Thursday, March 31, 2022

My Name is Emmitt Till

I know I wrote about this almost two years ago, when the ultimate douchenozzle (it's a word!) Rand Paul held up legislation on a national anti-lynching law. 

It amazed me that day, and then two years later, that we didn't have one. Or that it took 200+ years to do anything about needing one. 

Yes, half-hearted attempts were applied, but you know..........nothing. 

Signing the Emmitt Till anti-lynching bill doesn't make Pappy Joe better in my eyes, but at least he signed it.  I mean, these days - who knows. 

I didn't even know the legislation was back on the table. I assume anyone in the GOP who voted for it were afraid of the blog image:  it might happen to them!   ....and honestly, for some of them it should. 

This was first introduced - get this - 122 years ago!. And it's been up 200 times.  

What. The. Actual. Fuck. 

Segregation was well into the 60s, bussing by the 70s, majorly unfair sentencing law biases, and the continual police brutality against people of colour doesn't really scream for anyone at the DOJ or Congress to act on anything. 

The idea that we've gone this long without legislation astounds me. I assume Congress thought that there are murder and hate laws in place that would cover such thing, but...........I don't think that people who string others up are really thinking, "ooooh, there are laws against this". 

While it is deemed a national hate crime,  I cannot seem to find is how this law differs from murder laws and hate crime laws already on the books. I would like to think that punishment is more severe, but that might not be the case. Should it not be, then it is all just for show. 

Song by: Emmylou Harris

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Walking in my Shoes

It's been like almost three years. It was bound to happen:  I needed a new FitBit.

I think this might be my fourth or fifth one.  Seriously. 

The first one was from work. The less than basic model that the organization purchased in mass to hand out to employees to make them healthier.  It got me going, but not what I wanted to wear. 

I don't know the models and too lazy to look them up. But let's say with one, I went swimming in Maine and remembered far far too late that it wasn't waterproof. And it was vacation, so I didn't have a box of rice in which to place the device. it died. 

The next one was the same model, different colour. It is quite possible probable that I lost it while drunk and in a Thai restaurant.........bathroom. 

I'm not blaming Rebecca on this. I'm just saying she was in Maine when the first one broke, and drunk with me - and a sober 710 - in the Thai eatery.  Coincidence?  Who can say for sure. 

I should say, 710 got me all the purchased ones. Along with the replacement for the last. This is the one that lasted three years. Oddly enough, I was with Becky a few weeks ago when she axed me about it. It was a serviceable model, but useless to look at outdoors. The matte grey lighting left a lot to be desired. Perhaps she put a hex on me, or it. Perhaps not. Who can say? 

But this last Friday and Saturday, it was dying a semi-slow painful death. For a long time, it couldn't keep a charge. Then when it could, it buzzed (vibrated, that is) in a weird manner, and not when it was supposed to. Then it just stopped counting steps. 

710 to the rescue. He hopped on amazon and I got a new one the next day. He didn't ask about a preferred model, but he also knows I don't really care. And I don't. 

The new one is colourful! It's easier to use and read. Well kind of.  That 0714 is the time. I wonder if I can switch that to military time. because 0714 implies A.M. and it's not. 

The display is nice and easier to maneuver through, and it's not an Apple Watch, one of their items for which I can think of having no possible use.  This is just fine. 

Now that weather is slightly better (it's supposed to snow in the a.m. and be 60 later on!), I can make my 10k per day.  Honestly, with the snow, ice and cold since January, I've hit 70k per week only twice since the first of the year.  But soon I'll be able to consistently walk during my lunchtime. 

I'll have to wait for Becky to see it until a newer better model comes out. 

Song by: Depeche Mode

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Hit Me With You Best Shot


Let's just go with "ouch!".  

Blobby got spanked, and not in that good way. 

......and not in the way that Chris Rock did either.  

Christ - you go to bed early and really miss the "good" things.   GIRL FIGHT!!!    ...and as I pointed out to Mike the following morning, "I don't mean you and me". 

Honestly, if I have to pick sides - and I do - I'm siding with Rock. 

Smith proves he is a Karen. A faux one at maybe still just a Karen. He laughed at a joke about his wife, until his wife had to tell him it wasn't funny and then, and only then, did he "spring" into "action". He's a hypocrite. But more importantly, we are now at the point in society where a joke or statement - at an event that thrives on jokes and statements - begets violence. 

Smith is a MAGA Karen. 

I don't know who earlier in the evening cracked the joke of Smith's and his wife's "open" marriage, but they both laughed at that. Apparently, alopecia is NOT a laughing matter. 

And here is the thing on that. Reports AFTER the fact, that allegedly Jada Pinkett Smith has discussed her alopecia before and it's a well known fact that she has it.   That is IF YOU EVER READ ANYTHING ABOUT JADA PINKETT SMITH.   .....which I'm guessing 99.92% of the population of any and all nations do not. 

The joke is kind of on Rock, when he cracked wise about GI Jane II. if Piknett Smith could ever carry that would-be horrible piece of cinema.  Smith was grandstanding and showboating, plain and simple. He wasn't standing up for his wife, since she had to tell him to do it in the first place. Dude, tallies for the awards were already finished, don't do an encore when no one asked for one. 

Still.........the violence without consequences and disproportionate to the joke. 

Oh - and a slap! A SLAP.  Didn't this dude play Ali a few years ago?  Maybe he's gearing up to play Alexis Carrington Colby in his next feature film. If he had then thrown Rock into a wading pond afterwards, it would have been spot on. 

Ok - I'm done with that shit. Let's talk about MY beat down. Well, Mike's beat down OF me. 

According to the verified results of the CPA firm Dewy, Cheatem & Howe, Papa Mike won handily (see what I did there???  did ya?  did ya??).

I didn't go back and tally per se, but this might have been the farthest off on what we picked that did not match up.  And that courage got him the win.  

Let's be up front though: I saw two of the movies here - two! - and that's still more than Mike saw. Yes, his husband saw Belfast, so I supposed he saw a movie adjacent, because you know they discussed it over drinks. Well, Peter did. Mike pretended to listen as he swirled his olives mindlessly around the glass. 

Still, it's called the 11th Annual Academy Award Guessing Game®  for a reason: guessing. He probably went on research while I went on instinct. I had some logic, but I still go with emotion. I knew that Rock Em Sock Em Smith was going to win, yet still could not abide highlighting him in red as the winner. 

Really - yes, you had Smith and Rock..........and what seems to be a sad sad sad Liza* (really, how many knee and hip replacements can one person have!?!), and the "stars", but the night belonged to Dune. Not the audience-facing folks but the ones who actually make the movie a movie.  Good for them. Now I need to see if it's still on HBO. 

Congrats to Mike. And I mean it.  And congrats to me. I remembered last year I got him FOUR bottles of gin. so technically I pre-paid my debt this year and for the next two to come!

As DC&H, CPA insists, below are the categories and the winners. I only selected two winners which Mike did not. He selected seven (!!!!) that I did not. He bested me: fair and square. 

Best Picture - Mike won

Actor in a Leading Role - both Mike won

Actor in a Supporting Role - both won

Actress in a Leading Role - Blobby won

Actress in a Supporting Role - both won

Animated Feature Film - both won

Cinematography - both lost

Costume Design - Blobby won

Directing - both won

Documentary (Feature) - Mike won

Documentary (Short Subject) - Mike won

Film Editing - both lost

International Feature - both won

Film Makeup and Hairstyling - both 

Music (Original Score) - both won

Music (Original Song) - Mike won

Production Design - both won

Short Film (Animated) - both lost

Short Film - Mike won

Sound - both won

Visual Effects - Mike won

Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - Mike won

Writing (Original Screenplay) - both lost

*I was trying to craft a comparison of Mike to Liza, as he is older than I, but then that would put me square in the middle of a Blobby to Gaga comparison, and I could not bring myself to do that. Liza doing "Single Ladies" in Sex and the City II, is SO cringe worthy, I insist you click here.....and watch the entire thing. (That said, she is brilliant in Arrested Development.)

Song by: Pat Benatar   

Monday, March 28, 2022

My Music Monday

Taylor Hawkins, drummer for the Foo Fighters, died at 50 over this last weekend. That's a bummer. 

He was a great drummer, which had to be weird when you're playing with Dave Grohl, who is (well, was) an incredible one himself. 

At this time there is no cause of death, and you'd hate for it to be drug-related. It would be so cliché......and avoidable. He had OD'd almost two decades ago. Yet, 50 is young.  And I can say that now. 

But it seems appropriate to include music for which he played. One is his earlier days with the band, and then one from last year when the Foos relased a tribute EP to the Bee Gees, where Taylor sings lead on one song, "Shadow Dancing", which is technically an Andy Gibb song, but............well...........was it? 

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Second Guessing


Oh my - it is THAT time. The 11th Annual Academy Award Guessing Game®

First off, it's hard to believe Mike and I have been at this 11 years. It's hard to believe we've been friends for longer.  Sorry......."friends".  First "blog friends", then "friends friends". 

Quotes must be attributed, as I think he'd think I was suffocating him with my attention. He prefers that he keeps me at arm's length. I get it.  I'm a lot. 

Like last year, I wasn't sure we'd do this. Covid still reigned during the last year film releases. Anything I saw, it was on the small screen - and while several, if not all, were out in some fashion on streaming, I did not take the initiative.  So the 'guessing' from the title totally applies. 

Neither Mike nor I have discussed prizes.  Last year, I he got a bottom of Bombay Safire Gin. Hand delivered by me, I might add!  He might hope he does not win this year, as he might prefer me now showing up in person. 

......btw......find someone you looks at you the way Mike looks at me!

 Now......on with the game!!!


It's got 'dog' right in the title, so I'm sure it's cute.  Actually, I'm not big on westerns or the idea of tearing down homos - in the west or otherwise. I don't even know that they do, but the previews seemed to lean that way. But it's art. West Side Story is commerce. King Richard is just out and out Oscar baiting. It could easily be CODA too......but it's ok, but not Oscar ok. 

Actor in a Leading Role Javier Bardem Benedict Cumberbatch Andrew Garfield Will Smith Denzel Washington 

Honestly, I think Smith has the odds, but I just can't pick him, even if it means losing to Mike. I have found him less than appealing in every.single.thing. he has ever done. Smith that is, not Mike.  Kind of. 

Actor in a Supporting Role Ciarán Hinds Troy Kotsur Jesse Plemons J.K. Simmons Kodi Smit-McPhee

Kotsur was the heart of CODA, one of the few movies I've seen.  

Actress in a Leading Role Jessica Chastain Olivia Colman Penélope Cruz Nicole Kidman Kristen Stewart 

Colman, Cruz Kidman have one already. But the Ricardos? Puh-Leese.  I'm still not convince Stewart can act, so Jessica wins!

Actress in a Supporting Role Jessie Buckley Ariana DeBose Judi Dench Kirsten Dunst Aunjanue Ellis 

I mean.............sure? 


We've had this discussion over these 11 years. You don't fuck with Disney. Well....unless you're the Florida governor. And you don't fuck with Disney when they put out an ethnically based movie. 


West. Desert. Plains. Expanses. Lighting - natural and otherwise. 


Well, Dune is no Barbarella, (well, I assume - as I never saw it) so I'm going for a curve here. I saw the previews of what Emma Stone wore. 


Campion will be champion. 


It won't win best International, but it's nominated thrice (best animation too), so maybe it'll win something? 


More deaf stuff.   I said: MORE DEAF STUFF. 


I don't know. Why not? 


You loved the Beatles song, now love the movie not actually based on the Beatles song 


I want to say Dune will take it, but you gotta figure it was a LOT of hair and make-up for Tammy.


Han Zimmer! Who doesn't love Han Zimmer??

Music (Original Song) "Be Alive" from KING RICHARD Music and Lyric by DIXSON and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter "Dos Oruguitas" from ENCANTO Music and Lyric by Lin-Manuel Miranda "Down To Joy" from BELFAST Music and Lyric by Van Morrison "No Time To Die" from NO TIME TO DIE Music and Lyric by Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell "Somehow You Do" from FOUR GOOD DAYS Music and Lyric by Diane Warren 

Honestly, I don't care who wins as long as it ain't Beyonce (no accent). 


the future!!!  someone's gotta design it. 


So nice, they named it twice. 100% shot in the dark. 


101% shot in the dark. 


I'm assuming Belfast just has lots of car bomb noises, Dog, lots of cattle noises, and West Side Story, a lot of finger clicking!  Dune probably has futuristic shit they have to get across. 


Everyone loved this movie. So, maybe? Even money that it's Dune, but.........finger's crossed. 


I dunno - if it pisses Sam Elliot off, I'm ok with this. I liked CODA, but it's kinda been done before, but without all of the ASL. 


I think the analogies were there. I'm ok with this. 

As always, let the best man win. Let me it be me. I'm a running of out prize ideas of Mike. 

Official tallies to be presented here on Tuesday. 

Song by: R.E.M.

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Third Rate Romance

I think I split the dog and cat coverage evenly this week. 

Shep & Winnie - a budding bromance. 
Winnie is so. fricking. cute. 

Portrait mode. 
She's so pretty - and I know I'm biased. 

I'm beginning to not believe the ASPCA ads.
Now that Shep has a backyard, he won't come in, no matter the weather. He's stubborn as fuck. Maybe those dogs in the ads won't go inside either. 

Blocking Dad #1's work. 

Shep stands with Ukraine!
.....on the daycare Insta feed. 

Office Romance. 
.....and I'm the third wheel. 

Song by: Rosanne Cash

Friday, March 25, 2022

the Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

I knew way back when that we had eaten at Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC. 

What I seemed to have repressed was the fact that we helped fund Hillary's Sex Trafficking Ring™.

For those who might not be "in the know", Comet's is the place where Qanon and well....the GOP, which is pretty much the same thing, said that Hillary Clinton was running her child sex trafficking ring out of their basement

.....but you could get calzone too, if lil' Tyler wasn't enough to fill your palate. 

I am not sure if they actually have calzone.......and I think it was determined there was no basement, just like at the Alamo. 

I know you're thinking two things: 1. $378 for pizza.   And 2. those motherfuckers are cheap as hell and left no tip. 

First off, it turns out we paid for 14 people! (man, I've been writing this blog wayyyyy too long.)   And we bought four MORE copies of Becky's novel.  It was a pricy trip (well, if I remember, I was in DC for work, so they paid for the flight).

I have to assume someone else agreed to pick up the tip, as we really aren't that cheap. 

I suppose it's possible that HRC sent over some young uns over to our hotel afterwards, but I suspect I'd remember that. 

She had gotten further if she had sent over dessert.   ....or the kid's dad. 

Song by: Traffic

Thursday, March 24, 2022

I Won't Share You

I honestly have nothing today. 

It is 21:17 as I start to craft this - and hell, my bed time is in 30 minutes. Or 27, actually. 

There is not a thought in my head of which I care to write. I haven't listened to a lick of the confirmation hearings, nor do I care to. I'm assuming it's all grandstanding on the GOP's part. I'd be more surprised it it was not. 

Madeline Albright died, I heard. Clarence Thomas did not.  A shame on both counts. 

So I am just leaving this with you. It made me smile. I don't know why. 

Song by: the Smiths

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

the Great Outdoors

I totally get that I'm cheap frugal. 

In my head, I have a feeling of what things should cost. Clearly that rarely jibes with reality.  And yet, I'm always seemingly shocked when faced with that reality. 

Maybe 'disappointed' is the word. 

Now that we've been in the house for almost two years, we decided it's time to purchase some outdoor furniture.  Yeah, we have a mish mash of stuff but nothing coordinated - and nothing say 'gay' more than coordinating furniture.  .....I've heard. 

We looked at some at some real stores.  OMFG.  In what world does the above chair warrant a $1,199 price tag?  (cushion is not included with that price.).  Chairs that rock are more. Some, much much more. And well, we want more than one of anything, you know, so both of us can sit.  More if we ever want company. 

....and then you gotta add in tables? Or side tables?  Sunbrellas? 

To add insult to injury - I'm guessing - that supply chain probably won't even let you get these for any price, at least in time for summer. 

We did check out stuff later at Lowes.  The selection sucked, and after trying the 'real' stuff, all they carried seemed cheaply made. 

We'll make another run at it this weekend, I suppose.  I'll just have to think of this as putting a downpayment on a new car, but get furniture in 10-12 weeks instead. 

Song by: Depeche Mode

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Hat Full of Stars

Ooooooh the Jame Webb telescope is doing trial runs. 

Technically, it's not fully operational yet, and won't be for a few more months. 

Still, with this 'test shot', the Webb took an image of a singular star.  Nooooo............not Anne Hathaway. 

Actually, they consider this star 'boring' and 'non-descript', so maybe it is Anne Hathaway.  

Listen, I sat through 13 hours of Interstellar, I can judge if I want to.  ....and I am.  ....and just did.

HD84406 is 100 times fainter than what can be seen with the human eye, which is something, because I might have seen it and not known it.

The Webb is 100 times more sensitive than Hubble, and operating in the realm of infrared, James Webb is already capturing galaxies far more distant than any we have before. And still not fully functional. 

I'm looking forward to June-ish, when this baby is fully up and running. I want to see what we can see - and how far back we can see it. 

Song by: Cyndi Lauper

Monday, March 21, 2022

My Music Monday

Arcade Fire has a new song out - and a new album on the way.  


After what I consider a disastrous release almost five years ago with Everything Now (and still ranks as one of my worst music purchases ever, and for full disclosure, I once bought a Basia album!), I figure the band has nowhere to go but up. 

"the Lightning I, II" is ok. As the title suggests there are two parts; and they are distinctive from one another, but from other music?   Ehhhh.  Mind you, I've only had two listens. 

Of course, I compare their music to their own previous works. No one is quite like Arcade Fire, and their first three albums (and part of their 4th) had some amazing songs and arrangements on them. It was innovative, it was fun, it was sing-a-long-able.  I'm not so sure about that with this song. 

I saw their Reflektor tour - and that concert ranks up in the top 3 live performances I have seen in my days. 

"the Lightning" is a preview for their new disk, WE, which is out in a month or so. I think (?) I learned my lesson and will preview the disk before I order it. I won't pre-order it.  I won't pre-order it. I won't pre-order it.  Blobby, reread the sentences you just wrote! 

Long time member, Will Butler, brother of band leader Win, just left the band after the album was recorded and he doesn't appear (I I couldn't pick him out of a line-up) in the video below. 

Is "the Lightning" better than anything on Everything Now?  Sure, but so is dead air.  But I still cringe a little whenever Régine Chassagne sings anything that isn't firmly in the background - and while it's only a line or two here, I feel my back start to go up. 

I'm guessing this isn't "the sell" to get you to hit play. But perhaps you can tell me something I'm missing - good or bad. 

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Stop Your Sobbing

At least at this point, I can't really complain about the price of petrol. It's tough to moan considering all that is wrong with the world. 

In relative terms $4.20 for a gallon of gas isn't all that much is it? 

Consider the process of drilling, refining, shipping, infrastructure, overhead and all. It kind of seems a bargain - especially when you factor in the dinosaur into fuel processing time. 

I mean, a 20 ounce iced tea at Starbucks is $3.75. Extrapolate that into a gallon and it would cost you $24. 

I don't have a gas eating car, though it's not extremely economical either. And while I'd like electric, those are not as great for the environment as one might seem. Unless you're getting your electric from wind or solar, that power is still coming coal burning power plants. 

I don't give a crap about the energy hog 4x4s complaining about gas prices - only that they blame Pappy Joe. Dems are happy to point out that presidents do not set gas prices. They're also the ones who will bitch when they are high and a Repub president is in office.  We are horrible that way. 

Current prices hurt the folks who don't have additional expendable income for increases in fuel. I don't mean to be smug about the Starbucks angle. For so many, it's still paycheck to paycheck, and we have to be better about that as a country.  It's still decades away in the political environment in which we are now trapped. 

The problem is Russia though. Well kind of. 

Allegedly the U.S. only uses 4% of all gas from Russia, so the current fuel prices are really based on futures of supply and demand. But 4% isn't THE supply - not really.  I have nothing to back this up, but it seems like price gouging on energy companies. 

Here is my hope though: fuck Russia. fuck the energy companies - at least the gas ones.  

Maybe this will piss off enough people to think of alternative energy sources, which will also help save the planet - even though that's not the reason they'd be doing it. They'd buy electric and conserve for their own selfish needs - which is horrible - but hey, if it helps the bigger picture in climate change.......I'll take it. 

I filled up for the first time the other day since the rise in prices. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't horrible either, but Shep needs to be chauffeured here and there, and not doing it isn't really an option. He'd make our life hell..........and we are here to make his life better. 

Song by: the Pretenders

Saturday, March 19, 2022


No great intro, not that I usually do.  Just look at, and enjoy. 

Pay attention to me Dad #2!!  PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!

Squirrel Look-Out Patrol

They do like being around each other. 

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille......

Hi's us!!! seen at work

Song by: War

Friday, March 18, 2022


I'm just biding my time for the blog week, truth be told. 

Even after yesterday's non-post, the "crafting" of it, I was preparing for bed and just didn't feel right. Without graphic details, let's just say I ended up a bit of the night and sleeping downstairs on the sofa with Sophie. 

It wasn't great sleep, for sure. I was up a lot. But by 05:00, I had completed Wordle (in 3!), failed Worldle completely, done the NYT mini-crossword in 1:12, their Letter Boxed in four words and was a Genius at Spelling Bee.  Later in the day, I got Heardle in the first half-bar. 

This was all before breakfast, as Sophie sawed some kitty cat logs next to me, which made me smile. 

I could have - and maybe should have - worked from home, but I didn't. I was no worse the wear - and I did ok the rest of the day. 

Still - it drained me. That 'no so fresh' feeling and lack of sleep. And it is my 1:1 day with my boss, so....that's always fun. 

I'm dragging a bit. I think (?) I feel fine and I'm just tired. Or I could still be under the weather and tired. 

Blobby is turning in early. 

Song by: Adele

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Go On

It's just one of those days.  Or not, as the case may be. 

The Muses must be on Spring Break, which is more than I can say for myself. 

Go on about your business. Nothing to see here.  Really.  Nothing.   At all. 

Song by: Jack Johnson

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Like a Prayer

For all the people I've taken through HR lately, and fired, my turn could easily be up next. 

For the holiday, a friend / co-worker / psychiatrist got me this "fucking" calendar of the day. 

It sits behind me, facing outward for any and all to see. The non-problem is: I don't see anyone and almost no one comes into my office. Covid - dontcha know. 

Yes restrictions are lifting, but it's a hospital, so in certain ways, they're not. Even if fully lifted, 90% of my staff works not in my building, let alone the same floor. The 'n' is very small of who will see something like this:

But outside my office is a desk built for secretarial support. I don't have, nor need, a secretary. I've been doing my own faxing since I was a tween. 

The other day, I heard some noise outside my office and jokingly go, "what the hell is going on out there???". 

It turns out, someone was moving in at that desk. She doesn't report to me.  ....and she's named after a character on the Colbys. You'll have to figure that one out.............on all levels.

While she set up her desk, she didn't start until this last Monday. But on her desk, is a page-a-day calendar that is diametrically opposed to mine:   bible verse of the fucking day. 

Oh, and she says, "have a blessed day".  And, "g-d never gives us more than we can handle". 

HOW - and I say this nicely - HOW, is this going to end well for me??

Sailors blush at my language choices. 

I totally get that I'm gonna offend someone, but honestly, why isn't it just as offensive to me when someone spouts religion.  How is 'have a blessed day' any better than "have a great fucking day'

I have a feeling, I'm about to find out.  Not today. Not tomorrow,'s gonna come back to bite me. Mark. My. Words. 

Song by: Madonna

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Cooking with Blobby

It's been a bit since I did one these, no?  It seems like it, but I'm not interested enough to go back and look. 

The last month, it's just been the stand-bys, though a few of the newer things in rotation. That's all well and good, but I was getting bored. 

I have mentioned that as of late, when it comes to pasta, I haven't been thrilled with red sauces. They seem too heavy for me, so I've been doing a lot more oil based stuff.  It's not even something like a heartburn issue - it just has lots its appeal. 

Yet, Pasta With Anchovies, Garlic and Tomato solves this problem. The red sauce barely covers the pasta at all, but with garlic and anchovies (well, paste), it is right up my ally. 

The instructions says it takes 25 minutes to make. This is a lie. I found it to be much less than this. It all comes together very quickly - at least if one doesn't have a sous chef. 

  •  Salt, as needed ½ pound bucatini, spaghetti or linguine 
  • 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, plus more as needed 
  • 4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 
  • 4 to 8 oil-packed anchovy fillets, chopped (optional) 
  •  Large pinch of red-pepper flakes, plus more for serving 
  • 1 ½ tablespoons tomato paste 
  • ½ small lemon, zested 
  •  Handful of coarsely chopped parsley or basil leaves and tender stems, plus more for garnish 
  •  Grated Parmesan, for serving (optional)
Yeah, as if Parmesan is every optional! 


Bring a large pot of well-salted water to a boil over high heat. Add pasta and cook, according to package directions, until about 2 minutes shy of al dente so the pasta can finish cooking in the sauce. It should still have a slight crunch in the center. Reserve 1 cup of the pasta cooking water, then drain the pasta. 

Honestly, the spaghetti I had was only 7-9 minutes. To take it to pre-al dente, I had to boil it for just a bit over 5. See why it doesn't take 25 to make this? 

While the pasta is cooking, in a large skillet, combine the oil, garlic, anchovies (if using), red-pepper flakes and pinch of salt over low heat. Cook until garlic is opaque and a few of the slices are pale gold at the edges (don’t let the garlic turn brown), 2 to 5 minutes. 

I did end up with a little more oil. And I used anchovy paste (1 tbs equals 2 filets). I mean, I never intend to pick up an actual anchovy. Ick.  I also used 5 cloves of garlic. I'm never using the bare minimum. 

Add tomato paste and cook until it darkens, about 1 minute longer. 

I ended up using about 2 T instead of 1.5.  I'm glad I did. Even with that extra, it doesn't look like a lot, but I'm glad that's where I left it. 

Add the drained pasta, lemon zest and 1/3 cup of the reserved pasta water to skillet. 

Ok, I didn't save any pasta water. I also didn't drain the pasta. Taking it from boiling water to the pan, enough pasta water comes along wiht, so all was fine. 

Stir until the pasta is al dente and well coated with sauce. Add more pasta water, if needed, until the sauce is glossy and the pasta cooked to taste. Cut the zested lemon half in half (so you’ll have a quarter of a lemon) and squeeze some juice into pasta. Stir in herbs and taste, adding more lemon juice and salt, if needed. 

Cut remaining lemon  into wedges and serve it alongside the pasta (I didn't), which should be garnished with more herbs and red-pepper flakes, a drizzle of oil and a generous sprinkle of cheese, if you like.

This was great. Not heavy. Not coated and dripping. The flavours were great. Yeah, I added a LOT of red pepper, but it was fine and the lemon I think helped balance that. 

I'll definitely do this again. 

Monday, March 14, 2022

My Music Monday

I might be pre-previewing Johnny Marr's new disk there. Fever Dreams Pts. 1-4 has just come out. 

So far; so good. 

I'll start with the first single from Pt 1, which is now about 6 months old, "Spirit Power and Soul".  The lack of a comma bothers me, but what are you gonna do?  

I've heard snippets of the song over XM, but I never really paid attention to it. Now that Marr's disk is fully out, I've been listening more and more. 

For those unfamiliar with Marr, he was founding member, guitarist and songwriter for the Smiths - one of my all time favourite bands. While only in existence for five years, their impact has been amazing. 

Since their demise in 1987 (!), Marr has been in multiple bands, sometimes concurrently - the most notable is probably Modest Mouse.  The band, 7 Worlds Collide, with Neil Finn, could have been great, but it never really seemed to go anywhere. 

But Marr is putting out solo material, where he takes lead vocal. He's not Morrissey, but then he's not supposed to be. And this isn't Smith's like music. 

At least for "Spirit Power and Soul" has a much more techno / trans / soul thing going on - light on the soul though. 

Short rating: I like it. 

Sunday, March 13, 2022

12 of 12

 So I'm doing my 143rd 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Erik is back and I think he's picking up 12 of 12 again. 

07:35.  Rise and shine. 
Yes, I stayed in bed. To be fair, the cat was 01:15, at 02:33 and then again at 05:00. 

08:35.  It's a deathtrap, it's a suicide rap. 

Somewhere with the new snow, everything - and I mean EVERY drive and sidewalk - was a sheet of ice. 

Our gates were even frozen shut. I had to kick them to loosen their icy grip. 

09:26.  Apparently, the dishwasher is full? 
Not for nothing - but none of these are mine. 

12:17.  Tuna salad lunch. 

13:01.  Really need to buckle down about my reading. 
"the best book of 2020"????   I'll be the judge of that. 

13:26.  ....though I'll admit, I LOVED this passage. 

14:28.  Pitstop. 

14:43.  Outing. 
So. Fucking. Cold. 

The Chagrin River next to the Polo fields. 19 degrees, but with the wind it said it felt like 6F.  
...."they" were being extremely generous.  We cut the walk short, it was so cold. 

18:28.  Edible time. 
Pineapple flavoured. 

18:29.  Daylight Savings Time Eve. 
One of three clocks in the house that don't automatically change. I got ahead of the problem. 

20:08.   Prescribed meds this time. 
My anti-depressant has gone pink.  Ugh - I bet I got a girl's happy pill. 

20:58. Homework. 
Doing some sampling for tomorrow's My Music Monday.

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Alone Together

This week wasn't as rough as the one before, but it was no bed of roses. On the plus side, I didn't drink during the week, so - I'm chalking it up as a win. 

Last weekend was great weather, 70s, in fact. Today (well.....yesterday, I guess)? We got about 2" of snow in as many hours. It's a-gonna be cold dog walks this weekend. Still, the little guy gets out of our element and into the elements.  ...he's like a postal carrier, I guess. 

Great hike day up at Lake Erie. Warm out, but still too much ice to hit the actual beach. 

While our new furniture is somewhere in the supply chain over the next 6 months, the new living room carpet arrived. Sophie was very very happy. 

I'm just ok with it, but we didn't buy to match our current furniture. So it doesn't quite fit just yet. 

It's like seeing Shep from Goooooogle Earth. 

Sophie: expert cuddler.  horrible co-worker. 

I can only imagine what these two were up to. 

Shep and his Sister Battrile ears. 

Lounging with my sister-in-law. 

Song by: Fall Out Boy