it sounded like I'd have to engage him when my answer would not change. 

I am not opposed to a strong third party candidate. Well independent. There are plenty of other parties, be it Communist, Libertarian, Green, Jedi.....what have you. But in 2024, especially if it's a well known (I did not say "respected") name like "Kennedy", regardless of what I think about Pappy Joe, I cannot risk Wormtail syphoning off votes that would lead Von ShitzinPantz to get back to office. 

The thing is, as of early this month Kennedy says he had enough signatures to be on Ohio's ballot. He also said a doctor said he has a worm in the brain. Nothing that comes out of his mouth actually has had back-up by anyone official. I see nothing from the state of Ohio that confirms this., in that regard: politics as usual. 

As far as I can tell, he's only on the ballot in Hawai'i, Michigan, Utah and California. Hardly enough for the popular vote, let alone the electoral one. And like it or hate it (and it is the latter), it is the Electoral college that matters. 

I see no way that the 2024 election results will stay out of the courts (though I said that after the 2000 election for all elections going forward). None of us need Jr. battling with VSnP and Pappy Joe. It's gonna be fucked up enough as it is. 

If he can't be decent about it, then when campaigning in California, maybe RFK Jr can make his exit through the Roosevelt Hotel kitchen. 

Song by: Chicago

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Out of Time

I kind of lost track of time today.  Lord knows I haven't seen the news, so I can't intelligently comment on anything that happened - other than a shitty time to be on Singapore Air. 

I've had flight with rough turbulence before, but I'm 99.996% no one ever died from it.  BTW - I always wear my seatbelt unless I have to use the potty. And can you imagine hitting that rough patch when in there?  It's the equivalent of someone tipping over the port-a-pot at the country fair while you're still in it. 

I believe I'm fully recovered from my Sunday run. So........there's that. 

Song by: the Weeknd

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Green Yellow and Red

The second marathon is in the books. More like a pamphlet really. 

I have very mixed emotions on Sunday's run, and I'll get to those in a bit. 

If weather were to be believed, it could have been a nice day. I mean, it was a gorgeous day.......if you were going to the beach. 

You might not think starting a run at 60°F would be a bad thing. But for a race - let alone a long long one - I'd prefer 10 degrees cooler.  15 would have been even better. You dress for 10 degrees warmer, and even by that, it would end being 10 degrees off the mark from what it would be. 

Race conditions are rated in Low (Green), Moderate (Yellow), High (Red),  Extreme (Black). 

We started off with Green. 

Like my first, I was a bundle of nerves once I got to the site. I'd done my pre-race fueling and the bathroom stops. Yes, multiple. But I was anxious. I suppose most people are. Last year, I ran with a new friend, and while he was running this year, he was pacing slower than I. I knew a lot of folks between the two running groups, yet I ran alone. 

The first quarter went swimmingly. Time-wise and joint-wise. I made the first hill with little problem. The second elevation was a little tougher - and the weather was heating up. Also my gut was not feeling good. Part of me thought I would puke....part thought I needed a port-a-pot. I ended up at the latter at mile 10. Oddly, in my two years of running, I've never had to stop - at races or in training. This was going to slow down my time. Oddly enough, it turns out I didn't even need to go - but as they say: "never trust a fart". 

As I neared the split, I won't lie, I was wondering if I could run in with the half-marathoners and just collect that medal instead. But I went left, over the bridge into the west side. 

At mile 15-ish, 710 and Shep were there. I stopped for a minute because, I was cracking. Shep was EXTREMELY excited to see me. I told 710 I wasn't sure how I was going to make it. He handed me a bottle of water and off I went. 

The last six miles were just brutal. There wasn't a lick of shade in that last six, not there was much in the first 20. But five of the last six were on the shoreway. They closed down six lanes of highway. And the last three were all hills. Motherfuckers. 

At mile 21, I noticed the race conditions were upped to Red. If they ever did Yellow, I never saw it, or maybe it just jumped a level. Mile 21 was also the point my hip really started hurting. My knees?  Hell, they held up nicely. But running was painful due to the hip. 

Mile 22 had me encounter an ambulance. They were strapping some guy on the gurney and moving him to the vehicle. I won't lie: I was slightly envious of him. 

Mile 24 had a cheer group from training crowd. Better yet, a guy named Bruce ran out to me, offering a bottle water or Gatorade. I took the latter and kept moving. But I can't tell you how important their presence was at that juncture. 

The last 200 yards should have been uplifting, but they were hard. I passed a guy who clearly had heat stroke (or a stroke stroke).  I stopped and asked if he needed assistance. Someone else asked if he wanted water. He declined both. I kept going, but I shouldn't have - though it would turn out the medical folks were only a dozen yards away if needed. 

Allegedly, the race conditions were upped to Black, and rumour had it that they were pulling some people off the course. When I was running east on the shoreway, I saw people still heading west, which meant I was 5 miles ahead of them. In theory, I could have said, "I'm not doing poorly", but what I really felt was sorry for them. 

At a few water stops people had hoses. I could not tell how they were hooked-up, or to what. Usually they'd make an arc for people got a mist.  Me?  I walked right into them and on the last three (or four), I said:  just hose me down, top to bottom, then back to front.  They loved it, but not more than I. 

I made it in. 710 was waiting. While he was behind a barrier, I reached over and hugged him and almost cried. Not tears of joy though. Maybe relief?  Mental breakdow?

Usually in those situations, I get my medal and kind of do a grab for all the snacks and doo-dads that might be there. Not so much this time. I was in very much a daze. A woman shoved a bottle of water in my hand, but then I saw the chocolate milk guy. I took TWO bottles and stood there and told him that I loved him. 

Anyone, and everyone, else probably took pics of themselves with their medals. Not I.  710 snapped one and sent it to Morty, who shared it with the group. That is the one picture I have from the day that came from our cameras. I was going to take a pic in front of the 'finished' sign / bell, but there was a line, which in theory would go quickly - but poses.  Everyone woman - yes, sorry, only the women - were doing multiple poses, with husbands, then children, then everyone, then mothers-in-law.  Take your fucking picture and move. It's hotter than fuck and there is a line. I left without getting the pic. 

By the time I was finished with the race, it was 82°F.  Again, add 10 for the runners.  So yeah - I finished, as I just mentioned, but it was anything but pretty. 

So, the mixed emotions thing - and I'm glad I waited a day to draft this, so I could hopefully gain perspective:

I'm sure due to the heat, I did not enjoy this race. At all. I hope it was due to the heat because on the back half of the course I was saying I was happy I didn't get into Chicago or New York and that I had no business running marathons and this would be my last one. 

Maybe it will be. Maybe not. Today (yesterday), my thoughts have softened. 

My training had me having the probability of a five and one-half hour time.  In my head I really wanted something under five hours - even if it was only by a second. My actual time was somewhere between the two. So, in an overwhelming certain way, I felt I failed as I didn't get my want-to goal. 

 My chip time was 00:02:59 longer than my first marathon. This course was undeniably harder; the conditions much harsher. .....and I had the bathroom break. 

In reality - I should be very happy with that time. Still, I thought I progressed in my abilities since last October. At least more so than the clock shows.  710 and Morty say I should be proud of my accomplishment, and I'm hoping that kicks in, because I still feel like I failed to a degree. 

Morty so aptly stated on our Sunday call: I didn't train for this marathon. I trained in snow, ice, cold and rain. No one was training for an 80+ degree marathon. 

Fall marathons (or halves) might be the way to go. The chances of them being cooler are greater. And climate change isn't helping matters. 

I'm glad I did it. Sunday afternoon I would not have said that.  I literally have the medal and a banana. And sunburn. Two of those will disappear eventually. 

My recovery has been quick. My toes were a little ouchy, but not so bad now. My hip is tender. My sunburn is too. But the legs and knees are good. I get around with no issues, so for that I'm thankful. 

Where do I go from here? I'm not sure. I have smaller races during the summer, but for a few moments on Sunday I was wondering if I'd run again.  This morning, I will be doing three miles.  I took one day off. I'll be back at it. 

Song by: Rosanne Cash

Monday, May 20, 2024

My Music Monday

Still doing new music lately. 

Today, it's St. Vincent and her new single, "Broken Man".

She based the entire composition around some sounds she made that you hear at the beginning and then she takes it throughout the entire song. 

I'd consider it a non-traditional song / single, but it works. 

There are some songs that lend themselves to what I call 'night driving' songs. Dead of night, you on an open, somewhat desolate road. This fits that category. 

The irony is: I can count on one hand how often I drive at night anymore. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Back Stabbin' Betty

Betty gives zero fucks. 

I love Betty. 

Song by: Cage the Elephant

Saturday, May 18, 2024


Another week, which means cat and dog pictures. Kind of what the internet was made for........other than porn, 

Someone anticipated my return home. 
I do hope people walking down the street look up and see him. 

We go to this park so often, they should name it after Shep. 

Second time with tuna, 
I hadn't even finished opening the can before he showed up.

The good thing is: he's not actually rolling in anything but grass. 

Simon does like to hang over the steps below. 
I don't think he'd jump, but........he is after all........him. 

I love this guy SO much,. 

Bird and Squirrel watching. 

Song by: Better Than Ezra

Friday, May 17, 2024

Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

I was hoping not to have to address Kansas City Chiefs kicker, Harrison Buttkick Butker, but as his teammate's girlfriend sang, "a hater's gonna hate" - and should be called out for it. 

At this point, many have you heard he gave a commencement address at some bullshit Catholic university - and a well prepared one at that. These are not in-the-moment comments he made. 

“I want to speak directly to you briefly because I think it is you, the women, who have had the most diabolical lies told to you,” he said. “How many of you are sitting here now about to cross this stage and are thinking about all the promotions and titles you are going to get in your career? Some of you may go on to lead successful careers in the world, but I would venture to guess that the majority of you are most excited about your marriage and the children you will bring into this world.


At least he didn't take away their footwear or relegate them only to the kitchen, though I assume that was implied. 

Maybe the women in attendance were shocked, as I didn't hear one "boo" or "fuck you".  Or maybe, as it is a Catholic university, they were like, "yup, that's us!".  Either way, I'm disappointed 

He goes on to say how his wife is a "homemaker". And it's a great thing, since she can stay at home on his $20MM contracted salary. Most households will need both incomes.............dick. 

BTW, what does your mother - a medical physicist at Emory University think of this. Better yet, what the fuck does he think of his mom? Sounds like embarrassed she has a job outside the home!

The problem is bigger of course. Everyone is focusing on the women's portion, but no worries - he got in LGBTQI+ digs in too: 
  • Butker encouraged graduates to have Catholic pride, but “not the deadly sin sort of pride that has an entire month dedicated to it.”
  • He criticized President Joe Biden, who is Catholic, and other unnamed Catholic leaders for “pushing dangerous gender ideologies onto the youth of America” — an apparent reference to transgender rights.
  • Butker also waded into the DEI debate, saying, “The world around us says that we should keep our beliefs to ourselves whenever they go against the tyranny of diversity, equity and inclusion.”
Diversity?  Huh Harrison (btw.....GAY name!). I cannot wait for training camp to start with a team that mostly made up of minorities whose right have been squashed for centuries - right down to BLM, which the NFL does not support - no matter what they say. 

Yeah Yeah - the NFL is "distancing" themselves from Buttkick's comments and say they don't reflect their views, but they kind of do - except for all the female viewers who have flocked to watch football, whether due to Taylor Swift or not. The NFL still wants that cash. 

But here's hoping your locker room experience going forward isn't a good one. Let's hope the "diverse" team doesn't "include" you - you fucking racist, sexist, homophobic pussy. 

I don't even want him walking back his statements. They'd be untrue - and lying is a sin Harrison. 

Song by: Plain White T's

Thursday, May 16, 2024


I had a most unproductive sleep the night before last. 

At 03:43, I heard less than mild thumping. Not quite bass.  Not quite bass drum. It was the same beat - and it kept going and going. 

It was warm out, so our windows were open partially. I just laid there not being able to get it out of my head and not believing someone was having some after hours party near us - and didn't invite us!   (kidding on that last part). 

At one point, I got up, put on my glasses and went to the front window. I saw no signs of life. I went to the back of the house, the "music" was definitely louder that way.  I shut the window hoping it would help. 

It did not. 

I went back to bed, but sleep wasn't happening. 

Now and then the sound would stop and I'd breathe a sigh of relief, only for it to start up a short while later. 

I considered calling the police for noise disturbance, but I didn't know from where the sound was coming. I considered getting in my car and looking to find it - and then throw a brick through their window. 

Honestly, I was hoping a close neighbor to the noise would have knocked on their door or call the po-po. 

After an hour or so, I nudged 710. I asked him if he heard anything - to which he replied he did not. I'd even tell him when the sound went off and back on. Still he heard nothing. 

This was upsetting to me. Now, I was feeling I was having auditory hallucinations. And no, I'm not joking. I stayed in place for another 30 minutes, nudged 710 again and told him to go to the back window where I swear it was louder. 

When he did that, he heard the sound(s). At least it was one symptom I could cross of my 'crazy' list, 

It turns out, the music was coming from our house. Specifically from 710's office on the third floor.

I have noticed, when I'm home and he's working, if he's not on a call, he will play his dance music. Not loudly, but I can hear the beat. I jokingly call his office "Cafe Disco". 

He came down apologizing. He knew I was starting to be weirded out by thinking I was hearing things. But also because the music was playing - which was also weird. 

His laptop was closed for starters. But in theory the music would have been playing all the evening before bed time and I'd have heard it before 03:43. 

Yesterday would be an exhausting day for both of us, as none of us got any sleep after that. The mental angst did nothing to help me either. 

Song by: the Chicks

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

App of the Month

Admittedly, I'm intrigued by this app.  In reality, I'm sort of failing this app. 

Minutiae  - or mi:nu:ti:ae- bills itself as an anonymous anti-social media app. 

I'm not so sure about that. 

I could copy and paste their manifesto here (who are they, Ted Kaczynski?), but it might be more prudent for you to read it here

What happens is, participants are asked to take an image at a time when the app notifies you to take one. It's the same time for all participants, regardless of where they are in the world. 

A daily message is sent and good for one minutes, but once you click on it, you have less than 10 seconds to take the pic. 

Should you miss the message or the time limits on them you don't participate for that day. 

You can block out times you don't want to receive a message (me?  22:00 - 06:00).  So, should the notification come out at certain days during that time, I would not participate. 

The times are very random. For the two weeks I've been doing it, I've only seen three messages. Two I've gotten and taken images  - the other I missed the window. 

The idea is to document the normalcy of life. The undocumented moments. Not the things you'd post on social media. I mean, yeah, if you're at a party you at the right time, you can take a pic of that, but the reality is closer to this:

I got the message while "sitting on the throne", so what you see is what they got. Just be happy I didn't reverse the camera, right? 

The project goes over 1440 days. I'm not 100% sure if it's that amount of days from the start of the app, or from when I joined.  Right now, I'm not jam-packed with images. I'm assuming from the below image, it is the former. 

One-third of the way down the grid, on the far left is my first image, a test image you take when you join. The other two images you can kind of see. The black squares - I think - are the times I got notifications and missed the window. I'm guessing there aren't more blacked-in squares because it was on my blocked times. 

All guesses, since I haven't quite read through the entire FAQ. 

I'd assume you could see what other people took at that same time, but I haven't figured that out either. 

I probably should have done all that before writing my App of the Month post. 

Sigh.  Oops. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024


OMFG!  It keeps getting worse for Rudy - and I could not be more thrilled. 

Actually, that's a lie. If he were locked up, I would be more thrilled. If he got hit by a locomotive, I'd be ecstatic. 

If he folded and told the truth on BLOTUS, I'd probably spontaneously ejaculate. 

Yeah - I said that 

ABC has suspended (possibly fired) Guliani for continually repeating false election fraud nonsense on his radio show.  The show that was basically his only source of income - reportedly at $400,000 a year. 

That amount is great for you and myself, but when you compare it to his $150MM+ dollars in debt....$400k a teardrop in an ocean. 

Now there are also reports that he told the brass he wants double the airtime and double the salary. I mean, he needs double the salary for sure, but.......    I mean for fuck sake, it's AM radio.   AM!!!   Who the fuck is listening to that?  No way advertisers are tossing money into that to make up the current salary he's making, let alone twice the amount. 

I think my favourite part of the story is he has a YouTube talk show that is called America's Mayor Live.  


Yeah - if the show ran from 2001-2004.  Maybe. 

He doesn't get the irony of it all, which is just precious. But I assume he'd have legal issues if he called it "Pariah Carey".

Now, I haven't gone to the YouTube channel, so I haven't seen the comments (should they have that function still turned on his site) because, how could people not troll the shit out of him. 

The dude was trying to sell his NYC and Florida residences for $$$, but no bidders. Why would there be? I mean, that spirit cleaning lady from Poltergeist can only do so much. 

Oh - and a bankruptcy court called him out last week too. For someone who is "bankrupt", he is on a budget of something like $43,000 per month!  He's spending $120,000. 

First off, how does he even have $43k, let alone $120??  Per month!

Secondly, one of his expenses is $13,500 monthly nursing home fees for his ex-wive's (not sure which one) mother - who died two months ago. 

Now, my mom had a decent place and good car in hers. but it was only one-third of what Rudy's ex mom-in-law was spending. But since that's not an expense anymore, why isn't his budget $13,500 less than the current $43,000? 

It's all smoke and mirror anyway, since he's not sticking to the budget in the first place. Interested to see what, if anything, the courts do on this. 

I do not have one iota of sympathy in my being for this man. He's as vile as the man with whom he's been starring in their own version of Human Centipede for the last eight years. 

Like Von ShitzhisPants - just die already. 

Song by: Modest Mouse

Monday, May 13, 2024

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 169th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore.  

00:08.  Weird pic, but it was my clock. I must have moved. 
Usually, an image like this would be me waking up in the "middle" of the night, but we had gone Northern Lights hunting.....unsuccessfully.  Can't remember last time I was purposefully up at midnight. 

06:23. Morning NYT games. 

06:42. Mush: deconstructed.

07:35. I'm on E.  
I mean, like almost literally. --miles until empty. THAT can't be good. 

07:45. Petrol.  Obvi. 

09:01. Cool down walk after a 5.2 mi run. 
Sunday's running group is smaller than a Saturday, but even smaller yesterday, no doubt due to it being Mother's Day.  7 runners, 4 walkers, 1 cyclist. 

09:49. Post run / post cool down gathering. 
On Sunday, it's Panera. The Saturday bakery is much much better. 

Jim - in the cervical collar - was hit a few weeks back by a car while he was on his bicycle. 
FYI: third time he's been hit. That cannot be a coincidence. 

10:27.  Passing the steel mills on my way home from the running group. 

12:47. Lunch.  
Left over from yesterday; half of a pulled pork sandwich. It was so-so at best, but I wasn't gonna waste it. 

13:56. Afternoon hike. 
Lots and lots of stairs. It tired Mr. Shep out greatly. 

15:30. Hanging in the back yard. 

19:20. Firing up the grill. 

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Northern Lights

In theory, I had heard all the buzz about possibly seeing the Aurora Borealis  from most anywhere in the U.S. - as long as it was north of Alabama. 

Theory, when it comes to matters of celestial events, rarely pans out in the 216. 

I have yet to have any of the asteroid belt events happen on a night when it's not raining or completely clouded over. 

All of the other instances of the nothern lights have never come to fruition, be it from weather related activities or just bogus information. 

It slightly never occurred to me that it would happen or that there'd really be anything to see. So, I went to bed my normal time, as I had a run on Saturday morning. 

If Facebook is to be believed, we are the only house in the U.S. who didn't see the spectacular show that the heavens provided. I will admit to being envious and a lot of FOMO. 

Half the people in the running group swears they saw it too. They're older than I, so I'm skeptical. 

Maybe seeing the totality in April was my one shot at seeing anything this cool. 

That said, allegedly, they can still be seen tonight (last night, now) and possibly the next day. 

Blobby took his 2 hour nap, so if the conditions don't suck, maybe - just maybe - I'll catch a glimpse of these yet!

Song by: Death Cab for Cutie

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Hanging by a Moment

Let's just get right to the pics, shall we? 

FYI: Simon is very comfortable in his home. 

When I said Shep spends most of the day outside - I mean it. He even takes his meals out there now. 
I'm not sure how long he'd hold out if he had to come inside and eat. 

Always gotta win.  Always. 

Haven't seen Bailey in a while. I'll have to see my sister, so I can see Bailey. 

Hard to believe the lamp hasn't been toppled. 

Lake portrait. I sprung him from daycare early for a walk around the lake. 

They oddly hang here at least once per day. Together. 

Yeah, he doesn't care about the barriers we set up so he wouldn't do that. 
Actually, I trust him on this - and he's a great jumper should he want to his the staircase below him. 

Song by: Lifehouse