Sunday, November 26, 2006


Yesterday was movie night. We checked out For Your Consideration.

Is it great? Probably not. Is it good? Oh yeah.

Surely it's enjoyable (yes, I know - 'don't call me Shirley'), but is it in the same category as the last three Christopher Guest movies? My initial response would be to say 'no' - but I'm not sure that's fair. I thought A Mighty Wind and Waiting for Guffman each took multiple viewings to really appreciate them. Best in Show was a little more accessible.

The usual suspects appear (if you are familiar with the above three films) in the new movie and are integrated a bit more than they were in A Mighty Wind. I thought Parker Posey was majorily under-utilized there. In this movie, it is Michael Hitchcock who could/should have been used more. Not to give much away for this plot, but it revolves around the making of a movie and possible Oscar contention. I'm seeing a parallel real-life script being played out now with Catherine O'Hara for her role. Ironically, I her role as "Mickey" in A Mighty Wind was stronger, more nuanced and one I thought deserved a nomination.

As with all of Guest movies, there are several great lines and visuals - some of them very quick and easily missed. Yes, once again, I was the only person in the theatre laughing at times. And there is always at least one song.

If you haven't seen Guest's directorial debut, The Big Picture, you should. A more cautionary Hollywood tale than For Your Consideration. It's not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it has some high points. Part of the cast is/was from This is Spinal Tap - and Martin Short steals every scene he's in. But it's the fantasy sequences that are good - as is Jennifer Jason Leigh (in a seldom seen non-creepy role!). It also provides half the material for 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon'.

Knowing what's out there in the theatres, you can do a lot worse than For Your Consideration. I'm guessing it's one for DVD reviewing - multiple times.

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Gumby said...

Waiting For Guffman is my favorite so far, probably since I do acting in the local the-A-ter scene. I was disappointed in A Mighty Wind, but I'm still looking forward to seeing the new one.