Saturday, March 23, 2024

King of the Hill

We are a little dog heavy this week. I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Still - cuteness is cuteness. 

Always floops in front of me. I always take the bait for a rub and get bit. 

Premature visit to Daffodil Hill. Very few have bloomed and it was snowing when we were there. 
Hardly the first day of spring. Liars, all!

This dude came flying at me. LOVED it. 

Shep made the IG feed at daycare. 
King of the Hill, indeed. 

More kingly duties at an outdoor exercise course. 

Distance makes the heart stay fond-ish. 

Yes, he's a weirdo. But he's our weirdo. 

Song by: Roger McGuinn


James Dwight Williamson said...

Schweet ! love your little weirdo

Travel said...

We are all a little weird in our own special ways.

Old Lurker said...

It looks like Shep is picking up bad habits from his brother about climbing on top of things.