Sunday, March 31, 2024

Love is a Stranger

Here's how I'm going to start out:

Whatever you think All of Us Strangers is about - you'd be wrong. 

.....and I don't even know what you think it's about, and yet I'm sticking to my statement above.

You know I don't read movie reviews beforehand, but generally I know what the film I'm going to see is about. This would not be true this time - I didn't know a thing about the movie and assumed it would be a gay love story-ish. 

I was kind of right, but kind of really really wrong. 

The film as written and directed by Andrew Haigh, who wrote most of the episodes for the HBO HOMO show, Looking. He also directed the movie 45. He's done a few gay-themed films as well. 

There are only 10 characters in this film; four main parts; four uncredited and five with non-speaking roles. And for the first 15 minutes, I'm not sure there is a word of dialogue. The movie is extremely visual. 

Andrew Scott and Jamie Bell are wonderful in this. Paul Mescal and Claire Foy are good as well. 

I err on the side of not saying anything about the movie, or my thoughts due to potential spoilers. Two days post, I'm still processing what it could be vs what it was, or what I think it was. 

Reality? Fantasy? Hallucinogenic? Spectral?

In my mind, after the fact, everything in the movie is open to interpretation, metaphors and dissection.  And no conclusive answers. 

I found the film wonderfully shot with some really nice segues. 

Given the opportunity, I'd watch again with a different set of eyes. Considering the content, when looking it up online, this made me laugh. 

This ain't Toy Story 2 or Bambi

It is for rent on Amazon Prime. 

....and the soundtrack, to me, was great. 

2024 Movie Count / Goal: 05 of 15

Song by: Eurythmics

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Authority Song

Technically, it's Spring.  And every few days or so it feels like you'll see in some of the pictures below. 

Today? It's supposed to be 39 F with an 80% chance of rain.  .....and a scheduled long run. 

Yay me. 

Breakin' the law........Breakin' the law......

....and seems happy with it. 

Not sure what you're doing, but you're been caught. 

Spa day for Bailey. 

Shep in Spring

Olive, my friend Bob's dog. 
She LOVES me. 

Dude, it's Panda.  You don't want it. 

Love Dog. 

On another hike with the doggo. 

Song by: John Mellencamp

Friday, March 29, 2024

New York

Yesterday was decision day - for the 2024 New York City Marathon lottery. 

Just like MegaMillions, Powerball and the Chicago Marathon, I got a big fat zero. 

After my continual - yet unfounded - positive vibes I had to get into Chicago, I was much more reserved for NYC. The pool is bigger, the competition is harder - several categories such as Out of Country, Out of City, Out of State. I don't know if they choose x% from certain categories or not, but my number did not come up. 

I really tried not to look at my phone all day. But at 16:00 I finally logged into the marathon site, and it was to be a 22 minute wait to get in, due to high web traffic. While I was waiting, I finally got the email. 

So this now leaves my autumn race totally open, should I still try to do a marathon this Fall. 

While I truly enjoyed everything about Columbus, and I will run it again, I don't think it will be this year. 

This now realistically (?) leaves:
  • Philadelphia
  • Detroit
  • Minneapolis
  • Marine Corp in DC
  • Indianapolis
I have friends in Philly, Minneapolis and DC, so it makes those cities more appealing. Detroit is international, as you run into Canada (and back). 

I really love DC, as you all pretty much know, so right now it's DC, then Detroit as my selections. Probably. I'm trying not to jump just yet. I'm attempting to act, not react, which is my go-to. 

I'm in no danger of cut-off for Detroit. The Marine Corp?  While I somewhat looked at their website, it doesn't seem lottery driven, so I might still be able to sign up for that. But oy, it will be a week before the 2024 election. 

Yes, I'm bummed about NYC, but there is a path forward for 2025 there (assuming this body holds up), so I'm not broken-hearted. 

Right now, I'll keep the focus on Cleveland. It's less than two months away. Later, I'll worry about later. 

Song by: St. Vincent

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Thieves in the Temple

Well, P.T. Barnum said a sucker was born every minute, and these aren't even the guys in the videos where one would drop tokens to see 57 seconds of action.

Honest to fucking g-d, if people are stupid enough to part with a dime - let alone $60 - for a book (the bible) they allegedly already have and cherry-pick from already, then let them be $60 poorer.

To be fair, I've read nothing in detail about it. I'm not sure if it is heavily edited or not - though I did see Liz "still a cunt" Cheney troll BLOTUS about reading the parts about adultery. 

The problem is - well, the problem. We all already know the hypocrisy of what they pretend to believe and how they act.  And yes, we all know who "they" are. 

I do have to give it to BLOTUS. He is the biggest swindler and snake oil salesman of all time. ALL time. One might say the devil incarnate. He's already gotten evangelicals and poser-believers to eat the apple right off the tree. 

Hats. Shoes. Bibles. This guy is all about the merch. 

Not that any of you need me to quote bible passages to you, the spirit of the upcoming Zombie Jesus Day, let's take a look at the probable true catalyst that got him to his orgy.  What?  He got nailed by a bunch of guys.  THAT is an orgy.

"And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money changers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves."

A week later, he be dead. 

But you can't tell these folks anything, It applies to someone else. Anyone else. Not them. Or "that's not what they're talking about" or "that's not what it meant".  Whatever lets them sleep at night - and hopefully 6 feet under with no hope of getting beyond any pearly gates. 

They couldn't even get BLOTUS into a church to take a staged photo of him. You know - lightning and all. The one above is AI created.   .....and with additional fingers to boot. Go ahead. Enlarge and count. 

I suppose with him more is better - and not a deformity. 

In other political news:  Obama has GOT to stop standing next to Pappy Joe and talking. He's eloquent and exudes leadership and then Pappy Joe inserts monosyllables afterwards making him look addled. It's not a good look. 

Song by: Prince

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Fall Down

I feel like I should document this history of a bridge in Baltimore coming down. 

That makes it sound like planned demolition, when it clearly was not. Human and / or mechanical error seem to be in play. 

Hopefully (?) just the latter. 

710 showed me the video / .gif at 06:15 yesterday. I couldn't quite believe what I was seeing. 

At the time, we didn't know that the ship had radioed a 'mayday' and that most of the bridge was closed to traffic, but not to maintenance workers. My initial thought was it was bad enough to see it crumble as you drove into it, but I thought the ones who the devastation approached from behind never knew what happened. 

I mean, look.  From impact to full implosion is like 15 seconds. Almost zero time to react, not that it would have seemingly made a difference. 

Pappy Joe has called on Congress to fund the rebuilding of the bridge. Meh.  Let Maersk pick up the tab. Or whomever insures them. I can't imagine paying families for their losses, however many there might end up being, won't be in their near future. 

If the bridge wasn't structurally sound - and look above, there is a good rationale for that thought - then the cost can be shared into whomever designed and built it. 

And lest we forget, as this will be politicized too, the GOP has continually cut funding for infrastructure. Make it a topic, Pappy Joe. Get your fucking hands dirty. 

Song by: Toad the Wet Sprocket 

Tuesday, March 26, 2024

the Weight

I am now officially starting year 3 of gym life. Or as I like to call it: Fat Camp. 

Yesterday, I completed year 2. 

Save vacations and illness, I visit camp five times per week. Pre run clubs, it was seven days per week. Like with many things, I'm all in, or all out. Admittedly, that might not be the healthiest thing, which of course is ironic. 

Seeing myself nekkid in a mirror is what got me back to the gym. Vanity is cruel, but maybe at times, necessary. 

Like everyone else, one wants the weight to come off immediately, but that just didn't happen with me, not this time. 

It's been a long steady slog, but as of yesterday, I'm down 27 lbs. It surpasses the 22 I thought I needed to lose, but I'll take it. 

More importantly, the slow and steady approach is probably more of a recipe for keeping it off than had it taken me a half-year to lose that bulk. 

I have, and haven't, been smart about this. On the plus side (pun fully intended) I only weigh myself once per month, so I am not obsessed with my weight. On the other hand, I haven't changed my diet very much, so there is a chance weight would have come off sooner had I adhered more to some kind of diet. 

That all said - thanks to Covid, we almost never eat out or carry in. With the mild winter, I never stopped griling outdoors, which I'd like to believe is healthier-ish. I still like white sugar, but I don't have it during the day much anymore. And then there is the drinking - or lack of. I've had two drinks this year - and both two months ago. 

All of these things help get some of the weight off, but more keeping it off. 

I still need to be careful. I'm not really looking to be below 180, but I'm just about there. Like, right there. 

Time to start eating more cupcakes. 

Now for your compare and contrast shots. 

Fat Camp - Day 1

Fat Camp - Day 731. 

Man - I was chunky. At least in that pic. Maybre it accurately represented me at the time, or maybe - just maybe - it's a bad angle? 

Either way - I've dropped almost two stone!

Song by: the Band

Monday, March 25, 2024

My Music Monday

"Modern Girl" from the Bleachers has been pre-released for months now, with formidable airtime given in satellite radio. 

Usually, skreachy (sp?) saxophone is a huge turn-off for me when it comes to music. The sax is a harsh instrument most of the time and normally not utilized well. 

"Modern Girl" is seemingly no exception, though it somehow kinda works.  

Kind of!

If I break the song down, I would say there isn't much to like about it. It's a bit pedestrian to even have a line saying "the modern girls....shakin' their ass tonight". It internally makes me cringe at reducing women that way. 

Honestly, I don't know what modern women do. I just assume they're move evolved than that, but perhaps not. 

That all said - the song is infectious in its own way. In spite of my above criticisms, I don't think I've ever turned off the song when it comes on. It's catchy. 

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Pearl of the Quarter

My first race of '24 is completed. 

I thought I had other races before this on the books, but I never signed up and truth be told they didn't either challenge me or interest me enough to part with $$$$. 

As it is, April is a busy race month, should I sign up for all I want / need. Four races, but three for sure. That kind of interferes with my training, which is why the fourth, as yet unsigned race, would help me get back on track, as it would be a half marathon. With the knee still recovering, I've committed to nothing.  ....except the other three races. 

I have a problem. 

But yesterday's race was "interesting" (yes, quotes). 

I woke up to 2-3" of snow with ice underneath that surprise. The gear I laid out to wear was no longer practical, so in the dark (as to not wake 710), I had to find newer, warmer clothing. In route, I saw no fewer than three accidents - two in real time. Obvi, no one had touched the streets. 

It's been November since I've had an actual race. I had a few "fun runs" at the end of the year, but the vibe there is different. I kind of forgot what it's like to be without strollers, dogs, walkers and with people who were out to actually just run. 

The cold doesn't really bother me (except my hands) when I run. And for the first half, it was on a wet, yet cleared road. At the turn, well.............paths. For the first mile of the path it was nothing but ice. As you go through the woods, there wasn't even a place to run along side the path for better grip. People were bitching about the organizers, but they couldn't quite predict the weather or conditions. We adapt. 

In the last half mile, I hit black ice. Yes, #allicematters, but by the time I realized it, I was already on it. I did what I call a "cartoon run" of flailing arms and legs to keep moving without falling. Or injuring my knee.

The race itself was structured differently. They didn't have placing by age categories (thats, fine, I'm never winning that anyways) but you were eligible for some kind of win if your last mile was faster than the average of your first 5.55 miles. I wasn't winning that either. 

Oh, I should have mentioned, this was billed as a Half of a Half Marathon, or 6.55 miles. 

I ran with two people from the Old Man's Running Group. Andrew asked if I was trying to PR, but how can one? 6.55 isn't a standard race. Closest thing would be a 10k. So in my mind (and Andrew' he told me) that is the time I was trying to beat, which my best had been 1:01:14. 

In theory, I did. At the 6.2 mark, I was at 59:something. At the 6.55 I finished at 1:02:51. 

I was happy. Yes, me. Not just because afterwards I was getting a chocolate-cherry muffin.......not a euphemism. Had it not been for the slow times on the ice, I would have crushed it. 

After sharing the time with my core group, Morty mentioned I was getting faster. And I am, on paper. I don't feel like it as it's happening. Maybe it never does. I just need to recalibrate my thinking on this. 

First of a possible I dunno how many races in 2024 (12? maybe?) done. I'll assume the weather will get better for the next one, but who knows. 

Next race: a pre-solar eclipse 5k.  I think overall, for now, I'm done with most 5ks. But you know Cleveburgh is in the direct path of this I kind of want the t-shirt. 

Song by: Steely Dan

Saturday, March 23, 2024

King of the Hill

We are a little dog heavy this week. I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Still - cuteness is cuteness. 

Always floops in front of me. I always take the bait for a rub and get bit. 

Premature visit to Daffodil Hill. Very few have bloomed and it was snowing when we were there. 
Hardly the first day of spring. Liars, all!

This dude came flying at me. LOVED it. 

Shep made the IG feed at daycare. 
King of the Hill, indeed. 

More kingly duties at an outdoor exercise course. 

Distance makes the heart stay fond-ish. 

Yes, he's a weirdo. But he's our weirdo. 

Song by: Roger McGuinn

Friday, March 22, 2024

Ad of the Month

Honestly, I wasn't really paying attention fully to his ad as it ran during Jeopardy's tournament of champions the other day.  

It's 30 seconds long. Pay attention. 

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!   

Yikes. Is it really possible, I haven't done a Shopping with Blobby entry since March '23???  For shame.

Is NOTHING funny in the shopping realm anymore?? 

Maybe I can make it up to all of you today with this entry. It's not food. It's not even in person shopping. It's on-line, and I wish I had a friend who had a child to whom I could gift this - just for the adult reaction. 

Oh yes, it's a real book. 

And, Oh Yes, I'm THAT guy who'd order it, wrap it and send it on its way. 

I would have died to be at the meeting that ok'd the book along with the title. I'd have died to head that meeting. 

Of course, besides the title, I love the amazon categorization of it all. 

The last two. And the self-help. 

Even better?  It's part of a series. I shit you not.

  • Suzy Likes to Look at Balls 
  • Come Swing with Us! 
  • Spank the Monkey Lends a Hand 
  • Brenda's Beaver Needs a Barber 

Seriously. I am not kidding. It's gotta be better than collecting the Harry Potter series.  The book company?  Reach Around Books. 

As you'd expect, the reviews are mixed - much like Tony's nuts, I'm assuming. People find it hilarious and have gotten it for baby showers.  And then there's something like this:

I thought this book was funny while reading the description on Amazon, but once the book arrived, it talks about Grandpa taking pictures of your nuts and that's just a bit too pedophile-ish for me to think it's funny.

Clearly (?), I haven't actually read this, so in theory I get the reviewers concerns, but I also don't have full context. It's not like they went completely Westboro Baptist Church on amazon, the author or company. 

I think you can all be happy that we are not close enough for me to send these to you for your children or grandchildren. 

Now......Mike on the other hand.....I might have just found his Oscar prize, because I don't really want to make him cookies.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024


It's that time of year!!!  Blogiversary. 

That means a vlog entry from yours truly. 

Now and again in these video entries my right eye seems wonky. As far as I know I haven't had a stroke, but you just never know.....and I'd probably be the last to know. 

Song by: Bon Iver

Tuesday, March 19, 2024


There's not enough nonsense in this blog. 

Translation:  I have nothing of "substance" of which to write. Or, "I'm lazy". 

Song by: Bastille

Monday, March 18, 2024

My Music Monday

Now and then, songs pop into my head from the past. I mean, you know, they can't be from the future, right?

It's not even a song I've heard on the radio or in a store. Just something triggers the thought. 

And for those who know me, sometimes it is difficult for me to get something out of my head. It's a problem now and then. 

This time, the song is "Say You Will" by Foreigner. 

I know a ton of Foreigner songs, but never purchased an album. They had a number of hits and some well played album-oriented rock songs that technically weren't singles. These would span top 40 and rock stations, depending on the song. 

They'd been around since '77, but "Say You Will" would be a decade later. The song is well put together, or so I think. ....and clearly it's been in my head. 

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Drain You

The knee is (was?) still wonky. 

Three weeks (and three days) since my last appointment. Not only were the two identified problems no better, but I acquired a new one. 

In the last 10 days, my knee has been making a horrible cracking noise along with a horrible, albeit brief, pain. 

Wouldn't you know in the day before the appointment, the knee would only now crack one out of every three or four times. I mean, yay, it seemed better, but boo, I wanted them to see / hear it at its worst. 

No worries - it finally acted up at the docs. 

My fear was that the steroid injection of which we discussed wouldn't be given because I didn't think the bone noise was indicative of the other pains. 

This is the reason Blobby doesn't have a medical degree. of the reasons. 

I noticed my knee looked swollen too, but I kept telling myself it was the aftermath of taking off the brace. And other reason I'm not an MD. Or even a DO!  Nope it was swollen. 

The docs (I allowed a resident in the room with my ortho guy) assured me it was swollen and it should be drained - and get the cortisone. Both would give me relief. The doc said there should be about 3ccs of fluid at the knee, and he estimated (vial ultrasound) I had 25. 

When Morty was up, I don't think he noticed (or too nice to say - so, wait, no, that doesn't track.....) how I took the stairs, especially down. Both feet had to go to one step before advancing. 

So, the docs get the ultrasound fired up and put the gel on me. They turn off the lights to show me what the deal was, but honestly, I don't know how anyone really reads any ultrasound. I can't see most of the things they point out. My doc did laugh when I said, "10 fingers, 10 toes?". 

First there was the freezing spray - no big deal. Then the lidocaine, no big deal.....though something nagged at me though I wasn't sure what.  The draining would go first. 

Oh. The. Pain. 

I have a high pain tolerance. And my ortho guy knows it. So, when I said - loudly - "motherfuck!!!!!", he knew I was uncomfortable. 

Immediately, I'm second guessing the resident didn't put the lidocaine in the correct area - the nagging I had came to the forefront. I did ask, "how bad would this be without the anesthetic?" .No one was going to tell me if they fucked up. Maybe they didn't. 

It did not help when he had to squeeze the knee to extricate more liquid. More ouchy. 

I never felt the cortisone shot, so either that worked in the right place, or so much trauma I didn't feel it. Or - and maybe he did everything right and that's how painful the first part as supposed to be. 

I had semi-immediate relief. My knee no longer cracks. Some of pain has subsided. I can walk down stairs on foot in front of the other. But I still have some pain - but it's to be expected. I've done this enough to know it will take a few days or a week to fully kick in. 

No running yesterday - which was to be 14 miles - and maybe up to 5 miles today. We'll see. 

Oh and for the record, the ortho guy to the cc guess down to the drop. 

(stock image. That is what it looked like - just with a much hairier leg in the background. They tossed my actual one before I could get a picture of it.)

Song by: Nirvana

Saturday, March 16, 2024

To Sir with Love

I got no great intro this week.  But really when do I?

Dad #1's boy  I'm not surprised in the least. 

He made the feed. 

The dude is big. 
Yes, we have a chair positioned at a window so he can spend time there.  I hope people walking down the street see him there. 

Warm day. 
I sprang Shep from daycare and we took a walk around a lake. This is the shot I sent 710. 

Lulu LOVES Shep.

She barks at everyone who walks by, except Shep. Her butt wiggles with excitement and we have to go to her, as she is contained with an invisible fence. 

Simon does like to sleep on my ottoman, so I'm not a complete pariah to him. 

Song by: Lulu

Friday, March 15, 2024

Ship of Fools

It was an off day. Meaning, I was off. I felt off. 

I was off. 

I dodged news. I dodged emails and texts when I could. There is a certain group of friends who are exempt from my anti-social behaviour. Everyone else? They'll hear from me when they hear from me. 

We had a double "celebrity" death two days ago:  Eric Carmen (from the Raspberries and solo work) and Karl Wallinger (from the Waterboys).

Carmen was a Cleveland boy. And while it didn't say where he died, he did relocate back here a few years back. Oh, how scandalous it was to have "Go All the Way" on a K-Tel album. Even I knew at a young age that was like kissing or something. 

While one of my sisters had his first solo disk and played it far too often (according to me!), I knew the music but was never a fan. Less so when Celine Dion decided to cover "All By Myself". I mean, good for Eric - because you know that was a bunch of coins. But ick - the cultural stigma for the rest of us. The scordeling. 

I did, however, like the Waterboys. I'd say they had a number of songs - and they did - but few most people might know. The assumed biggest (I did zero research on this) is what I"m featuring below, "Ship of Fools". 

Save me from tomorrow........indeed. 

Thursday, March 14, 2024

Cooking with Blobby

More food prep. And NOT pasta. You can thank me later. I think. 

It is called Crispy Lemon Chicken Cutlets With Salmoriglio Sauce. Yeah, I don't know how that sauce is pronounced either - not that I've given it a try in the first place. 

Now, 710 has an issue with lemon in his food. To a degree we both do - and that is due to my mother. As she aged, her tastebuds weren't all they could be, so when she put lemon in a dish, she put LEMON in a dish. It was overpowering and no one ever said a thing, because.......well..........old woman made dinner for us. 

I thought I had this figured out, but I didn't. It's good, but yeah, the lemon could be cut back and I'll explain where along the way. 

Make no mistake, this is all about the prep. Cooking time is minimal and quick! Like 5 minutes. But zesting and grating and chopping and dredging take some bigger chunk o'time. But for me, it's relaxing in a certain way. 

Mostly, you can clean as you go, but once you start cooking, it's all about that since it goes so quickly. 


Yield: 4 to 6 servings 

1½ pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts (about 4), halved and pounded ¼-inch thick 
Kosher salt 
3 large lemons 
2 eggs, beaten 
½ cup very finely chopped flat-leaf Italian parsley 
1¼ cups bread crumbs 
¼ cup all-purpose flour 
¼ cup finely grated Parmigiano-Reggiano 
2 teaspoons dried oregano 
⅓ cup extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for frying 
1 garlic clove, minced


Step 1 Pat chicken dry, then season liberally with salt and pepper on both sides. 

Note: I used chicken cutlets. It's easier than halving and pounding chicken. Even NAMBLA agrees on this. 

Step 2 Zest 1 lemon, reserving the zest for the bread crumbs, then halve the lemon and squeeze all its juice into a medium bowl. Add the eggs to the juice and beat to combine. Add the seasoned chicken and turn to coat. Let rest while you make the sauce and bread crumb mixture. 

Note: Maybe not add the juice to the eggs? Or use less of a half. 

Step 3 Prepare the sauce: In a medium bowl, combine the zest and juice of the remaining 2 lemons; stir in ¼ cup of the parsley. Set aside. 

Note: this is where I might scale back on two entire lemons for the sauce. Maybe one or two for zest one for juice. 

Step 4 Prepare the bread crumbs: In a shallow dish, combine bread crumbs, flour, cheese, oregano and the remaining parsley. Add the reserved lemon zest and, using a fork, press the zest into the bread crumb mixture to combine evenly. 

Step 5 Working one at a time, press each chicken breast into the bread crumb mixture, using your fingers to help thoroughly coat it on both sides; place on a sheet pan. 

Step 6 Heat about ⅓ cup of oil in a large skillet over medium-high. Working in batches, leaving 1 to 2 inches of space between, add 2 to 3 chicken pieces and cook until golden brown, turning once, about 2 minutes per side. Transfer to a serving dish and sprinkle immediately with salt. Repeat with remaining chicken, adding and heating more oil as needed. 

Step 7 While the first batch of chicken is frying, heat ⅓ cup olive oil in a small saucepan on medium heat. Add the minced garlic and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, just long enough for the garlic to sizzle but not brown. Remove from the heat and allow to cool. 

Step 8 Once all the chicken is plated, slowly pour the garlic oil into the lemon and parsley mixture and whisk to combine. Before serving, spoon the Salmoriglio sauce liberally over the chicken.

It had moments of too much lemon. You can even see the sauce on the plate. 

We did split another cutlet and did not add any more sauce and it was great. I'd totally do this again - just with a little less lemon. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

12 of 12

 So I'm doing my 167th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore.

04:39. I still have an hour to sleep!!!  ....but maybe take a peek at 'Connections' in NYT

06:09. Breakfast: Completed

06:41. No Run A.M.  I biked 12 miles for my cardio. I'll run this evening. 

07:14. Stretching the fuck out of my leg. I'm hoping for the ok to get cortisone later this week. 

08:00. Caffeine. 

08:08. I don't know why I love this so. But I do. 

13:05. Lately, I have only been in the mood for a half a sandwich at lunch. 
Trying not to eat just because I can. 

14:46 Starburst Jellybeans.  I pick out the green because they're disgusting. 
Why even have green?  They don't have green Starbursts. 

17:27.  Getting ready for running group. 
5 miles of speed interval training.  Ick!

19:05. Creamer. 
While I waited for a dinner order to be created, I walked to the grocery so 710 would have this for his coffee. 

17:17.  Dinner pick-up. 

20:08.  Waffle treat time. 
Actually, half of a waffle broken into two. He doesn't know. 

Not the most exciting day. I cannot believe I didn't take a pic when Georty came a-callin'. We had a nice visit, as they were in town for part of the day. Time with them was way more important that getting a pic.