Monday, July 31, 2006

Site of the Month

I betcha thought I forgot. But don't you people know me a little better than that?

Yes, this SotM makes it apparent that there IS indeed a website for everything and everyone. I cringe more for the kitties than I do for anything this may or may not represent.

And for this, I present Cats Who Look Like Hitler.

...and in defense of cats (which I love!), I've only met one inherently bad cat. Yes, Dith, I'm talking to you! However, Simone she was more the Eva Braun of cats.


dith said...

She wasn't bad, just troubled. My poor baby Simonie.

rebecca said...

Oh she was bad, honey. Face it.

One Bad Cat. Maybe that's the name of my book! Andrew actually suggested that a few weeks ago...

Blobby said...

You heard it here first folks. A Blobby's Blog EXCLUSIVE.