Monday, June 05, 2017

My Music Monday

Oh, how 2017 is shaping up to be a good year for music releases. Or at least potentially good year. Some of my faves are putting out new music. They all seem to go in this 3-4 year cycle and then it all just lumps together, leaving other years bleak.

Arcade Fire will have a new disk in August. A few days ago, they surprise released their first single, "Everything Now".

So far - I'm not impressed. That said, that happens a lot with their music and it grows on me. I'm hoping that happens here.

Usually the group is inventive. "Everything Now" seems so......blah.  It is not bad, except when they repeat the title 10-12 in a row. It seems like they're staking a little.

Is it just me or does the intro sound like an Abba or any other group from the late 70s disco era?

A fair song from Arcade Fire is still better than most things on the radio, but truth be told, I'm hoping the rest of their upcoming disk fairs better than "Everything Now".

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