Saturday, May 04, 2024


We are a little Shep deficient this week. I know the feline lovers here won't care. 

While we haven't had Simon a year yet, we assume he is a year old now. 710 arbitrarily selected April 1st as his birthday. I think it's at least three weeks after that, but who is to say. We'll leave it as April Fool's Day. 

As it is, pet day does not lend itself to Star Wars Day. I wanted to make something work, but it's not happening. 

May the Force be with you. 

Simon has found a duster and decided it is a toy and drags it all over the house. 
It probably gets more use that way. 

Now that it's Spring, Shep spends about 50% of the day outside. And when I say 50%, I mean 12 hours. Sometimes more. 

A rare occasion indoors found him sunning himself while he napped. 

Simon likes the windows. He has many from which to choose. 
Lately, it's been our bedroom window, which we open the blinds in the morning, so he can come and go all day as he sees fit. 

It's not like Simon is blocking Shep to come in. 
Shep isn't coming in unless ordered. ....and even then, he'll balk at the idea. 

Song by: Julianna Hatfiield 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Always a happy sight to see , them both

Old Lurker said...

Fewer Shep pictures? Unlike everybody else in your household, we won't take this lying down!

Raybeard said...

I know from a many-times experience how privileged it feels to have been chosen by a cat to have them want to live with one - and Simon is such a handsome fella (which he'll be well aware of).

And although we'd miss Shep terribly if he ever didn't feature in one your posts, just knowing that he's well and hasn't suffered any mishaps will be reassuring, if only for a very short period.

Bob said...

I wonder if Simon could be trained to drag that duster along the floor to keep it clean; one less chore for his daddies.