Thursday, June 01, 2017

Tear Off Your Own Head

Let's just call this a blog post in three parts.  We were in the car for eight hours yesterday, and there is only so much news you can stomach - since most of it is political.

I can't be bothered to do three separate SCROTUS related posts.

Kathy Griffin

First off, the crime isn't what she did to a Dump dummy (though isn't that redundant?), it's what she did to her face or her weight.....

Can you feel ok with what Griffin did and CNN's reaction to dump her?  I can.

Of course, Griffin has every right to express herself. Was she funny? No. Was she provocative?  Meh. Was she unlawful?  Depends who you ask.  "People" are outraged.  Of course, these same folks were not quite as outraged at this....

As for CNN, I totally get it.

I'm sure she has (or had) a morals clause in her contract. But that's not really the line, I'm guessing. For better or worse, they are a new agency and to keep her on, in a non-reporter / non-commentator role, taints their brand and their so-called objectiveness.

Will this hurt her career?  Maybe for a blip. She caters to the blue-states and the homos. They're not SCROTUS supporters. Her stand-up will be fine. He TV appearances, for the time being, will be sparse, if not non-existent.

And this "Barron is upset shit"?  He probably is:  he's upset that the photo wasn't real.  {psssst....we all were!}

But way to pimp out your son when you feel necessary, SCROTUS.

the Paris Climate Accord

Enough of this bullshit:  "I'm considering options and I'll be announcing them in a few days." You can't see it, but I'm totally rolling my eyes.

Do not give me this crap of mulling it over. Is there anyone on Earth - and I do mean, anyone - that thinks Dump is  'thinking man'?

The mind (what there is of it) was made up before taking the oath of office. He's fooling no one.

Gunman at Dump DC International

First - news services have to stop saying he had McVeigh-like aspirations.  The man had his guns and ammo in the car, and the valet had the car. They weren't even with him. And you know there are no in an out privileges

The car did not have fertilizer and gasoline.  Nope, it had 90 rounds.

......90 measly rounds. You know at the NRA boardroom, they were laughing at this guy for not having at least 14 magazines.

He was arrested for having a non-registered gun.

Why?  Isn't that the GOP NRA stance - guns for everyone - licensing, registration and education: not needed?   Ohhhhhhh.......unless one of their own is threatened.  The hypocrisy continues.

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rebecca said...

I wish she hadn't apologized. The pic wasn't at all clever, which was its biggest sin. But still ... no apologies, in art and in bed.