Monday, March 11, 2013

My Music Monday

If using Squeeze as the group of the day, it would be so easy to choose their biggest U.S. hit, "Tempted".  I liked that song well enough, but never as much as a dozen and a half other things they recorded - and most of those were prior to that 1981 hit.

Even the lead singer on that song, Paul Carrack, was only in the band a short amount of time.

Arguably, Glenn Tillbrook and Chris Difford were the heart, soul and voice of the group (not to discount the other original members) and that original line-up was their strongest.  But Difford and Tillbrook wrote the majority of their songs and sung or co-sung much of the music.

Even for these two, the vocals on "Take Me I'm Yours" (1978) are delivered a little differently. Just slightly beyond a monotone, those two voices make the song work - at least for me.

Squeeze always had some great, slightly off-kilter music ("Cool for Cats", "Up the Junction", "If I Didn't Love You", etc)

Since it's pre-MTV you get a sub par video, but that's ok, it's about the music.


Erik Rubright said...

I always liked the intro to the song. It reminds me of several incidental songs I have that I like. Here's one in particular:

Wonder Man said...

love Squeeze