Monday, July 31, 2006

Site of the Month

I betcha thought I forgot. But don't you people know me a little better than that?

Yes, this SotM makes it apparent that there IS indeed a website for everything and everyone. I cringe more for the kitties than I do for anything this may or may not represent.

And for this, I present Cats Who Look Like Hitler.

...and in defense of cats (which I love!), I've only met one inherently bad cat. Yes, Dith, I'm talking to you! However, Simone she was more the Eva Braun of cats.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Walking on Sunshine

It's like 10:00a and it's hot. Africa hot!! ...and nary a breeze. I think it will be hotter than yesterday...which they say was only 86. Lies! ALL lies, I tellz ya!!!!! Upper 90s the rest of the week, is the prediction. I can't (or shouldn't) really complain, b/c I have become a huge freeze baby. It can snow all it likes, but I loathe the bitter cold.

Denton would always bug me (in a loving way, of course) by saying, "Man, that sun sure is hot!". It got to the point I had to ask Jeeves hot it actually was.

Turns out it is 5800 Kelvin. With my limited astrophysics and astronomy background, I had to find a way to convert that (which would be 9980 degrees F on the surface - THANK YOU!). I know core is hotter, supposedly 14 million degrees (it doesn't say F or C and when it's that warm, does it matter which one it might be?) .....but really, who is going to the core? Fuck - who is going to the surface?

Well, there is part of my schtick (yes, it's true - I have schtick!) that I still hold over from the Gong Show. It's the Unknown Comics bit about the first man to land on the sun. ..where he jumps around going, 'OOH! AAH! OUCH!' never gets old.

So now Denton says to bug me (in a loving way, of course), "Boy - that sun sure is bright!" I just haven't bothered to figure out how many lumins that might be! And even if I did - how does that convert to anything???

Song by: Katrina and the Waves

Saturday, July 29, 2006


A little while ago, I was taken to task (ok, maybe too strong a word) for not posting any pictures of myself here on this blog. And though this blog is by me and occasionally about me - it's not *about* me! I'm very self-conscious about how I look (or actually, how I don't look!).

Since it was Garkawe who was actually the one chiding me - I figured it was only appropriate to post his picture(s) on here too. I'm expecting nasty nasty nasty comments regarding this. TS. Take a look while you is quite possible this post will disappear!

For the record, we both look much better than my Treo camera captured. Honest. And the temp was in the 100s - so we were melty and squinty. And at one point in our lives we both had (more) hair and less body. Honest!

These pics were taken in NYC (on E. 53rd) - which was less than 2wks back, but seems a lifetime ago.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what i'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

(wait....did I just use the term 'record'? Oh well....)

Apparently Jenny Lewis is a member of a band called Rilo Kelly - of which I have never heard. I just got her debut solo album, Rabbit Fur Coat.

There are some immediate likeable songs on this really short-timed disk ("Rise Up With Fists!!!" and "You Are What You Love").

The songwriting and singing style are what can best be described as unconventional. The title track alone is very odd, yet very hypnotic. I kind of want to fast forward over it, but never do. There are a few songs that touch on what could be construed as a lack of faith in g-d....and I'm always gonna relate to those ( w/lyrics like "Well you praise Him, and you thank Him....but not me, I'm still angry" and "I'm not bettin' on the afterlife")

An easy listen? No. Desert Island Disk material? No. But still enjoyable if you can give it a spin and sit through it a few times to get into its groove.
'NSync (II)

I'm sorry, but this was funny. All things considered....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


...or so says Sesame Street.

The hard time was narrowing it down to which one....and when you picked that one, the only thing I thought would have been different about them he was straight!

It really doesn't mean the other four aren't.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Yes, I feel a Grandpa Simpson coming on.

Last week while on 'vacation', I had the last 36hrs ruined by a conference I was going to mid-week directly from vacation. Vacation was in NYC, conference was in Chicago - so this is no easy transition from fun to work. I know this will get muddled, so stay w/me here.

The program was a Neuroscience conference put on by Active Communications International. Something when I signed up w/them seemed fishy from the start. I should trust my instincts - they are rarely wrong.

For fun, we were taking the Staten Island Ferry, since Denton has never done it and something I hadn't done in 22yrs. It's not fun fun, but it was something to do to beat the 100 degree heat. I was checking my emails from my phone...and get one from ACI saying I cannot attend the conference b/c a number of people from my health system opted out of coming. It turns out - many never even officially signed up. Their email was vague that I had to pay the balance in order for me to attend.

Well, I wasn't sure what the balance was - or who they were talking about or how many weren't coming. It should be stated that we all work independently of each other - w/none reporting to me or in my cost center....some not in my hospital or even in my state! Most I didn't even know their names.

So, I get another email back saying the price was $4189.50!! That is in addition to my registration fee. I so wanted to throw my Treo into NY Harbor. But I calmly (?) wrote back basically what is in the above paragraph. That these people cancelled was not my issue. That ACI coordinated the event - not myself.

I got a very backhanded apologetic email back the next morning (as I was to leave for Chicago) saying all was right w/the world. Fine - but you know me (or perhaps not), I can hold a grudge. Forever! In my mind, this conference was already ruined.

But then I get an email from Accounts Payable. Someone from ACI is calling demanding $4189.50. I tell AP not to pay as it's been taken care of and assumed there was just a timing issue. Oh silly silly me. But I cover my ass making sure there are no 'incidents' to be forthcoming when I check-in. I"m assured there will not be. ...and there weren't.

During one session - a man (Dan Brady...or was it Don?) approaches me and says, 'oh, you're Robert! I'm from ACI and my CEO wanted me to say 'welcome aboard'!' Did I just join the company and now know it?? I had no other response but..."ooooookay". He went on to say, 'seriously, the CEO told me my one job this trip was to find you out and say he was very glad you are participating in this event.' Once again, 'um....ooooookay'.

The conference wasn't horribly exciting, but they went out of their way to ask me to present, in Los Angeles, in January! I said, 'call me'.

I'm guessing at this point they will not do that. Why - you ask?

Doing my expense reports and pulling off my registration charge from American Express, ACI was kind enough to put on an additional charge - w/out authorization - for $4189.50. And they did it after all the conversations that had taken place where everything was resolved.

You can imagine my response to them yesterday - and why I will assume I won't be asked to present at any of their conferences. I will also make it my duty to let every administrator know at each one of our health system hospitals about their practices.

Monday, July 24, 2006


It sure beats the other one:

See John Wayne Gacy's crawlspace

this picture was provided by Kris L-S-R-H. I did not search it out on my own.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

AC 360 if Anderson Cooper couldn't be any more (questionably) gay - Time/Warner decided to erase any doubt. In their 'gift shoppe' they sell these shirts. I never checked, but I'm guessing these are the men's version. And they come in pink.

The sparkles are not extra.

Friday, July 21, 2006


So, our last night in NYC we went to see Madonna and her Confessions on a Dance Floor Tour.

Yes, Morty and Dith are right now going, "noooooo!!! my eyes! MY EYES!" ....which is exactly why they were never ever considered in the first place to see her with us. They can thank me later.

We had the chance to go - and we took it. I've never seen her live* before so really didn't know how it would all go down. I had heard that she had been starting almost an hour late and insisted that the AC in the arenas be turned off as to not hurt her voice. Considering that NYC had been experiencing 100 degree days and we had the absolute top row, it presented no problem whatsoever.


 It twas a tad warm.

That being said - what a frickin' spectacle!!

That is not to say it wasn't entertaining - it was. There was a lot to take in. You could easily be watching something else on stage and miss where she went and how she got there. Having never seen Cher (nor ever wanting to), this is what I consider the gayest thing I've ever done (shut up!). I assume it was something like Cher mixed w/Cirque du Soleil. The entire production was about two steps away from being a semi-permanent Vegas show (exhibited mostly in that horrible song 'La Isla Bonita' from two decades ago!). Maybe the songs would have meant more had I really ever listened to her last disk - which comprised of most of the concert. I will say - the songs 'Jump' and 'Get Together' seemed to stand out for me.

Her little mirrored crucifix was smirky - but hasn't she run that catholic thing into the ground eons ago? Does she even identify as catholic anymore? And let me tell you right now, Jesus didn't have an elevator to get off his cross - and he didn't do it in Prada footwear (I'm guessing!). But it was the first time I've heard anyone clap along w/a cantor! Sorry - but she can't (shouldn't be allowed to) co-op every religion.

David and Duck went with us - and poor poor Duck. He was a trooper and said he enjoyed the concert, but personally, I think he was morty-fied. The entire things was scripted out to the last comma - save maybe one comment on playing New York and it lasted 2hrs to the minute (yes, Duck and I both checked our watches).

I wondered aloud to Denton at the concert - 'what do they do w/all this shit when the tour is over?'.

Part of the video montages are oh-so political, but Madge is hardly one to rally against Shrub (though everyone should). If we all think that the GOP et al are elitist snobs, you might want to check out 'Madonna By the Numbers' below. Finding this on-line wasn't all the hard - and trust me, it is only a fraction of what they break down. Excessive doesn't' even begin to cover it (i.e. mink & diamond eyelashes?). And is there anyone who believes the part about her not wearing 'foundation'? Yeah - I didn't think so.
  • 1 ½ Tons weight of Madonna's disco ball rocket ship at start of show
  • 400,000 Watts of power used for run of show nightly
  • 2 Million dollars worth of Swarovski crystals embellishes above disco ball
  • 5000 Square Feet Size of Madonna's four stages (standard is 2600 square feet)
  • 1000 Hours rehearsal over 12 weeks
  • 27 Number of Performers including Madonna, Band, and 22 Dancers
  • 253 Massages provided to dancers
  • 0 foundation used on Madonna's skin
  • 1 bottle of balancing cleansing oil (Shu Uemura Green Tea) every week
  • 1 bottle of Yonka moisturizer used up every three weeks
  • 106 Crew members in Madonna touring party
  • 40 Foot turntable in center of main stage
  • 16 Miles per hour when turntable revolves
  • 1 "Discofied"Crucifix
  • 70 Tons of equipment on top of main stage
  • 24 Semi Trucks used to move equipment from city to city
  • 2 Private Planes to transport
  • 18 Vans and Cars to transport
  • 200 Tons in weight of entire show (equivalent to a battle ship)
  • 600 Outfits in total for the entire show
  • 4000 Swarovski crystals embedded in said belt
  • 2 Changes of eyelashes (one mink, one mink with diamonds for disco section)

All that being said - I admit I had a good time. I'll never see something like this again.

I will also say - getting out of Madison Square Garden from the the upper deck is horrid. Egress in MSG sucks. Unlike many arenas, MSG doesn't run their escalators downward - not that it would have mattered. We ended up taking the stairs. Oy. A sea of people and all going nowhere. David said something about 'what if there was a fire....' which was just a nice way of saying what we were all thinking (I confirmed later): 'this is what I'm guessing the North Tower' probably looked like'.

*Live is a term meant to convey living/breathing, not necessarily actual singing - as at least some background vocals were pre-recorded.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


"I just relied on my relaxation properties of excited hydrogen nuclei in water and boy, are my 0.3 to 3 teslas tired!

Take my paramagnetic contrast agent or gadolinium compound.......please!

What is the deal w/airline food?

Hey (tap tap tap) this thing on....?"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sorry. I will try to post later this afternoon/evening, but today is a travel day.

If all goes somewhat well, I'll be in Chicago this evening.
If things do not, I'll be back in Cleveland.

Chicago was to be a conference I was going to - and trust me, go or not, I will bitch, moan, complain about the company putting it on. F-U-C-K'd over is how they are trying to put it to me.....and possibly two others.

It's 6:30a. Gotta catch the train to the airport soon. Ciao.


So, this company heading this conference I'm going to insists I pay for registration fees of three people whom work w/in my health system (12 hospitals over 2 states - and none of these people in my dept or report to me) who cancelled at the last minute....or *I* cannot attend.

After some major emails/phone msgs, I thought I had it figured out. But some asshole is out of the loop and called my AP dept demanding $4200 !!!!! or I was *barred* from the event. ....say it w/me.......... "FUCK YOU!"

I anticipate major major hassles when I check in for the event tomorrow morning. ...and it will be embarrassing to all. I guarantee it.

Tomorrow - check for faboo details of our last day in NYC.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today in NYC-Land

Still scortching hot! But that's ok. We just take it slow and easy and make sure to keep hydrated. All is good w/the world.

I have been sleeping so much this trip. I'm an awake at 5am guy. But this trip, easily in bed at 8a. Maybe it's b/c I have no Tovah pawing me at an early hour - though I'd gladly give that up to have her w/us.

Today just had to be an indoor day. Sure, we did our walking through the park. It's like in Arthur - "drive through the park - you know how I love the park!" But we didn't have a chauffeured Bently....just our New Balance. We ended up on the upper east side and thought we'd stroll by the building where the crazy man blew it up so not to give it to his wife. All-in-all, it's a clean blow-up. Apparently the land is worth about $2million more w/out the residence. Way for the widow/ex-wife to make out on that deal!

Then it was to the MoMA. We hadn't been there at all since their renovation. Ok - I have NEVER been there. Sue me. It was nice and not just b/c it was air-conditioned. The art was good - the pieces/artists you'd know, and the ones you don't. The flow was nice. Even the cafe was pretty damn good. Museum fatigue never really hit. That's really saying something.

While we waited for David to join us there, we watched an interesting installation - two films superimposed over each other: Song of Bernadette & The Exorcist, Now there's something you don't see every day! Oh - and I txt msg'd w/Becky:

Rebecca: Where u at?
Blobby: MoMA
Blobby: It's cool in here (meaning temperature)
Rebecca: I'm at MOMMA'S

..which indeed she was - at her parent's house. Just as quick in txt as in email or person.

This was my favorite art piece at the museum. I think the commentary it makes on society as it stands to day is soooo powerful. How LIFE is not temporary and how everything we do is permanent.

We just got back from dinner w/David and his bf, Duck - who is really really nice. A great Thai restaurant, Spice. Yes, Thai food on a hot hot day. But it was good. Then just back to the hotel to cool down after getting gellato. It's allllll about the cool-down.

Of course, I'll keep posting pics and whatever as we go along......

Monday, July 17, 2006

HOT HOT HOT, this has nothing to do about the Cure! I have been known to ramble, it just might turn out that way, but it's not the way it was intended.

NY Magazine's bldg, at 11am had a temp reading of 105!!!!! That's a tad warm.

We're having a really nice time w/no set agenda....which I have to say is how we usually do NYC. The town is so familiar to us, we don't feel the need to do too many 'touristy' things. As I said - meeting my sister in the park @ the carousel with my nephew. Then going to the wine bar for a relaxing visit - and adding my brother-in-law to the mix.

We did meet Denton's former co-worker (and her new gf) for lunch @ the Boathouse. THE most uninspired meal I've had in a LONG time. The setting wasn't even that great. For those who might not know - it's in the somewhat middle of Central Park. I love Kathleen, but, let's just say, the lunch was about 2hrs long and about 1.5 hrs too long.

Yesterday's highlight was meeting David down @ the Dugout. He feigned to be offended when we looked through the bar for him and walked right by him. It's not like the place wasn't packed w/bald men w/goatees (present company included!). I do love how years can go by w/out seeing him, but it never seems like a day has. Next month, it will be 22yrs since I've met him. Oy, we're old - though he's older than I. We just sat around and had a few beers, while a gaggle (yes, that's the word) of 'men' (which is questionable) flocked around him. He's quite the popular man. Me,, had to just ruin it by pretending to be all pissy and say, "so! I suppose this means we're no longer dating!!" Truth be told, I could barely keep a straight face while saying it. I have no idea what the guy thought - not that I gave it any much thought.

So, after a quick bite of a late dinner, we just headed home. David drove us in his convertible Mustang. It is a nice way to see the city. Top down, looking up.

Today.....well....that's another post.

Oh oh oh.....the first night we ate at one of our faves - the Brooklyn Diner. Quiet....understated w/better than 'diner' food. Here's a pic of the lemon meringue pie. More meringue than lemon. Clearly.

Sunday, July 16, 2006


EDITED/ADDED text now that using a laptop

...VERY tough to do from a phone...which I'm doing while in bed. Oh, keep it clean people.

Got to see my sister, brother-in-law and nephew and just general walking around the city I love so much.

The flight in was fine. I swear it took no time at all - which was good. Though apparently, you're not allowed to travel w/magazines of ammo or hand grenades anymore.

Taking the NJ Transit in to Penn Station could have been better...those have gone down hill.

Today is most likely lunch w/friends, drinks w/Garkawe......and a number of showers. We're looking at upper 90s for the heat.

I'll try to post pics and more when I can...but for now my thumbs are tired.

Friday, July 14, 2006

I love The Office. The U.S. version. At first, I thought it might be weak - and not live up to the hype of the U.K. version. Though they started off very similarly, the NBC version found it's footing mid-season in the first year.

For those who haven't seen it - you should give it a chance. It can be almost painful to watch - The situations so awkward or some of the jokes to purposefully bad. But like a car wreck, you just can't turn away.

NBC is doing 10 webisodes this summer w/what ones would call the ancillary staff (2nd tiered cast). I think the minor characters are some of the funniest. The first two are already up and running w/a new one posted weekly.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


Man, these publishers are getting really specific in their circulation populations, aren't they?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Candy cancer sticks! Who knew?

I haven't seen these around forever. I didn't even know they still existed - and was kind of surprised they still do.

I remember my father bringing chocolate cigarettes home to us kids from Fanny Farmer. Or the gum cigarettes that were wrapped in paper, but coated in a powder that for a second or two, it looked like a puff of smoke coming from your candy cigarette. And then there were always the bubble gum cigars.

Both my parents smoked heavily, so I don't think anyone ever gave it a second thought not to get them for us. I think the amazing thing was, I rarely ever pretended to smoke them. Hell, it was candy! I loved love candy. The more amazing thing is - I never smoked. Well, not never never. I tried a few - but really, how does one get past the first or second cigarette to think it is sooooo good? Another reason I wasn't a good pot smoker either, I suppose.

Two things struck me w/this 'product'. One was that it was in the check-out aisle in the grocery store. The place all kids want something as their parents are trying to get out of the store. Talk about your impulse items!! The more striking thing was, it was in a grocery store I rarely go to - and it is predominately african-american. What does it say that vendors hawk these things at non-white supermarkets? I honestly don't think Giant Eagle would or could sell these at all, let alone at the check-out. I should have taken notice to see if the candy is by RJ Reynolds. It would not surprise me in the least!

One other thing: The brand is 'Lucky', but the horseshoe would have to be turned around for all the luck not to run out. .....and there was on faux surgeon general warning on the package.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Really - I had no idea what to expect when I saw the sign. I was just making my way from Panera to Linens N Things (whose url oddly enough is closer to 'lint' - which is something you don't want, let alone buy). Minding my own business and I look up.

In what way, shape of form does Roly Poly have a good connotation? I assumed it was some kind of clothing store, but I shouldn't assume. When you assume you make an ass of 'u'. Don't even try to finish the rest of that. It doesn't apply to Blobby!!

Turns out Roly Poly isn't "Lane Bryant Kids". It is a soon to be opened sammich shoppe. It seems mostly wraps. I guess they 'roll' them. Get it? I really have no idea if that's what the name implies. I don't imagine me ever stepping foot in there to eat either.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Way back when, David Letterman had two consecutive annual celebrity film festivals. I remember the second (and ultimately last one) being fairly lame. But the first one, had two great shorts. One was with Bette Midler (and actually, her sit-down intro w/Dave was even funnier than her film).

But the other film was a joint venture from SCTV alum, Catherine O'Hara and Andrea Martin. I was a huge SCTV fan, but I'm guessing that in 1987 (?), still not a lot of people knew who either of these hilarious actors were. Thanks to YouTube, I'll grace you w/their film on PMS - Prementrual Syndrome

Saturday, July 08, 2006


You know, some things are just funnier on radio than they are to watch. Say for example, the movie review that NPR's All Things Considered did for the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Well ATC didn't actually do it - they played the audio from the Ask a Ninja website review.

The review is still funny. With NPR, you don't have to sit through the annoying little video intro.

The Ninja / NPR review refers to robot pirates (or is it pirate robots?), which much be much more pervasive in our culture of which than I was aware, b/c I'm sure everyone is acutely aware of the SpongeBob episode where he and Patrick use their imagination to be transported to Robot Pirate Island. DUH!

Friday, July 07, 2006


G-d. Don't you just love The Star?

Ok, I've never read it. Honest. I mean, it's not The World Weekly News (you should really check out Dear Dottie).

But I love the hypocrisy of their little 'fat-fest' cover. An entire issues on if celebrities are too skinny. As if!

However, if you've been watching Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, the same magazine was doing/sponsoring a series of articles on losing 12 lbs w/the Kathy. Odd, no? Well, not really. Kind of expected for a rag like that.

My favorite though is the upper box in the picture - Reese: Not pregnant - Just bloated. OUCH.
I see a new use for my phone camera besides my Shopping w/Blobby segments.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Such a restless night. I awoke at 12:37a to a noise downstairs that I decided to check out. One cat was at the end of the bed snoring (yes, snoring!) so I know it wasn't her. But I did need/want to check on the other one anyway. Kylie was appropriately where she normally has been the last week or so. Finding no reason for the noise, I went back to bed. ...apparently just to lie there. Kind of.

I'm not sure if I was awake, but I sure as shit wasn't asleep. The only way I can describe it is - it was like a really vibrant acid trip (um.............I've heard). Though my eyes were closed, I kept seeing things. Images. Changing images. Shapes. Colours. Sometimes floating. Sometimes pulsing. It's what I imagine Laser Floyd would be like. Hopefully I'll never have to have that confirmed!

Mind over matter was not working here. I could not deviate my thoughts to make any of this go away. It was continual. It was annoying. It was keeping me from getting any sleep. Then out of nowhere, I envision what is like a solid wall of steel - w/a calming eerie steel-blue light shining on different parts of it. It was almost........relaxing.

I opened my eyes and look at the clock. It's 1:38a. One hour. One minute. Closing my eyes again - the images were gone. It probably took 20 more minutes - but I got back to sleep, which lasted another 3hrs. At least it was something!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


We went to go see The Devil Wears Prada yesterday afternoon. Another packed theatre. Maybe b/c it was a holiday weekend. Maybe it was b/c it was raining. Dunno.

Was it good? Yeah. Was it great? Not so much. A horribly weak storyline. Maybe it was more cohesive but the things that held it together hit the editing floor. Meryl Streep was extremely good - and completely carried the movie. The chick from Brokeback Mountain wasn't bad - but her bf, the guy from Entourage, was weak weak weak.

Oh - and on Mondays, popcorn is only $1. .....but I got Milk Duds.

Joe-Blob says check it out if you have nothing else to do.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Words to tell you what to do
Words are working hard for you

Yes, it's the big 4th of July movie weekend. Did we go see 'Uberman'? No. 'Xmen'? No. Last night we went to go see Wordplay. One of the biggest movie weekends of the year and we see a pseudo-documentary on crossword puzzles. More specifically focusing in on the NYT crossword puzzle and an annual tournament for people who do them.

We thought about the former movie - but thought maybe seeing it in Imax might be cool. Seeing the Devil Wears Prada seemed like the other option. Yes, I want to see it - almost 100% for Meryl Streep (the same and only reason I'd see Prairie Home Companion).

Garkawe had mentioned he had seen Wordplay to me earlier in the week - him saying that the audience was a geek-fest (himself included in that statement....his words, not mine!). I can't say our viewing had the same geek-quotient, but the demographics clearly skewed OLD. I know I've said this in a number of posts w/in the last year or so, but once again, we were the youngest people in the audience. ...and we're not young! I will say this - for a Sunday evening (hell, for any evening!), the theatre had a good sized crowd. I'm guessing 70% full. For a movie about crossword puzzles!!!

But we are (or can be) geeks. Oh, how we laughed at comments about a Tuesday puzzle vs a Saturday one!!!! If you don't do the Times' puzzle, you might not know that they get progressively harder as the week goes on.

Denton does tackle the NYT crossword and is good at them. He's not finish them in under three minutes good.....but still.... I usually end up w/the New York one. The ones I do are challenging enough and doable. I can complete them and have some sense of accomplishment and it's not like I'm doing the TV Guide version (43 Down: The Love ____). The NYT is just a verification of how dumb Will Shortz can make me feel.

The 84 minute movie was fun - but maybe that's just geek-speak. They do throw in a number of well-known folks who do crosswords: Clinton, Jon Stewart (who I love, but was just a tad over the top each and every time the camera was on him), and the Indigo Girls among others. Of the 'regular' folk - it did kind of shine a light on puzzle nerds. ...and save for one or two of said nerds - not a wedding ring among them. Shock!

Sunday, July 02, 2006


Dying in an airplane crash is easy. Another appendectomy? - a breeze! Another 4 yrs of the Bush administration a bit tougher. Listening to Jessica Simpson records? - excruciating. Going to the dentist = Jessica Simpson recordings +1. ...and that's just if it were a cleaning!

For those who don't know, Blobby loathes the dentist. I blame Dr. Stibbe who filled all eight of my once-cavities w/out a drop of novicaine. These were not all done at one time, but over the course of appointments. Not that my sisters didn't get the drug as needed. Just not me it seemed. Sadistic fucker.

It put me off the dentist for YEARS. To the point I HAD to go. You'd think I would have ended up w/horrible dental issues, but I still have 31 of my own teeth (and pretty nice ones at that) + one crown that I ended up with due to the Starburst debacle of 1998! (Trust me - you do NOT want to know!) . Yeah, I had a deep root cleaning or two to get my gums back into shape, but the damage of 7yrs away from the dentist was mostly to my psyche.

After getting the crown, I decided it was time to become a regular dentist-goer. And I've been pretty religious about it. Every six months. I won't even leave the dentist's office w/out scheduling my next appointment. I know if I leave there w/out it, I will never make one.

Rebecca told me that I should get a female dentist. They are gentler and have smaller hands, she says. Laugh if you must, but she was dead-on right. Actually, she said a chinese female dentist, but this is Cleveland. I'll take what I can get. Mine is Polish. Dr. Dorothy is great. Ironically, it seems that none of the equipment in the office has been updated since 1966. I fear the day I will need something more than a cleaning - and that day is coming. My next visit I will have a filling replaced. I actually talked them out of it last time. "Is it that bad that it reallllllly needs to be done today?" I'm wagering I can't get away w/that twice.

I get reprimanded that I don't floss hard enough. Denton cringes at how hard I do it, yet it's not hard enough for either Dr. Dorothy or her partner, Dr. Jay. I floss daily. I have it in my office, home and car - just in case. (As Morty once said to my former boss: "It's better to be anal about your oral hygiene than oral about your anal hygiene!". Oh and he said it right in front of my boss' wife. Great first impression.)

Anyhoooo......this controlled form of dentistry I am handling. The biggest fear to which the subject header refers to is Self Dentistry!!!

the London Guardian reported that there is a rise in the UK on DIY dentistry.

I guess they needed another volume of The Big Book for British Smiles for their library shelves!

Saturday, July 01, 2006


I hope I'm not letting go on too much of my niece's privacy but I thought a voice mail she left me the other day was priceless. It is in response to a birthday gift card we got her for her 8th bday:

Hi Uncle Robert (yes, that's my real name), it's Maddie. I just wanted tell you that I used the Amazon card. Thanks for the $40 - it was very fun. I got a 'dance move' thing. ...and I got Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Wiz. It's the The Wizard of Oz, but the black version.

That last line just made me laugh. Stating the obvious - but something I haven't heard anyone express in 25 yrs, if ever.

Oy. The Wiz. I really shouldn't say that. Maddie likes it and that is great. I've never seen it. Diana Ross as a probable menopausal Dorothy. Michael Jackson and a pre-pedophiliac scarecrow and Nipsey Russell as a rhyming concurrent game-show celebrity Lion (?).

I never thought a lot of the original Wizard O' Oz. Margaret Hamilton was were the flying monkeys. But I didn't need to be beat over the head w/the whole 'my own back yard' crap. And the munchkiens - just downright creepy.

But I did like Wicked - the book. Not the musical (not that I ever saw that either). The book was so well done (imo. no 'h'. never an 'h' w/Blobby). My assertion would be that Wicked would make a great movie - in a LOTR way.......not a movie of the musical play, which you know is exactly what will happen.