Sunday, March 31, 2024

Love is a Stranger

Here's how I'm going to start out:

Whatever you think All of Us Strangers is about - you'd be wrong. 

.....and I don't even know what you think it's about, and yet I'm sticking to my statement above.

You know I don't read movie reviews beforehand, but generally I know what the film I'm going to see is about. This would not be true this time - I didn't know a thing about the movie and assumed it would be a gay love story-ish. 

I was kind of right, but kind of really really wrong. 

The film as written and directed by Andrew Haigh, who wrote most of the episodes for the HBO HOMO show, Looking. He also directed the movie 45. He's done a few gay-themed films as well. 

There are only 10 characters in this film; four main parts; four uncredited and five with non-speaking roles. And for the first 15 minutes, I'm not sure there is a word of dialogue. The movie is extremely visual. 

Andrew Scott and Jamie Bell are wonderful in this. Paul Mescal and Claire Foy are good as well. 

I err on the side of not saying anything about the movie, or my thoughts due to potential spoilers. Two days post, I'm still processing what it could be vs what it was, or what I think it was. 

Reality? Fantasy? Hallucinogenic? Spectral?

In my mind, after the fact, everything in the movie is open to interpretation, metaphors and dissection.  And no conclusive answers. 

I found the film wonderfully shot with some really nice segues. 

Given the opportunity, I'd watch again with a different set of eyes. Considering the content, when looking it up online, this made me laugh. 

This ain't Toy Story 2 or Bambi

It is for rent on Amazon Prime. 

....and the soundtrack, to me, was great. 

2024 Movie Count / Goal: 05 of 15

Song by: Eurythmics

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