Saturday, May 18, 2024


Another week, which means cat and dog pictures. Kind of what the internet was made for........other than porn, 

Someone anticipated my return home. 
I do hope people walking down the street look up and see him. 

We go to this park so often, they should name it after Shep. 

Second time with tuna, 
I hadn't even finished opening the can before he showed up.

The good thing is: he's not actually rolling in anything but grass. 

Simon does like to hang over the steps below. 
I don't think he'd jump, but........he is after all........him. 

I love this guy SO much,. 

Bird and Squirrel watching. 

Song by: Better Than Ezra


Travel said...

always love seeing a cat in the window.

Raybeard said...

Such a lovable duo - and I don't doubt they know and exploit it to the fullest.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Kitty at the window

Happyman said...

Great shots of the boys this week. I think Shep loves you right back.