Friday, June 30, 2017

Bleed Like Me

The tweets were unfortunate.  They were rude. 95% chance they're not accurate or true at all.

Were they "one of the most vitriolic insults", as NPR stated?  Not even close.

Here is what they are:   a distraction from something else that is going on.


Are they a shiny object to steer you aways from what "they" are doing or planning?  Most likely.


That seems to be their M.O. :   send crazy tweets or have Twat Conway open her ugly pie-hole on camera.......and then watch people react and miss the real story, whatever that might be.


I mean are any of us surprised or shocked by this display or his written word? I didn't even raise an eyebrow and I have no idea who this chick even is.  The things is:  now Morning Joe will get a boost in the ratings and in a few days SCROTUS will take credit for it.  

Mark. My. Words.

Of course, my question of this whole thing?    I want to know why it took 6 minutes between twats.  Surely it can't take him that long to type out a text.....unless he's using his Nokia Razor.

But seriously, between all the TV he "doesn't watch" and twatting.....when does he have time to govern?   Ohhhhhhhhhhh........right.  Answered my own question.

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anne marie in philly said...

and melanoma the stepford wife defended her husband's shit. SAD!

someone needs to take away the baby's pacifier (cell phone).

Raybeard said...

I always wanted to refer to the 'lovely' Mel as a skin tumour just like W.Q. has done, but I didn't dare as I thought it might be stooping too low. Now I see that it wasn't too low at all. Hooray!

Ur-spo said...


Fearsome Beard said...

Since there seems to be so much "squirrel" pointing & screaming going on, I picked myself up a t-shirt with a squirrel on the front of it. Just my way of throwing shade.