Friday, March 18, 2022


I'm just biding my time for the blog week, truth be told. 

Even after yesterday's non-post, the "crafting" of it, I was preparing for bed and just didn't feel right. Without graphic details, let's just say I ended up a bit of the night and sleeping downstairs on the sofa with Sophie. 

It wasn't great sleep, for sure. I was up a lot. But by 05:00, I had completed Wordle (in 3!), failed Worldle completely, done the NYT mini-crossword in 1:12, their Letter Boxed in four words and was a Genius at Spelling Bee.  Later in the day, I got Heardle in the first half-bar. 

This was all before breakfast, as Sophie sawed some kitty cat logs next to me, which made me smile. 

I could have - and maybe should have - worked from home, but I didn't. I was no worse the wear - and I did ok the rest of the day. 

Still - it drained me. That 'no so fresh' feeling and lack of sleep. And it is my 1:1 day with my boss, so....that's always fun. 

I'm dragging a bit. I think (?) I feel fine and I'm just tired. Or I could still be under the weather and tired. 

Blobby is turning in early. 

Song by: Adele

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Travel said...

It has been a long year, this month,