Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Social Cues

Social media is a "funny" thing.  I understand it, but I don't get it - if that makes sense.

I guess blogging is social media, though I don't put it in the same category as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. I use all those things differently - if at all.  You see my blogging here. My IG has artsy-fartsy pictures I try to take, Twitter is for viewing, not participating, and Facebook actually has more nonsense than this blog.

With the latter, I rarely post political things - as that just devolves into flame wars (remember those, when there were "message boards" circa 1992???).

I use FB to post some pics or share stupid stuff, mostly. Usually, it becomes a faux flame war between Mike and myself. All loving jabs, I'm sure.................on my side.

I can no longer find the tweet (I think it was) that was posted on Facebook, but it sums up the app perfectly - and of something I am guilty of here and there:  As Notre Dame burned, people (moi aussi) put up their pictures of the cathedral.  The tweet accurately read {paraphrasing}:  when did this tragedy become about you bragging about your trip to Europe. 

SLAM!   ....and accurate.   Internally I laughed.  710 did so externally, as I read it to him.

Over this last weekend, an acquaintance of mine died. Cut to the chase: he committed suicide.

We couldn't call each other friends, and while he'd be nice to me here and there, more often than not, any little thing I said would get him in a huff. I never really took it personally because, well, we weren't friends and I had to believe that I wasn't the only one this type of interaction took place.   I could totally be wrong about that too.

Oddly, while a little sad, I wasn't horribly surprised either.

It was the social media (read: Facebook) responses to his death - and I'm sorry in advance - that had me rolling my eyes.

Of course, there were the "so sorry you passed". Mind you, it's possible most people didn't know he took his own life. But I watched is start to creep the the "me", and it went beyond "I remember when...." stuff.

It got to the "I talked to him, I was dealing with other, stuff, WHY couldn't I have saved him......" to the point where it was no longer about the victim.........except now there was a new victim.  Everyone jumping in to absolve this guy.  Hence the rolling of my eyes.

Or the guy who started his post with a remembrance which quickly went south. He chided others (no names) for him having to find out via social media of this death......and then signed off with a FUCK YOU ALL !!!!


My first thought was these people were acting out in grief - which might be partially true. But deeper down, it became a the "look at me" culture. My opinion, of course.

I had nothing to contribute to any of the conversations, not even the insincere "condolence", as who would I even give it to.  I just read for a while and shut down the laptop.

I need to do that more.

Song by: Cage the Elephant

Monday, April 29, 2019

My Music Monday

We got home from a dinner on Saturday night and was listening to the Rock and Roll Hall o'Fame induction ceremonies on the radio (oh oh oh). 

We heard the Cure play live, and damn if they weren't excellent. For a 43 year old band (I know, right??) they did a great job.

But the Zombies were a great selection to join the Hall. Janet Jackson?  ehhhhh.............no. She wisely didn't even try to perform as you know, well, her vocals are whisper thin and pre-recorded tracks might go over in concert, but not at an event where everyone truly plays live.

Anyhoo......the Zombies are great. Rod Argent's keyboard work is truly phenomenal, as are their harmonies. While they didn't perform "She's Not There" during the induction concert, it was my go-to selection.

They did a very decent job on "Time of the Season" and "Tell Her No".  But since that Saturday airing, I haven't been able to get "She's Not There" out of my head.

....and now it's in yours.

Sunday, April 28, 2019



I don't even know what to do with this anti-vax shit that is really now hitting the fan.

While I'm a prick, I'm not a complete one.  I feel bad for the kids who get sick, who are hospitalized and who die.

Their parents?   Not so much.

It might be rude, but I'd be ok with these asshole parents mourning their kids death the rest of their lives, knowing it was because of them - though I doubt they'd ever agree it was anything THEY had (or hadn't) done.

I'm more than ok with them going into debt by hundreds of thousands of dollars for their kids' hospitalization.

Of course, the real victims are the kids who are too young to be vaccinated. They are susceptible to the anti-vax crowd.

I don't get the shutting down of some universities due to measles outbreaks.  First, they're adults at that point in their life. If they haven't been vaccinated, tough shit. Let them get the measles. You can no longer blame your parents for that one. If you're old enough to get into a place of higher education, you're old enough to make a choice.  Your options are now, getting a shot or possibly getting the measles.  Maybe colleges should only accept those who have vaccination records.

The continued absence of reason when it comes to science is totally lost on me. I shouldn't be surprised - yet I continually am.

Song by: Imagine Dragons

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Pretty Girl

Cat lovers rejoice!  We are Sophie-heavy this week, and that is not a jab at her weight. 

Grumpy Cat.
Just grumpy looking. 

Spring time lake walk.

Sleepy Kitty. 
Taking 710's and Shep's space.  Works for me. 

Hey Dad - look what I did!!!!

Sophie's loving the stings on those balloons - that I got two weeks ago for leaving work.

Dad's little girl. She loves hanging with me - most days. 

Song by: Eric Clapton

Friday, April 26, 2019



I mean, I knew it was gonna happen, but did it need to?

Yes, Joe Biden entered the 2020 presidential throng.  That's with an 'r' - just to be clear.

To me, this is a completely unnecessary move.

I don't deny experience or even his genuine want to run for this office. While he was VP only three years ago (give or take), times have changed enough in this short span, that he's no longer a viable option.

The same old seems safe and comforting, but we can't make Biden our MAGA. It's time to push forward. WAY forward. As unfortunate as it sounds - he's the same old / same old.

Age is only part of it. And he'd be way old when / if he became president, and U.S. male age statistics tell us he'd probably die in office. Actually, if average US male mortality is correct, he'd have a term about as long short as James Garfield, but slightly longer than William Henry Harrison.

For history impaired folks, or those outside the U.S. (JP!), that's longer than 30 days but less than six months.  He'd have to have a super VP running mate.

I'll be honest - I have zero idea who I'll throw my support behind during the primary season. Granted, I'll vote for just about any dem in the general election, but I'm not sure whomever that person is would be my #1 choice.

Song by: Concrete Blonde

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

Unlike last month, I'm very upbeat by my new music purchase:  the Hurting Kind by John Paul White.

White started seeping stuff out into the market last October, seeing folks were interested in this new stuff. One of which I not only featured here, but also made one of my top 2018 songs.

Since a disk was announced, White started pre-releasing a few tracks a few weeks apart. Each one seemingly better than the last. Not an easy feat.  It was the most anticipated disk (of which I'm aware) for 2019.

White's Americana has crept a bit more into classic country territory here and there. This isn't a huge surprise, as he kind of started playing songs like "Everything That Glitters (is Not Gold)" in his live set.

Hurting starts out with one his strongest songs on the record, if not ever, with "Good Old Days". I've played it countless times already.

One of the pre-releases, "I Wish I Could Write You a Song" leans more country. The song is good, but some of the phrasing, is just great. I kind of light up when I hear how (not necessarily what) he sings, "sounds like it feels like when you dance with me".  I like how the song swells too and it's got an Orbison vibe - intentional or not.

White does more country with "You Lost Me" (great!), "Yesterday's Love" (good, but possibly my least fave song on this disk), "Heart Like a Kite" and to a degree "James".  His duet with LeeAnn Womack, "This Isn't Gonna End Well", is actually good.  While it doesn't rise to the production of Owen Bradley, it has a Bradley-esque quality....or the promise of one.

Love the title cut - as it just different compared to anything on the disk. The closing number, "My Dreams Have All Come True" was my one of my top songs of 2018.

So writing, production, execution are all good. No doubt the Hurting Kind will rank near the top of my 2019 releases. The songs are slightly more upbeat than Beulah and I probably shouldn't compare the two, but the new disk doesn't completely grab me like the last did, but to be fair, I'm not sure anything could.

Mind you, it's only been out two weeks, that might all change in another two.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

This Too Shall Pass

It's a pass day for me. 

I have nothing substantive to say.  There seems to be no topic that isn't BLOTUS related and I'm just not in the mood to tack that. Or him.  ....not that I could, as I don't weight 300 lbs.

Enjoy your reprieve from me.

.....but only for a day.

Song by: OK Go

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Should I Laugh or Cry

I quite enjoy dysfunctional family dynamics.  I mean, as long as they're not mine.

You know BLOTUS with his: MAGA shit?   Families are like that, no? 

I'll clarify:  When exactly was America great before? We've been down this road. Was it during slavery? Before civil rights?  Before women's rights became a "thing"?  Polluted waters & air- more than they are now?

What exactly is a functional family?  Do they truly exist?  Aren't all dysfunctional to a degree? To not excuse the pun - it's all relative, isn't it?

As much of a pain as my family can be - and they can! - I'm not sure I want to trade for another. It's just a different sent of players and problems.

I bring this all up due to a text I got from my friend, Sal (the PHL one, not the CLE one)

I honestly had the weirdest reaction. I was borderline: WTF and on the verge of laughing.   .....so I called and told him so.

He was like, "right?"

Now, Sal has never really talked about his father, so I pretty much knew he hasn't been around much. It turns out his mother didn't know about the death either. She went to check on her social security benefits and they said there had been a change, since her ex-husband had died.


As it did turn out, Sal's brother knew - and came up from New Orleans (I think) to bury their father - without telling anyone.

I'm like 61% sure I'd tell most of my sisters if one of my parents died.  But that's still 61% more than his brother did.

Of course, I offered my condolences, not that they necessarily mattered at this point. Sure Sal appreciated it, but it was a little to process for him.  Clearly, he's now on the outs with his brother - and I totally get that.

I can't see that relationship being repaired..............ever.

Song by: ABBA

Monday, April 22, 2019

My Music Monday

The National has a new disk coming out next month. This is big news to none of you - I get that.

I don't know it's big news for me either. I like the band and it comes out less than two years after their last disk.  For them, that is lightening quick.

My thoughts are: it has to be better than their last disk too, one which I barely took to, save a few songs.

The hour+ long album will come along with a long-length video starring Alicia Vikander. Hopefully she'll come across way way better than she did in that last Bourne movie.

The first single isn't part of the video, nor does it have one.  "You Had My Soul with You" isn't bad. It's not out of the park good either. I have hope for the other 15 songs on the upcoming disk.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Just a Job to Do

I got nothing. Or next to it.

I got through my first week of work.  No biggie.  It was a series of meetings to try to edjemicate myself with the lay of the land.

While not horribly busy, I wouldn't expect it to be week 1.  I'm still helping out with questions from the old position, and I'm happy to do it. And a guy who wants my job took an hour of my time to bend my ear on this and that - I'm actually hoping he gets the job.

There is no office for me yet. I'm squatting in this office, when I can find someone who has the key. If not, I am at a cube - which isn't horrible, though the computer monitor is.

I shall continue to dig in week after week. I still go in horribly early, though there is no reason to - other than not parking on the 7th floor of the parking deck. I have to reacclimate myself to being able to work eight hours per day instead of the 11 I was putting in.

I think I can get there.

Song by: Genesis

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Snake Charmer

Between our NYC visit, ending a job and starting a new one, well........pictures were taken, but not many.  And {gasp}, no kittykat shots.  So sorry, feline lovers.

Out for a poop walk, and Shep ended up with a new toy from a neighbor. 
He took it, wouldn't let go and promptly headed right back home - with no pooping. 

The purple bunny has already lost an ear. 

I hope he just doesn't hang at the fence at daycare all day long. 
That would break my heart. 

Shep with Nagini. 

Springtime Shep

That's it for this go-round.

Song by: Blink 182

Friday, April 19, 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019


You know two days ago when I was kind of ambivalent about Notre Dame?  Well, I've firmly moved the annoyed as fuck column.

So far, people have donated nearly a BILLION dollars for one church's renovation. Singular

I get it. It's a nice church. But it's a catholic church - an organization who has no trouble covering their own fucking costs. They have more than billions. Hundreds of billions at the very least. Granted, they need a chunk of that for moving priests around and paying off lawsuits, but they can do that on the interest alone.

What do I care if French millionaires give away their hard earned argent?  I don't.

I DO care when BLOTUS via Fuckabee-Sanders, that the U.S. would offer "assistance".  Even Disney is giving $5 million (another organization that could find the total cost in their seat cushions).

By "assistance" I do hope Fuckabee means we will help carry some 2x4s from point A to point B. Because if we give one fucking dime to this project I will lose it. We have more than enough things to fix with money we're already in debt for - a church in France shouldn't be one of them.

Some sheriff's deputy son - a white guy, I might add - allegedly has burned down three black churches......in the south (surprise! surprise! on all of those elements..............NOT!). I don't see the White House pledging funds for those, but it's not only not their base, it would upset their base should they give any $$$ to them thar houses of worship.

People are bitching about Flint not having clean water - and they don't. But they have the funds. While BLOTUS takes credit, Obama signed that funding.  But it's in form of a loan. The city has to pay that back.

Still we have lots of things this country should be putting our monies toward, as a country. A building in France by a group of money-grubbing religious zealots shouldn't be one of our donations.

Song by: Tori Amos

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Smile Like You Mean It

There is an insurance ad (Progressive?) where some guy on a Jeopardy-like show and has won for weeks or months on end, answering every question, much to the annoyance of the host.

Art imitates life, so they say.  Now there is "James" who is on an actual Jeopardy-like show. He answers mostly every question, much to the annoyance of the other contestants and some of the tv watching pubic.

It was kind of fun watching him win - well, until the end of each show...........when he smiles...like this!


STOP IT!!!!!!

Song by: the Killers

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Paris is Burning

I am not an emotional person - unless it has to do with doggies or kitties. I'm just not.

Of course I feel bad about a landmark like Notre Dame going up in flames, but more about the architecture and history than what it is....or was, assuming they can save any of it.

I have no emotion for a building. Or at least that one. I think I kind of did for the twin towers. 18 years has clouded my memories.

When we were in Paris, going to (let alone into) Notre Dame wasn't even on our list to see. We walked near it, saw no line and shrugged, "why not?".  And it was free.

How do I say this nicely?   It's a church.

That's it.

Lots of carved wood and religious iconography. It's not quite, you've seen one cathedral, you've seen 'em all kind of thing, but it's not too far from that either.

I've been in churches. Truth be told, I was bored early on. And me being bored was way better than the photo ops that were doing on there.  People with their arms stretched out with a rosary dangling from their hand, so a friend could catch a picture of them from behind. 

Artsy. Fartsy. And sacrilegious.

Faux Worship.  I love it, though I hated it.

I didn't care to be in there for the right reasons. Folks like that were there for the wrong ones.

I will say this - I totally missed knowing you could go up and look at the gargoyles. THAT I would have done.  Looking at a rose window or a dead Jesus didn't do much for me.

Oh - and the loss of / in the fire:  part of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore. 


As 710 said:  can I see their Certificate of Authenticity?   No shit.

I'm sure it was devastating to watch burn. I'm also guessing, if it were construction related, that the company doing repairs don't have enough insurance to cover this damage.

I did find it interesting that Notre Dame has more visitors per year than the Eiffel Tower.  I wouldn't have thought that - but don't discount the power of 'free'.  Or a bunch of people who are afraid of heights.

The thing with something like this is: it's not really gone.  It will be immortalized in another fashion, and that's not a bad thing.  Things change. It's the nature of it all, and it's rarely pretty when it happens.

Song by: St. Vincent

Monday, April 15, 2019

My Music Monday

I'm going through my SoundHound history: things I've hit to see what the song is.

Usually, I'm out somewhere and I kind of dig the song - at least at that time in that setting. That's why I search for it in the first place.

I will say, many a time, that initial spark never translates to really living up to the actual song, once sitting in my living room or car when I play it at another time.

"Strange Attraction" by Freedom Fry falls somewhere higher than that, but I won't say I love love the song.

I still find it interesting.

I know zero about the band, nor have I even bothered to Goooooogle them. Maybe some of their other stuff is better...........but alas, perhaps it's not.

Judge for yourself.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Tax Free

Taxes.  Tax returns, or lack thereof.

I'm torn on this, if I'm being honest.

Of course, who doesn't want to get a tax return? Everyone - right? But in theory that doesn't happen. It can't happen, nor should it.

BLOTUS' tax changes did exactly what they were supposed to do..........for him and his "friends".  Give them huge cuts while the people he promised it would help the most aren't seeing anything in ways of returns.

If Facebook is any indicator, no one in my feed is at least boasting of a return. Quite the opposite. I get the complaints. I also get the rationale why people who are getting a return don't crow about it, though one friend did mention he's getting a whopping $77 back.

We are not the 1%, but I would assume we are in the top 10% (and yes, there is a HUGE drop off in those other 9%). So, I'm ok paying my fair share.

Oddly, with BLOTUS' plan, I didn't fall into his rich friends category or the "working class" who were supposed to, but didn't, get a refund. We are probably paying more than we ever have, which is the being torn.

Of course I don't want to pay that much, but I'd like to say we're paying our 'fair share'. And if it supports the infrastructure, schools, etc - I'm ok with that.  The issue I truly have is the 'fair share' part. Any number of people who are in that other 9% are skirting this - and are seemingly ok with it all.  And they are the first ones who want to MAGA........just not on their dime.

See how that works?

So, we will write our checks (yes, state and federal) and be done with it. That's more than I can say for BLOTUS.

Song by: Jimi Hendrix

Saturday, April 13, 2019

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 109th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know of.....as it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

04:35.  Disarming security for a.m. dog walk

04:55.  iTunes check.  
Making sure my new pre-order downloaded correctly.  It did. 

05:55.  Shower Time

06:25.  "Keying" into my floor. 

06:56.  A.M. Report.  First one. 

12:30.  Going Away Lunch. 
This was my last day in my area. I start my new job on Monday. 

15:55.  Waiting for an interviewee. 
I was working till the last second to tie up every loose end I could. 

19:10.  One last look. 
It was a nice office with three windows. 

19:20.  Headed to my car - with good-bye balloons. 

19:30.  Quick stop at the store before heading home. 

20:05.   No Mr. Poopers. 
He wasn't having it. 

21:00.  One Kitty Cat. 
Since you're not getting a Sophie / Shep post today, I had to throw one in of each. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Supermassive Black Hole

I can't believe it took a team of 200 astronomers in 20 countries, working together for over a decade to find  the first image of a gaping black hole 55 million light-years away from Earth. 

I bet they feel fairly foolish at this point.

Song by: Muse

Thursday, April 11, 2019


We were in New York for a few days, and the last evening - Tuesday night - we had tickets to see the new stage production of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Aaron Sorkin "written" - and manipulated by him and Harper Lee's estate. There were required changes - not that are so offensive, but you're toying with a classic.

The book had some humour built in - as the subject is heavy for its time period setting and its publication time, plus it's seen from a young girl's perspective.  The movie, while still having the perspective, I never found to be light. So I thought this adaptation was a little broad. The times the audience laughed and laughed were too numerous to count - and a little disconcerting to me.

Jeff Daniels was Atticus. Meh. While I know the play / book / movie is set in the South, his portrayal wasn't that convincing. He helped make Atticus a little sanitized. The Daniels / Sorkin thing was inevitable.  The woman who played Scout was the best in the play.

Yes. Woman.

Gem, Scout and Dill were played by - and as - grown-ups. Well, to a degree. Boo Radley is there, but barely. Bob Ewell was well done too - and by a guy I've seen on every Law & Order franchise.....and as a racist cop on BlackKklansman.

All the expounding Atticus does isn't half as powerful as the scene with "town drunk" Dolphus Raymond. To me, he is the heart and conscious of the play.....and he's in it for five minutes of a 175 minute play.

Sorkin uses two things that bothered me - and probably only me. One was using the Latin phrase "Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc".  It stood out to me, as he used it in the West Wing. While it could be in the book, I don't remember it. Ever.  And he has Bob Ewell use it too.  Bob Ewell, who is never determined if he can actually read. He also accuses Atticus of having 'Hebraic blood".   Ewell would never know the word "Hebraic"

Deviations aside, the story is still poignant especially for our current time - one that I'm sure was not an accident on Sorkin's part. Or anyone participating in this production.

One hopes that anyone who buys a ticket would also find it poignant and timely.

And speaking of social injustices:   wine at the theater. I ordered one for each 710 and myself. No posted prices. I knew it would be "pricey" but had zero idea that I'd have to delay our retirement for five years.  After wine was poured and pushed across the bar, "that will be $54" !!!!

I know I'm a cheap drunk, but I don't buy $27 bottles of wine, let alone two of them. And trust in knowing, it didn't come close to two bottles of wine!

Celebrity sighting though:  Jeff Bezos was there. If anyone noticed other than I (who then told 710), no one seemed to acknowledge or care.  However, as a subscribing family of the Washington Post and Amazon Prime - shouldn't he have bought our tickets? 

I mean - I totally get why he couldn't afford the wine.

Song by: Allison Moorer

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Nazi Driver

It's late (read: WAY past my bedtime and I have a full travel day today), so I got no time to write and don't have a fully formulated thought.

Semi, yes.  Full, no.

But you can gleam it from this.  I'll pick up on it later.

Song by: Soundgarden

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Source of Infection

I'm just going to point you to an article you must read - because it is scary as fuck.

When is an infection not just an infection?

Apparently, when it's Candida Auris. A seemingly unstoppable fungus that is spreading - and well......staying.

The problem is: it's not staying in the body. It lives in the walls and floors and ceilings of hospitals. And I'm guessing anywhere a patient with it has been.

The article talks a lot about the attempted disinfection  (read that again: ATTEMPTED, not successful) of hospital rooms the patients have been, but what I didn't see (and maybe I missed it) how any staff who treated them and how they were exposed and any aftermath.  There is also no mention about the areas in which they were treated:  ORs, radiology, etc.

In theory - and entire hospital could be at risk with never eradicating this deadly infection.

The article is here.     (seriously - you do need to read it.)

Read it - as, this will be how I die.

Song by: Van Halen

Monday, April 08, 2019

My Music Monday

Kirsty MacColl had a lot of great music. The world has missed out on a lot of potential the day she died 18+ years ago.

The songs she wrote were clever and not radio claptrap. While technically not the best vocalist, no one covered her songs better than her (other than maybe Tracey Ullman that one time).

There really is not an album of hers I don't like overall and oddly, I don't think I have a fave - though Kite and Electric Landlady are my go-to ones.

She could pull off songs about sex in high heels or soccer. And my favourite title, "There's a Guy Who Works Down at the Chip Shop Who Swears He's Elvis".

Starting on Landlady, she dabbled with Latin influences in her music and it progressed over her next few disks.

MacColl could go total pop - but not in a bad way. More in a Brit way. I'm not sure she ever portrayed that better than in a song from Landlady: "He Never Mentioned Love".

First off - the wood block that some percussionist is playing always comes to the forefront for me - even though it's not overtly out there. My ears just tune into it. But it's her wordplay and phrasing that make the song.  The back and forth between 'heard' and 'hurt'.  Like the two actors named John.

You'll never tap your toe to a song about missed connections more than you will with this song.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Site of the Month

When did you become gay?

That is the eternal question - isn't it?   Ok. It isn't, but it sounds good.

Via Twitter - 25 men decided to relay when they "became gay" and why.

The entries are humourous, poignant, and if you read between the lines, a little sad - as some of them clearly come from reality.

Anyhoo - read here.

Saturday, April 06, 2019

the Box

Dogs and Cats.  Well - not plural. Plural pics. Singular animals.

Caged beast. 

Kylie and Tovah were box cats. Sophie? Not so much. 
So one of the few opportunities in there, I snagged the pic. 

Shep was seemingly proud of his accomplishment. 

The jumping canine.  

Song by: Damien Rice

Friday, April 05, 2019

the Windmills of Your Mind

I know I've asked this rhetorically before, but I might have to really get answers this or next time:

Is anyone dumber than BLOTUS?

Well - wait. I might have answered my own question.

Yes there are. Many. Those who continue to support him after he says stupid ass shit like his "They say windmills might cause cancer" remark.  And the people who work for him who have to defend the stupid shit he says.

To their credit though - they ARE stupid, so they don't know he is also. Hell, they don't know they're stupid. That's one take.

Seriously though - why does the media just not call him what he is: a liar!?!

Naturally, if they did, he'd sue. And Fuckabee Sanders would point out he said "might", which is his ever helpful loophole.  Kind of like Bob when he uses "allegedly" in some of his posts.   <i>smileyface</i>.

BLOTUS also says that home values decrease by 75% when they are near windmills (read: turbines). Yeah?  Yeah???   Prove it.  I'm a number guy.  I want to see the data. All of it.

Oh wait - he's not one for "facts", let alone releasing data, so it will be a harder time to prove......naturally. But sure, let's take him at his word.

I don't flaunt (would that be the right word?) my cancer survivorship ever - but this kind of false information is just fucked up. But hell if are now not a nation of science deniers.

Thank g-d coal is good for the lungs!

Anyway..........I'll end this with imagery.

....as seen at his Scotland golf course - which, by law, is now worth 75% less. 

.....and then my absolute...absolute...absolute favourite......

"when I get a read on that......".   Oh honey.  If I were the media I would not not not not stop until they answered the question.

Song by: Dusty Springfield