Sunday, March 31, 2013

You Can't Pull the Wool Down (Over the Little Lamb's Eyes)

In like a lion, out like a lamb.  Such was March 2013.

We started the month with a snow storm, and if things hold up today - like yesterday - we'll have a bee-you-tee-ful day today.

We hit 50 (at least) so it was a good day to get out - and to get the dog out.

Sure, Petey has his walks, but that's just usually around the 'hood, which he truly enjoys.  But while I was at yoga, 710 took him over across the street which borders Doan Brook.  710 said Petey really enjoyed it.

So of course, it was such a pretty day there was a second walk.  A LONG walk  One around the 'hood and then not just over across the street, but down into the woods itself.

Down in the woods and next to the river.  He was in dog heaven.  See - instead of 'hog heaven' I replaced the 'h' with a 'd' get what I'm saying.

...and we only passed two probable homeless people who are most likely living down there. Definitely drinking down there, but possibly sleeping, eating and pooping too.

But the new edition (no, not the Bobby Brown group) to the brook was this..

The baby swing that goes over a ledge.

I'm not big on the Boy Scouts, but let's hope whomever put it up and allegedly uses it with their off-spring really really got their knot tying badge.

But after the walk and a big bowl of water, Petey went down and went down hard.

I'm hoping today is just as nice as yesterday.  The dog is going back down in the park.

Song by:  Maria McKee

Saturday, March 30, 2013

500 Miles

500 + 5000 + 65, that is.

I am wiped.  I left home at 04:00 on Wednesday and was wheels down at 10:33 on Friday.

The air travel was about 5,000 miles. It started my 2014 Gold quest.  Silver has been obtained.

But I went between three clients in central California and no easy way between the three.  The rental car came back with 565 miles on it in a 29 hour time frame.

I had bleacher butt by the time I made it back to the airport.   ...and I was exhausted.

Since I didn't want to waste my entire Friday, I did take the red eye home (again). I have truly learned how to somewhat sleep on planes.  I was out before the plane pulled away from the jetway.  I would have slept the entire time except my seat mate woke me so he could get up and pee.

Maybe he wouldn't have had to if they didn't pull him out of the bar to board the plane.  I kid you not.

I'd love to have something witty to say today, or important, but honest, as I write this the evening before, it's all I can do to stay awake.  Like a moron, I landed and went right to work, well after I greeted the animals and got them all set-up in my office.  I was there when 710 came home.

But all I could do to make it through dinner without dozing off - and damn if there wasn't a good PBS special on Philip Roth.  I'll have to catch it another time, as I didn't set the DVR.

I had to be in bed "early" anyways.  Last time I did this red eye I missed yoga on Saturday morning. I can't keep abandoning David that way - so I will make it.  I will.

Of course, I am on a plane to Idaho on Tuesday morning

I'm tired  - in advance.

Song by:  Peter, Paul & Mary

Friday, March 29, 2013

Nails In My Feet

What?  Too soon?

I'm lovin' Jebus' new 'do.  It is much shorter and so much easier to manage.  Of course, it completely fucks up the validity of  that Shroud of Turin thingy.

And fuck, what I'd give to have those abs!  I mean, maybe not nailed to a cross, but the man is ripped....whomever he is.

Of course, maybe he's not hanging from timber.  Isn't it possible, just possible, that this is a really really intense Pilates class.

Pontious Pilates.

I really think that is a business model that would work. I mean, L.A. has a Chinese / Jewish Deli called Genghis Cohen, so why not Pontius Pilates Studio?

How else to you explain that torso and abs?  Three Day Miracle?

I do love how these christians see Christ as a honey-blonde, white dude - as there are so many of those in Jerusalem. I'm sure there is some wiki site that explains how he morphed into an "acceptable" white dude, but I"m too lazy to look and it just doesn't matter.

I truly don't believe if he was portrayed as dark or olive skinned that anyone in say, Alabama, would be so eager to follow him as their lord and savior. Jebus would be drinking out of a separate water fountain if they had their way.   ....and yes I'm generalizing.  Sue me.

(remind me to tell you 2 offensive crucifixion jokes later!)

I still don't know how a bunny, eggs and chocolate got involved either in this so-called "holiday", but it's out there. So I get Jolly Rancher jellybeans half-off starting next week.

...and that is the real miracle!

Song by:  Crowded House

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gonna Get Along

Let's just say, Abraham Zapruder has nothing on me.

That guy couldn't document what really happened at the Grassy Knoll, but last Sunday, I took a series of photos I'm not sure I ever thought I'd live to see. It was like capturing Nessie in the Loch.

Ok - that might be a stretch.

Petey wanted up with me on Sunday morning, and who am I to deny him?  He almost made me miss yoga because he pressed into me, put it his head down and immediately started snoring.  How could I disrupt that?

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I didn't have to.  Someone else took care of that.

I know they're mine, but this is cuteness overload. 

Personally, I like the first and the last pictures the most. 

710 will tell you that cartoons lied to him.  He assumed dogs and cats just never got along.  But I know he's seen Petey with my sister's cats when he was still their dog.  And her dogs and cats before that. 

There was never any mauling, or worse - no anvils, oversized hammers, giant sling shots or the likes. 

Normally, to the right of me is where Sophie would plant herself on a cold morning, but the spot was clearly occupied.  I was hoping she's snuggle up next to Petey, but she found a place on the back of the chair behind my head. 

Still it was enough to waken him so I could get to yoga. 

Song by:  She & Him

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Don't Fence Me In

I think it's been about a year since we've had one of these - another accident that makes it into the yard. Or almost into the yard, that is.

This time, a city owned fence stopped them - kind of.

I was working at home and heard nothing. While I don't really notice the traffic noise, I tend to hear the lack of traffic.  So after a bit, even with emergency vehicles (which are a common occurrence) it wasn't until I didn't hear cars moving I figured something was up.  ...and it was.

I'm not sure how she made it to where she did. It wasn't across the normal path that the other vehicles have taken into our yard. 

I like the chunks of concrete they took out of the sidewalk.  If you look down the sidewalk, you'll see some green poles - while not super important, it helps with the story.

As you can see, the "drive" (and I do use that term loosely) did major damage to the rear axle.  Oh, and the front of the car.  They also took out portion of the fence.  It's not our fence per se, but belongs and its "maintained" by the city.  I put that in quotes because it was clearly on its last legs anyways. 

But those green poles I pointed out. The city started installing those to erect a new fence.  I suppose we should be grateful this lady didn't take down or hit the new fence. I say that because, it would make it look like the old one immediately and they'd still take another 20 years to replace it. 

I went out hours later expecting to see car parts there - and they probably are, but right now they are overshadowed by large fence pieces.  No one is going to remove those.  I guess it will be up to us.  Blerg!

18 EMS / Fire / Cops and only one - ONE! - was cute.  See the guy dead center. Enlarge the pic if you must. 

Well, we'll see how long before the next yard accident.  Amazingly no one was injured. And I don't mean the drive because I don't care about them. But you should have seen the people on the sidewalk trying to make it up or down the hill and blocked.  Like the lady with the double stroller.  Can you imagine if she was a few minutes later?  There's be three bodies in our ground cover!

Song by: David Byrne

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Court to Love

....and so it begins....

Well, the day is at hand. Well, the first of two consecutive days:  the Supreme Court will be hearing cases for Prop 8 and then on Wednesday, potentially repealing DOMA.

Clearly, I hope things go "our" way. We won't know for months - and even if they do, there are several outcomes that could play out - and some that won't be addressed.

I don't think DOMA will cover if you're married in a state that recognizes marriage and you move, do those rights still follow you. I think it will be uncharted territory and a few more trials, appeals and circuit court appeals before it makes it back to the Supreme Court.

The New York Times had a nice breakdown on the potential ruling of same-sex marriage.

John Roberts really surprised many with his decision on the Affordable Healthcare Act. Who knows who will vote which way on which matter.

What I don't get is the "protesters", on either side, who are coming by the bus-full.  For whatever I think about SCOTUS, them going out and tallying how many people on the pro or con side is not on their agenda. Their not taking popularity votes to see how they should vote.

About the only sure thing to happen is Clarence Thomas not opening his mouth or posing any questions. He's barely said "boo" in the last seven years. I'm not sure he's asked one question in that time.

Ironically, he is the one who should be - given that before the Court's decision on interracial marriage (or which he's a member), he definitely could not marry his wife in Virginia (where he resides). Off all the justices, I'm watching his vote more closely than the others.

Of course, we won't get a decision for months, so it will all be hurry up and wait thing.

We will see how badly the analysts might get this wrong. There wasn't one that I heard after the healthcare session who thought it went well in favour of Obama - and clearly they were wrong.  So I'll listen to the commentary, but I won't take too much stock in it.

Time will tell.

Song by: Clannad

Monday, March 25, 2013

My Music Monday

I'm guessing people know Paula Cole for two things and two things only: her two hits, "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" and what would become her weekly meal ticket for years, the theme song to Dawson's Crack Creek, "I Don't Want to Wait".

To be fair, the album that both of those songs originated from, This Fire, was a very solid disk - those two songs were just way overplayed and oddly enough, not even the strongest material.

That year (1998?), Cole was a catalyst for Lilith Fair.  Allegedly, Sarah McLachlan wanted Cole to open for her  tour and no promoter would go for some women-on-women action, so to speak.  Thus the three year estrogenfest that was Lilith.

Cole's debut album, Harbinger, was ok and had a few good songs on it, but This Fire was her highlight.  For that album, Cole was nominated for a number of awards, one being Producer of the Year - making her the first solo woman even ever nominated.

Oddly enough, my Cole selection doesn't come from that disk, but to her follow-up one, Amen.

I wasn't thrilled with Amen (apparently the record-buying public was not either), save one song: "I Believe in Love".

While she is fine in the song, it is the swelling strings of the pseudo '70s Love Unlimited Orchestra that just totally make it for me.  Hell, I didn't even like the LUO back then (or now), but how she works that style into the song just kind of goes.

Cole is a good multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter.  Her video skills are another matter.  When she's on stage in the video, I'm not sure what song she's moving to but it don't go with her tune.  But again, it's not supposed to be about the video though sometimes the medium makes it hard to separate the two.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Never Alone

710 is gone for most of the weekend.  He went to see his parents.

Normally, I'd love to go, but we have the dog now and while the Fairfield Inn is ok with dogs, we haven't gotten to that point of traveling with him and it is a lot of work to board him for a day.

I was happy to have the day alone, in a way.  I love 710, but I have two weeks ahead of lots and lots of travel.  Staying home on a weekend isn't the worst thing.

I got some EDL (everyday living) things completed. I had yoga (a good session of it).  Petey and I went on a few walks - he was more thrilled than I.   ...and I bought a Powerball ticket worth $320MM - so wish me luck on that last part.

Last night, I was just sitting at home reading a book.  Nothing on cable or the DVR of note, so it was just me and the book I'm reading.

...and a cat and a dog.

As you can see from the above pic, the title of the post is spot on.

Song by: Rosanne Cash

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hand Me Down

Growing up being the only boy in the house had certain perks:  no hand-me-downs, I had my own room and...well, that was about it.

But I had a dad who liked to do stuff for me - and probably not just me, but I was too self-absorbed to know what he did for my sisters, let alone how.  For me, there was always disappointment.

In Cub Scouts, we did the Pinebox Derby.  It is where you carve a racer out of a block of pine, paint it, decal it, etc for the big race down the track. Don't get this too confused with the Soapbox Derby.  The Pinebox was done in a gym, on tracks and the car was too small to hold a GI Joe, let alone a kid. This was Cub Scouts.

But my dad refused to let me help build it and he wanted to do it his way - the engineer's way. By doing this, he trimmed the axle for a better drag co-efficient (ok, I'm totally making up the reason why). But doing that was against the stated rules (which we / he didn't read) and I was disqualified and didn't even get my car in the running.

Oh, I got a run with the other disqualified cars. I didn't win that race either. I was a loser amongst losers. {sigh}

When I got my trumpet, I got an older, used one that my father stripped off the brass coating, thinking we'd get it redipped. It never happened and from 4th to 12th grade, I played a crappy blemished one.

When it came to bikes, I was happy to have one, but to save a few dollars (or he knew I was queerer than a $3 bill), mine was purple with a purple sparkly banana seat.  I felt like Vanity's younger, white, gay, step-brother.

This is not an indictment of my father. Not at all.

But Colorado passed, and the governor signed, a Civil Unions bill on Thursday.  Good for them?

My first thought was how it was equivalent of the nice things my dad did for me, but they weren't always quite up to snuff.

With all these other states passing Marriage Equality in the last two years and other states (Illinois, Minnesota, Rhode Island) working through same-sex marriage (not civil unions), you can't help feel like Colorado is settling for the hand-me-down or that this is the purple bike of gay marriage.

It's a clumsy analogy to be sure, but if you're speed-reading through my post, it works.

Don't get me wrong.  Any stride is great, and it is certainly more than Ohio has, I don't think I could settle for anything less than full marriage.

Granted, I am married, but it is not recognized in the state where I live, but it's a piece of paper that if we have to show for our domestic partner benefits, we have. It means something to someone and not just 710 and myself.

CNN had a story on earlier this week (I can't find it to link to) which has the perils of married gay couples who move to places that do not recognize such unions. All their rights are now gone - leaving them to redo wills, put things in trust and all that is needed to protect themselves as they migrate state to state - each one being different.

This is not the case for opposite sex marriages.

710 and I have done our wills etc long before we got hitched. We have not put anything into a trust, but to protect assets, we probably should.  Even with Rob Portman's epiphany on gay marriage, I don't see Ohio moving forward on that anytime soon.

If DOMA is struck down, the federal government will have to recognize our marriage, even if the state doesn't.  That will be good in terms of some tax purposes (though state taxes will still have to be filed individually?).  I don't know what it does for Social Security, should one of us die.

But I think if DOMA is struck down (and I think / hope / pray it will) it seems like tumbling dominoes.  I see Supreme Court cases where federal and state laws don't match up and discrimination is provided here, but not there.  I suppose one could follow the CO and WA marijuana laws, as it is still a federal crime to possess yet those states are ok with it.

I also see states giving up the ghost of trying to hold back the tide. It's got to be expensive to repress the homos. States no longer have this kind of money - do they?  We don't even have enough to fix our roads, let alone schools.  I guess it's all the gay's fault.

Yes, I'm glad for Colorado, I just want more for them.  For us.

Hell, I'm thrilled for RI, IL and MN for just having the discussions within their statehouse.  Ohio's discussions are only in petitions, blogs and chat rooms (ok, it's not 1992, but you know what I mean).  We're not even close to having it talked about "on the floor".

I'm tired of settling for lesser rights as a step towards equal ones.

I am looking forward to next week with the Supreme Court. I know there won't be a decision next week, and how it goes might mean nothing. By all accounts, the Affordable Healthcare Act presentation looked like it bombed, but it was upheld.  So who knows?

Finger are crossed.

Song by: matchbox twenty

Friday, March 22, 2013

the Future of the Future

Oh, I remember a skit on the Carol Burnett show regarding when  / if we get video phones and how hard it would be to keep things secret as one talked.

I'm sure the Jetsons covered it too.  I'm guessing Carol & Co were funnier about it.

We have that issue with FaceTime now, or Skype or any other of the mobile apps.

But I finally had to endure the future (for us anyway) of a regional teleconference meeting. Eight hours of 16 people in seven locations talking, giving or listening to presentations.

It's a new, fresher Hell.

Can I tell you how often I wanted to nod off?  Or to look at my Blackberry Galaxy S3?  Or my laptop?  But can't do that with these.

One must feign interest.

I don't do that well.

As you might imagine, it probably took the first 45 minutes to work through the technological issues and then we were just playing catch-up after that.

Sadly, this probably is the wave of the future. It's cheaper than getting 16 people off-site, with air fare, hotels and food.  I have friends who have interviewed via video-conference - that seems less of a disaster, but you might be able to get away without pants while going through your skill set and background.

Too bad I couldn't have gotten away with sitting through the meeting in sweats.  Or with a doggie next to me.

Song by: Everything but the Girl

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there! 

I had no idea a new Mavericks disk, In Time, was coming out.  It has been, like, a decade. I assumed their split was permanent and I went on to buying Raul Malo's solo disks, which actually shined brighter than some of his group material.

Malo has a great sense of artistry - be it solo or in group form. His voice is just so great.  But the styles from group to solo are different enough and I almost forgot what the Mavericks sounded like.

At times the group can lean heavily on mariachi-like stylings. That is fine for a song or two. For an entire album, almost every song, it gets tiring.

The way to deal with that is just not to listen to the entire album at one sitting.  That sounds counter intuitive for that medium. I get that people don't listen to full albums anymore, but I still believe bands make them for that purpose.

I like many of the songs on In Time - "Come Unto Me" (both English and Spanish versions), "That's Not My Name",  "Forgive Me",  "All Over Again" and others.

I will go on record that the roller/ice skating rink organ of "Amsterdam Moon" totally ruins the song.  Horrid.

Still any Mavericks / Malo is better than none and still better than most anything on the radio (whoa whoa on the radio....).

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hang Ten

It's Vlog Day.

Yup. Beware.  One of those definite two times per year I video blog.

You'll see in the video, I vacillate on whether to use the take or not.  Clearly I do.  It was the first and only take and I just decided to stay with it. The video was decent enough, and I was lazy enough.

But yes, I've completed a decade of blogging.  A decade!

10 years ago we were staring the Iraq war.  10 years ago, the Dixie Chicks made headlines and sales plummeted - not for saying they hated America and soldiers.  They said they were embarrassed to be from the same state as the President of the United States.  That's it.

You'd have thought they aborted babies on stage with pieces of weapons of mass destruction they got on a personal visit from Gaddafi.  

10 years, two elections, a Gulf oil spill, the end of the Shuttle program, same sex marriage in nine states plus DC.

Almost none of this I capture in my video post. I guess I should have, now that I type it all out - but I'm not reshooting.

Take it as it is, but as always - thanks for coming by and coming back.

Song by: Edwin

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shock the World

I am really really bummed about Michelle Shocked.

I made her a My Music Monday selection about a year ago, and I've been listening to her since the frickin' '80s.

But the other day, at a San Francisco concert, she announced during her second set:  "g-d hates fags and you can tweet that I said so".  

...and people did.

...and the promoter cancelled the rest of her set, as did the folks at her concert in Evanston, IL.

Good for them.  I'm hoping other venues cancel her too.

Back in '94 with "Come a Long Way" Shocked sang, "I drive by the plaza where the gay boys pose / stand in their window wearing no clothes".

I suppose it doesn't mean she approved of the naked gay window boys, but also doesn't mean you have to sing about them if you don't.   (for the record - and Morty, Dith and Becca can confirm - during a Gallery Hop in the early '90s, I would have been one of those window boys, though in red underwear, no naked.)

I would say after her Kind Hearted Woman album, Shocked became a born again christian and her disks became a bit more focused.  Her fan base became more focused - and smaller, not that she was ever filling stadiums.  I stopped buying her disks as they no longer spoke to me.

Yet to be calling yourself a christian and spewing hate just fucking sucks.  And in San Francisco?  Really??

So, now I have like six disks of hers that I love but no longer feel I can cycle through anytime soon.  Selling them doesn't hurt her at all, as she already got my money.

I would like her to apologize, but if you Gooooogle News her, you'll see she has already done follow-up tweets, all of them justifying her statement.  There's not even a faux-retraction.

What a waste.  What a wench.

Song by: Tom Tom Club

Monday, March 18, 2013

My Music Monday

Before the Bangles.  Before Chaka Kahn.  Before Sheila E., Sheena E. or SinĂ©ad O'Connor there was Cyndi Lauper.

At least in terms of covering Prince on any of their records.

I don't include The Time, Vanity Six, Apollonia Six, Jill Jones or the Family - as Prince wrote and produced their material (mostly), they didn't cover his songs per se.

In 1983 Lauper released her solo album, She's So Unusual.  Besides her own music, she covered songs by the Brains, the Hooters and yes, Prince. She was the first artist I knew to record one of his songs as a cover.

In '83,  post-1999 but pre-Purple Rain, Prince was still an up and coming artist (as a more mainstream artist, that is) though he was gaining traction with "1999" and "Little Red Corvette".  Still outside of his urban audience, Prince wasn't that well known, and certainly not to white girls from Queens. Maybe to the gay guys who like Controversy, but.....he hadn't exploded on the scene.

So, for me, the actual highlight of Lauper's debut was when she covered the Purple One's "When U Were Mine".

For those who didn't know Prince, you wouldn't have heard his influence in her rendition, but to those who had heard him, even with her production, you could hear his style.  To me, it worked on multiple levels.

Lauper's version of "When U Were Mine" is still great 30 (ugh) years later and still ranks up in the top five songs she's recorded.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

I was in Trader Joe's, which isn't my normal grocery run.  It's good store and swamped with customers, at least ours is.  But going through the aisles looking for something to get to make for dinner, I just found a display of paper tissues that just made me laugh.

If we didn't have a gross of them at home (thanks Costco), I'd totally buy these, if nothing else for the boxes.

If they had a box - and they might have - about extracting snot, they'd be spot on.

I was very cool about them calling it out like it is on the box of tissues.  Like Trader Joe's cares what I think.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Butterfly in Reverse

Apparently we should all "ooh and aah" over mega-right winger, Rob Portman's announcement that he is now for gay marriage.

I'm not "oohing" or "aaahing".

Granted everyone needs their impetus for decisions and leadership, but because Portman's son is gay, he is now for gay marriage?  (but only if the state and not the Supreme Court says so.)

His son came out to his parents over two years ago, you know - when Portman was running for Senator, but was still against gay marriage and any gay initiatives.  ...and you know what about less than a year ago when he was being considered for Romney's VP, yet nary a syllable of support for his son's community.

Portman claims Romney knew of his son - and was told - but maybe that's why he wasn't selected as his running mate.  If true, that would have been the time to stand his ground as opposed to slinking back into the party lines.

Now that CPAC is in session, his admission (odd how it's not his son's) is a nice test-balloon for the kinder and gentler GOP who lost in 2012. The all-inclusive party is trying to actually include?  

You just know the party is grinding the enamel off their teeth, not only at Portman's "surprise" announcement, but that they have to actually pretend to invite us to their reindeer games.

Portman, for all his wisdom, is quoted as saying he "never suspected my son was gay."  Really?   Has he seen the kid?

I know it's tactless and tasteless, but what about either of his boys doesn't scream "gay face"?

One could take his reversal on same sex marriage as a win, where he's helping advance our rights, but until his son came out - Portman could have given a shit about us and even actively worked against us.

I totally get that people have epiphanies when they have a loved one who is going through "something", but the reality is, he's known gay people and he just didn't give a flying fuck.  It seems all very self-serving.  (even the Atlantic is calling is "selfish reversal").

When the Sandy Hook shootings happened back in December, I wrote Portman regarding his hard stance against any gun ownership laws or his backing of owning assault rifles. His canned messages were unwavering.

Now I suppose one of his just needs to get gunned down before he rethinks that one.  I'm not advocating that - but they might want to stay out of midnight screenings of any Batman movies.

Song by:  Counting Crows

Friday, March 15, 2013

Stranger in Town

Spo-fest, or whatever it's being called, is a week away.  I shant be attending.

Don't get me wrong, I was invited - though not by the host - but I was asked if I would attend.  When I say that out loud, it makes me sound third or fifth wheel-ish.  Truth be told, I don't know the host. I don't read his blog nor link to it.

I don't know how it all works, but Spo and Someone are going to Delaware for this event, or because of this event, or.....something being built around a trip they already planned that way.  I don't know the exact details.  They are just the guests of honour.

Oddly enough, the only two folks I've met who will be attending this are Spo and Someone.  Some of the other names on the tentative list are familiar to me - some I link to, and others I just don't have a clue. It's a gigundo blogger meet-up.

Now, on my Myers-Briggs profile, I am dangerously hover between an I and E. One-on-one blogger meet ups I've had no problems with.  Actually, all have gone surprisingly smooth. I don't know how I would do in a larger setting of 15-20 bloggers. Granted, the focus isn't on me, so maybe there is no social issue that would incur.

Truth be told, as much as there are a few folks there I'd really like to meet, and most likely will eventually (I've already met 36% of my blogroll - yes, I did the math!), the thought of more travel just might do me in. Lately, I've been gone from home three days per week for the last few months. It's draining. Absolutely draining.

When I'm not traveling (and even when I am), I so just want to be home. I want to be with 710, the cat and the dog. I want to do yoga with my cousin and our cohort. I want to have tea with them afterwards and just hang - then go home and hang some more.  And of course, someone has to do the laundry. It ain't getting done by itself.

I don't know how Delaware is in March. If it's anything like Ohio has been, ick. No offense to Delawarians. Delawarites?

I did ponder the invite for a number of days before making my decision, so it wasn't a slam-dunk "no" of a response. I weighed the decision, based mostly on work travel and just couldn't see getting home late Thursday night and getting right back on the road. I also couldn't reconcile going to Delaware and not seeing other friends who reside in the first U.S. state. Time is limited.

I do hope all have fun and it will be interesting to read the different blogs and the varying perspectives. I can't imagine all will have the same experience. I hope they wouldn't - as we are all individuals. Though I don't expect it to become an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but c'mon, that could be fucking interesting reading.

Song by: Toto

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'll Take Care of You

I know folks have been asking about Petey - he's doing much better, thank you.

Here's one of the closest pictures you'll ever get of 710.  He was so worried - well we both were - about Petey on Saturday night, he slept with Petey downstairs on the couch.

Isn't that fucking adorable?

Actually,Petey had gone from just so-so to bad after leaving the vet on Saturday.  At night, we considered going back to that Emergency place that tried to fleece me last Fall.

But we decided to see how it would go - and 710 just curled up on the couch and Petey along side him.  That is how I found them the next morning.

Sophie spent the night with me - though it was restless as I was continually wondering how things were downstairs.

Petey was better, but not great, by the time I went to check on them.  By Monday he was mostly eating regularly and back to his spunky self.  He only has one more days of meds left - which is far short of the full month he had to take them last time.

Clearly, I don't have kids, but it's so scary when your "kids" get sick and you don't know what to do for them and they can't tell you how they're feeling.

On a plus note, one Sophie-cat has been worried about her brother and checking him out and sticking with him even more than usual. This is possibly the closest they have gotten to each other (though 710 did see her put her paws into his bed a few days ago).

At some point I really want to see them curl up and sleep together.

But thanks for the Petey concerns.  He's doing much better and on the road to full recovery.

Song by: Dixie Chicks

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 37th 12 of 12

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12
th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, a number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Janet Hughes is now hosting the link that puts many 12 of 12'ers together.  The number of people linking don't seem to be as robust as they once were, but that stands to reason.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most. 

 04:52.  Yes, I know the clock says 05:00, but it wasn't.  It's set 8 minutes early.  Actually this picture could have been taken at 01:14, 02:30 or 04:00, because I know I was up at all those times.  At 05:00, I also has one cat sleeping on my chest, but it was too dark to get that image.

06:30.  Logging on to VPN for work. There are limited number of VPN licenses and if you don't snag one early, you don't get one at all.

10:30.  Our neighbor is having some trees taking down.  Yes, I'm peeking through the hedge.

11:45. ADT worker fixing our security system. 

13:45. Service guy's equipment.  Yes 2+ hrs to fix our system. 

14:00. Lunch - pizza and pretzels.  Yuck and yuck. 

15:30.  Starburst Jellybeans.  I take out the green ones  Yuck.

19:15.  Petey has made a make-shift bed and room in our sleep porch.  He's dragged the comforter to his level and we find him up there.  However, he's not supposed to be upstairs. When I found him there, he wouldn't even look my way and would evade my gaze each time I tried to look his way.  Doggie guilt: it's funny.

19:30.  Our new lamps.  The clock/barometer is a maritime one that dates back to the 1800s.  It was either my grandfathers or great grandfathers. Or both. It came to me via my father.

19:50.  Sophie lounging in bed  One cute kitty cat.

21:20.  I was exchanging some text messages with my friend Jeremy.  It was just too fucking funny not to share.  BTW, my knowledge of Plushies and yiffing comes from a 30 Rock episode.  Honest.

Technically, the image was "captured" with my iPhone, so I'm calling it a picture.

22:00.  Dessert.  Lemon poundcake.  It was just so-so.

On an unrelated note:  I gained 0.3 lbs over the last three weeks.

There you have it.  No Baker's Dozen this month. Sorry. It's easier to do 13 when I'm traveling during 12 of 12. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Twilight Galaxy

I need another electronic device like I need a hole in the head.

But my work Blackberry Curve was dead - or at least close to DNR - so replace it I must.

Actually, I didn't have to. They were encouraging us to use our own mobile devices, but that wasn't working for me on multiple levels.  First, that means all my staff and clients have my personal cell phone number.  No way Jose.

Secondly, while they'd pay for a new device, they weren't going to throw any cash my way for using my own iPhone. So, let me get this straight - you want me to use my own device for work and pay for it without being compensated?

Je don't think so.

So, I had my choice of a new Blackberry (been there), an iPhone (done that) or a Galaxy S3.

Oh, what the fuck, I went for the S3. If nothing else, I wouldn't get confused by which phone was which, right?

The screen is pretty enough, but I can't say I'm thrilled with the phone itself.  It's cumbersome, it's not that intuitive and......well, I'm sure there's something else.

I suppose it is fine for work, but I don't see me changing over to Samsung once my Apple / AT&T contract is up.

Song by: Metric

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Music Monday

If using Squeeze as the group of the day, it would be so easy to choose their biggest U.S. hit, "Tempted".  I liked that song well enough, but never as much as a dozen and a half other things they recorded - and most of those were prior to that 1981 hit.

Even the lead singer on that song, Paul Carrack, was only in the band a short amount of time.

Arguably, Glenn Tillbrook and Chris Difford were the heart, soul and voice of the group (not to discount the other original members) and that original line-up was their strongest.  But Difford and Tillbrook wrote the majority of their songs and sung or co-sung much of the music.

Even for these two, the vocals on "Take Me I'm Yours" (1978) are delivered a little differently. Just slightly beyond a monotone, those two voices make the song work - at least for me.

Squeeze always had some great, slightly off-kilter music ("Cool for Cats", "Up the Junction", "If I Didn't Love You", etc)

Since it's pre-MTV you get a sub par video, but that's ok, it's about the music.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Don't Worry, We'll be Watching You

Our poor Petey - he's sick again.

He had some slight shaking these last few days and 710 thought it best to take him to the vet.  His energy had been good......until he got back from the doc. 

Pete is one lethargic pup with a respiratory infection (not pneumonia again).  He's on antibiotics again, but he condition seemed to deteriorate after he got back from the vet and of course, now the vet is closed until Monday. 

I'd rather not take him to that horrid emergency place, but if we have to, we have to.  What are the alternatives?

He's eating, which is a plus.  He didn't do that last time he was sick.  He's not drinking yet, so we'll watch that.   

His head hangs low when he finally does walk, but he'd rather be up on the couch curled up on a blanket.  

For the record, we didn't put him on the couch, he made his way there on his own. Normally we'd discourage that, but anything he feels would make him comfortable we are game for. 

He's sick and we are both worried sick.  710 thinks Petey seems more ill than he was with pneumonia - I don't  quite think so, but that last time was so scary for us, I'm uncertain and second guess everything.  We both are.  

We are both keeping our eyes peeled and even sleeping with him downstairs.  Our fingers are crossed that he gets better and does it soon. 

Song by: Gotye

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Dead Man Walking

I know I've mentioned before that I read the local obituaries.  It was a habit I picked up 30 years ago when I worked on an Oncology floor in the hospital. 

The Columbus Disgrace Dispatch would put what the person died of and which hospital.  Cleveland papers don't do that.  But Cleveland puts in pictures, which Columbus never did (or at least used to). 

I have often joked, both to 710 and my mother, about the pictures in the Plain Dealer.  You think this young man or woman passed away only to see they're 87 or 71.  I've never understood the reasoning of putting in the picture you took at 24. 

I suppose that wasn't the joke.  

My thing was, that when I died, I'd put a picture of when I was 10 in the paper. 

Maybe it wasn't so funny that some 80 year old did just that only last week.  The bastard stole my bit. 

It took less than a week for that dude to be one-upped.  

The obit is sad enough that, if these aren't typos, the woman carried a dead baby for three days, but the need for the sonogram image?  Really???

There is only one way for me to top this now. Clearly when the time comes, I'll have to have a picture of a singular spermatozoa.  Or a Hershey bar in my father's back pocket. 

Song by: Mary Chapin Carpenter

Friday, March 08, 2013

Get Right with G-d

I thought you should see me here with America's Next Top Model, George H.W. Bush.

Oh, the way he drapes his suit coat over his shoulder is just sublime.

Eh - I was in his airport and I couldn't resist taking the pic. The place is horribly lit making it almost impossible to get a half decent picture - not that you'd really want one.

My work trip was only semi-successful, so I see no way of NOT being back here next week - in California that is. I might make Silver sooner than I even said in yesterday's post.  Sigh.

I had very little down time, but let's face it, my flights lasted longer than my meetings, so I wasn't here for a long time.  I'm headed home shortly, or am on the way, or possibly home - depending on when you read this.

But between meetings, I did enjoy the California sunshine, got some Vitamin D and found a Chrysler PT Cruiser that is actually uglier than one just off the assembly line - hard is that is to believe.

Oh yes, those are airbrushed rottweilers.....floating in a sea of clouds, as dogs are apt to do.

But there was also this sign on 99S that I have seen for months, but couldn't take a picture of it because I was never alone.  This time I was.

If' it's true, I'm probably fucked.  But to be fair, we both have some explaining to do.

Song by:  Lucinda Williams

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Late for the Sky

I did not have a blog post planned.  I thought there'd be time.

I had plans to travel this morning, but you know, would have enough time to draft a post the night before. Alas, it was not meant to be.

My travel plans altered and I had to leave at 18:00 yesterday.  I didn't even land until 23:46, which is 02:46 my body clock time.  SUCKS.  That doesn't even count getting the rental car and finding my way to the hotel.  BLERG!

There was no way I was going to think of something "clever" to say at that time of night / morning.  And the joke is I would have had to be up in five hours to head down south to meet my client and potential new employee.

Since the leave time change, there was no proper goodbye to 710.  I texted him to tell him I was taking off today.  Ahhh technology.  It doesn't substitute for hug and kiss - and there is really no app for that.  I mean, i could outsource it, but I think those are called "out calls".

At least Sophie and Petey got the loving from me before I left. It was actually sunny and not horrible out temp-wise, so Petey got outdoor time to wander around the yard. Two 45 minute sessions.

Yes, this is not the glamourous life....I don't care what Sheila E (via Prince) says.

...and it's only March and I'm what, one or two trips away from making Silver status for 2014.  If this keeps up, I'll be Platinum before end of summer - no more ekeing it out at year's end.

Wow - that last statement sounded way sad......on so many levels.

Song by:  Jackson Browne

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

One Hundred Years

This post has been in the works for months now.

I slowly chip away at it, after stealing it from Erik.

Too much to fill out at once - or  maybe my ADD kicks in and I just lose interest. But I figured it was always something to post when I wasn't in the mood to be creative.

But then I read these answers and you kind of have to be creative to get through writing them, let alone reading them.

1. Are you young at heart, or an old soul? I was told at 17 I was too young to be that cynical.  I'll assume I was old - though not sure I have a soul. 
2. What makes someone a best friend? A person who will put up with good and bad times.  Thick and thin.  But someone who gets you - understands you and has a fucking good sense of humour. 
3. What Christmas (or Hanukkah) present do you remember the most? I can't think of one 'the most'. I can think of one the more recent. 
4. Tell me about a movie/song/TV show/play/book that has changed your life. When Debby Boone released "You Light Up My Life", I just.........ahhhh, I can't go through with this farce.  I can't think of any media that has changed my life. 
5. Name one physical feature that you like about yourself, and one you dislike. My calves are not bad. 
6. Would you like to reconnect with any friends you've lost contact with? Maybe one or two, but not enough to go out of my way - it just seems awkward. 
7. What's more important in a relationship: physical attraction or emotional connection? I once asked a guy out who was indignant that I did it based on looks.  We were at a gay bar at 2:00a.m., we weren't discussing Nietzsche. Of course it was based on physical....physical attraction....a chemical, chemical reaction.  Emotion is key, but physical attraction kind of has to be there to a degree.  But eventually, it is the emotion that keeps it together. 
8. Name a movie that you knew would be terrible just from reading the title. Anything with Part IV (or above) in title. 
9. What holiday do you most look forward to? Arbor Day.  I look forward to the day's off, not the holiday. 
10. How is the relationship between you and your parents? We are just fine. 710 and I see them most every Sunday. 
11. You've got the TV on, but you're not really watching. What channel is the TV on? Chances are it's on HGTV or FoodTV
12. Name a song that never fails to make you happy.  Oddly enough, the Lovemakers "Love is Dead".  It just has a great vibe. 
13. You know at least one person named Michael. Tell me about him. 710's best friend from high school. NIce guy.  Great sense of humour. 
14. Have you ever read the "Missed Connections" on Craigslist? Have you ever posted one, or wanted to? I've seen them.  I've never written one, and as far as I know no one has ever written on looking for me.  {sigh}
15. If you could pick anywhere to live the rest of your life, where would it be? It has to be warmer than Cleveland and has water.  Not like a stream, but a real body of water. 
16. Can money buy happiness? Yes. It can buy happy moments, and if there are enough happy moments, I'd be pretty happy. 
17. Do you drink? Smoke? Do drugs? Why, or why not? I've been known to partake in alcohol.  I don't nor have ever smoked.  Drugs - no longer.  No longer.  At least that doesn't come from a formulary pre-approved from my third party administrator and PBM.
18. Is there anyone close to you that you know you can't trust? You don't have to give names. I hope not.  Anyone I can't trust I've pretty much jettisoned. 
19. Where was your favorite place to go when you were a little kid? Cedar Point.  Or the lake near my parent's house. 
20. Have you ever spent a night in the hospital? Many. It started the day I was born....   ...but I've had any number of surgeries that have kept me anywhere from 1-8 days as an inpatient. 
21. Do you enjoy being with only one or two friends, or with a large group of people? It usually goes to about six.  After that I find people can't have decent conversations. 
22. Do you like the type of music your parents listen to? Do your parents like the type of music you listen to? I'm not sure my parents have bought music since Glenn Miller disappeared. I'm sure my parents do not care for whatever I listened save if I'm playing Ella Fitzgerald. 
23. Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied anyone else? Yes, I'm sure.  We bully enough to keep people from picking on us.  Those days are long gone.  I don't get bullied, nor do I bully. 
24. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Ryan Gosling.
25. If your partner wanted to wait until marriage before having sex, would you stay in that relationship? I don't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on. 
26. Do you believe in a god? Eh - I kind of do.  Not the Bible g-d.  I don't believe in the organized religion of their g-d. I don't think it works like that. 
27. Of all the social networks in the world, why use Twitter? My Blobby1 Twitter account has languished for years.  It's just not that important. 
28. What's your favorite hashtag to track? #Blobby.   What?  There can't be a #Blobby?
29. Would you call yourself/your family "middle class?" Upper middle class?  
30. Name a TV series you didn't enjoy until after it ended.  Green Acres ?   I really don't know.  But with Eb and Ralph and Arnold - what's not to love?
31. Have you ever bought a product from an infomercial? From a store, but "as seen on TV" -  PedEgg.  I admit it. 
32. If you could give up your car and never have to drive again, would you? No. I like to drive. I mean, if we lived in DC or NYC, the car would be gone in a second.
33. If you go back to one point in time to give advice to yourself, when would you go and what would you say?   Probably when Boston's debut album was out - I would have told myself to save the $7.99. 
34. What's your "quirkiest" habit? I count things. 
35. What is "normal?" Are you normal?  I'm normal enough.
36. Someone close to you is dying. You have the choice to let this person live for 10 more years, but if you do, you cause the death of 10 strangers. You don't have to see them die. Do you take the offer? .  I might just do it - especially if they have a good quality of life for those 10.  
37. What is one thing you could never forgive? Anyone who abuses animals.
38. Would you rather be in a relationship after the honeymoon period ends, or be single? 
I don't think you get to the meat of the relationship in the honeymoon period. That is all fluff, unicorns and rainbows.....and fights.  I like the post-honeymoon phase.
39. Is it possible for guys and girls to be just friends? Yes. This isn't When Harry Met Sally
40. Where do you and your friends go to hang out? Most likely one of our houses, a wine bar or a Mexican restaurant. 
41. Write the first sentence of your obituary.  "What can you say about a 25 year old girl who died?"
42. What is the best TV theme song ever? Easy. "Green Acres".  Possibly the first theme song sung by the stars of the show. 
43. When you were young, what would you dream you would be when you grew up? I wanted to write for 'Billboard' magazine.  It is a shadow of its former self.  So am I. 
44. When you're alone in your own home, do you walk around naked? Not really.  Maybe to get from point A to point B, but I don't make a habit of it being unclothed. 
45. What gets you out of bed in the morning? A paycheck.  And to let the dog out. 
46. Do you want to have more friends than you have right now? Eh. I think I'm good. 
47. What part of the past year sticks out in your mind?  Losing a cousin.  It was heartbreaking.
48. You win a scratch-off lottery game that gives you $2000 a week (after taxes) for the rest of your life. Do you keep your job? I wouldn't keep my current job.  I'd scale back on what I did. 
49. Could you be in a long-distance relationship? If you're in one, what makes yours work? With as much as I travel for work, aren't I in one already?  But no, I need more connection than that. 
50. What's the best route to your heart? From an artery that runs up my leg where they insert a catheter and inflate a balloon. Or just through the chest cavity.  OR - you could be nice and funny and love animals. 
51. Have you ever met someone through the internet, then met them in real life?  Yes.  You've seen my blog meet ups. 
52. What is your favorite sport? To watch: baseball.  To participate in: darts? 
53. What has been troubling you lately? My job.  Don't ask. 
54. Did you enjoy your high school prom? If you haven't gotten there yet, do you look forward to it? If you didn't go, why not? No. It turns out I didn't like girls and I liked beards even less.  And they didn't pick my write-in suggestion for prom theme: "Cruel to be Kind". 
55. What do you use more often: your intuition or logical reasoning? It is a combination of both, but Myers-Briggs will tell you logical makes up my profile. 
56. Do you know what makes you happy? Family.  Husband, cat and dog.  But my family is also my cousin and my friends. It all means nothing without them. They make me smile and laugh.
57. Tell me about the last book you read. I reread The Hobbit.  I'm currently reading Parallel Lives - a biography on Blondie. 
58. What is the nicest compliment you've ever been given?  You're not as mean as you look. 
59. Who was your first crush? Outside of guys my sisters dated - which I don't think really count - his name was Gene S.  He was a year behind me in high school.  As far as I know he didn't know I was starry-eyed over him.....that I know of.  I didn't put his full name here on the off chance he'd Goooogle himself and find this bit of information. 
60. Do you believe that there is life on other planets? There is estimated 100 sextillion stars in the universe and an unknown number of planets.  Yes there is life out there.  The bigger question would be - with such an expansive place, it's not IF it exists, but how it would ever fucking find us. 
61. Predict what your life will look like a year from now. I don't see much of a change in the next 365. Both sets of parents are getting older, so there is always concern around that, but that's about it. 
62. Often, people will ask how your last relationship ended. I want to know how it began. It was 1984, and we ended up working together for a few evening in a row. I knew immediately, but we didn't start going out until 1985.
63. Where is your favorite place to go out and eat? Eh - I like to keep it simple.  Lunch is different than dinner. I do like Panera, I'm not ashamed to say. But for dinner, I like a local Mexican or Argentinian place. 
64. What is something you want to change about your current situation? I am restless at my job. I don't mind the travel, but there has got to be something that isn't just putting out fires all day long.  ....and I'm not a fireman, so.....the 'fire' is a metaphor. 
65. Early bird or night owl? Both. I hit the sheets around 11p and usually up by 5a.....with several awakenings in between. 
66. Are there any childhood possessions you still hold on to? There really is not.  I'm sure I have trinkets somewhere in a box in the attic, but.....I don't know what's in that box. 
67. Give me an unpopular opinion you have. There are certain cases where the death penalty applies.  I was ok with Timothy McVeigh.  There was someone who was forced to drink drain cleaner at gun point - I was ok with that one too.  I'm ok for death to anyone who abuses animals and pets. 
68. What was the last song that was stuck in your head? You wouldn't believe me if I told you.  "Bill" from the musical Show Boat.  It looped through something days ago and it's been stuck with me. I've never seen the show, I don't know who sings it, but......yet it's there. 
69. Where do you live? Be as general or specific as you want. Cleveland, OH. That's as specific as I want. 
70. Do you believe in giving kids medals and trophies for participation? Not only do I not, I'll go one better (?).  Don't award winners - just appreciate the fact that people show up to play.  
71. What was the longest car ride you've ever taken? Columbus to Provincetown.  I swore it took forever.  Or maybe it was from Toronto to NYC.  That sucked too. 
72. Have you ever taken part in a protest? A few. One was protesting the 1991 Gulf War.
73. Would you ever use an online dating service? Sure.  I'm a modern girl, Iggy!  ...I'm all for integration.  Oh - wait.  But yes, I would.  
74. What is your ethnic heritage? German.
75. Describe a person that inspires you. I can't think of anyone specifically. I guess I'm not much for being inspired by people these days. I'm getting more cynical the older I get.
76. If you earn minimum wage doing what you love, would you? Yes, I think I would. I make more now, but I'm not a happy man when it comes to work. 
77. Do you believe in luck? Yes - how else do you explain the lottery winners?  But for most, luck does not exist. 
78. Describe the last time you were very angry at someone. I can recall - I'd just rather not say. 
79. Do you want to live until you're 100? No. No. No and NO.   But my genetics are against me.  My father is 92, his mother was 94 - two uncles are currently 92 and 94.  I'm kind of fucked for getting out of this early. 
80. Do people change? If so, how do you keep a relationship together when both of you start to change? Change in human behaviour is difficult and rare, but not undoable.  BUT, I will say, as s couple, to survive, one must change.  I've learned to modify my behaviour when I get angry at home - I no longer go silent for days on end (oh yes, I'm THAT guy.....or was). 
81. Have you ever risked a friendship by telling someone you liked them? Not knowingly.  Years and years after knowing Morty, I reminded him I asked him out shortly after meeting him and he turned me down.  Not only did he turn me down, he doesn't even remember me asking.  Story of my fucking life!
82. Would you rather be alone doing something you enjoy, or doing something you don't like with your best friends? I'm good being alone. I like my friends, but not enough to, you know, you go see a musical with them. 
83. Do you practice what you preach?  Oh g-d, probably not. 
84. If you take precautions to stay safe, do you ultimately act more recklessly? I wear my seat belt and then speed.  It all evens out.  I'm still alive. 
85. What do you value more in a significant other: Attractiveness or intelligence? Attractive people who are stupid are just ugly. 
86. Are you hard-headed? Oh lord yes!
87. Have you ever laughed uncontrollably when it was socially inappropriate? To the point where my sides hurt.  So, yes!
88. When have you felt most alive?  Can I get back to you on that?
89. Would you prefer to live? A city? The suburbs? The countryside? The mountains? Until we had the dog, I would have said I preferred the city - not that we lived in the city before Petey.  But I don't think it would be fun for him or us to walk him on the sidewalks and pick up his poop from the curb. Yet, when all is said and done, I can see us moving to a major city some day.  But we like our suburb currently. 
90. Do you often skip breakfast? I never skip breakfast.  Well, that's not true. When I travel for work, I rarely eat b'fast. At home, I always eat it. 
91. How do you know what true love is? .No good answer. It's different for all, but I think when you have it, you just know. 
92. Would you want to know the exact date and time you were going to die? Sure.  Why the fuck not?
93. Where is "home" for you? Wherever I am with 710, the dog and the cat. 
94. What song best describes your life right now?  Alison Krauss & Union Station's "Lie Awake".  Sleep has been better for me, but still, overall, elusive. 
95. Do you want to be perfect? No, but it's a curse.  
96. What have you never tried, but would really like to someday? I've tried but never come close (or even remotely remotely remotely close) to being truly able to play guitar and/or piano.  But as for something I've never tried??  I dunno - not really wanting to sky dive or anything.  I guess I'll go with: Ryan Gosling. 
97. How do you express your creativity? I'm not sure that I do.  I wouldn't say in my blogging, but I'm not sure I have any other outlets.  I don't garden or decorate, so...........
98. Describe your neighborhood. I'd call it a little liberal enclave. Only a few streets where most everyone knows each other.  I'm the email administrator for the 'hood, letting folks know of events, comings and goings, lost pets and crime waves.  I could cure cancer and people would still call me 'the email guy'.  The rest of the neighbors know us as "Petey's dads".  There are worse things they could call us. 
99. Name something you only liked because it was popular.  Cocaine?
100. Give me the story of your life in six words.  Birth. School. Work. Death.  Yeah, it's only four, but the Godfathers only used those four.