Saturday, March 30, 2013

500 Miles

500 + 5000 + 65, that is.

I am wiped.  I left home at 04:00 on Wednesday and was wheels down at 10:33 on Friday.

The air travel was about 5,000 miles. It started my 2014 Gold quest.  Silver has been obtained.

But I went between three clients in central California and no easy way between the three.  The rental car came back with 565 miles on it in a 29 hour time frame.

I had bleacher butt by the time I made it back to the airport.   ...and I was exhausted.

Since I didn't want to waste my entire Friday, I did take the red eye home (again). I have truly learned how to somewhat sleep on planes.  I was out before the plane pulled away from the jetway.  I would have slept the entire time except my seat mate woke me so he could get up and pee.

Maybe he wouldn't have had to if they didn't pull him out of the bar to board the plane.  I kid you not.

I'd love to have something witty to say today, or important, but honest, as I write this the evening before, it's all I can do to stay awake.  Like a moron, I landed and went right to work, well after I greeted the animals and got them all set-up in my office.  I was there when 710 came home.

But all I could do to make it through dinner without dozing off - and damn if there wasn't a good PBS special on Philip Roth.  I'll have to catch it another time, as I didn't set the DVR.

I had to be in bed "early" anyways.  Last time I did this red eye I missed yoga on Saturday morning. I can't keep abandoning David that way - so I will make it.  I will.

Of course, I am on a plane to Idaho on Tuesday morning

I'm tired  - in advance.

Song by:  Peter, Paul & Mary


wcs said...

"...pull him out of the bar to board the plane." Funny, I don't remember flying last week. ;)

anne marie in philly said...

you cannot go on doing this, dear. you might be killing yourself.

wcs' comment above - bwhahahahaha!

Ur-spo said...

i hope you get some rest and a break very soon.

BosGuy said...

I loathe travelling for business and your pace of travel would make my head spin.

I hope you'll have some quality down time at home before long otherwise you may get that gold status but you'll probably need to be medicated from all the stress from earning the said status.

Be good and take care.


Erik Rubright said...

And here I always thought getting on an airplane and traveling to exotic destinations every week would be fun.