Saturday, May 11, 2024

Hanging by a Moment

Let's just get right to the pics, shall we? 

FYI: Simon is very comfortable in his home. 

When I said Shep spends most of the day outside - I mean it. He even takes his meals out there now. 
I'm not sure how long he'd hold out if he had to come inside and eat. 

Always gotta win.  Always. 

Haven't seen Bailey in a while. I'll have to see my sister, so I can see Bailey. 

Hard to believe the lamp hasn't been toppled. 

Lake portrait. I sprung him from daycare early for a walk around the lake. 

They oddly hang here at least once per day. Together. 

Yeah, he doesn't care about the barriers we set up so he wouldn't do that. 
Actually, I trust him on this - and he's a great jumper should he want to his the staircase below him. 

Song by: Lifehouse


James Dwight Williamson said...

Shep has moved. almost to the outdoors , interesting. The lamp does look as if it’s in a precarious place.

Travel said...

Thanks, I needed these.

Raybeard said...

My Saturday pick-me-up tonic has worked - and how! Concern for the stunning, picture-perfect Bailey though.

Old Lurker said...

Al Fresco dining has gotten so trendy these days.

Also: Bailey!!

Also also: I hope your marathon went well. Perhaps you will blog about it?