Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Telling Me Lies

I have purposefully been avoiding anything SCROTUS related.

There is so much difficulty starting a post about him, because there isn't an ending. There's never a true true ending.

Should I do an Ivanka one? You know, where she says she wasn't prepared for the "viciousness of the media".   Oh honey, you mean the folks asking the hard questions.......or any questions?  And it isn't the media you should be worried's the peasants!!!   . ....and we are revolting.  But not in that kind of way.


Or should I do a post on Dump himself?  Because somehow he's vindicated when Comey testified that he believed Dump to by lying and attempting to obstruct justice????  The best part of that tale was that SCROTUS would "100 percent" willing to testify under oath"


I think it's taken me this long to write something because I haven't stopped laughing.

By the letter of his statement, he might - might! (which isn't 100%) - testify under oath. But who in the fuck would think he'd do it truthfully?  To be fair to him, he didn't say he would be truthful in his testimony.

The man lies constantly and then lies about lying. When running, new organizations would question him on quotes....even play tape.....and he'd deny ever saying or doing something.  .....and people looked the other way, including the media, because they didn't want to lose their access.

So yes, to a degree, Dump is right:  it is fake news.  Or was.  It's getting less fake as they are calling him on know, the viciousness to which Ivanka Antoinette refers.


I could go with a Jeff Sessions thing, but man that guy makes my skin crawl.

So I will say this about that. This is the man heading the Justice Dept.  .....and he is skirting the law. Let that sink in.

I'm not even talking about his probable ties to Russia or his flagerent shielding of the "President".  I'm just talking about speaking to Congress and making his own way - which is. not. legal.

.....and yet he got away with it. Because, who is gonna stop him?  The republicans???? The dems don't have the balls.....or the push back hard enough for a lawsuit.

But here's my thing about this whole crap-fest:  if the GOP is soooooooooo sure there is nothing illegal and no collusion, etc etc etc, wouldn't they want to get to the bottom of it all so Dump & Co can have their names cleared?


Anyway...........I'm going with Uday Hussein.

Ohhhhh....that was Uday, that is.

Yes, we've all heard "the comment" about "democrats not being people". I'll be honest, I didn't originally watch the clip or even read the articles that mention the interview.  Fuck I feel bad for his wife.  Can you imagine having to looking into that face as he fucks you??  It's gotta be all doggie style because who could look at that?   Seeing him across the dinner table must be a huge appetite suppressant.

Don't worry about the below clip.  Yes, it's Uday, but fear not. There are other ciips interspersed.

It just goes to show you, that if you go on (I originally typed 'goon') Hannity, that you'll get the story you want out.....with no questions or alternate opinions.

We call that: propaganda

Still, it's important to watch the clip below for perspective.

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Raybeard said...

This clip of Little Eric just nails it SUPERbly!