Friday, June 30, 2017

Bleed Like Me

The tweets were unfortunate.  They were rude. 95% chance they're not accurate or true at all.

Were they "one of the most vitriolic insults", as NPR stated?  Not even close.

Here is what they are:   a distraction from something else that is going on.


Are they a shiny object to steer you aways from what "they" are doing or planning?  Most likely.


That seems to be their M.O. :   send crazy tweets or have Twat Conway open her ugly pie-hole on camera.......and then watch people react and miss the real story, whatever that might be.


I mean are any of us surprised or shocked by this display or his written word? I didn't even raise an eyebrow and I have no idea who this chick even is.  The things is:  now Morning Joe will get a boost in the ratings and in a few days SCROTUS will take credit for it.  

Mark. My. Words.

Of course, my question of this whole thing?    I want to know why it took 6 minutes between twats.  Surely it can't take him that long to type out a text.....unless he's using his Nokia Razor.

But seriously, between all the TV he "doesn't watch" and twatting.....when does he have time to govern?   Ohhhhhhhhhhh........right.  Answered my own question.

Song by: Garbage

Thursday, June 29, 2017

a Question of Time

And open blog post to SCROTUS: 

You know - I just don't get it.  I truly do not.

Fake Time covers hanging at your golf courses.  The actual epitome of "fake news".  The one and possibly only thing you seem to be against..........though you perpetuate it at every single turn.

You're wise to label things "fake news". The alternative facts to that are "lies".   ...and it's a dangerous thing to have that thrown back in your face, but I'm calling it out:  You're a Liar.

Still.....back that fucking fake magazine cover.


This is not rhetorical. I truly want to know why.

I get it - if you had one created, I'd almost say "it's whimsical". But purposefully had someone go make multiple and had them have them hang those at your establishments. This really just lends itself to narcissism and an ego to match none.

This isn't a fake mock-up they do at Downtown Disney shop {yes, for the record, I have one of myself as a nun......I kid you not}.  For even have the barcode and a publication date.

What I truly do not get - yet I do:  You have been on the cover of Time.  ....and not just because of your candidacy and eventual "win". Hell, for some inexplicable reason, you were their "Person of the Year".

BTW:  Time?   Really?  Has that magazine even been that relevant since say, 1988?  There was no other publication more worthy - like say, Teen Beat, Le Monde or Marie Claire?

I will go on record, if you're gonna pick a Time cover, you should go with my favourite one of you:

BTW (again), this one isn't fake news. Its harsh reality.

Song by: Depeche Mode

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Hooray for the Delay.

Of course, not bringing the healthcare bill up for a vote isn't a loss in the GOP's mind. You can't lose on a vote that didn't happen.

But let's be honest you McConnell asslickers - it's a loss.

The Elephants in DC don't really operate in reality though. Take Kelleyanne's quote.

The thing is - they're stupid, but they're not stupid. My mind goes to "ulterior motive" and what that might be in this case.

@catkins9 has it partially wrong, of course. Conway might provide said list of companies, but he forgot the qualifier:  companies who have employer-sponsored health benefits.

As it stands now, with the Senate version of the health bill, 2 millions folks who currently have those will lose those benefits.

My take on KY Mitch is that he was racing the ACHA into a vote before the CBO came out with their numbers on much more it would cost than the ACA and how many more would lose coverage. That did not work in his favour.

Right now, the GOP are sitting on two shitty replacement plans. Both cost more than the ACA. Both have less coverage than the ACA. Both give tax breaks to people who already don't have the means to get covered.............and don't have a few millions dollars, since those 1%ers will be getting that break.

Ohio's continual pussy senator, Rob Portman, opted to step-away from the current version.........nine hours after it was already decided it would not come up for a vote. He's a bigger pussy than his gay son.  Someone should really consider doing a spinal implant on the "man".

Now McConnell & Co will actually have to chat with the other 87 senators who weren't in that backroom making up this shit-tasterous package. was the one thing they truly didn't want to do. And now they don't just have to convince some of the democrats, but up to 10 of their own.

For the record......he's your majority "leader".  

Song by: Art of Noise

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mr. Reporter

I'll admit it was mildly amusing when CNN had a sketch artist do a drawing at a White House press briefing.

Of course, that amusement turned to disgust - oddly, not at CNN, but with of course, the White House. Then it turned to outrage with the seemingly lack of caring that anyone in this country seems to have regarding the entire banishing of cameras and audio in the press room.

And I don't care if you are conservative or liberal, but this has got to bother the fuck out of everyone....or should. You know the TrumpTards™ wouldn't stand for that shit from a black president.

SCROTUS was so close to propaganda before this, now there is no stopping him. It couldn't and shouldn't be acceptable to anyone from any administration.

And all this bullshit and the throwing around the term 'fake news' by the administration?  Soon there will be no check and balances with information coming from the press secretary to know what is fake or not. Only any - and I do mean ANY - opposition is tagged as 'fake'.

So, Spicer & Co want no cameras or recordings.  Perfect.

Are you listening new organizations?  Here is the plan:

Just. Start. Printing. Anything.

"Spicer said that Pope can just "suck the President's dick"".   "Mike Huckabee's daughter gave out the first three numbers to the nuclear codes to the press corps".  "Sean loves Jackie Chan movies".

Do it for 30 days  - the same time it takes to defeat ISIS. I can guarantee you, they'll allow cameras back in to discount the truly made up news. If there is not video or audio to discount what the press reports, you can't call it a lie.

See - that nothing on record works both ways.

I don't know why I have to come up with solutions to everything.  It. Is. Exhausting.  I mean, I already have a full time job.

Song by:  the Kinks

Monday, June 26, 2017

My Music Monday

You know - I don't always know where I get my music. Or to clarify - I don't always remember.

I will click on SoundHound to identify a song for me, be it in a Starbucks, or while watching a tv show. Usually those go into my SoundHound history, which I promptly forget to ever check or follow-up on.

Or almost ever.

When it's 21:35 and you haven't started crafting a blog entry, it's a convenient place to troll for a tune.

Actually, "Bright Lights" by Gary Clark Jr. , while a fine choice, was not my first one.  I heard another song after yoga on Saturday that I liked much better........but I don't own it.  Nor does anything exist on least yet. I'll keep that in my back pocket for later.

I do like "Bright Lights".  I know nothing of Mr. Clark. At least this song has a Hendrix vibe with a blues edge. Really, any more, save Lenny Kravitz, you don't see a lot of African-American men doing rock music.  Yes, they'll do blues or a hip-hop genre with a rock vibe, but not pretty much straight rock.

I dig it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

This Life

I haven't done the math, but I am guessing, on average we go to a concert maybe once per year.

I do love live music, but it's the other things I loathe - like other people. It took us a full year after the Dixie Chicks to face another group of people.

When it comes to larger venues, I think I'm done done.  I don't care who the act is.....I wouldn't think of going to anything with greater than 2,000 seats.

So I was very excited by the announcement that John Paul White was coming. Assuming (incorrectly) that 710 might say 'no', I purchased the tickets before axing him if he wanted to attend. Even better, it was at a new place in Cleveburgh - which at full capacity might reach 1,000....but probably less.

As it is the Music Box Supper Club, they actually have table food service during the concert. We opted to eat elsewhere before hand and just enjoy the show.  Thank g-d!  While we had to share our assigned table with 4-6 others, I saw no one else in the place eating dinner. That would have been awk-ward!  {yes, say that last word in a gay sing-songy voice.}

White did a great job. The set started off with just him - which I thought the entire things was going to be anyway - but on song three, the additional four musicians showed up for most of the rest of the concert.  I will say, the first band song, the mix was wayyyy off, and the singing was nearly unintelligible. The sound guys eventually cleared that all up.

White only has two albums, plus his Civil Wars stuff.  It is no surprise he doesn't touch the latter - as however that band ended, it didn't sound good, though no one talks about it, though he did allude to his solitude over the last few years since.  He also played nothing from his first solo disk - which left very little.

He did most of his last disk (still stellar material!) and a few covers, including a Dan Seals (not from Seals and Croft, but related to) song, and oddly or not, a version of ELO's "Can't Get it Out of My Head".  The latter song started off extremely well, then got a little weighed down. But by the end of the song, I noticed I was broadly the interpretation of the tune.

I'll have to check out more events at places like this. The crowd was manageable and well behaved. Traffic was a breeze.  And it was $18 per ticket!


....but if Mr. White ever comes to your town, shell out the dough. Totally worth it.

Song by: John Paul White

Saturday, June 24, 2017

the Lake

Oooooh......we went to a new dog park.  It was a little hike, but I think it was worth it.

Bow Wow Beach.  I love the name.  If I start a dog park I'll call it Arf Arf Acres.

A really nice lake and gated area for dogs.  No two-footers are allowed in the water. 
And there are paths that go all the way around the lake. 

That big doggie coming out of the water is an Anatolian Shephard. I'd never seen a dog like that.....or heard of one. He was a seemingly nice dog. 

Shep (more like 710) met a little friend.....who was seemingly unattended. 
Turns out two bored teens who we assume mom forced them to take the family dog to the park.  He/she was really cute. 

Shep didn't swim per se.  He was more a of an 'up to the knees' kind of dabbler. 

.....or he's sit.  

But those ears.....and that beaver tail!  The boy kills me. 

Back at home.  Dinner time for both of these two. 

Song by: Laurie Anderson

Friday, June 23, 2017

Date with the Night

Date night - mid-week.  Well, late mid-week.

Dinner, wine, and music.

But it's pushing 12mn, and I'm tired....and I still have to work in the morning, albeit, I'm doing it from home.

A better, fuller post is in your is just not tonight.  Or today.


Song by: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Reaction to Action

The GOP controlled Senate is going to try to bring up their version of DumpCare(®) before July 4th.

Be vigilant.  Call your fucking Senators.  Even the ones who think the House version sucks.

Song by: Foreigner

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Dark History Waltz

It's one of these multi-post posts.  One subject isn't enough for an entry, so we'll just lump together a bunch of shit.   'k?

It's Summer. Officially.

I mean, everyone thinks after Memorial Day it is, but it isn't.  Old Mr. Thermometer might argue with me, as we've had at least 10 days over 90.  Still we had a Spring.  Often we do not.  But as my father would have said, just to be the cloud to the silver lining:  "day start getting shorter now".
Thanks Dad!


A gay football player!  Who knew?

Well, apparently no one. And of course, it's an 'ex' player. It seems they don't turn gay until retirement. Fancy that.

Poor Ryan O'Callaghan was afraid to get bullied.....or fired  All 330 pounds of him. While I feel for his plight, I'm guessing he could have held his own from anyone making fun of fags.

....and of all the former New England Patriots, is there any reason in the world it couldn't have been Mike Vrabel to finally admit he likes guy-on-guy action???


Oh Daniel you have a fall-back career? 

Sure you're a great actor.....but your films are few and far between. And while they're artsy and sometimes fartsy, they're not huge money makers. You must get paid a lot of dough up front because the how much of a back-end deal can your rake in from My Left Foot

Perhaps it was from the licensing from his My Beautiful Launderette action figures that keeps him in the Benjamins. 


Apparently the camera adds 10 Sean Spicer. 30-40 cameras are on you, wellllll

According to Steve Bannon.  The tubby advisor who clearly is looking down a diagnosis of cirrhosis, is making excuses for why the White House Press Briefings are no longer allowing cameras.  It doesn't excuse the 'no audio' rule. 

If you don't think this is scary and one step closer to no press coverage at accountability.......well then you're a moron. 

Song by: the New York Orchestra

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

Oh my - it's been since March since I did a Shopping with Blobby segment - that's good and bad. I started some of those placeholders when I had nothing to write. I also haven't done a Site of the Month for a while.

If I'm being honest, I took the snap just for the name, not so much the product. Hehehe.....dryer balls.

Had it been me, it just would have been talc.

Monday, June 19, 2017

My Music Monday

Still tracking those 2017 (or so) releases - for good or bad.

It was only two weeks ago I wrote about the questionable new Arcade Fire release. Well they just released song #2 from that upcoming disk.......and it is a lot more like #2.  All I can say is, I hope those are the two worst songs on the album.

Don't worry - I'm not presenting that here today.

Nah - I'm going with the newly released song by the Killers.

I get that some folks don't like them (Jon!), but I've liked them since their debut. It's part a new take on the nostalgic 80s music. After that, they developed more of their own sound......sometimes to their advantage, sometimes not.

Their new song, "The Man", cherry picks elements from '70s funk, glitter/glam rock. disco and yes, even a little new wave.

I don't think it is my imagination, but the rhythm section just seems so Weymouth / Frantz-esque during their stint in Talking Heads. There is a Bowie vibe, a Gap Band bank of keyboards quality and while not Barry Gibb - there is a Bee-Gee's influence too.

I would say I sat in uncertainty the first few times I heard the song. I like the lyrics, though I think Brandon Flowers is more than a little tongue-in-cheek saying he's 'the man'.

I think "the Man" bodes well for the new upcoming disk. I liked a small handful of songs on Battle Born, so they kind of need a win here with me.   ....I mean, it is all about me.....right?

Maybe I am 'the man'.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Timber, I'm Falling in Love

Thrice we've tried this season to have some trees taken down. Thrice we had been thwarted.

Until this last Friday, that is.

Soggy weather and a soggier lawn stopped earlier attempts. I'd hate to see how bad the lawn would have looked after that  - as it doesn't look so good now.

You can put down wood and whatever for the cranes and such to roll over, but you're still talking 10 tons of equipment trampling your yard.

Trees are fucking expensive to remove, yet 710 was worried about some of the dead ones on the hill. I get the concern:  if they fell, it would be out on the road, and we'd be liable should it have killed someone.

Oh the irony. As many schmucks that have run off the road into those trees, and yet here we are (again) footing the bill. It really grinds my gears.

I will say, 710 made a very good deal. A negotiated price to take down as many trees as they could in a full work day. The last three we had taken down was 13+ year ago and that set us back $1,100 minus the stump grinding. So while I won't tell you what we paid this time, if you even didn't factor in 13 years of inflation, it came out to only a few hundred dollars per tree.


710 worked from home to supervise. Shep barked at the workers. So I hear.

So, all but two of the trees they took down were dead - and were on the hill. I don't even truly notice they did a thing - which also grinds my gears. 710 says it lets in more light.  yeah yeah.

The other two, well.....big ass maples. One that at the base you could see through. One arborist told me 'not to worry' about it. One said it had critters living in it and needed to be taken down as it was rotted inside. I found it hard not to agree with part of that, as I could see daylight through the trunk.

I'm not sure what was wrong with the other maple, but it's gone too. Well partially.  They didn't quite get it all, so they'll come back and finish.

My takeaway from all this is that I'll have about 144,000 less leaves to rake / blow / bag this upcoming autumn....and from the two trees who held onto its leaves the longest.

Song by: Patty Loveless

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Another week. More dog park time......and home time.

Shep's first swim. 

He hasn't quite mastered the doggie paddle yet, but he ain't afraid of going right into a lake.  ....and then to a bathtub.

710 will have to sleep elsewhere. 
Dog park friend (eventually), Zoe. She's very much the submissive. 

Field dog. 

Pooped out at the park.

Both of these guys love hanging out with 710. 

Is it possible to be a fourth wheel? 

Song by: Florence + the Machine

Friday, June 16, 2017

No Place to Hide

I have to say, I think I was 21 before I had my first apartment. Well, less than that, but in my first one, I lived with my seemingly well-hung roommate.  I never actually found out, but.....well, sometimes you just know things.  ....and let me tell you, that first solo place was an efficiency with a pull-out sofa bed. I believe, I was the only non-Asian in the building. 

Shep isn't even two yet, and he know has his own pad. 

The crate wasn't working for us. Or him. Unlike Petey, he never has seen it as his safe place. The howling after being in it would go on for hours. It was stressful for all. 

By the time we got Petey he had slowed down and was responsible. He was fine to be uncrated and in the house by his lonesome (well.....with a cat).  Shep? Not so much. 

710 set up the over the garage apartment (read: office) so that Shep would have access to the two rooms with vinyl flooring. Should he pee or poop there, it would harm nothing. 

He also set up the webcam so we could watch him. I was nervous about this. I always am. I hated him being alone up there. That said, he had access to two beds and a chair to look out a cracked window - any number of things he didn't have in his crate. 

I rushed home day 1.  No accident. And he was thrilled to see me. 

I opted not to watch the webcam the first day. 710 said he barked for a bit but then didn't. He didn't use the beds either, but crashed on the hard floor.  710 sent me pics. 

Shep was also aware of the camera, as he'd see it move as 710 or I were using it remotely. 

We made it through three weeks of no accidents.  Not one.   And he eventually started using one bed...and then the second. This is a dog who never used any bed in the house. Then a week in NYC, so we thought there might be some backsliding, but nope. He's a clean pre-teen. 

So on Monday, 710 opened up the entire apartment for Shep's use.  The two beds are now in the main room. He's got a window unit air conditioner to keep him comfortable in this heat.

Now either 710 or myself have semi-rushed home to free him, but still - not a drop of pee or one pinched loaf.  I'm impressed. 

While I have checked in on him, sometimes early, he goes window to window (as far as I can tell), but I have heard no barking or howling.  He seems less anxious there.......and I'm feeling less guilty. 

So.......Shep has a one bed / one bath apartment. He has western, northern and eastern exposures. He has great neighbors (psssst.....that's us). He has multiple chairs and a few beds. And a big bowl of water. 

.....and he doesn't pay rent. 

Who's face you gotta lick around here to get that sweet deal? 

Song by: Alison Krauss + Union Station

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Long Shot

I wish I could give a flying fuck about the shooting(s) yesterday in Virginia.  But I don't.

I have no ideas who the victims were.....and I don't care.

My memory could be playing tricks on me, but I don't remember the 'if they come for one they come for all' when Gabby Giffords was shot. I think they rallied around the shooters rights to have a gun.

I believe the NRA was giving press conferences on why access to guns was sooooo important. I don't quite see those today.

Sure, it would have been super better had the gunman been a republican, but we couldn't be that lucky, could we.

Do you know what my first thought was when I heard?  Why aren't these fuckhead federal employees working, like they're supposed to be?  Then I hear they were practicing for some benefit game that - get this - "is a traditional event designed to bolster goodwill between two sides of the partisan aisle".

Suck. My. Dick.

Maybe they all deserve to be shot.

Sorry - it's hard to take seriously when the GOP players are practicing with lobbyists. It's hard to care when a GOPer who are so fucking hell bent on no gun control gets shot, by what I'm hoping was a legally obtained gun with laws which they helped craft to keep firearms in people's hands.

The problem now is, people have thought that maybe now the GOP will rethink gun control since it was one of their own.  This is where those folks fail. The republicunts are only going to double-down. It will be more guns for all - with less hassle.

I mean - how do they not see that coming?

Song by: Kelly Clarkson

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Telling Me Lies

I have purposefully been avoiding anything SCROTUS related.

There is so much difficulty starting a post about him, because there isn't an ending. There's never a true true ending.

Should I do an Ivanka one? You know, where she says she wasn't prepared for the "viciousness of the media".   Oh honey, you mean the folks asking the hard questions.......or any questions?  And it isn't the media you should be worried's the peasants!!!   . ....and we are revolting.  But not in that kind of way.


Or should I do a post on Dump himself?  Because somehow he's vindicated when Comey testified that he believed Dump to by lying and attempting to obstruct justice????  The best part of that tale was that SCROTUS would "100 percent" willing to testify under oath"


I think it's taken me this long to write something because I haven't stopped laughing.

By the letter of his statement, he might - might! (which isn't 100%) - testify under oath. But who in the fuck would think he'd do it truthfully?  To be fair to him, he didn't say he would be truthful in his testimony.

The man lies constantly and then lies about lying. When running, new organizations would question him on quotes....even play tape.....and he'd deny ever saying or doing something.  .....and people looked the other way, including the media, because they didn't want to lose their access.

So yes, to a degree, Dump is right:  it is fake news.  Or was.  It's getting less fake as they are calling him on know, the viciousness to which Ivanka Antoinette refers.


I could go with a Jeff Sessions thing, but man that guy makes my skin crawl.

So I will say this about that. This is the man heading the Justice Dept.  .....and he is skirting the law. Let that sink in.

I'm not even talking about his probable ties to Russia or his flagerent shielding of the "President".  I'm just talking about speaking to Congress and making his own way - which is. not. legal.

.....and yet he got away with it. Because, who is gonna stop him?  The republicans???? The dems don't have the balls.....or the push back hard enough for a lawsuit.

But here's my thing about this whole crap-fest:  if the GOP is soooooooooo sure there is nothing illegal and no collusion, etc etc etc, wouldn't they want to get to the bottom of it all so Dump & Co can have their names cleared?


Anyway...........I'm going with Uday Hussein.

Ohhhhh....that was Uday, that is.

Yes, we've all heard "the comment" about "democrats not being people". I'll be honest, I didn't originally watch the clip or even read the articles that mention the interview.  Fuck I feel bad for his wife.  Can you imagine having to looking into that face as he fucks you??  It's gotta be all doggie style because who could look at that?   Seeing him across the dinner table must be a huge appetite suppressant.

Don't worry about the below clip.  Yes, it's Uday, but fear not. There are other ciips interspersed.

It just goes to show you, that if you go on (I originally typed 'goon') Hannity, that you'll get the story you want out.....with no questions or alternate opinions.

We call that: propaganda

Still, it's important to watch the clip below for perspective.

Song by: Trio

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 87th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know of. 

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

06:35.  Graphic. 

Seriously - this is the graphic Words with Friends used for 'sex'.  It was a .gif.....and the finger moved up and down the slit.  I shit you not. 

08:15.  Hanging in the office of a Thoracic Surgeon's office, which I had a meeting. 

08:50.  He has a decent view. 

10:00.   Not today wishers.  Not today. 

10:50.  Acupuncture. 

We focused on my fascia yesterday. Both feet. 

10:57.  Spying on Shep. 

He's just chewing on a toy.  ...and a screen capture is still a picture!

14:30.  Passing an establishment on way to my car. 

Technically, Leslie Knope said it. She just happened to be played by Amy Poehler. 

15:22.   And still, 91 would not be the high for the day. 

17: 45.  It's hot. 

You can gauge how hot by the size of the tongue hanging out of the mouth. 

21:35.  Somewhat watching to see if the Cavs will lose tonight.  I'm not that invested, though I'd like to see back-to-back championships.  Statistically it's a tough road. 

21:40.  Dessert. 

Graeter's Ice Cream.  Some of the best. 

22:15   Last pee of the night. 

Him.  Then me. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

My Music Monday

I might not have mentioned it, but I'm going it alone.

Erik, has opted to 'suspend' his blog. He claims he'll do 12 of 12 but he's not blogging per se, which means no Hi-Fi Friday for him. If I so any theme music posts, they're on me. I'm good forgoing themes for the moment.

Right now, I've just been doing new(er) music. Mostly 2017 stuff....but some might older, just newer to me.

Here's the dirty secret about Sirius XM radio.....that is if you're paying attention, which I'm guessing most people do not: of a few hundred thousand songs to pull from, I find that for certain periods of time, they not only rotate only a handful of song, but in the same fucking order. least on some of the channels.

When one is on a car-trip, it isn't that difficult to deduce.

That said, on the way to and from NYC, I heard "It's a Trip!" by a group called Joywave.  I kind of dig it.  The song I like.......the lead singer in the video creeps me out.

So radio isn't all bad.  There are no visuals.

Sunday, June 11, 2017


To hear my father tell it, the reason we first got a colour television was because of Batman.

The year would have been around 1966.

The story goes, he went out to get a new set and the showroom was playing Batman - in living colour. My father, being my father, had to have the newest technology. He came home with a colour tv.

Mind you, I'm 99% sure my father never saw Batman. I suppose it is possible he happened upon it while I watched it, but keep in mind, I was watching it in re-runs about 7-8 years later, but doubtful.

Growing-up, I loved Batman. I am not even sure until much later did I realize it originated in comic book form. I know it appealed to me in visual stimuli, bad jokes, bad acting, and probably on some level, a weird kind of man-on-man spectrum.

Is it odd I was more titillated by Batgirl then Batman or Robin?    You don't have to answer that.

Even as a child, I recognized the absurdity of the show. I am guessing the comic books were more on the serious nature - at least comparatively.

Still, Adam West played his version of Batman flawlessly. His delivery was spot-on. He did his lines, probably tongue in cheek, but never LOL'd.

I've said it before, and will again, my absolute favourite moment had Batman and Robin at Catwoman's mercy:  tied to spits that turned over an open flame, and they were to be basted in butter. ...and then the complete straight faces of all in the scene:

Robin: Holy Oleo, Batman
Catwoman:  I didn't know you yodeled. 

Where was a man like West to find work after that. While perhaps not typecast, you have to believe he was pigeonholed and the joke factor no one would hire him.  I swear the next time I saw him, he played himself on the Simpsons at an autoshow with the Batmobile.

And of course, he's played himself on other series.

But his probable big break came on Family Guy. 17 years of work on that series alone. For that continual syndication, I'm hoping he made a pretty penny.

Good for West for doing the most absurd lines in tv ever. Whatever it takes to get paid.  I loved that he was part of it.

It's sorry to see that he passed. It's not a surprise at 88, I suppose. But still, it's a part of my early childhood.  I don't know what Seth McFarland will do with Mayor West next season.

Song by: Lucinda Williams

Saturday, June 10, 2017


It's Caturday.  And doggie day.

If you had not guessed, our weekends are filled with dog parks and park parks. Our lives have become all about pleasing this guy.

Spoiler Alert:  we are NOT going to come close to making our movie goal.  ....unless they start letting dogs into the theaters.

City Dog

Being chased in the dog park.

Then Shep humped him (or her). 

Silent Beg. 

He's so excited when 710 comes and carpets get moved. 

I don't get that kind of reaction.....from Shep or 710.    Sigh. 

The dog who chases a frisbee, but has no idea what to do with once he gets to it. 

....and since Calvin wanted a pic of Sophie.  

Here she is, shiatsu'ing my could-be firmer belly. 

Song by: Talking Heads

Friday, June 09, 2017

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

Regardless of what their press junket claims, this Buckingham McVie album  (out today) was intended to be a Fleetwood Mac disk. Until they opted for it to be a "duet" record (which it is not), they had talked about Stevie Nicks' reluctance to join the band in the studio. 

To read any of their press now, Nicks' name is almost never mentioned and the tagline is that it was always slated for a duo album. We call this "spin" or publicists working overtime. 

Nicks was reluctant to participate. She claimed she didn't want to spend over year in the studio to make an album which people wouldn't buy. Though that came from she doesn't think people buy music anymore......and she has a certain point to that. 

But with that logic, Nicks kind of showed herself as not being as true of an artist as she claimed and someone who wants to make a buck off her songs.....which is legitimate too....though it's a little harder to swallow from a person who has a net worth of some $75 million.  Now you just sound bitter and greedy. 

So the rest of Fleetwood Mac kept making the record they were semi-planning, but with one less member, and opting not to call it a Fleetwood Mac disk. 

While Nicks' reasoning was off / wrong - her gut on not joining was on the mark. I wish my wallet could say the same thing. Back in the day, "Don't Stop" notwithstanding, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie had some of their best work together: "World Turning", "Hold Me", "Think About Me", "Isn't it Midnight" and "You and I". 

Those moments are few and far between here. There are some fine songs, some missed opportunities and some just forgettable moments. Stop calling it 'duets' when they rarely sing together. They trade off tracks in which one takes the lead. Buckingham's songs are just that. You'd really need to isolate vocals to hear if McVie even participates on most of them. 

It might be telling that the opening track, "Sleeping Around the Corner" was a bonus track for Buckingham back in 2011. It's not a bad song, if you can get past the opening 30 seconds or so. 

Buckingham, as usual, has repurposed his solo work for it to be a 'band effort'. And while he used John McVie and Mick Fleetwood for a solo disk that became this one, it doesn't seem that these songs were written or arranged for something like......oh, say, harmonies, which is somewhat of a band staple. His songs still feel like a solo effort. 

As with a lot of his later work, Buckingham loves layered vocals....especially if they're his vocals ("Love is Here to Stay", "In My World"). And he likes that jangly guitar. There used to be a time when he mixed it up with guitar style......those are rare times nowadays. That said, his playing ability is still stellar. 

When the first three tracks were released prior to the disk, I had grim feelings about the album. If "In My World" contains Christine McVie at all - on keyboard or vocals - I am missing it. And auto-tuned Lindsey?  To quote our pseudo-president, "Sad!". 

McVie's song, "Feel About You", is lighter than light rock...even for her. It's Helium Rock. The problem really with it is: it has a hook, an earwig, if you will. But it's not necessarily a song you want stuck in your head........but there it is.  And I know I'd be in the minority, but her "Game of Pretend" is way too melancholy and piano heavy - like someone is trying to recapture "Songbird" way too hard. 

McVie does have strong vocal skills ("Red Sun"). She hasn't seemingly lost that with her very extended break and being in her 70s. She hasn't really lost her range.

Both singers have better offerings on this album....and oddly, they're the last two songs. 

Buckingham's "On With the Show", was in process before McVie rejoined Fleetwood Mac. But the phrasing and chorus are nice, though he self-plagiarizes some of the music from "You & I, pt2" (he also lifts from "Tusk" with "Too Far Gone".)

McVie's "Carnival Begin" makes you want more of this type of song (though the organ is almost identical to "I'm So Afraid").  Again, the arrangement and phrasing are familiar enough, but with a departure from the norm that make it interesting. This is where Buckingham shines on guitar - unfortunately it is the literally the last minute of the entire disk. 

Both of these artists have worked well when playing off each other.....but on Buckingham McVie, they're just filling in for each other.  More songs like the final two would have made for an incredible album. 

Unfortunately, it just isn't. 

Thursday, June 08, 2017


Channel Flipping can be a real problem.

It used to be a non-issue during "summer", as everything was a repeat. With 1,308 cable channels - plus Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, well, there is always a new show on....and each seemingly worse than the last.

But if there are reasons why straight people abhor the gays, it has nothing to do with hand holding, public displays of affection and the like.

No, it's because television treats us like we are bitchy queens - and the problem is, there are a faction who are all too willing to be that bitchy queen just to get their mug on TV.

I saw it a few years back with the Beekman Boys ('re like 50, enough with the 'boy' shit) or PBS' Vicious. They're just nasty men who don't seem to like each other, much less themselves.

But mix those shows with anything on Bravo (like the Housewives) and add in the Real World house-living roommate thingy (or maybe Jersey Shore) and you got Logo's Fire Island.

You know that Far Side.....

Fire Island is "entertainment" at its lowest form.

I hear women at work talk about some "reality" show with 600 lb folks or the mail order brides show. Those seem like PBS material compared to Fire Island.

We only saw a few parts of a few episodes, but you don't need to be a Mensa reject to catch-up quickly.  Six guys - whom I don't think knew each other - go in for a timeshare on Fire Island.  Or read: Logo auditioned guys with 2% body fat and put them up in a furnished house.

The protagonist / antagonist (or possibly antagonist / antagonist) pair in the house is arguably the most fit queen and the more flamboyant bigger queen.

Yes, I'm being disparaging.  They've quite earned it.

The bigger queen was hired to be the instigator, I suppose. Making mountains out of molehills....and yet, contractually, all the others are legally forced to weigh in on the situations with their less than clever catty comments.

Oh no.......the flamboyant queen is just beside herself (yes...I'm feminizing him....though he's done a great job of that himself) because the other guy didn't come to his drag show.

Mind you, the housemate in the drag show doesn't even bother to shave off his creepy John Waters-ish mustache. Oh - and he sucks at drag.  SUCKS at it.   (of course the only reason he's in it, or allowed to be in it, is because a television film crew is there.)

But hundreds of people at this show and he "notices" on of his approximate housemate associates (read: not friends) wasn't in the audience.


or lack of, actually, though lord they try.

.....and then they milk that for three more episodes.

I can deal with bitchy some of the icky feeling I had experienced first hand in my 20s. It was all too real, though the folks I encountered were way more clever and funny. I knew them, but I didn't like them.........just like the guys on TV.

But if you're not into that, you can watch E's What Happens at the Abbey, which are bitchy queens with 1% body fat with some of their hags.   It's totally different!

I just imagine heteros finding these shows and going:  "Fags".    Because....that's kind of what I'm doing.

Song by: the Bee Gees