Friday, May 10, 2024

Stick Season

We are a little over a week away from the Cleveland Marathon. 

I don't know what to think. Or overthink, in my case. 

Theoretically, I know the pitfalls of the mental part of my taper and yet I'm still falling prey to them. 

Unlike the last marathon, my setbacks were all mental. This time I have physical added. 

My ortho doc (well, a training Fellow) loaded me up with one cortisone injection to my left hip. He was the 19th medical professional to tell me how tight my IT bands were. That said, he said something no one else ever had:  "some people are just built this way and there is little to no loosening some of these".  It oddly made me feel better 

Let's hope the shot does too. I wanted a second one in my right hip as well, as that is now being somewhat affected. Everyone (myself included) believes it's due to overcompensation due to pain on my left side. It's mechanics. Period. 

My last few runs have felt horrible. Timing is fine, but the body hasn't liked it. The 90% and up in humidity has not been helpful. Or the temps in the upper 70s. Tough tackling 5-6 miles, or even the 12 I did last Saturday. Not sure how I'll conquer 26.  The temps need to drop. Or I'll need strategically placed people throwing ice water on me as I pass them. 

Good news:  my ortho guy will be on the course manning the mile 14.9 aid station. My chiropractor will be at the expo the day before. I should be good. 

Deep down I think I will be anyway. But I also know the last three miles of the route are all uphill. Well, maybe not the last third of a mile. That's brutal. 

Hopefully the injected steroid kicks in before my last long run (tomorrow). That is all hills too. My final week will be easy runs for me. I will save my energy - physical and mental - for the "race". 

I still need another hour or two in my playlist to build. And to pick out what I'll run in. The shorts are easy. The shirt - well, it will be somewhat weather dependent. 

Blah.  I'm just venting here more than writing. This is for my own psyche. 

Song by: Noah Kahan


Becca said...

We believe in you! Also, please don’t do anything risky/risque

James Dwight Williamson said...

Good Luck! You know this is what you want to do. So do it as well as you can.