Thursday, April 18, 2019


You know two days ago when I was kind of ambivalent about Notre Dame?  Well, I've firmly moved the annoyed as fuck column.

So far, people have donated nearly a BILLION dollars for one church's renovation. Singular

I get it. It's a nice church. But it's a catholic church - an organization who has no trouble covering their own fucking costs. They have more than billions. Hundreds of billions at the very least. Granted, they need a chunk of that for moving priests around and paying off lawsuits, but they can do that on the interest alone.

What do I care if French millionaires give away their hard earned argent?  I don't.

I DO care when BLOTUS via Fuckabee-Sanders, that the U.S. would offer "assistance".  Even Disney is giving $5 million (another organization that could find the total cost in their seat cushions).

By "assistance" I do hope Fuckabee means we will help carry some 2x4s from point A to point B. Because if we give one fucking dime to this project I will lose it. We have more than enough things to fix with money we're already in debt for - a church in France shouldn't be one of them.

Some sheriff's deputy son - a white guy, I might add - allegedly has burned down three black the south (surprise! surprise! on all of those elements..............NOT!). I don't see the White House pledging funds for those, but it's not only not their base, it would upset their base should they give any $$$ to them thar houses of worship.

People are bitching about Flint not having clean water - and they don't. But they have the funds. While BLOTUS takes credit, Obama signed that funding.  But it's in form of a loan. The city has to pay that back.

Still we have lots of things this country should be putting our monies toward, as a country. A building in France by a group of money-grubbing religious zealots shouldn't be one of our donations.

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Raybeard said...

You've definitely got a knack for putting things in rightful context, B. In fact so much so that I'm feeling slightly shamed at my own initial reaction of wanting to help financially, but now I see they're hardly going to be short of the odd Euro or two thanks to a few 'caring' million/billionaires. But the Vatican's own riches, the very most of which are ill-gained as we all know, is something which is rarely if ever mentioned. Talk about feeding the poor! I bet they could keep the entire world fed for a century or so. But keeping the 'faithful' in awe with their ostentatious displays of wealth is, of course, the priority - i.e. AFTER protecting all those paedo priests + bishops and cardinals. Having said all that, I yet feel downhearted at the damage done.

Btw: I read this morning that someone (in England, wouldn't ya know!) has discerned a figure of Jesus in the flames. (Christ almighty!!!) and it's creating quite a buzz the world over. It was only a matter of time before the crazies would start up, though what took them so long? Pity that Jesus could appear miraculously in the conflagration (why not 'Our Lady', the Notre Dame herself?) but he couldn't even be bothered to extinguish it by pissing on the flames.
I'm waiting for someone to say that the whole brilliant manoeuvre was thought up by God to show his anger at the French allowing gay marriage - or maybe someone has already done so and I'v missed it.

Blobby said...

I've seen the Jesus and cross thing too. But someone quickly pointed out the difference in temperature it takes to burn wood, gold and marble. Those folks won't read those things - or believe them.

anne marie in philly said...

the dump can throw paper towels inside to help with the cleanup.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I read Yashar Ali amplified he gofundme for the churches and they got 1.8 million! 😎😎