Thursday, June 20, 2019

Stadium Love

First off, and I've said it before: I read most of the obituaries most of the days. Sundays are a drag because there are SO many of them. I mean, how many bodies are they keeping on ice just to hold off to till the Sunday announcement.

I tend to gloss over the ones that start out, "went to home to the Lord". That' never going to end well for me. And clearly, it didn't end well for them either.

I also try to figure how people die, which is usually by the "in lieu of flowers....." section. I do like the ones who just say they died from an addiction. Just call it out - let people know it's an issue that need attention, even if it's in line 7 of an 8 line obit.

But the other day, this one was out there.   I. Loved. It.

First off, I love Stadium Mustard, so.......there's that.  But I love love love how his family are almost afterthoughts in this obit.

I have almost no doubt (hey baby, hey baby hey....boys say, boys say) that the deceased pre-wrote the sucker.

....and he died from heart disease.........I'm guessing, and that the hot dog on which he placed that mustard were beef.

Song by: Metric

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Only the Lonely

My comic reading in the news paper has gone kaput.  Once Foxtrot and Boondocks went away (this was eons after Calvin and Hobbes went bye-bye), and Doonesbury was put on months and months of reruns, I limited my reading to Speed Bump and Bizarro.

Doonesbury came back, but I never picked it back up. Allegedly Boondocks is coming back. Even the new Bloom County I didn't bother with.

Way back when we lived in Columbus, on a lark, I read Apartment 3-G. It was hilariously stupid. I was never a Golden Girls fan (I know, the one gay guy who didn't care for it), but I remember a bit from it that made me laugh.

Dorothy:  "Apartment 3-G. I haven't read that for 30 years...."
Blanche:  "I'll catch you's later the same day......"

True that. Slowest moving storyline ever.

I was never a Mary Worth person. I'd say "because I'm not 50+", but I am. 710 reads it just out of habit, but he reads all the comics I think. So now and then, he'll read me a storyline - this last one being about and elderly person being taken for all her money because that's what happens to old people. I think she was catfished.

And so you know Mary Worth is for old people, she'll let you see for yourself......

Yes, apparently 1980's music now equals old-timers.   {sigh..... and.......well......fuck}.

In my heart of hearts, I know 80s is considered "oldies" to some generation. And not so deep down, I know people my age area allowed to move into the same independent living facility where my mother went last year. And sure, I'm 'falls risk', but I don't see myself as Mary Worth old.

....and for the record, the woman in question did find companionship with one of Mary's friends....

....and yes, this is older than the Motels, so, I feel slightly better.

Song by: the Motels

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon)

Second movie in a row that is a documentary - at least of sorts.

Echo in the Canyon is about the Laurel Canyon music scene in Los Angeles going from about 1964-69.

The impetus for the subject came from a little known (never, to me) 1969 movie called Model Shop. Apparently it takes place in Laurel Canyon and it got the head of a record company and Jakob Dylan exploring the music of the time.  As if the it needed discovering.

Don't get me wrong - you know my love of music. But some of it seemed so forced when the actual stories were so much better. The music scene of the time was so incestuous, but collaborative.

I loved the stories about certain songs and bands, and they had representation on screen. There was some clear omissions even in discussion (Joni Mitchell). I get that some might not have wanted to be part of the project, being on screen, but to leave out some truly influential artists was wrong.

When someone (I'm blanking) talks about 'Dylan" and Jakob Dylan says they'll have to be more specific - trust me, they don't.  Jakob, you had one marginal hit and 23 years ago. When someone speaks "Dylan" it's your father, or Dylan Thomas.

Had it been a strict documentary on these artists (Beach Boys, Byrds, Association, Mamas and the Papas, Buffalo Springfield.....) it would have been A+, but Dylan (Jakob, that is) had to make it about him.

He rerecorded some of the songs in question. And he and others (Beck, Regina Spector, Fiona Apple, Snore-a Jones) had to play them live.  This worked well twice - one with a recording (Mamas & Papas "Go Where You Wanna Go" and one live (the Byrds' "Goin' Back").   The latter surprised me more because Beck and Dylan did well, but I found out it was a Carole King written song. I had no idea.

So save those two songs, the rest of Jakob's interpretations came out sounding like "One Headlight" redux.

I love Jackson Browne, but he seemed out of place here. He might have been influenced by the artists, but he didn't contribute what you thought he might or should.  At least with Tom Petty, he put all the references into context.

I don't know if this is a run out and see movie for any of you. I figured it wouldn't stay in our local art house theater short of this opening week, though Rotten Tomatoes gives it a very high rating.

Almost halfway through the year; almost halfway through the goal.

2019 Movie Count / Goal: 07 of 15

Song by: the Mamas & the Papas

Monday, June 17, 2019

My Music Monday

I'm way behind on 'new' music. As you've all read here before, I'm no longer a radio guy - even XM.

You've all heard my issues with XM too, and they still stand. Different stations, but each station has their own play list (in same order) that they do for weeks on end. And when you play an 'alternative' song on the 'alternative' station 4,209 times, but every other station is playing it to begs the question:  "is it alternative?"

That all said, I've been a bit tired of the music on my iphonepod. I need to purge it and add all new stuff, or just bring on 1000 songs I don't have in rotation.

Until I do that, I have been listening to XM more - though mostly Fresh Air. But I have been listening to "Alt" Nation. I think I have heard enough good enough "new" songs to get me through the next few weeks of MMM.

"New" has been in quotes here, because some of these are from not 2019. Such is the Interrupters' "She's Kerosene", which is from 2018.

I know nothing of the group. I dig a decent ska vibe, and most who try it cannot pull it off. This song does. Though, hearing the song on the radio, I'd have never guessed the lead singer was a woman.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Site of the Month

I might have skipped this segment last month. I dunno - and too lazy to check.

While Twitter is not a new Site - far from it - Orenthal James Simpson being on it, is!

That's right, acquitted murder, convicted felon and Dingo Boot pitchman, OJ Simpson.

Like a moth to the flame; like passing an accident on the highway; like having to sample Madonna's HORRIBLE new album on iTunes, Blobby just had to take a look.

Blobby has a Twitter account but never knew exactly what to do with it. I'm not as hot at Gus Kenworthy and not as funny in 140 280 characters as Anna Kendrick.  I'll look at some things here and there, but post?  November 2011 seems to be the last time I posted. I typed in @therealoj32 and this is what I got

So, while the top tweet is HI-larious, it also links to the actual OJ site.......which, if you take a look (and unless I'm missing something) is the same screen name.

I clearly don't know exactly how this all works.  You can't have two accounts with the same handle, right?

I don't know what OJ is going to 'get even'.  Is he going to go after Ron Goldman's villainous mustachioed father?  Are Judge Ito or Marcia Clark going to be safe from the tweets?  WILL Cuba Gooding Jr. withstand the scrutiny of that OJ tv movie??  How will the late Leslie Neilsen fare?

The "fake" OJ page is going to be so much better anyways.   (I think I'm leading with the best post too.)

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Shed Some Light

Another week.  Another post of your favourite recurring players to this blog.

Shep Stink Eye

Shep at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The outside part, obvi. 

At the vet. Shep has allergies, which is affecting his paws. Poor guy. 

Petey didn't mind the vet. Shep? He's very nervous - shakes, and as you can see, sheds. 
I picked the wrong day to wear black pants. 

Soph turns 13 today. 
She's still a stalker when she wants to be. 

Shep and his overseer. 
Just as it should be. 

Song by: Shinedown

Friday, June 14, 2019

Sunshine, Lollipos and Rainbows

Listen, I'm not saying my proclamation of saying I'd be blogging "good news" is the cause of Sanders-Fuckabee stepping down from her job - but honestly, none of you can prove otherwise.

So I'm taking the credit.

Short of assassination, there is possibly nothing that can make me happier than this news.

.....well, maybe a sweeping incurable, painful and deadly virus that infects the entire administration - past and present.  That would make me happier.

And on the same day that Cryptkeeper Conway is recommended for termination. Oh, she won't be. But honey - this is your LAST job. Unhireable.  I think that's a word.

Good things come to positive people, people.

Look. Just three days into a good news blog cycle and I'm already reaping the rewards.

You can all thank me later.  Or now.  Your choice.

Song by: Lesley Gore

Thursday, June 13, 2019

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 111th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

04:43.   Getting ready for A.M. dog walk

05:00.  Shep's Poo. 

The vet needs a sample - so I got to collect it before 05:00.  Yay me!

06:15.  Tie day. 

I don't always wear one anymore, but now and then. I don't care for this pattern much, but love the colours. 

06:35.  First computer / clinical app of the day opened. 

07:45. Different office building . First meeting of the day. 

09:00.  Dropping off Shep's poo sample. 

09:30.  All these mobile orders - and none of them mine. 

It would have helped to hit 'order' after I chose my selection, but why quibble over who was right?

11:58.  Two minutes to the meeting start and where IS everyone?

12:50.  Lunch. BiBiBop.

Only the third time in almost four year that I've left the hospital to have lunch "off campus"

16:50.  Doggie pick-up.

None of these are mine - yet in another way, they're all mine!

17:15.  Mixed Messages. 

Mike will tell you I sent him 'this' picture the day before. I sent him a similar one, yes. But for this to officially be 12 of 12, they have to be taken today. So I retook one. 

19:30.  Grocery Day. 

710 gets them, I unpack them. And those blue plastic bags?  Cuyahoga County is banning them as of January 2020.  Honestly, it will be more cumbersome, but I'm glad they're forcing my hand to bring canvas sacks to cart my stuff home. 

You Baker's Dozen:

21:00.   (She's my) Cherry Pie......and lots of whipped cream. 

That's all on this topic until July 13th.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Stand and Deliver

In 2000-something Barak Obama allowed Pride flags to be flown at U.S. embassies around the world - as long as the flags were smaller than the U.S. one, and flown below the U.S. one.  Seemed reasonable. 

In 2018, Mike Pompeo declared it a no-no and repealed the act.  You know who and Miss Pence backed him up it because: gays.

But since I said this blog would have more good news, there is a positive spin on all that shit:

Way to fucking go 'some U.S. embassies'.  For the life of me, the WaPo article doesn't state which ones, other than Brasilia doing something or other with Play Dough in rainbow colours.

I was hoping for more resistance from you know, the German embassy, since the dude is queer. But he's a BLOTUS appointed queer, so............I guess I shouldn't expect much from that.

Maybe the Post isn't posting which embassies are not compliant, as to let it run its course with the flags, knowing that the State Dept can't be watching all of them at all times. 

A boy can dream.

Song by: Adam & the Ants

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Country Boy

I'm trying something for a few days - that will hopefully lift my spirits (not they're down down, or anything).

For as long as possible, I will try to post good news. Anyone can post the bad, as it is easy to do.

Too easy, in fact.

First off I know I can't maintain it all the time, as I am trying to realistic and there are big enough things going on that aren't good. But a respite here and there wouldn't kill anyone - right?

So, Buttfuck, OK (I mean, I'm assuming that's the town name).  A place where you'd probably get strung up for going down.  The bigger offense in a town / state like that might be to actually support the gays.

Yet here is some guy in Oklahoma doing just that.

Looks like someone just got disinvited to the Straight Pride Parade. I'm guessing he didn't want to go in the first place.

Good for him.  Good for us.

Song by: Vince Gill

Monday, June 10, 2019

My Music Monday

With last week's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend clip, I ended up going down a rabbit hole, as I am apt to do

I think there are videos for each and every one of their 170+ musical numbers.  As you know, unlike Morty, musicals are not my jam.* .

While I certainly haven't viewed anywhere near all those clips, I did come across one that made me wanted to watch - first by title, then by the first line.

The song: "Let's Have Intercourse".  The line: "Unfortunately, I want to have sex with you....".   I'm in!  Oh, how much regret sex or grudge sex have we all had in our lifetime?

What?  No.  That can't just be me.

Visually, the production is very well done. I found the tune catchy, but hilarious. And Nathaniel isn't bad to lay my eye upon.

*I'm just seeing if he's paying attention.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

Family Tree

Cookie is coming back to the 216 at the end of July to attend a national genealogy conference that is being held here.

Alas, I will not be in town to see him, not that he asked.

I also didn't know about the genealogy conference.....not that anyone asked.

For the nominal fee, I might have actually gone to it - had I known. Still won't be in town though.

I know a super lot about my father's mother's side of the family.  I only know a little about my father's father's side. Like the last name, that part I have down cold!

I know some about my great grandfather, but almost nothing about the pictured great great grandfather, Isaac.

Now I see where I get my long flowing locks and superior sideburns!

Actually, this is the first pic I've seen of him.  I've seen his headstone dozens of time. Each time I came back from the cemetery, I'd silently thank my parents for not naming me after him.

However, I have just come into some possession of some turn of the century items that I'll look through.  19th to 20th century, not 20th to 21st.

I edited out some printing underneath his pic, as it was something new to me, but part of it was his name and the title of Supreme Commander.  What is underneath that, to what his title is related,  is for me to research and find out.

Now you see why I might want to go to this genealogy thing.  And yes, part of it is to meet Cookie.

Song by: Shelby Lynne

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Joy to the World

If I could do just an all pet blog, I could.  I think I'd need a lot more pets to round it out though.

While technically not a water dog, or a swimmer (yet), he does love going in. 
This time it was the draw of dozens of unseen, but not unheard, frogs.

Soph gets her morning milk from me.  I'm a great dad!

Eleanor and Oliver have a new brother. 
Andrew hasn't been eaten, so, so far, so good.  They're eyeing a squirrel btw. 

Siggie after day care, wanting cousin love.  He got it. 

How is it possible that this many dogs are uninterested in me!?!

Soph has an HRH for a reason. 

.....and still with eating more of the neighbor's grasses. 

Song by: Three Dog Night

Friday, June 07, 2019


I don't know if if 'straight pride' is really a thing or not.  I'm going with 'not' - only because straight white people are pretty much lazy.

They don't have to get off their asses to do stuff because, well.........privilege.

I did laugh at Christopher's FB post, which I co-opted for my main image.

Other than being mean-spirited (assuming it happens), what do these straight folk really want to prove?  That they can finally be publicly affectionate? 

This is why I hate writing lately. The amount of hate towards anyone not white and straight (this isn't even an 'or' situation) is swelling........and big time. And there is seemingly no end.  It. Is. Exhausting.  While I can also empathize with anyone of colour, or a woman - OR both (this does warrant an 'or'), I honestly can't truly imagine being in their shoes.

Anyone care to make wagers on if this will truly happen??


Regarding my post yesterday, honestly, I wasn't fishing......or phishing.  Or catfishing.

The stats wouldn't necessarily make my argument. I haven't hit 500+ reads in a day in forever. Though the day before wasn't bad. Anymore I hover at the 270 mark.  Some dips to the 180s.  Eeek.  Word must have gotten out that 'the end is near'.

It's not. I don't think.

Having written it, I feel a little better  - read: less angsty - about potentially changing direction / lessening the number of posts / or yes, even closing shoppe.  Again, don't worry about the latter - but I feel the need to keep it in the mix.  I don't even know if I'll do the former.

I feel a little sad for Becca though. In yesterday's comments, she couldn't believe my blog is 17  Clearly she missed that post. She equated it with the length of her marriage, but she's been married almost her husband should take a slight offense that she doesn't know their anniversary. 

Becky: 2000.  Days after the Bush / Gore debacle.

Oh now I'm sad. Why couldn't I have been writing about President Gore?

btw.....thanks for all your kind words yesterday. All very nice. But I wasn't fishing........I swear.

Song by: Veruca Salt

Thursday, June 06, 2019

Long May You Run

Try not to panic.

I'm not ending my blog. But it's been crossing my mind more and more.

The process used to be easier. The nonsense is less and less, not that there was tons with which to begin.

It used to be, I could be 4-6 posts ahead and take days off of writing because things were set to publish. Those days are seemingly gone.

Part is time. Petey didn't take up a lot of my time. Shep is a bit more active. Work plays a part too, but oddly enough I have more time with the new job to write.

I read less and less news - so that is harder on which to comment. BLOTUS is soul draining - so yes, I place part of this one him.

I stopped reading Joe.My.G-d months and months ago. While he does a great job of culling other people's stories (let's face it, he does very little writing anymore), it is D-pressing. If my two tales per week of BLOTUS and GOP shit are a downer, try reading 30 of his........per day!

The Muses - should they exist at all - have called a Lyft and gotten to the Amtrak station or possibly the airport. Even they wouldn't take Greyhound.

Perhaps this is just a funk. I'm trying to walk it off - to use P.E. teacher speak. For the time being I will try to be better, to slog on. Should that not work, I might go from daily to a few times per week. And if that doesn't work, well..................who knows.

I guess I could change the tenor of the blog, but not sure what direction that would even look like. I'm not at that point least not yet.

17+ years is a lot of written word. It's like 2 trillions tweets - though truth be told, I haven't actually done the math. I might be rounding up.

I cannot be the only blogger who experiences this, right?

I wonder if I should up the dose of my antidepressant.

Like I said - please don't least not yet.

Song by: Neil Young

Wednesday, June 05, 2019


I am dead tired. I planned for nothing.

Sorry about making you type in my url to find this.

I'm assuming tomorrow will be more!

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Astral Projections

It's bee a long day, so I have nothing.  I have not delved back into politics, but some things, to a degree are unavoidable - so I know that BLOTUS is over the pond.  To bad he's not in it or under it.

But the good folks of London aren't always liking him to be in their city - as this isn't Fayetteville. And yes, they have the floating BLOTUS baby, but they're doing my more favourite thing:  projection.  The kind against a building, not the thing that subconscious transfer of one's ideas to another person.

I'm not sure which one I love most.  I guess they're like if they were your kids - you love then "equally".

Song by: the Cranberries