Wednesday, March 23, 2022

the Great Outdoors

I totally get that I'm cheap frugal. 

In my head, I have a feeling of what things should cost. Clearly that rarely jibes with reality.  And yet, I'm always seemingly shocked when faced with that reality. 

Maybe 'disappointed' is the word. 

Now that we've been in the house for almost two years, we decided it's time to purchase some outdoor furniture.  Yeah, we have a mish mash of stuff but nothing coordinated - and nothing say 'gay' more than coordinating furniture.  .....I've heard. 

We looked at some at some real stores.  OMFG.  In what world does the above chair warrant a $1,199 price tag?  (cushion is not included with that price.).  Chairs that rock are more. Some, much much more. And well, we want more than one of anything, you know, so both of us can sit.  More if we ever want company. 

....and then you gotta add in tables? Or side tables?  Sunbrellas? 

To add insult to injury - I'm guessing - that supply chain probably won't even let you get these for any price, at least in time for summer. 

We did check out stuff later at Lowes.  The selection sucked, and after trying the 'real' stuff, all they carried seemed cheaply made. 

We'll make another run at it this weekend, I suppose.  I'll just have to think of this as putting a downpayment on a new car, but get furniture in 10-12 weeks instead. 

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Travel said...

At $1,200 there is about $1,000 in profit on that, unless it is made out of teak savaged from the decks of the Titanic.

BosGuy said...

Get yourself Adirondak Chairs from LL Bean. They come with a lifetime warranty and are very popular here in New England. They cost about $300 each.

GregM said...

We've been in our new house for six months. We got an outdoor table and chairs but are having a hard time agreeing on the lounge area pieces. I'm about ready to just buy something. You know the old adage about asking forgiveness is easier than asking for permission? :)