Sunday, May 05, 2024


I have to admit, there are days I almost regret avoiding most news.  I said "almost".  ....and a lot of social media things. 

Like - I have no idea about this man/bear thing is supposed to be about and I can't be bothered to figure it out. 

I know the Cleveland Cavaliers are still in the basketball playoffs, so in theory, I know they've won some games, but not how many or even where in the series we are. 

Oh - and I totally missed Michael Cohen tweeting (of X'ing?), calling BLOTUS "Von ShitzinPants". 

That tweet from a few weeks ago was funny enough.  I don't have X so, I certainly didn't see it there. But I hadn't encountered it elsewhere either. 

Know what's funnier even? 

Discussing gag orders in court, the judge mentioned that Cohen should stop poking the bear (or man?) or a gag order regarding BLOTUS would / could be reduced so BLOTUS could go after Cohen. 

But in these proceedings, BLOTUS' own lawyer read out the tweet. 

Know what's better than 'open court'?   "Von ShitzinPants" is now in the official court record. 

Von ShitzinPants (which now might replace "BLOTUS") must have been livid that it was said, repeated and repeated and repeated - and then on newscasts and now blogs!

I. Could. Not. Be. More. Pleased. 

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Old Lurker said...

You of all people being out of touch with the man/bear thing surprises me. You really have gone full otter, haven't you?

More seriously, the man/bear thing is about women's fears of sexual assault. A lot of dudes are butthurt that many women would prefer to be alone in the woods with a bear than with a dude.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Cleveland Beat Orlando to take the series Sunday Night