Thursday, December 19, 2019



I could just submit it without comment, but..........we've met, right?

While I have no hopes for a real trial in the Senate, I do still hopes that Pelosi does not send it the Senate at all. Leave the bastard hanging out on the line.

I mean, why not?  It's not like a Moscow Mitch Senate moved on their requirement to vet Merritt Garland - or any brought forth Obama Supreme Court nominee.  So.........what goes around comes around, Mitch.

Hold that impeachment out there. Keep investigating other instances. Flog it right up until election day 2020.

Sure, this could backfire, but no impeachment, let alone removal from office, will sway those who support BLOTUS. It will surely invigorate them, but for how long and to what degree is unknown. And to a degree, not sending this forth to the Senate might enrage some democrats who stupidly think it will be a trial verdict that will oust BLOTUS from office.

It won't.

So here we are. While text books in the future could be deemed #fakenews, for now, I can be ok with them all saying BLOTUS WAS IMPEACHED.  Because, nothing is changing that.

*the lateness of the impeachment vote ended up delaying my actual post for today. 

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anne marie in philly said...

we the people have TO VOTE to remove the stench!

Bob said...

I am so hoping they keep it out of the Senate just yet. With Moscow Mitch and Miss Leningrad Lindsey the outcome is already assured.