Friday, August 23, 2019

When You Say Nothing At All

I think Boromir says it all.

One simply doesn't walk into blogging.

There are days that battling Orcs would be less stressful and take less effort than coming up with a post.

Thus ends my non-blog post blog post - and the current LoTR references.

.....for now.

Song by: Alison Krauss + Union Station

Thursday, August 22, 2019

the Chosen One

Can we just try to ignore the 'chosen one' comment? I don't care in what context he was using it.

And can we try to forget the stupid fucking ass Greenland purchase?

I do find it sad that his staff actually has to back him up and go on air and say that this is a real thing.

While I'd rather not focus on it at all, but we shouldn't ignore BLOTUS' stance on Jewish loyalty.

“If you want to vote Democrat, you are being very disloyal to Jewish people and very disloyal to Israel.”

I know some people are making the stretch of Hitler's "the Jews are not loyal to the state".   It's not the first nor last Hitler reference to come his way.

But this is just a gateway comment to sooooo many things - and none of them will end up well.

I totally get there are some Jews who support BLOTUS - and I'm guessing it's mostly due to Israel, or they're big-assed bankers. Deep down, I'd like to think they have to know he has streak of anti-Semitism running through him.

How does one reconcile white supremacists and neo-Nazi's are 'very good people' and not condemning shooters of synagogues or the guys who are building up to do a shooting - and pulling a voting lever in his favour.

But the quotes set these gun-loving, Jew-hating white men (I mean, it's not even generalizing, is it?) to "punish" the "disloyal".  It's damning, it dangerous, and he knows it, as does his staff.

Why do Steven Miller, Ivanka and Jared think they'll be spared from the "I hate Jews" brigade?  I mean, I think they do think that, but that's not quite the way it works. 

BLOTUS is ramping up to something. Maybe it's just 2020.  His 2015 kick off was about Mexicans being rapists and murders. Now that he's got them deported or locked up in cages, he's doubling down on the Jews.

Honestly, if you're not afraid yet, you should be.

Song by:  Bryan Ferry

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Ooooh.  I have a new show to watch. I mean, I guess there are 75,429 out there on all the streaming services, no?

With all of these, and the half dozen more services set to launch in the next 6-12 months, is is possible to be an "out of work actor" anymore?

The food industry is going to go bust if there are no servers waiting for their big break.

So the irony is the show I'm watching is on's not television. Technically, you can stream shows there. But you can't stream the entire current season of anything. You still have to wait for your weekly dose, which just find for me as I don't have the attention span for 'binge' anything.

I can stream season one of Succession, because, well.......I never heard of it before a week or so ago. Currently, we are on episode 2 of season 2.

The premise is simple: mega rich media family with an elderly patriarch contemplates stepping down and needing one of this four kids (from three different marriages) to be the successor.  None of them have Australian accents, so I'm 11% sure this isn't fictionalized Murdochville.   {insert eye roll emoji here}

That said, it probably isn't far off from the Murdochs, but possibly more entertaining.

The oldest son is Cameron from Ferris Bueller.......and......and.........we'll he's probably done something else. Possibly.  He doesn't seem to be interested in the media stuff, so he's not as complicated (at least yet) as his siblings.

You have the female (don't know who she is but I like her). You have the disappointing son - always trying to please dad but never achieving it - with the drug problem.  And the youngest, who is the cockiest, and who also is played by Macaulay Culkin's brother (and yes, I had look up how to spell both those names).

Culkin is by far the most entertaining of the bunch. But I kind of love the old man too. At times. I like all of times. Oh - there's a husband too, who at his bachelor party got head from a woman who then kissed him and he swallowed his own load.  It's his post-ingestion reaction that is hilarious. ....and no, you don't see the act of the fellatio or the taking his own seed.  It's HBO, not HBO After Dark.

But back to streaming. While it doesn't seem like you have to see season 1 to catch on to what's goig on, we assume we're missing some of the relationship building. So in the week between new episodes, we are slowly getting through the first season.

So far, I'm enjoying it..............and you know how infrequent I say that.

Honestly though, if you have to watch Murdoch, take in Tracey Ullman's take  on being Jerry Hall being married to Rupert. Hilarious.

Song by: Iggy Pop

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Silent House

We are almost there.

The house I grew up in is about have new owners - almost six months to the day of us listing it.

This is pretty much the last piece in terms of closure in terms of the lives and death of my parents.

The house just surpassed 50 years old, which in some ways is extremely hard to believe. It doesn't look what I think a half-century house would or should look like.

The sell process was painful.  My mother choose poorly when it came to a realtor. I had some frank and unpleasant conversations with her, both with my mother alive and gone. My mother was happy to leave these things to one of my sisters and myself. On one hand, I wanted / needed the house to sell,  on another, I wanted the contract to run out so she wouldn't get a dime.

We had a buyer a few weeks back who walked away. They claimed things wrong with the house, which in truth weren't exactly wrong - complaining about lack of GFI.  Well, yes. This did not exist 50 years ago. But it was a few hundred dollar fix. But they walked away without even a counter, so it was never really about the lack of GFI.  We invested in the change and we got this buyer.

So over the last week or two, we've been cleaning out.  710 and I were over this last weekend. We finished clearing the basement, garage, family room and dining room.

Former living room (which we were not allowed in as children) which became the dining room when the family grew larger with the on-set of grandkids. 

The family room(s). You can see the original end of the house, which then that second section was added on in about 1992. 

One of my mother's friends, whom we adore, was bequeathed (well, by me) a few of my mother's pieces of furniture. When she and her family came over she spoke as if this must be a difficult time for me - with the letting go of the house.

I wasn't sure how to react. I know the correct answer would have been just to nod and agree, but in reality, it wasn't.  The last six months of the sale helped me lose any affection I had for the place. That and while I visited almost weekly for the last twenty five years, I hadn't lived there since 1981.  When you put it in to that context, I only lived there for 11 years.

As it is, depending on how we set up the pieces I got from that house, 710's and my dining room could end up looking a lot like my mother's. That might be weird.

When 710 and I left on Saturday, 98% of everything was out of the house - taken, given away, or tossed into a rented dumpster.  100% should be out by mid-week.  Then we will send in house cleaners to tidy it up for the new owners.

My feelings, or lack thereof, it is still end of an era.  I no longer have ties to the community out there, so no real reason to even take a drive through.  Still, it's closure, and that's ok with me.

Song by: Dixie Chicks

Monday, August 19, 2019

My Music Monday

I'm looking at songs that close out strong albums. Not all are debut disks, but the Pretenders one was, as is this week: a-ha.

I'd say a-ha is a guilty pleasure for me, except for the fact I feel no guilt.

While some of their catalogue is spotty, their debut disk is still solid. Every song.

They could easily passed off as fluff (well, kind of), but if you youtube them and look at some of their live stuff, their music translates well from studio to stage - and considering they're still going at it 35 years later, more power to them.

"Here I Stand and Face the Rain" ends their eponymous debut.

34+ years later, I still like it.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

App of the Month

You've probably seen the ads on TV for LetGo.  I dubbed it the "less rape-y / murder-y version of craigslist".

I really have nothing to back that up that last statement.

Letgo is an app (or website) where you sell stuff you don't want. It's basically a virtual garage sale.

As we get ready to let go (get it?  get it???) of my mother's house, there are pieces of furniture none of the kids or grandkids want. They're too nice to just toss in the dumpster, yet I'm too lazy to rent a truck to take them to a donation place.

I'm also way too lazy to sell this shit and haggle with people. Or deal with people. So I opted to give the stuff away.

I tried FreeCycle. Of the 10 or so things I posted there, I got two semi-responses. I did better on TrashNothing, still not as much traffic as I would have thought.  Then one night right before bed, I posted the same items on letgo and went to get my beauty sleep. The next morning (well, 5 hours later), I had 53 (!!!!) responses for this stuff.

.....and it kept growing from there.  Hundreds of inquiries.

Now mind you, I had the foresight to give dimensions of each piece and the condition. I was smart enough to specify - 'no delivery' and 'you must move yourself'.  The past part was I didn't know who would be out there to greet them. One of my sisters had rotator cuff surgery so the can't help move stuff into their van.  And - once again, I'm too lazy.

So, in my pea brain I was 100% sure I'd have all this stuff gone by the following day.

Silly me.  Silly, silly me.

I now believe that letgo is the Grindr of selling / buying apps.  All talk, no action.

People are nuts.  And flakes.  They're basically a bowl on Nuttin' Honey.

....and they can't read.

"Do you deliver?"    "Is it free?  REALLY Free?  Are you sure?"   Or the people, "I'm on my'll take me 25 minutes".    .......meanwhile......

They just don't show. And no text back - after they've been bugging you non-stop. 

One poor guy - who was just nice as can be - couldn't find the house. Turns out there is another street named the same as my mother's - in another county whose zip code is a one different digit. He plugged it into his GPS incorrectly.

So, this is a tricky endeavour.  How many people do you keep on the line because you're not sure the folks are serious - or not psychos?

I kept everything "live" until I got word not only did they show, but that they took the piece too. This gets people pissy.

Of the items I had, I only had one decent (actually excellent) transaction.  But it's all gone now. Praise be.

I don't know how it is on the 'sell' or 'buy' part. Maybe it's cleaner if you just don't give it away.

Yeah - this does sound like Grindr.

Saturday, August 17, 2019


Busy week, but I still managed to get some shots.

Another b-day shoot up at Lake Erie. 
He's so handsome!


Siggie Love. 
Ran into him and David at daycare. 

Drive home.  He likes to see where wer're going. 


Song by: Gary Numan

Friday, August 16, 2019


Just a little post to wish Happy Birthday to my Bestie!

It's hard to believe our little guy isn't as little anymore. We haven't had him three years yet, and here he is turning 4.  There are days I swear we've only had him a month or two, and then times when it seems like he's always been with us.

While I loved Petey (and you know I did), Shep is a little more high maintenance. He gets us out - every single weekend - come rain, shine, snow, sleet.  We have never seen so many parks and dog parks. There have been days where we hit three.

Shep is good for us and I have to say, he's got quite the life.

So, I'll let doggie daycare know it's his b-day.  Maybe they'll do something special for him. I'm sure we will.

Song by: Lit

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Ad of the Month

It's only 30 seconds long, so it's not a huge time commitment on your part. Reading this will take longer.

For me, I just like how commercials anymore start blurring the lines with sexuality and fluidity.  I'm really talking about seconds 0:10 - 0:19.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


We saw this in a theater and paid for a ticket, so I'm counting it as a movie.

Last night, we went and saw a pseudo-TED talk on Deconstructing Abbey Road - Side Two.

This leads me to believe there was a Side One version, which there was. And then it turns out, this musicologist, Scott Freiman, had deconstructed the entire Beatles library in order of release. Or of recording. Abbey Road was recorded after Let it Be, but released beforehand.   I think I got that right - I usually screw it up.

I saw this was coming a month ago, I stored the date away in my man-brain and coaxed 710 to take me.

Abbey Road, to me, is arguably their best disk. Yeah yeah - Rubber Soul or Sgt. Pepper are great, no doubt, but some of the band's and George Martin's best work - or at least some of it's most ingenious. ...and that's saying something.

Side Two is really where it's at with the record anyways. Save for two songs, (three, if you count "Her Majesty"), the side is a medley, or segued together. How they recorded them - and re-wrote them - is why this side needed it's own lecture.

Freiman doesn't just break down the disk, but track by track.......and I don't mean song by song. I mean, each instrument, vocal etc.  And how the tracks were constructed.......or demo'd and became the final versions.

I had no idea much of it was abandoned or unfinished tracks tried for the White Album, and/or the 'Get Back' sessions (which became Let it Be).  Or how "Her Majesty" became the hidden track and how it was supposed to come after "Mean Mr. Mustard", but the band didn't think it worked. However, when they played it, I thought it TOTALLY worked.

Still, Martin is a frickin' genius, but the other members (maybe save Ringo) were all very experimental, though the band blatantly lifted from 1968 Fleetwood Mac and Iron Butterfly.  Even the breakdown of "The End" was amazing and you kind of forget that Ringo could actually drum. And well.

Now, a lecture / movie like this speaks to me. I am so familiar with the album anyways, but I love music and process, so the 'how it's made' part is perfect for me.

I'm interested in seeing the other albums. But if you like Abbey Road, and have a chance to see this, I highly suggest a viewing.

2019 Movie Count / Goal: 12 of 15

Song by: the Beatles

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 113th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

04:11.  Too Early. 
Even I'd have to agree with JP on this (if he is still around). I went back to sleep for another 40 minutes. 

05:37.  Affection Manipulation. 
Sophie being overly cute while I tried to eat my cereal that had "her milk in the bowl. 

06:30.  Dry Cleaning Day. 
We always turn in our certified pre-owned hangers for reuse. 

06:45. Starbucks. 
My new Starbucks, since I'm more at my new office. 

06:50.  Walk into work.  This is late for me. 

07:05.  Warning. 
Volvo app is great at letting me know if I somehow left my door unlocked. I did. 
It's screen shot (still a pic!) of me locking them remotely. 

10:25.  Recharge. 
My FitBit needs some juice. 

17:45.  Leaving. 
Clearly most everyone else already has. 

17:55.  Detour. 
The main road is under massive construction with lots of traffic. I cut through the cemetery. 

18:15. Doing what he does best.  Or most. 

19:00. 710 is home from the grocery store. 
Better him than I.

22:00.  Coffee set-up for A.M.
710's coffee.  I just keep him happy - part of my wifely duties. 

Monday, August 12, 2019

My Music Monday

If I'm going to go with awesome songs that close out an album, there is almost no way to leave Crowded House out of this equation.

While they have a number of good album enders, nothing is truly going to touch "Something So Strong" from their second disk, Temple of Low Men.

Neil Finn has some incredible songs, but it'd be tough to top this one in any regards......which is saying something.  Though to be fair, this was co-written by House producer Mitchell Froom (who would go on to marry, then divorce, Suzanne Vega.....just FYI).

"Something So Strong" also closes out the Russell Crowe-starred movie, the Sum of Us, which fit so perfectly (and I really enjoyed the film as well).

Sunday, August 11, 2019

My Opening Farewell

Last evening, we went to see the Farewell. We had free tickets the night before we left for vacation, but we passed on them,
well.......because we were leaving the next day.

I knew the premise of course - a dying grandmother, where people go back to China to visit her under the premise of a fake wedding, because Nana doesn't know she's dying. And no one is planning on telling her that fact.

What I didn't know is that the majority of the film would be in Chinese with English subtitles. I'm guessing only about 20% was in English. It is a story based on the director's life experience.

Awkwafina had good press regarding a non-comedic role and that press is well deserved. Her Nai Nai probably is even better. Awkwafina was mostly comedic foil (and singular bright spot) in Crazy Rich Asians and was probably crappy in Ocean's 8 - as from what I caught of the movie was crappy......though it had three Oscar winners in it - for what's that worth.

Like Crazy Rich Asians, the Farewell delves into the differences between American and Chinese culture, especially when it comes to the familial association. This is all done more with drama than comedic relief.

710 dubbed the movie 'authentic', which I thought was a good determination.  I don't know if Awkwafina will get an Academy Award nomination, but I can guarantee you she will be on the short list.  ....and it's totally deserved.

2019 Movie Count / Goal: 11 of 15

Song by: Alison Krauss + Union Station

Saturday, August 10, 2019


Now that we're back from vacation, there are new pet pics.   Yayyy.

Cousin David took a snap of Shep at daycare while we were on vaca.  
I'm glad Shep came to greet him, and it's a great shot. 

Someone got a new toy from the neighbor. 
Just in time - as his Mr. Bun lost his second ear the day before. 


Dad lovin'.   
And Dad was lovin' it. 

Shep was very excited about me doing yard work. 
He was may more excited than I. 

Barky McBarkerson and his unamused cat. 

Song by: Skinny Puppy

Friday, August 09, 2019

License to Kill

This isn't a nothing post - it is a next to nothing post.  Honestly, I've had these pics on my phone, some for days, some for months.  It's just a nonsense day here 

You'd have to be a real big fan to want this one. 

There is a Flock of Seagulls joke here.........somewhere. seen in NC down the street from us. 

Not much of a boob man myself.  On the other hand....see below. 

What I love about this?  He wasn't even 1-3. 

He'd have to buy me dinner first. 

....on a car that looks like a Stormtrooper. 

Oh poor Spo and the like. They can't even spell correctly. 

Song by: Elvis Costello

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Site of the Month

I think the title image tells you all you need to know about this month's site.

I feel I could have done better than just guessing 4 out of 12 correctly.

It seems I went with who I wanted it to be rather than what probably belonged to who.

Should you think about it correctly - and I didn't - your score should be higher than mine.

Start guessing dick to "star". Just click here. 

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

the Tide

Let's step away from gun violence and politics at least for the day, shall we?

710 and I went on vacation last week. Back to the beach of North Carolina. Right outside Wilmington, actually.  Same place we rented last time, as we were so taken by it.

Unlike last year, we had no thunderstorms, which I loved, as they mostly happened at night. But last year was humid and we couldn't comfortably leave the doors and windows open. This year, humidity was low, so everything was open. I love going to sleep, and waking up to hearing the crash of the surf.

Beach life was a vacation for my tinnitus. I mean, night inside it was more of the same, but outside there was no notice of that constant ringing.

Unlike last year, our next door neighbors, Janet and Mike (and his areolas) weren't there. Maybe on vacation himself, or they sold after last year's hurricane.  Until the last day, we had no neighbors at all. It was quite ideal - as we didn't have to interact with anyone.

The weather was in the mid-80s. The ocean temps were about 82F.

Every morning I was up with the sun. Shortly after, I was on the beach, walking 3-4 miles, passing a few people and day after day being the same folks. The morning surfers showed up no matter how still the waters.  At the end of my walk, I went for my a.m. swim.  As I'm not a complete moron, I did it in front of our place where there were always a few people around.  Most days, 710 would be on the porch having coffee and watching me not drown.

We had our day walks too and afternoon swims. My black toe nails weren't even noticed.

Each afternoon or evening, we were on our top porch with wine and cheese, just watching the world go by as we'd kill a bottle of wine. After that - we wandered into town for dinner......and maybe another drink.

Truth be told, I took a new book with me and never turned one page. I just sat and watched beach life without once ever sitting on the actual beach.

It was as low of a key as a week that could be. It's exactly what we wanted and needed.  We had everything we'd want, except to have Shep with us.

With SPF 50 and up, you'd never know I was anywhere, but that's ok. I'm not 100% we will go back next year, but it's a high probability.  It was also lengthy discussion {again} if this is somewhere we'd retire one day.

It was a great week. I highly suggest it.

Oh yeah - I didn't do a vacation video this year.  That's my gift to you!

Song by: Lucy Kaplansky

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Talk is Cheap

I'd say, "what can I say?", but I have a feeling, it will be something.

First off - I finally felt the need to add 'Mass Shooting' for my labels. It's a necessary evil, as this won't be going away anytime soon.

Secondly - the title image seemingly was pulled off the El Paso's Twitter account. I have looked but cannot confirm 100% of this. It's tough to confirm as Twitter took down his page as soon as they could.  That said, the image isn't his - but one from 2016 that he allegedly reposted on his site.

Thirdly - while I won't say his name that is spelled out, BLOTUS and his crew have their hands in both El Paso and probably Dayton too.

I was so fucking depressed by the two shootings this last weekend - 13 hours apart. And truth be told, I've been starting and stopping this post about a dozen times, not being able to commit to thinking about it.  ....and I just stopped again.

All of this is so same old-same old, yet it still feels different. Maybe it's the back to back thing. But really what it is, is the response thing.  I am literally - yes, literally - sickened.

Ugh, this fucking cunt!

At every single rally, her "boss" points his finger, name calls and screams. He does it with his keyboard too - using his tiny hands.  She has the nerve, the audacity, to tell people against violent assault weapon deaths to unify?

You twat, you and your ilk have done everything in your power to do just the opposite. With all these mass shootings, why can't you be in the middle of one of them?

Ugh, this feckless cunt.

Your father is their fucking ring leader. How do you not know that?  You're a faux Jew, and he's not too fond of the real ones. And maybe delve a little into history and Gooooogle "white supremacy jew" and see what comes up.  Twat!

Then there is BLOTUS himself. Let's forget he doesn't know the difference between Dayton and Toledo - at least they're both in the same state.  But his total and utter bullshit on his "Hate has no place in America. Hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart and devours the soul." crap.

This is a man who built his campaign and presidency on hate and divisiveness is trying to tell people not to hate.  Actions speak louder than words was my first thought. My second was:  what could this man possibly do, action wise, to show me anything different.  I could not come up with one thing.

He did the requisite: video games, internet violence and the classic, mental illness.

Of course, they're not mentally ill when they're brown or black - but we've covered that before at other shooting posts.  He also doesn't mention his rollback of laws, now allowing mentally ill folks to have access to weapons.  Convenient.

The absolute pièce de résistance is BLOTUS' willingness to support gun legislation.................if it were tied to immigration reform.


Flailing Dem candidate, Tim Ryan (I'm from Ohio, as is he, and I still barely know who the fuck he is), hits it on the head when he says "it's a joke".

I think we all know that he'd take the immigration concession and give nothing in ways of anything gun related.

....and don't even get me started on Moscow Mitch (g-d, I hope that name sticks for the next year and a quarter!) and his not allowing any gun reform to come up for a vote for the last year.

Blood on all their hands.

The shootings are disturbing enough, but the blatant hypocrisy is what makes my stomach turn.

Song by: Johnny Winter