Friday, March 01, 2024

Long May You Run

My first two running challenges of 2024 are completed.  Yay me. 

These are just on-line challenges presented by my UnderArmour running app. I hear there are better apps out there, but let's face it; I'm lazy. 

Map My Run does what I need it to do and I'm not needing the fancier / share your results and routes with everyone like Strava. I barely want to know how I'm doing, let alone sharing it with folks in my running groups. 

I share it in out-dated modes, like blogs, to people I kind of know, who stop by to crane their neck like it's an accident on the highway. 

I am fairly certain my app does a lot more, but clearly, I haven't felt the need to delve into that. 

Save three races, I haven't even committed to any others in 2024. The first one is in a few weeks, so hopefully the knee will be better. Then one a month after that, and a month after that. Though I'm somewhat considering a half-marathon somewhere between race 2 and 3. That race is in no danger of selling out, so I can wait to decide. 

Until then, I was just looking for other goals and I got them in my app. 

The first one, which I mentioned a month ago (?) is do 200 miles between January 1 - and February 29. 

As you you can see, I achieved that, passed it even. By almost 56 miles. 

In actuality, I hit the 200 mile mark on February 17th.  That was with a week off in January when I was sick. And I'd over the 256 had it not been for four days off from Covid. I mean, it still looms, but it's no longer keeping me from getting out there. 

I placed 2,136 out of 40,007.  So, you know, I'll take it. 

The second was much easier:  run 75k in February. That's about 47 miles. That challenge I checked off in the first 10 days of the month. 

This one I came in 1,714 out of 23,882 participants. Still not bad. 

Honestly, I'm not humble bragging - I don't think. It's more the seemingly implausibility of me running 47 miles in  - ever.  Let alone a month, or 10 days.  In actuality, I ran 132 miles in February, which just seems insane. 

As much as I think I've run, the next three months will be more. The Cleveland Marathon is in less than three months, and I need to get myself back up to a 20 mile run sooner than later. 11 is the farthest I've gone since November, so I got some work to do. 

Maybe I'll be getting my cortisone injection before two more weeks, and I have a message out to my chiropractor to see if he works with the issues I'm having. He worked miracles with my tendinitis last October. 

If there are UA challenges for March, I don't see 'em, which is fine. The marathon is the challenge. I just need to focus on that for the next 11 weeks or so. 

Song by: the Stills-Young Band


James Dwight Williamson said...

A marathon will certainly be a worthy achievement

Travel said...

I went back and looked at my running logs from 40 years ago, my peak year was 1,100 miles, my average was around 550 miles a year. I looked good in those days.