Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A Year in Pictures

Another year gone.

Another year wrap-up in images.

I am trying not to use previously seem pictures, but well, you never know. Some of you have seen some on Facebook or my Instagram, but few, if any, have been shown here.

There are no rules. It might be one pic per month, it might be seven. There are no designations in terms of what's going on here.

My blog, my rules.

January 2019 - Sunrise out my (then) office window. No filter used. No filter needed. (instagram pic)

January 2019 - Outside my office building. Sometimes I'm a simple guy. This made me smile.

 January 2019 - Shep & I outside my great-grandfather's house. It's where my father live upon his birth.

January 2019 - Cold cold winter. Standing on Lake Erie.

February 2019 - My mom getting an IV before her balloon procedure. I had to watch them take 45 minutes to find a vein. It was horrible for all involved. 

February 2019 - Shep is playing a very dangerous game. THAT is Sophie's spot. Sometimes she lets me sleep there too.

March 2019 - I wanted a hair transplant, but didn't want toupee. 

 March 2019 - After walking Shep at Frohring Meadows, we stumbled upon a shoe tree.

March 2019 - I'm a big fan of public art. I love this one.  The artist is Donald Black Jr..  (instagram pic)

 April 2019 - Possibly my fave pic of this year.   ....as seen in NYC.  (instagram pic)

 April 2019 - You didn't expect me to take a pic of something like this and not post it.

April 2019 - NYC. I kind of loved this guy's tatt - and its placement. 

April 2019 - Cashew Later!

 April 2019 - the Vessel. (instagram pic)

April 2019 - dinner with my sister

May 2019 - Rain Art.  (instagram pic)

May 2019 - Big Fun self-portrait.

May 2019 - transfusion for my mother, prior to her heart surgery.

 May 2019 - Storm approaches.

June 2010 - Where Dreams Meet Reality.  (instagram pic)

 July 2019 - Scouting cemetery plot sites.  I took Shep with me for support.

 July 2019 - Picking flowers for my mother's celebration.

 July 2019 - said celebration.  It was a really nice day.

2019 - Dawn on Wrightsville Beach near Johnny Mercer Pier.  (Facebook pic)

 August 2019 -  A.M. walk on the beach avec rainbow.  (Facebook pic)

 August 2019 - Another A.M. walk. But this might be my fave picture of the year.  (Facebook pic)

August 2019 - Happy to toss that in the dumpster while cleaning out my mother's house.

 August 2019 - Welcome Bailey.

 September 2019 - Looking towards Canada.  (Facebook pic)

September 2019 - Shep's first hotel stay. During our four day power outage.

October 2019 - Guess who made Goooooooogle Maps? 
That's right, Shep and Dad #2, who was talking to Dad #1 as we got scanned. 
Shep is worldwide famous now! The pic was taken months before, but finally showed up on Gooooooogle Maps.

October 2019 - NOH8.  Out of all the ones taken, they selected it was this one. At first I was good with it, but I noticed soon on, I have no lines. At all. They airbrushed / photoshopped the fuck out of me. Then I looked at all the others from the Cleveland shoot.  Not one person - including the 70 year old man - had a crease, crow's foot or furrow.  I found it quite creepy. I lived hard for those.

October 2019 - Doppelgänger.  (Facebook pic)

 November 2019 - SF Hyatt. Artsy Fartsy pic.

 November 2019 - In the Navy!

November 2019 - Like I wasn't going to post a photo montage of a traffic cone I came upon.

 November 2019 - Public Art. Yerba Buena Youth Center. (instagram pic)

 November 2019 - Message book, Contemporary Jewish Museum (SF)

 November 2019 - SF public art.  I loved this one.  (instagram pic)

 November 2019 - I laughed and laughed and laughed. Land's End, SF.

 November 2019 - The Bridge

 November 2019 - Half Moon Bay.

 November 2019 - John Muir Beach Lookout at sunset.

December 2019 - When you both want naps, but the sofa only has room for one of you.

 December 2019 - Holiday Shep.  He was great with the tree. Never even thought about touching it.

December 2019 - Last daycare pick-up of the year. I scratched this dude's neck. Love him. 

There you have it, a subjective look at my 2019. Onward to 2020. 


anne marie in philly said...

nice grouping of photos there.

the dump ones are cool, as is bert's tit. made me smile.

HAPPY 2020 to you and 710/shep/sophie!

JP said...

Love the John Muir pic. Happy New Year Blobby.
JP x

Ur-spo said...

If I gave out awards this entry would get one. I thought it one of your best ones yet.
What splendid photos! They capture the year well