Tuesday, March 26, 2024

the Weight

I am now officially starting year 3 of gym life. Or as I like to call it: Fat Camp. 

Yesterday, I completed year 2. 

Save vacations and illness, I visit camp five times per week. Pre run clubs, it was seven days per week. Like with many things, I'm all in, or all out. Admittedly, that might not be the healthiest thing, which of course is ironic. 

Seeing myself nekkid in a mirror is what got me back to the gym. Vanity is cruel, but maybe at times, necessary. 

Like everyone else, one wants the weight to come off immediately, but that just didn't happen with me, not this time. 

It's been a long steady slog, but as of yesterday, I'm down 27 lbs. It surpasses the 22 I thought I needed to lose, but I'll take it. 

More importantly, the slow and steady approach is probably more of a recipe for keeping it off than had it taken me a half-year to lose that bulk. 

I have, and haven't, been smart about this. On the plus side (pun fully intended) I only weigh myself once per month, so I am not obsessed with my weight. On the other hand, I haven't changed my diet very much, so there is a chance weight would have come off sooner had I adhered more to some kind of diet. 

That all said - thanks to Covid, we almost never eat out or carry in. With the mild winter, I never stopped griling outdoors, which I'd like to believe is healthier-ish. I still like white sugar, but I don't have it during the day much anymore. And then there is the drinking - or lack of. I've had two drinks this year - and both two months ago. 

All of these things help get some of the weight off, but more keeping it off. 

I still need to be careful. I'm not really looking to be below 180, but I'm just about there. Like, right there. 

Time to start eating more cupcakes. 

Now for your compare and contrast shots. 

Fat Camp - Day 1

Fat Camp - Day 731. 

Man - I was chunky. At least in that pic. Maybre it accurately represented me at the time, or maybe - just maybe - it's a bad angle? 

Either way - I've dropped almost two stone!

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Travel said...

Congrats on sticking with it, do what you want to do to make the best of what you have to work with.

Old Lurker said...

Being all-in is great until you get injured, and then it is not. I wish I had your persistence, though. I am going in the opposite direction (surprise, surprise).

HMS Defiant said...

Well, I need to join your fat camp!