Sunday, March 03, 2024

Past Life

We finally saw Past Lives this weekend. It's been on the short list for a while and we finally found the time 

It's an American production with at least a Korean-American female lead, Greta Lee (whom I adore). I'm not sure i the male lead is fully Korean or not. 

Much of the film is spoken in Korean, so there are subtitles. 

It is something of a love triangle story. The simple premise is two friends are separated by immigration and reunite 24 years later, though she has married. He comes to visit. 

Early in the movie, the now married couple speak of In-Yung and it's carried out throughout the movie to a degree.

It is a Korean belief of providence which is specifically between two people and every person who meets or even sit in the bench together has some In-Yun between them from their past lives. When the In-Yun is layered 8000 times the two people are destined to be married/or is to live happily ever after.

I found the movie to be well made and decently acted. For all it's early praise, I see why it got a best picture nod but not anything for acting. It's good, but not over the top good. 

If' you're looking for Dune 2 or a Fast the Furious movie, this isn't for you. 

2024 Movie Count / Goal: 04 of 15

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Sounds like something I might enjoy.