Thursday, November 30, 2006


Cheers - Bill Frist is not running for president!!! And take a sabbatical from politics!!! That leaves McCain and Giuliani as the front-runners.

Jeers - Tom G points out now he won't be able to use all his 'FIST FRIST' posters he was mocking-up.

Cheers - Gov. Bob Taft is actually going to veto a bill that lifts restrictions on most gun ban laws in Ohio - including allowing them in some buildings and parks and the use/purchase of assault weapons.

Jeers - Gov. Bob Taft's approval rating was/is in the teens. He has no authority here - he's made sure of that over his 8 yrs as governor. His veto will easily be overturned.

Cheers? - for the "leaked" (leaked, my ass) NSA memo that says "Maliki reiterated a vision of Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish partnership, and in my one-on-one meeting with him, he impressed me as a leader who wanted to be strong but was having difficulty figuring out how to do so."

Jeers - replace the word "Maliki" with "Bush" and "he impressed me as a leader who wanted to be strong but was having difficulty figuring out how to do so." it is just as true. Six years in and Shrub's administration is chiding another leader for something they haven't (and won't/can't) accomplished.

Cheers - the yellow Wiggle is quitting.

Jeers - the red, blue and green Wiggles are not.


While raking the other day, I smelled something burning badly. I really kind of looked around the house and saw nothing and figured it was an odor that wafted onto the property.

Yesterday I went to throw clothes in the dryer and there was a duvet cover already in there, that wasn't completely dry. I turned it back on and went to meet a friend for lunch. I came back and the cover was still not dry. I went to change the lint trap and there was nothing on it. Odd. I tried to put it back in it's holder and it wouldn't go.

Jammed down that little, yet deep, slot was TONS of lint. An hour later, after pulling some out and then taking off the back of the dryer, I could not believe how much crap accumulated in there. Stuff I still couldn't reach. On a whim, we started the dryer to blow out the dislodged, but still trapped lint.

Guess what that burning smell was from my raking day? Dryer output. Then I looked at the user guide that says you should clean this out every 2-3 yrs. Let's see, we've had the dryer for 10 yrs and never had done it. The owners before us had it how much longer - and I doubt they ever did it. I'm surprised when I went to lunch I didn't start and electrical/house fire.

My PSA of the month - check your dyer lint trap!!!


Anonymous said...

Tell us how, Uncle Blobby. Do we need a special tool?

Anonymous said...

Our dryer stops working when the lint trap is blocked. So we have to unblock it.

Anonymous said...

Crap, this is why we have to buy a new Dryer every 4 years?!?!