Saturday, April 06, 2019

the Box

Dogs and Cats.  Well - not plural. Plural pics. Singular animals.

Caged beast. 

Kylie and Tovah were box cats. Sophie? Not so much. 
So one of the few opportunities in there, I snagged the pic. 

Shep was seemingly proud of his accomplishment. 

The jumping canine.  

Song by: Damien Rice


anne marie in philly said...

naughty shep, but he DOES look proud! and NOTHING can hold sophie back!

Bob said...

Sophie got a box,Shep wanted some pillow stuffing!

Raybeard said...

Both needing to check on your behaviour and mood. You're always under their scrutiny.

Deedles said...

Sophie always has this 'what you with the camera, again!' look on her face. Shep - Pillow killer, extraordinaire!