Monday, June 19, 2017

My Music Monday

Still tracking those 2017 (or so) releases - for good or bad.

It was only two weeks ago I wrote about the questionable new Arcade Fire release. Well they just released song #2 from that upcoming disk.......and it is a lot more like #2.  All I can say is, I hope those are the two worst songs on the album.

Don't worry - I'm not presenting that here today.

Nah - I'm going with the newly released song by the Killers.

I get that some folks don't like them (Jon!), but I've liked them since their debut. It's part a new take on the nostalgic 80s music. After that, they developed more of their own sound......sometimes to their advantage, sometimes not.

Their new song, "The Man", cherry picks elements from '70s funk, glitter/glam rock. disco and yes, even a little new wave.

I don't think it is my imagination, but the rhythm section just seems so Weymouth / Frantz-esque during their stint in Talking Heads. There is a Bowie vibe, a Gap Band bank of keyboards quality and while not Barry Gibb - there is a Bee-Gee's influence too.

I would say I sat in uncertainty the first few times I heard the song. I like the lyrics, though I think Brandon Flowers is more than a little tongue-in-cheek saying he's 'the man'.

I think "the Man" bodes well for the new upcoming disk. I liked a small handful of songs on Battle Born, so they kind of need a win here with me.   ....I mean, it is all about me.....right?

Maybe I am 'the man'.

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Jonny said...

I'm proud of myself...I got 1:52 into the song before I said "ug" and stopped. I will say this...while I do not like this band and do not care for the lead singer's voice..they're better than those Arcade Fire people...Awful!