Friday, November 17, 2006


I think I should just give her rights to be a contributor to the blog. I mean, just look at her. She loves the keyboard and the cursor and arrow. Her paw:touchpad ability is superb. She follows the cursor/arrow like no one's business!!

Granted it is not the best (or even top 1000) picture I've ever been in. But it's hard to balance a kitten and Powerbook on your lap and not look like a total shlub! I don't think much of my looks and even *I* know I'm not this ugly.

Sophie's declawing (as previously reported) was done earlier this week. It was heart wrenching for me - but I'm assuming worse for her. But she's back and seems pretty ok. The poor wee ting - she's made a few jumps and missed. Last night she tried climbing the curtains - which she couldn't. But she seems to be getting around with little problem and no noticeable discomfort....which makes me feel slightly better that we had to do it.

Sophie just had the littlest of squeak for a voice and barely used it at that...before the procedure. I knew by the time I pulled out of the parking lot that somewhere during this visit she found her voice. Man! did she find it. Suffice to say, having your first knuckles surgically removed would probably have us all a bit pissy. She yelled at me the entire ride home....and then some after we arrived back at the house.

I'm sure I'm projecting, but I'm assuming some of it was separation anxiety. There she was in a place that was like the shelter - in a cage. She had no way of knowing she wasn't going to be there forever....again. She would not be left alone and followed me around yelling at me the entire time. Tovah has done some backsliding in her acceptance of Sophie....and she was only gone 26 hrs. Sheeesh. For her - outta sight/outta mind, I guess.

Since being home (besides the yelling) Soph has been one purring cuddle monster.

I'll try to keep my Sophie updates to a minimum. She's just so damn cute - isn't she?


Anonymous said...

I just love kittehs. There could never be enough Sophie updates for me. Having a declawed cat is a dream since cats can be so destructive. But I have never had the heart to do it. So, since I am so allergic, I just don't have cats anymore. Difficult problem solved. I used to have two siamese that I loved. I miss them.

Anonymous said...

Aw, she looks a little like Bruty when he was a baby.