Monday, July 17, 2006

HOT HOT HOT, this has nothing to do about the Cure! I have been known to ramble, it just might turn out that way, but it's not the way it was intended.

NY Magazine's bldg, at 11am had a temp reading of 105!!!!! That's a tad warm.

We're having a really nice time w/no set agenda....which I have to say is how we usually do NYC. The town is so familiar to us, we don't feel the need to do too many 'touristy' things. As I said - meeting my sister in the park @ the carousel with my nephew. Then going to the wine bar for a relaxing visit - and adding my brother-in-law to the mix.

We did meet Denton's former co-worker (and her new gf) for lunch @ the Boathouse. THE most uninspired meal I've had in a LONG time. The setting wasn't even that great. For those who might not know - it's in the somewhat middle of Central Park. I love Kathleen, but, let's just say, the lunch was about 2hrs long and about 1.5 hrs too long.

Yesterday's highlight was meeting David down @ the Dugout. He feigned to be offended when we looked through the bar for him and walked right by him. It's not like the place wasn't packed w/bald men w/goatees (present company included!). I do love how years can go by w/out seeing him, but it never seems like a day has. Next month, it will be 22yrs since I've met him. Oy, we're old - though he's older than I. We just sat around and had a few beers, while a gaggle (yes, that's the word) of 'men' (which is questionable) flocked around him. He's quite the popular man. Me,, had to just ruin it by pretending to be all pissy and say, "so! I suppose this means we're no longer dating!!" Truth be told, I could barely keep a straight face while saying it. I have no idea what the guy thought - not that I gave it any much thought.

So, after a quick bite of a late dinner, we just headed home. David drove us in his convertible Mustang. It is a nice way to see the city. Top down, looking up.

Today.....well....that's another post.

Oh oh oh.....the first night we ate at one of our faves - the Brooklyn Diner. Quiet....understated w/better than 'diner' food. Here's a pic of the lemon meringue pie. More meringue than lemon. Clearly.

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