Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I know this will sound cruel, cold and insensitive, but why would anyone give money because of, let alone sit through anything, with these three people? Oh - also not a lot of people will agree with me.

It's a fairly sad state of entertainment when Marisa Tomei deserved an Oscar more than Whoopi Goldberg's win for Ghost (Patrick Swayze was robbed!!!) ....and possibly Robin Williams (whom I swear, I didn't even know he even won one!). And seriously - would you even know that the far right picture WAS Robin Williams?

To me, all three of them are painful to watch. Their stand-up is about 30 years out of date. Their movies are sad sad sad (Billy Crystal's shining moment is a talking mime in This is Spinal Tap. Whoopi and Williams have too many to mention). Soooooo not my cup of tea. Certainly not enough to sit through hours of painful set-ups to so-so stand-up. If I choose to give money to homeless and/or Katrina victims, I don't need to see those three annoyances.

At least with some of the 'talent', viewers will get the "comedic" stylings of Rita Rudner and Jimmy Kimmel.

Who's laughing now? Oh that's right - no one.


Blobby said...

Looks like Robin had massive dental work and is all swollen. I just loathe the man.

And PW is about the only thing that Whoopi has done that I like - though I don't mind the Color Purple. But if she comes out w/Sister Act 3D, she's history.

...and personally I was waiting for Jon to make a Rita Rudner/Family Guy reference:

Brian: How do we kill an hour?
Stewie: 5 minutes of Rita Rudner's act?

Unknown said...

Okay, you lost me on dissin' Whoopi. I'm a huge fan, and she can still make me laugh like few others.

But I like Rita Rudner, too, so there's that...