Friday, March 11, 2022

Love Buzz

I'll just say it: I'm NOT in the market for a new car.  

I. Am. Not. 

However........if I were...........

It might just be Buzz.......the new all electric VW microbus. Actually it's called ID Buzz. 

We buried electric in our backyard and are now all set up to have a 220 in our gay-rage. We know, at one point, we will go electric. 

The two questions are: when? and who first? 

Ok, there are way more questions. 

My problem with electric is still the distance - or lack of - and the ability to charge, where and how long. 

200-300 miles seems ok, but it won't get me to DC, NYC or most destinations without a stop for a few hours. Allegedly, Buzz can charge from 5 to 80% in 30 minutes. I love those stats. Why not how long it takes to 100%?  Is that last 20% four more hours or something? 

Polestar, which is the electric arm of Volvo has their car that goes all of 200 miles. I have two issues with that. If you're a company that only makes electric, you'd better have something that no company that sells gas, hybrid and electric doesn't.  It goes only 200 (at least Buzz goes 250!) and one model starts at $155,000.   Starts at. 

There is no price point on Buzz, but you gotta figure it's at least half that cost. 

Still, VW is true-ish to the microbus. The tires will be under / behind the driver. It will come in two-tones. The battery will be in the back, like the engine used to be. 

As it turns out, I don't need a new car. I'm fine with my current one (coming up on four years in May). And as it turns out, Buzz won't be available in the States until 2024.  

Who knows by then what our needs will be. 

Song by: Nirvana


Travel said...

It is fun looking, and I love my VW. 99 out of 100 days, it would more than meet your needs. Plug in hybrid is the current answer to the range challenge. I know someone with a Tesla who has done some long distance trips, precisely calculating lunch breaks, and tourist stops for recharging - he is a CPA and a numbers geek.

Anonymous said...

As they say at Nissan, watch the range or you may not be able to leaf.