Thursday, November 30, 2006


Cheers - Bill Frist is not running for president!!! And take a sabbatical from politics!!! That leaves McCain and Giuliani as the front-runners.

Jeers - Tom G points out now he won't be able to use all his 'FIST FRIST' posters he was mocking-up.

Cheers - Gov. Bob Taft is actually going to veto a bill that lifts restrictions on most gun ban laws in Ohio - including allowing them in some buildings and parks and the use/purchase of assault weapons.

Jeers - Gov. Bob Taft's approval rating was/is in the teens. He has no authority here - he's made sure of that over his 8 yrs as governor. His veto will easily be overturned.

Cheers? - for the "leaked" (leaked, my ass) NSA memo that says "Maliki reiterated a vision of Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish partnership, and in my one-on-one meeting with him, he impressed me as a leader who wanted to be strong but was having difficulty figuring out how to do so."

Jeers - replace the word "Maliki" with "Bush" and "he impressed me as a leader who wanted to be strong but was having difficulty figuring out how to do so." it is just as true. Six years in and Shrub's administration is chiding another leader for something they haven't (and won't/can't) accomplished.

Cheers - the yellow Wiggle is quitting.

Jeers - the red, blue and green Wiggles are not.


While raking the other day, I smelled something burning badly. I really kind of looked around the house and saw nothing and figured it was an odor that wafted onto the property.

Yesterday I went to throw clothes in the dryer and there was a duvet cover already in there, that wasn't completely dry. I turned it back on and went to meet a friend for lunch. I came back and the cover was still not dry. I went to change the lint trap and there was nothing on it. Odd. I tried to put it back in it's holder and it wouldn't go.

Jammed down that little, yet deep, slot was TONS of lint. An hour later, after pulling some out and then taking off the back of the dryer, I could not believe how much crap accumulated in there. Stuff I still couldn't reach. On a whim, we started the dryer to blow out the dislodged, but still trapped lint.

Guess what that burning smell was from my raking day? Dryer output. Then I looked at the user guide that says you should clean this out every 2-3 yrs. Let's see, we've had the dryer for 10 yrs and never had done it. The owners before us had it how much longer - and I doubt they ever did it. I'm surprised when I went to lunch I didn't start and electrical/house fire.

My PSA of the month - check your dyer lint trap!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Technically, Autumn is still in effect for another 25 days or so, but it's almost over. We've had a great one - with the last week being in the 60s. But this upcoming Friday, we are slated to have snow and highs in the 30s. I can't really complain (like that has ever stopped me), because in theory, we have cut off one month of winter. Normally, we would have snow by Halloween-y, and temps in the 30s that would last until late March.

This extended bonus period helped with our leaf collection. Hell, the trees even held onto them suckers later this year - or at least that is my perception. They are now all off the trees....raked or mulched or bagged or taken to the street for pick-up. I've got the sore back to prove it.

I'm ready for snow-fall! Ok, not really. Somewhere in the last few years I've become a freeze-baby. I don't give a crap how much it snows, as long as it's not frigid. And by frigid, of course I mean below 58 degrees.

Below are some before and after shots of the yard. What a difference 10 days makes.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


....not that many people would know it.

The change to this URL has continued to present challenges on a number of fronts. Ok, maybe two.

I still haven't recovered most of my archives, let alone got them up and running from the last three years. That is just laziness on my part and I am completely at fault. The fix I don't have, and don't know exactly how to remedy, is getting readers to not use the old URL.

Those using the old URL will invariably hit a brick wall once the monthly bandwidth that I paid for has been met or exceeded. Back in the day, I never had enough readership to come close to meeting (let alone exceeding) the purchased bandwidth. However in the last 3-4 months, traffic has increased by about 40%. Since it is the old hosting site, I'm certainly not paying to increase the bandwidth on an address I plan to scrap.

This is now the third month where readers using the old URL get a message saying the site cannot be accessed and to please try later. What Netidentity doesn't say in said message, is that 'later' won't be until the first of the month.

The first time this happened it was only two days before first of the month - and it was a weekend, so not a huge deal. But again, as readership grew, the bandwidth wall has been hit earlier and earlier in the month.

Last month I thought I had the solution: Anyone going to the old URL got a message about using the new address and to make note of it. I think my mistake was I made it too easy for them. Readers automatically got redirected to the new site after 5 seconds. No one needed to really take note of the new address. Needless to say, traffic to my site plummets - up to 70%!

I'm not talking just the casual visitors here either - even family members used the redirect route as a crutch. ...and don't even get me started on Rebecca not updating the link from her page!!!!

So once I can get access to the Netidentity site (yes, even I don't get access when we've hit exceeded usage) in a few days there will be some changes. I'm thinking a two-tiered approach: the first month is having the new address embedded where users can click to be redirected. The next month the URL will be visible, but not clickable.

The old URL is paid for through March, so eventually the messages will get more pointed and deadlines drawn. I really don't know another way to get the word out. If anyone has other thoughts - I'd love to hear them.

Monday, November 27, 2006

(insert Limahl warbling know you want to)

Look! It's the GAME. I spied it at Blood, Bath & Beyond (I'll assume it's a 'beyond').

So many things wrong with this product. The first thing that struck me was that this is not only a game you can't win - it is one that is...(say it with me) never ending!!!!

Secondly, look at the box cover (as always - click pic to make bigger). It's clearly a Season 2 thing. The Tailies are pictured in the group. Considering there is not one 'Tailie' that is currently alive on the show, you'd assume this would be at bargain basement pricing. It might have been actually - I didn't even bother to look. There are also 15 people on the box cover, yet the game is only for 2-8 players. Clearly someone is not making it off the island!

HINT (and spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't, but plans to, see the show): Do yourself a favor - if you get the game, pick Mr. Ecko, Anna Lucia or Libby as your player/character. At least you know there is an end-point!

The show that started out so promising, in a Lord of the Flies kinda way, is history for me. It has been since it neared the end of season two. I just can't and don't watch anymore. Denton still likes to watch it, but I have him DVR it so he can fast forward through - and usually when I'm not around.

Who really wants to watch a show where none of the 'protagonists' win? Ever. They never ever ever catch one break. Ever. It just gets frustrating to see that after these people get pushed down, then they just get beaten....again. It's exhausting and frustrating - for all involved, I would imagine. Oh I know, I know - maybe 'the others' are the actual protagonists...blah blah blah.

I guess the networks need to axe themselves - is it so wrong to have a really successful show that has an end-date? One where they actually resolve things and then just move on to another show? I know it's about the almighty dollar. I get that. But is that revenue better than the eventual: 'how did they let a critically acclaimed premised become so fucked up in their thinking?' - which is what will invariably happen....if it hasn't already.

HA - I just noticed, that except for the image, I never even mention the name of the show - let alone link to it.

update: It was pointed out that Bernard, a tailies, isn't dead. It is an obvious mistake, since over a two season period he's been on-screen for about a total of 33 minutes. And not shown at all in the last like 13 episodes. I forgot he has his agent.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yesterday was movie night. We checked out For Your Consideration.

Is it great? Probably not. Is it good? Oh yeah.

Surely it's enjoyable (yes, I know - 'don't call me Shirley'), but is it in the same category as the last three Christopher Guest movies? My initial response would be to say 'no' - but I'm not sure that's fair. I thought A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman each took multiple viewings to really appreciate them. Best in Show was a little more accessible.

The usual suspects appear (if you are familiar with the above three films) in the new movie and are integrated a bit more than they were in A Mighty Wind. I thought Parker Posey was majorily under-utilized there. In this movie, it is Michael Hitchcock who could/should have been used more. Not to give much away for this plot, but it revolves around the making of a movie and possible Oscar contention. I'm seeing a parallel real-life script being played out now with Catherine O'Hara for her role. Ironically, I her role as "Mickey" in A Mighty Wind was stronger, more nuanced and one I thought deserved a nomination.

As with all of Guest movies, there are several great lines and visuals - some of them very quick and easily missed. Yes, once again, I was the only person in the theatre laughing at times. And there is always at least one song.

If you haven't seen Guest's directorial debut, The Big Picture, you should. A more cautionary Hollywood tale than For Your Consideration. It's not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it has some high points. Part of the cast is/was from This is Spinal Tap - and Martin Short steals every scene he's in. But it's the fantasy sequences that are good - as is Jennifer Jason Leigh (in a seldom seen non-creepy role!). It also provides half the material for 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon'.

Knowing what's out there in the theatres, you can do a lot worse than For Your Consideration. I'm guessing it's one for DVD reviewing - multiple times.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser wish they were ever this buff. Hutch, however, was probably always this stiff with his acting (don't get me started on his 'recording' career). I could not get a good enough look to see if Starsky's 'action figure' included his 'action mole'. As expected, there is no Huggie Bear action figure.

To be honest - I didn't check the price on these guys. Since they're out of the original box, their value has got to be diminished - not unlike being portrayed by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

Of course, Paul Michael Glaser gets major points for working with AIDS organizations.

Friday, November 24, 2006


So, I received a few emails regarding a follow-up to my post-appendectomy story. I guess I can accommodate.

When we last checked in with our hero - mild mannered (then) orientation program assistant, Blobby: On my second day back at work (four weeks later), I get a call from the Emergency Room saying they found 'something' on one of my xrays and I really need to see someone........

In most medical practice settings, it is a crap shoot if anyone is going to be helpful. The nurse could tell me nothing...or next to nothing. She confirmed that there was a 'shadow' on one of the films they took a month back. When further questioned, all I got was a laundry list of things it could be - or that it could possibly be nothing. ...and I was told I had to see the orthopaedic surgeon who was on call that night I was in the E.D. - even though I wasn't there for an ortho problem. Oh - and he was a Sports Med doc, because a shadow on my x-ray indicated a sports related injury.

Though I got in fairly quickly to see him, my mind had already gone to the dark place. That is my M.O. - envision worst case scenario and you're never bound to be disappointed. Smart thinking, eh? I got put through some very uncomfortable positions to take a series of x-rays of my right leg. Then I was put in the exam room for that prolonged waiting period. Somehow each five minute period is triple that in your mind - or as I call it: Soap Opera Time.

I had worked on oncology floors in my past and always heard that when the word 'cancer' was used in a diagnosis that it is the last thing the patient hears. But I'm smarter than that. I knew this going in - and my dark place had me all prepared. That is, until the doctor came back and said the word 'tumor'. He blabbed other shit after that - but I didn't hear a word of it. Not one. Somewhere I did pick up on him referring me to a orthopaedic oncologist. The nurse gave me the name and number as I was leaving.

My friends did a lot more for my mental status. Beer helped. Lots and lots of beer. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss) there was always lots of cheap beer around. We kept Black Label in their profits for this entire time period. And though I had not (and have never) seen Kindergarten Cop, their tag line to cheer me up was: "it's not a tum-ah" (remember - you have to say it in an Ah-nald Schwartzengger). I did kind of get the last laugh when I pulled up to my apartment building where everyone was waiting and I got to say "It is a tum-ah".

I called Dr. Weis (the oncologist) the next day - and told the scheduler I was hoping to get in before Thanksgiving, which was the following week. Though it's great to get immediate service, it's not the best when accompanied by, "oh we always get these type of diagnosis in within 24 hrs". There's a confidence builder.

More x-rays followed there. Nothing conclusive other than they knew it was a tumor. I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but told my parents over the T-giving weekend.

Over the course of the next several weeks, there were CT scans and MRIs (which is like being in a tube with a dozen guys hitting hammers all over the place . THIS is technology?). Still nothing more conclusive than a mass in the bone.

Then a few weeks later it was a bone scan - which was the most interesting of all my tests. First the technicians come in wearing outfits made partially of lead. Then they take a syringe out of a lead-lined container, and inject you with the radioactive material. It's not like I was planning on having kids anyway. You are required to lie on this table while a scanner runs the length of the table and then back again - to get the anterior and posterier sides of your body. Oh - and you can't move at all. It takes 40 minutes. The image, which comes out on a transparency-like paper shows the outline of the patient's body with any hot spots. There is was (again), that shadow in the right femur. (The above pic is not of me - or even my actual diagnosis. The fuckers wouldn't give me a copy and I wanted one!)

The bone scan showed but the other imaging tests - that it was a tumor. But the bone scan showed one other thing: activity. This was something they needed to know before moving on to the worst (and last) test - the bone biopsy. This would determine tumor status: malignancy or not. First they had me orally take 10mg of valium....which btw did not even touch me. Damn drug tolerances! But they numbed a portion of my leg and then pulled out the needle. Did I say needle? More like some fuckin medieval contraption. I think they used a device like this to lay the Union Pacific railway. Maybe 20" long and thicker than any needle you've ever seen. I swear it wasn't shiny either - but a bronzish colour. Definitely not a needle you get blood drawn with.

The 'needle' went in with absolutely no pain. Drugs are a great thing. However, drugs don't numb bone. When Dr. Weis hit the bone, well, you do your best Dr. Smith (the boy-hungry pedohile) from Lost in Space ...."oh the pain....THE PAIN!" Anticipating this, the doc told me to squeeze the med student's hand when it became painful, as it would distract me. The poor guy will never be a surgeon with the four broken fingers I surely inflicted on him. btw...I still have the scar from that biopsy.

Test results weren't immediate. Dr. Weis had a three-week ski trip he had scheduled. It was the holidays anyway. But when he did come back, I had a 3:00 p.m. appointment with him. I just walked from my office to the health center. After sitting there for 45 minutes, finally the nurse came back and said that Dr. Weis wanted to push my appointment of the last of the day...4:30. Yeah - I'm sure he waits till the last patient to pass along good news - is what I was thinking in my head. Then I said it out loud when I called back to the office to tell them not to lock-up, as I didn't bring my keys with me.

Say what you want - my dark place, to a degree, worked. My knowledge of how medical offices, to a degree, worked. I knew what was coming and this time I was prepared. I did get news of malignancy. I did get a name for the cancer: chondrasarcoma. I did have questions on procedures and treatments, which there are few. The doc and his nurse were seemingly impressed by my laundry list of questions.

The tumor was self-contained in the femur. There was no spreading anywhere - which was good. At least at the time, radiation and chemo were not necessary. Removal of the tumor however, was. Since the tests I had just had were the baseline, there was no way of telling how fast or slow growing the tumor might be, but we determined we should get it out sooner than later.

coming attractions: surgery

Thursday, November 23, 2006


It's THAT day. The holiday everyone seems to love. Personally, I find the food to be horribly bland - and you'll never get me to eat a yam, a sweet potatoe or pumpkin anything.

Overall, 2006 has been a pretty shitty year. I'm not usually the 'silver-lining' kinda guy. I know I have some things to be thankful for. Denton, Tovah and Sophie being the three biggest. Kylie too. Decent health is in there, I guess. A family who isn't completely completely nuts always helps. Dems have the House and Senate. Bush has a 31% approval rating (and dropping). Ted Haggard starring in 'The Paul Lynde Review', which I'm sure will hit the Bonnie Franklin Dinner Theatre sometime in 2007! I also have really good friends, whom I adore...even if I don't tell them as often as I should. (ok, I only made one of those up - but you have to figure out which.)

Props for the day go out to York & Stuart. They've had a tough year too and yet are hosting T-giving dinner for 20-30 students who attend the college where Stuart works, but who cannot make it home for the holiday. More power to them!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

MEMORIES (like the phone booths on my block)*

On Monday I was in Columbus. I had a scheduled meeting later in the afternoon, so I had lunch with two friends and then scheduled to have dinner with other friends in the evening (ok, some of the lunch and dinner crowd was overlapping).

To get where we were eating dinner, Dith and I traveled down High St. Going this route, we would have had to proceeded through the campus area. Just north of campus is a place where, when I was working at OSU, Morty and I would dine every now and again. Morty ate at Nancy's Home Cooking more than I did - but I never ate there without him.

Nancy's was/is small. Seating was made-up mostly of counter seats and of course, there are never any together. No matter how many you had in your party you're always one seat short. One had to be prepared to stand and wait for people to finish and leave. It's really quite a vulturish venue.

Chris is the proprietor (I'm assuming Nancy was retired or long dead) and she was friendly to all who entered. If you want a drink refill - just go behind the counter and get it yourself. I never felt enough like a regular to do this. I'd pace myself on whatever drink I got. If I remember, there were always like four things on the menu - which no one ever ordered. And when I say 'no one' - I don't mean those who were with us, I mean everyone who dined there. Everyone gets 'the special'. There was/is one special per day.

One day, Morty and I took Kris (who was working as a graduate asst in Orientation at the time) to Nancy's with us. Not only did we get to sit together, we didn't have to sit at the counter. We got a table all the way along the far wall, but still close to the counter. Everything was close to the counter though.

Mind you - this is 1993 (?). Cellphones as we know them today were non-existent. There were these things called 'mobile' phones - or telephonic devices usually mounted in one's automobile. Hang with me on this one....

We're eating and the diner phone rings. Chris answers. Since there is no speakerphone, like us, you will just have to use your imagination the other side of the conversation:

Chris: Today? Beef tips.
Chris: No. Beef tips!
Chris: Beef Tips!!
Chris: NO!!! TIPS !!!!!
(hangs up phone)
Chris: Damn mobile phones!

Every single customer: uproarious laughter!!!

*title totally lifted from Medusa: Dare to be Truthful

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Tom G and Morty showed me this commercial yesterdee when we were sitting around Eddie George's Grille having lunch. Yes, I had a trip to Columbus yesterday, which later I may or may not expound upon. We'll see how things go.

...anywhooo....the ad is hilarious!

Years ago I took a similar picture of the same sign and emailed it to friends. But this was before blogging. It is something that strikes me as funny as the first time I saw it.

I'm tellin' ya - if these gals were lubed and braked properly, they wouldn't need the other half of the services provided here!

...and it sure beat Kentucky-Taco-Hut.

Monday, November 20, 2006


Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

...and like a fool, I've been buying Thom McHan's with their false bottoms. Those suckers can hide my liquid eyeliner and my 3oz of astringent - but apparently that just ticks off the TSA!!! I guess Hush Puppy will put an end to all those "unnecessary" body cavity searches!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I was just sitting here watching the Ohio State - Michigan game yesterday and IM'ing Morty when in the first five minutes Michigan scores! Morty doesn't txt msg me back!!! Like he has something BETTER to do??? Hmphf! (insert pouty face here!)

But the beginning of the game when the OSU Marching Band comes out and does Script Ohio - it's hard not to feel something. Maybe it's only Ohio State folks who feel that. I don't know. I find it horribly impressive. I knew I'd never be a member of TBDBITL, even though I played trumpet from 6th grade until I graduated from high school. I never practiced. This is not an exaggeration. I played daily in band - but never took that thing home to practice. Oh - and my high school didn't have a marching band.

I did however get to do something better. 1995 (or was it '94?) I got to be the Staff Coach of the Day. This was not a critical game. Not even a Big 10 game. It was against Rice. It was the opening home game - or traditionally the one where there was no way of not winning by a few dozen points. Established faculty members were given the honour of being Coach of the Day at the bigger games. I was extended this invitation by doing work with the athletic faculty advisers over the years - all of whom I liked, even if I questioned the athletic department as having their priorities slightly askew.

I won't lie - I like OSU football, but I'm not a nut about it. I just don't know every player, their home town or high school the way some do. (Yes, you know who you are!). But there was no way I was passing up this opportunity, if for nothing else to see the inner workings of a football Saturday.

An athletic adviser picked me up on campus and we went down to the Hyatt. Why there? Because the entire team (trainers and all) stay there the night before the game. Ca-ching! Off the lobby, I met-up with some other athletic dept. folks where an entire fruit, bagels, muffins, etc buffet was set-up. It could feed an army, though no one but the seven or so of us ever showed. And I was the only person to eat anything.

Eventually players started to trickle down for some team meetings to go over films, plays and strategy. Shortly after that, there was a meditation walk. Everyone left the Hyatt and walked around one city block....only to come back to their pre-game meal. Mind you - it wasn't 10 a.m. yet, and here was a full dinner than most of us could never eat....STARTING with steak. I have to say - the amount of food the kept coming out was obscene. But I got to sit at a table and eat with Mike Vrabel!!

Clearly, I was odd man out. I didn't know or care enough about college football to talk intelligently about the sport, and these guys were in their own world anyway. Then there was the caravan of buses. Luxury buses that had a police escort that went through every red light all the way to the stadium. I'm sorry - but the excess of this whole day was beyond my comprehension. But I got to ride on a bus with Mike Vrabel!!

Upon arriving at the stadium, I went with the players into the locker room. Yes, you heard me right. I was given a coach's shirt and cap to wear, as I was a coach! From there I went to a room where high school players / coaches / parents were given the royal treatment in hopes of recruiting these boys for the next four years. All I can say is that the female 'representatives' were about one step away from prostituting themselves for the university. (Hell, they probably did after the parents left the room!) The athletic dept was their pimp. They way they were fawning over (and expected to) these boys was borderline repulsive. I'm sure they are now all doing well in their current jobs of like, international hookering banking.

Back to the locker room I went to get ready for the game. Players were still in various stages of dress but time was approaching for kick-off. Highlight of the day, and I don't let to much time go by that I don't continually remind Tom Green of this fact....while reveling in it: I got to see Mike Vrabel in a jockstrap!!!

Time to leave the tunnel. Let me tell you something - there is nothing (and I do mean nothing) like running out onto the field with the team while 90,000-100,000 people cheer. You just cannot describe it. It is a high like none other.

The game itself was ok (unlike the one yesterday, which was great). It is much harder to see the game progression from down on the field....especially with a few dozen Goliath's in your way. I'm not a small man, but today I was and my view was blocked the entire time. At half-time, I was given the option to stay out and watch the band or back to the locker room. You don't have to be an National Merit Semi-Finalist to figure out which I chose. I'd seen the band on any number of occasions. This was a once in a lifetime thing.

I guess to keep the team motivated, John Cooper felt the need to yell and berate, even though we were ahead by quite a large margin. And I got to run out on the field again with the team. Same high. However, while I was in with the team, I did miss my name up on the scoreboard. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss) someone from my office saw it and took a picture of it...which I have framed.

Post game, I had my picture taken with E. Gordon Gee, president of the university. He's a nice guy, but I knew him from other events. Overall it was an interesting day and one a decade later that is still etched in my mind.

In some ways, I would have loved to have given this day to Morty or Tom. It would have meant more to them. But then it'd be them rubbing Mike Vrabel's jockstrap in my face.

ooooh baby!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Yes - another YouTube-ism. I swear I'll (kind of) stop. But this is from...say it with me...The Daily Show (again), during their stop-over at The Ohio State Univeristy a few weeks back. It just made me laugh - especially with all the work I had done with Student Services there. And since it is the day of the BIG GAME, I thought I should throw something OSU up onto the blog.

I can't say this is for all my blog readers - but to Denton, Morty, Becca, Dith, Jon, George, Tom G., Kris, Bret, Marc, Boy Jackie et al. Enjoy!

Friday, November 17, 2006


I think I should just give her rights to be a contributor to the blog. I mean, just look at her. She loves the keyboard and the cursor and arrow. Her paw:touchpad ability is superb. She follows the cursor/arrow like no one's business!!

Granted it is not the best (or even top 1000) picture I've ever been in. But it's hard to balance a kitten and Powerbook on your lap and not look like a total shlub! I don't think much of my looks and even *I* know I'm not this ugly.

Sophie's declawing (as previously reported) was done earlier this week. It was heart wrenching for me - but I'm assuming worse for her. But she's back and seems pretty ok. The poor wee ting - she's made a few jumps and missed. Last night she tried climbing the curtains - which she couldn't. But she seems to be getting around with little problem and no noticeable discomfort....which makes me feel slightly better that we had to do it.

Sophie just had the littlest of squeak for a voice and barely used it at that...before the procedure. I knew by the time I pulled out of the parking lot that somewhere during this visit she found her voice. Man! did she find it. Suffice to say, having your first knuckles surgically removed would probably have us all a bit pissy. She yelled at me the entire ride home....and then some after we arrived back at the house.

I'm sure I'm projecting, but I'm assuming some of it was separation anxiety. There she was in a place that was like the shelter - in a cage. She had no way of knowing she wasn't going to be there forever....again. She would not be left alone and followed me around yelling at me the entire time. Tovah has done some backsliding in her acceptance of Sophie....and she was only gone 26 hrs. Sheeesh. For her - outta sight/outta mind, I guess.

Since being home (besides the yelling) Soph has been one purring cuddle monster.

I'll try to keep my Sophie updates to a minimum. She's just so damn cute - isn't she?

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

These may or may not be newly released disks. They might not even be a good disk - just what is been in heavy rotation in my car (as usually the iPod is playing anywhere else).

Damien Rice has a new disk out. 9.

New disk you say? You never knew he had an old disk? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!!! I mean the way radio just oversaturates every market with their diverse playlists - I'd be sure you've all come across him.

Yes - I'm joking. If you're not The Frey (0r is it The Fray?...and do i care? No. No I don't) or Nickelback (nooooo, i'm not going to link to them!), I'd assume you have no chance of getting played on a Clear Channel station. You might hear Rice on a college or satellite station somewhere. I don't have XM or Sirius, so I really can't verify this.

I got Rice's first disk, O, while visiting Becca a few years back. Ok, technically it was when we slipped away to Boston for a few days. Lenox isn't known for their Virgin Megastore (or virgin anything....I might add!). Like O, the songs on 9 are somewhat sparse, yet still complex. And like his last disk, he uses vocalist Lisa Hannigan to compliment his vocal style.

Rice is a big proponent of expletives in some of his work. Actually, none on O, but a number on his EP, B Sides. And he bandies about the words 'fuck' and 'cum' a number of times on 9. And since the former is probably my favouritest word, I'm not offended when on "Rootless Tree" he spits "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you and all we've been through". It actually kind of makes the song. (hey, I just thought - maybe *this* is why he's never played on the radio.)

Rice's debut solo disk (he was in the band, Juniper) is mostly acoustic, even with a little cello thrown in here and there. In his new disk, he gets a bit more electric (and slightly more eclectic). "Me, My Yoke & I" is like nothing I've heard him do - and I really like it. But the opening track, "9 Crimes" is almost worth the purchase price.

If I have a complaint (and if you know me - you know damn well I do) it's he always ends his disks with these l-o-n-g songs. 11 and 22 minutes. But there are these extended periods of silence or worse, horrid music. I personally don't get it. I just listen to the first 6-7 minutes and skip the rest of the track.

Still...he's interesting. Not much like him out there. I'd say he's at least worth a listen.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


The man is a fucking freak. I just gotta say it. He'll do anything to promote a book, I guess.

Yes, the murderer of last century is going to be on TV. And according to the network: "O.J. Simpson, in his own words, tells for the first time how he would have committed the murders if he were the one responsible for the crimes."

"umm...because I didn't do it, nor did I want Nicole dead....yeah, that's it!. But *if* I did and planned out the entire thing, this would have been what, when and how I would have committed the murder. Except for that Goldman thing. Who could have seen *that* coming?!"

Ok - that was my quote, not his.

Of course this will be on Fox. Where else?

There is this new search engine out there that is soooo going to blow Alta Vista out of the water! It's called Google!

Ok, I kid. I'll just assume that my readers have heard of YouTube's parent company. But there is a little game called Guess the Google.

You get a series of quizzes with 10 pictures or so in each category. You have to pick the theme of the picture grouping. You type what is always a one word anwswer. Oh - and spelling apparently counts! Some things are way too easy (don't over think them) and some a bit more challenging. I'm not embarrassed to post my initial score.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I know this will sound cruel, cold and insensitive, but why would anyone give money because of, let alone sit through anything, with these three people? Oh - also not a lot of people will agree with me.

It's a fairly sad state of entertainment when Marisa Tomei deserved an Oscar more than Whoopi Goldberg's win for Ghost (Patrick Swayze was robbed!!!) ....and possibly Robin Williams (whom I swear, I didn't even know he even won one!). And seriously - would you even know that the far right picture WAS Robin Williams?

To me, all three of them are painful to watch. Their stand-up is about 30 years out of date. Their movies are sad sad sad (Billy Crystal's shining moment is a talking mime in This is Spinal Tap. Whoopi and Williams have too many to mention). Soooooo not my cup of tea. Certainly not enough to sit through hours of painful set-ups to so-so stand-up. If I choose to give money to homeless and/or Katrina victims, I don't need to see those three annoyances.

At least with some of the 'talent', viewers will get the "comedic" stylings of Rita Rudner and Jimmy Kimmel.

Who's laughing now? Oh that's right - no one.

Monday, November 13, 2006


On Larry King Live (which I refuse to link to) last week, Bill Maher said he'd "out" a number of gay republicans on his show (which I now refuse to link to) on Friday. It didn't happen. Right near the end, when expounding on Ted Haggard, I thought he was finally going to follow through - but alas, he did not.

I mean, on LKL, Maher did say that he wasn't going to out people who weren't already known to be gay - or hadn't already been outted somewhere else - just that they've just never been widely reported. He made it clear he did not want to get sued. He cited Ken Mehlman, the soon to be ex-head of the RNC, as one of those known to be queer.

In later time zones for Larry King's show, Maher's lines that more than implyed Mehlman might like men, were cut from the re-broadcasts. Can you believe it? CNN even wants any clip where Maher says that to deleted from YouTube.

I find it all quite amusing on a number of levels. One being that any slanderous story / rumour/ anecdote / lie, about any candidate this last election season were brought to the forefront on CNN (and every other network) during any number of their programs...all in the name of political 'reporting'. How is it that those things can be discussed ad nauseum, but not this? Oh that's right - because if anyone says anything bad about someone on Larry King, the host might be doomed to get no one else as a guest but the cast of Growing Pains. Not that he wouldn't revel in that too. C'mon - it's Kirk Cameron!!!

Maher never mentioned his Larry King appearance on Real Time (yep, still no link) - nor did he come close to disclosing other republican queers. I would have settled for any mention - even if it was that HBO's lawyers said 'no way'! That would have been understandable.

Going on a cable news network and pointing fingers and not coming through - well, that's just playing politics!

Sunday, November 12, 2006


We went and saw The Queen yesterday. It was pretty good....not great, at least for such a well-reviewed movie.

It's only being shown in two theatres in town and the place was p-acked! We were most likely the youngest people there...probably by 15-20 yrs. I loved how the old folks home bus let out about five minutes before it began. Them wandering around aimlessly in an already filled theatre....except for the first two rows. But that might have worked for them with their diminished sight and hearing. ...and man can those people yak during a movie and laugh at the wrong places. Don't get me wrong - I love to MST3K (as a verb) movies, but there is a time, place and volume for all of it.

Helen Mirren did a great least I think she did. How would we know? Any televised anything of QEII that I have seen, the woman comes across as so flat. She comes across as someone who has or shows no personality. I know I's the protocol. From the get-go, the 'character' seems to have quite a range of least for what I expected. So in theory she delivered a good performance. The scenes where she is a public queen seem pretty true to life.

The other performances were good, but not outstanding. At least in my estimation (and isn't that the one that counts?). Charles is a little to wussy and weepy. And the guy who played Tony Blair was decent, but I couldn't get past the idea that Martin Short could have been playing the part. The resemblance was weird.

Through video clips, Stephen Frears made clear his point of the human side of Diana vs. the cold out of touch royals. His metaphor for the monarchy (and probably the death of Diana too), with the 14pt stag in its majesty (pun intended), later to be shot - first wounded, then killed, then beheaded was, I'm guessing, lost on most of our audience. Frears also got in, what I'm assuming was a more timely/Iraq war related line (and one that most likely didn't really happen), when the Queen tells Blair how quickly your public can turn on you - and that you won't see it coming.

Just going by the buzz - I'll assume Mirren will be an Oscar nominee, but I'll wager that Streep (The Devil Wears Prada) and Judi Dench (the upcoming Notes on a Scandal) will join her...and of course, Jessica Simpson for Employee of the Month!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Oh how time flies. It was a much more innocent time. Bill Clinton was still in office. Bush v Gore hadn't made it to the Supreme Court (yet). Love was in the air.

This was the weekend of Becky & Andrew's wedding. ...and let's face it, if it weren't for me, this never would have happened. Yes - even when this is about them, it's really about me. It's always about ME!

...but seriously folks... A few years prior to this, I talked Becky into joining us in Rehoboth for a week. Since she was in Houston at the time, she flew into the closest major city - DC. We picked her up there, but also stayed in town a few days on either side of the beach. It was then and there she decided to move to DC. Without that trip, she wouldn't have moved and it's really hard to imagine she would have met Andrew. You can all (especially Andrew) thank me later!

Months before the wedding, I was asked to be a bridesmaid honour attendant. I was promised I didn't have to wear a dress (let alone a tangerine one that I could never wear again!), so that sealed the deal. As it turns out, due to a conference in DC a month before the wedding, I got to plan the rehearsal dinner. Actually, it was great fun and not that hard to do.....though no one used the karaoke! The guests were not drunk enough I guess - and that's saying something!

Did I mention the wedding was the Saturday after the 2000 election? Quite an interesting time to be in DC - and Denton and I arrived in the city the day after the election. We were stopped a few times by reporters asking our opinions of the delayed results. It was all so still in early stages of something no one had ever encountered we didn't know how to respond, so we didn't. I kind of regretted it immediately.

Everyone was there for the big event (the wedding, not the election) - and it would have been great to post pics of the pre-wedding and post-wedding, but those could go on forever! I've selected only four from this weekend. Sorry to all of you who are not represented here. You are in spirit!

The photo above is in the bridal suite. Morty, Becca and I are re-enacting a picture we had taken in Houston in 1991. Actually - that Dallas-Houston-New Orleans trip could be a series of blog entries......and none that would put me in a positive light. Entertaining - sure! But the original picture (and this one too) are some of my favorite pics of us....and not just because of the juice cans in Becky's hair!

This is a great pic that Denton took of the happy couple. It really is a great pic. There is a much more fun picture of Becky dancing that I wanted to post - but she was dancing with her brother. And it's kind of icky posting that when this post is about her wedding - and it wasn't to Paul. I mean, this isn't West Virginia!

My parents also happened to be in DC the same weekend. Though they weren't at the wedding, we did meet up with them the day after. My mother's ex-boss (Bill) had become general counsel for Bill Clinton. The man was nice, but a little weird. Becky, Denton and I had met him a few years back, but he literally stopped talking when he heard that Becky did some work for NPR. Now years later, he provided my parents and us a private tour of the White House. Not the crappy Blue Room and Red Room tour. We got the OEOB and the West Wing tour and the grounds. Here we are in the Rose Garden. Once again, our tour guide clammed up (to me) when I relayed salutations from the best man. Tom had run Gore's campaign in PA - so they knew each other....but clearly I was hitting too close to something.

No offense to the bride and groom (or Amy Dickinson), but an equal highlight to the weekend was meeting Buddy! Yes, Bill Clinton's dog. He was way friendly and cute cute cute! You can't really see it here, but his collar is a thick brown leather one with metal eagles and stars on it. He even dressed like a presidential canine!

So, Happy Anniversary to Andrew & Rebecca.

Friday, November 10, 2006


There really isn't much good about unemployment. I know people keep saying to enjoy the time off, but I can't. It'd be much easier to enjoy the time if I knew when I'd be starting work again. Then I'd have the frickin' time of my life. I also know I'm repeating myself here. But it can become too easy to be lulled into television time. Chef Bob was amazed that I didn't watch every talk show that Madonna made an appearance on to yak about her adopted child and how wronged she felt. He felt I was squandering my time by not watching her.

I'm still up fairly early, but not work-early. My morning consists of cereal, the paper and some morning news shows. By the time Dawson's Crack Creek comes on, I try to move on to other things. But've noticed that CNN plays a string of commercials I have never seen at any other time of day or on any other channel.

They are all Holiday Inn commercials that are geared towards people who are not me: the business traveler. I'm not a hotel snob, but I remember Holiday Inns as being the hotel next to the Day's Inn as you drive down I-75 on the way to Florida. Somewhere you're almost forced to stay when stopping in Valdosta, GA. Over the last few years I really liked staying at Holiday Inn Express or Crowne Plaza (or even their Intercontinental) hotels, but I swear, these ads are enough to make me want to give them the business.

The ads are funny with a (sometimes) gay vibe. I am partial to the Toothbrush and Unicycle ads myself. You can view them all here.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Ding Dong the Dick is Dead.

Rumsfeld is gone. Shrub accepted his resignation (read: fired his sorry ass). Not only was it two years too late - it was a week too late for the GOP races. Had Bush done this a good few news cycles before the election - maybe the republicunts wouldn't have lost so many seats. Possibly keeping controls of at least the Senate. Alas, it was not meant to be.

BUSH on the election I: The message yesterday was clear: The American people want their leaders in Washington to set aside partisan differences, conduct ourselves in an ethical manner, and work together to address the challenges facing our nation.

The message yesterday???? I've been seeing these polls over the last 12-24 mos....with approvals for Bush dropping and disapproval for the war the economy etc. increasing. I know Shrub has trouble speaking - is reading an issue as well? Is he that insulated? Even I find that hard to believe.

BUSH on the election II: I knew we were going to lose seats. I just didn't know how many. QUESTION: How could you not know that and not be out of touch? BUSH: You didn't know it either. QUESTION: A lot of the polls showed it. BUSH: Well, there was -- I read those same polls. And believed -- I thought when it was all said and done, the American people would understand the importance of taxes and the importance of security.

OK, clearly he is that insulated. Or just stupid. Yes, I think we should go with stupid. Though, he has only Karl Rove to blame for this.

BUSH on the Dems: Democrats are going to have to make up their mind about how they're going to conduct their affairs. And I haven't had a chance to talk with the leadership yet about these issues.

They've only been down the street for the last six years. But since W only played partisan politics he didn't need to talk with them about any issue. Or so he thought.

BUSH regarding Rumsfeld's dismissal resignation: You going to do something about Rumsfeld and the vice president? And my answer was, you know, they're going to stay on. And the reason why is I didn't want to inject a major decision about this war in the final days of a campaign. And so the only way to answer that question and to get you onto another question was to give you that answer.

I wonder, just WONDER, if there is anything else Shrub may have misled us on over the last few years. Would he have really just breezed over some important points to get us on to another thought? Nooooooooooooooo. That'd be crazy talk!

If you really want - you can read all 24 pages of the transcripts of his encounter with the press right here.

Oh - and make no mistake about it - Rummy called all of us morons. Basically. More than once yesterday, he called the war "little understood" and "complex for people to understand".

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes and no.

Yes - Ohio is blue(r). No - I'm not sad.

90 minutes after the polls finally closed (hours were extended in Cuyahoga county due to snafus), Kenneth Blackwell - the man who handed Shrub Ohio in 2004 w/his 'election duties' - conceded to Ted Strickland for governor. At press time he was behind by 23%.

Sherrod Brown beat (Waking) Mike DeWine for the senate.

Two years ago, Shrub stood up and said America had spoken and he now had political capital and he was going to spend it. I don't think he has - at least not in the way he and his evil-doers had planned. Now I'm thinking he is really going to try. Dems have the house, but maybe not the senate (it is still up in the air). Dems don't have enough clout to override any presidential veto. I'm looking for nasty things to be coming from this white house in the next two years.

Ohio also voted on a number of other issues: minimum wage increase (passed), legalized gambling (failed), state wide ban on smoking in indoor public spaces (passed).

...and did we see Matt Lauer's thinly veiled slam at Nancy Pelosi this morning? Though he said it under the guise of 'the republicans' (of which he is one) and calling her 'a nightmare'. I'm guessing he never has or would have used that term about Hastert.

....and what is w/CNN's moniker: WHAT WENT WRONG? about: WHAT WENT RIGHT? So much for 'liberal media'.

I know there are other national races that need to be commented on - and perhaps I will. But that is probably best left up to the better political bloggers.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I have said it before - I don't want to make my blog one big YouTube. But it is election time and like my friend Kris said when she sent me the link: Where else can you hear George Michael and see a montage of Republican f*-ups? (it's a direct quote, because you know damn well, I would have spelled that one out! I guess she is too much of a lady.)

Yes - nothing says 'GOP' like a washed-up gay pop star who exposes himself at public washrooms and passes out in his car due to being high. Twice.

It was almost too good pass up and it is kind of timely. I'd hate to wait days to put it up. So here you go - my third post in one day. Possibly unprecdented since Morty's run @ the Boston Marathon!


...if by chance you didn't see this last night....



Seriously - if you are registered, go vote. I mean, not like Ann Coulter. Do it legally and responsibly. Vote your conscious, but at least be somewhat informed.

I have a sibling who is going to vote a straight republican ticket. She hasn't told me this - but she will. She always does. Her husband has been out of work for over a year and getting a job in Ohio isn't all that easy. Her best friend has to move out of state so her husband can get a job at a competitive wage. It doesn't matter that republican controlled Ohio is doing everything against anyone wanting to stay here. But she is still on an anti-blow job Clinton kick - so she'll vote republican, as will her husband. They are Karl Rove's perfect micro-targets.

I honestly don't care if people vote republican - if they are for good reasons. Because someone had fellatio performed on them a decade ago isn't really a valid reason. To view an entire political party or their views on war, healthcare, the economy etc, based on that act is more than a tad bit silly. At least in my book.

So think with your head when you go into that booth. BUT GO!

Monday, November 06, 2006


I know everyone is just dying for a kitty update.

Sophie went to the vet (again) on Friday. She gained almost one pound in 10 days. Though hardly heavy - she no longer jumps on you without you knowing it. She got the last of her booster shots and took it well.......I heard. I had to leave the room. I can't stand to watch shots being given to animals - so I had to step out of the room. Her little fever is gone and the cold she had is still taking its course. Nothing to do but wait it out.

Sophie does need to be declawed. At first our doc isn't a big supporter of that...but Sophie is special kitty (naturally). She has two slightly deformed paws/pads. One is missing a claw and the other has a the claw coming out at a different angle. The doc suggested they all come out (front paws only). This is good - not that I want to do it - but that she's found her claws and using them. A LOT.

The bad part of the visit was near the end. I had Sophie in her cage while we settled up. A cute 13 wk old golden retriever came in. But then a few minutes later the ugliest albino pitbull showed up. NASTY. Tried to attack the puppy. Every doc and tech came out to intervene. I just hate those fuckin' dogs. Sophie was good and didn't even flinch.

Saturday we decided it was ok to put up the baby gate (yes, I know we have no child), so Tovah could see her, smell her and hiss at her. Then we went out. If Tovah ever went up there, we don't know. What we do know is after we got home we heard a horrible crash. Sophie had scaled the gate and jumped/fallen off the other side and was free from her confines!

Yesterday we opted to try to mainstream her to the rest of the house. She took to it all to soon as she mastered the stairs. Oh there is hissing and growling (all Tovah). I forgot about the biting of electrical cords - it's been so long since Kylie or Tovah had done that, it wasn't even in my brain.

Last night we put Sophie back in her compound (a sleeping porch and a bedroom - not to shabby), but she was not happy being so caged! Oy - the yelling. Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), Denton's snoring drowned out most of it. I ended up sleeping downstairs with Tovah.

Soph is out again. Making Tovah's life a living hell. Now I'm debating whether I should (or can) go out without putting Sophie back up in her room. It's Denton's first day of work today - so it's just me and the girls!


(pictures to follow)

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Last night we attended a tribute concert to Roy Orbison. It capped off a week long of events surrounding his contributions to music. The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame sponsors these yearly, in association with Case Western Reserve University.

The event was not quite a concert. Peers, contemporaries and industry were all there to comment on Roy's work and to introduce the artists would cover one or maybe two of his songs. The curtain came down between almost every song. Very variety show style. I can't say I am a huge Orbison fan - but I liked three of the artists that were participating, which is why we actually went. I knew a few of the others and one or two I just had no idea who they were.

Raul Malo started off the night with "Only the Lonely". For those unfamiliar w/Mr. Malo, he was the lead singer from the now defunct group The Mavericks (and now a solo artist) who can channel Roy in away that Chris Isaak has that ability. His rendition of "Only the Lonely" was dead on - but not in a cheesy copy-cat kind of way. He came back later to sing "Leah".

The folks I wanted to see, thankfully, were the better performers: Mandy Barnett (someone else who had an incredible voice!) doing a killer version of "Blue Bayou" and an ok version of "It's Over'. Patty Griffin struggled at first with her songs, but really ended up pulling them off.

Some of the other performers were just ok (Tift Merritt, the Velvets(?)). The Crickets were there too - minus Buddy Holly, of course. For the longest time I thought it was just a muddy soundboard and the engineer couldn't get the mix right. But with a few artists, who were so clear, so good - I realized that it was most likely some iffy artists...or no sound check!

There were two surprises - one good, one.....not so much. Glen Campbell was the last performer of the evening. I wasn't sure how to feel about that. He did an passable version of "Crying". I mean - he's not Roy (or k.d. lang or Isaak), but it was ok. He did though, nail "In Dreams". I didn't see that coming.

The other thing I didn't see coming was some of the performers using lyric sheets....including most of them on the finale (all performers came out for that song): "Oh, Pretty Woman". I'm sorry - but you've been asked to do this. You've been confirmed and it's been advertised out there for months. Take the frickin' time to learn your ONE song!

It got so bad on the last number that finally Raul Malo just took over and ended up singing the last half of the entire song himself. The only other person not needing notes was Barnett. It had to be an embarrassment to the Hall of Fame folks and the Orbison family (who were there). You almost wish Van Halen were there to do the song (I said almost!)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

  • Ohio is going blue. Not as in 'Lenny Bruce blue', but as in 'not republican red'. The governor's race has Ted Strickland up by almost 20 points over Ken Blackwell (who btw...pretty much made it possible probable for Bush to win Ohio - legit or not). Sherrod Brown is up over Mike DeWine for the senate race - to the point where the GOP has cut their losses here and stopped giving DeWine monetary support. All the other state races have Dems leading, but w/a margin of error which could tip them either way.
  • Ohio is not sure they can count (let's forget accurately) the absentee ballots. First it was just in a timely manner. Blackwell said ballots couldn't be scanned 19 hours before election day because that would be 'counting them'. Though it is clear that scanning and hitting the 'tabulate' button to actually count are two differen things. But now, Diebolt has to send dozens of workers to Ohio to figure out why their machines cannot even scan the ballots. Yep - they're not working. They didn't work in May either, but no one bothered to really do anything about it! I mean, they can scan the unfolded ballots, but since all mailed absentee ballots are folded, can see how there might be an issue!!
  • Unfortunately the McLaughlin Group said that Ohio would still be THE pivotal state in the 2008 election. FUCK! I can't even tell you how exhausting it is here during election season anymore.
  • Ann Coulter is still a lying scumskank - but now possibly a cheating one too. Let's hope someone finds the accusations of voter fraud to be on the up and up.
  • John Kerry is dead in the presidential. And that is just fine with me. He reminded us of why he single handedly killed his own campaign. He didn't lose to Bush as much as he lost to himself. Even a joke that was scripted for him he fucks up. ..and though I am NO fan of Shrub, I'm not sure Kerry should be making fun of his academic abilities when transcripts showed him to have the same GPA as W. As reporters on the Diane Rehm Show said on Friday - IF there is a silver lining to Kerry's comments, it's not only that the DNC knew Kerry couldn't run in 2008, but that Kerry himself got that message loud and clear! (let's hope!)
  • Doogie Howser, M.D. is gay. I guess not a huge shock - though I love Neil Patrick Harris' womanizing character on How I Met Your Mother. Go figure. But how he came out was pretty good - or at least the statement he presented. The same cannot be said for the next item.
  • And of course the big news is that (shock!) some big evangelical has been outed. Naturally, he denies everything then slowly (actually, not so slowly) begins to admit actually getting 'massages' from a man who only advertises in gay papers/websites and to buying crystal meth, but not using it. I love how he says he was tempted, but just threw it away and had never used it. Ever. Why does one just go to the trouble of buying meth - if never having used it? What is he tempted by, exactly? Most drug users (ummmm...i've heard) don't start out using meth - they work their way up to it. Personally, I want the 'prostitute' to give specifics about the sex. I want to hear that Pastor Ted took it up the ass - and he took it hard!
Some true right-wingers had tried to compare the lies of Clinton (natrually) to Pastor Ted and how the latter's are not as bad as the former. I pulled the following comment off a blog comment page that I can't seem to link to. "Paul" accurately states: Yep, Bill lied about his sex life. But he never rallied his political base to demonize and oppress the chubby, cocksucking brunettes of the world only to keep one for himself in secret.

Friday, November 03, 2006

G-D'S WAITING ROOM........again

Voting. Possible fraud. West Palm Beach. Republican. Republican skank Florida female at the center of the story.

Is it just me or is it November 2000? I hate it when my Time Travel machine goes on the frtiz.

It is possible that Ann Coulter (I swear, my fingers burned as I even typed her name) voted in the wrong precinct and falsified her voter registration information. The case has been turned over to the state attorney's office.

It really would be too sweet if it were all true. Though I am sure that she, Fox "news", and an entire army of the living dead are working on spinning this another way.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

...another Countdown commentary

If Keith Obermann keeps this up, I just might have to stalk him and plant kisses all over him. ...and yes, I mean all over him.

You can see (or read) his new commentary here
. ...and if he continues in this vein, this might be a regular weekly linking post-y thingie.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


OY! So the change to the new url isn't just a slam dunk.
  • The old site is gone and anyone who now tries it will automatically get redirected to the new address. They get a little message saying of the change and the new url. So that's all good.
  • Because a few days of confusion, the hits to the site plummeted. Not surprising, since there was almost no way of finding me. But it seems things are climbing back to normal. PHEW!
  • Folks who were kind enough to link to my site have pretty much updated those links to keep me in the loop. Poifect!
  • When Nov 1 rolled around some of the images repopulated, so that's all good.
  • But so far I haven't gotten the archives back and who the hell knows if the comments will be there. Fingers crossed, but I'm guessing it will be a few more days until all is up and running.